Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 14 Self Reliant

Juci came to where Soundwave was she wasn’t surprised that Hook was there with him. This was something that interested her, naturally she thought that Shockwave was going to want to know and she would be more than happy to spend some time with him and tell him what had happened. “How goes the analysis?”

“Analysis complete: Application in progress.” Soundwave answered. Even with his mate pregnant he hadn’t wasted any time getting things done the sooner he had completed it the more often he could spend time with her.

“Really?” Juci took the time to look around noticing that there were 6 generators sitting and they were working on a seventh. “What is the next step then? Set up?”


“I believe Devastator is needed to place them correctly.” Hook added.

Megatron walked in he instantly looked around the room and got his own idea of what is going on. “Impressive as always Soundwave, when can they be implemented?”

“In 72 hours.”

“Very well.” Megatron turned and walked out his mind thinking of what he would be doing next.

Juci looked over the generators; she had learned from Shockwave a few things while she had been on Cybertron she was impressed, it really looked like a viable source of energon. On top of that she now knew that in about 72 hours she would be seeing Shockwave again since Christmas.

Prizm waited in their quarters, she knew what Megatron had wanted, she wasn’t about to deny it either. Anticipation rose within her has the door opened. Megatron didn’t bother with the computer or the desk he strode right by and into the bed room. He then saw her laying there her armor already placed in a neat pile near the foot of the bed. She had her optics off in thought as he kneeled onto the bed, she didn’t bother turning them back on as his hands slid up her thighs until they reached her midsection, and he began to kiss her gently. A slight sound escaped Prizm as his warm touch spread over her. She relaxed in his grip and let out a sigh anything that had been done that day was instantly forgotten, his finger tips lightly touched her metallic skin it gave her chills. He let the heat from his air heat up a little and then blew it over her, making it warmer. He kissed her again lightly in the midsection then down a little lower, dragging his tongue down as he did. He slowly sat up a moment and removed his armor swiftly letting it slide down the left side of the bed. He resumed his process picking up where he left off, kissing her in a down ward fashion until he found her port. She sighed again as a bit of fluid pushed its way out of her, Megatron caught it and lapped it up striking her outer sensor as he did. She shivered in front of him. He liked having the power over her, whatever he did she reacted to. He licked her again this time aiming for her sensor his hands holding her tightly at the hip. She bucked softly at him her vocals in a high pitch as if begging for more. He pulled her to him slightly as she lifted herself; it was just enough he licked her sensor then thrust his tongue into her port. Her hands found his shoulders and her fingers stared to press into them. He couldn’t help but grin he made her feel like, he wanted to make her feel more, in his mind this is what he wanted.

Prizm had a thought for an instant and wondered what had come over Megatron to make him want to just hop into bed, the instant his tongue penetrated her it was lost. She felt the heat and moisture from him and was nearly sent into orgasm then and there. She bucked at him wanting to feel him within her but knowing that what he was doing wouldn’t satisfy that. She lifted again letting his oral receptor press its way in as far as he could get it.

He thought a moment then pulled his hand down from her hip and let it wonder over her sensor bathing it in his own saliva as well has her juice. He had something in mind the last few days, and wondered if she would be up to the challenge. Before she had screamed his name in the heat of it, now he wasn’t sure if she had remembered. It was now his goal to hear it again. He licked his finger then slowly pressed it into her. She held her breath; he listened for her to release it before moving it again. Finally she did and he slid it half way out. Her fingers pressed into him again as he slid it in and licked her outer sensor at the same time. She yelped slightly not controlling her vocals. He couldn’t help but smile it was an ego booster, he still had his old skills.

Prizm tried to keep control has hard as it was, she had promised herself that she wouldn’t cum until he had his rod in her, but she hadn’t expected this! He was doing something that she didn’t use to like, well that most men could never do correctly. Her movements were near involuntary but she started to breathe. Her systems started to cool and though he was still licking and moving his finger she had managed to fight off the orgasm that had very nearly taken her over.

He could hear her attempting to gain control, but he was going to refuse to let her have it. He pulled his knees up and removed his finger with a long lap that lasted over her sensor. He trailed his tongue back up to her midsection letting his hands go back to their place at her hip. He pulled his knees up again once he was sitting his hard rod poked up between them lying on her wet port as if it knew where it had belonged. Megatron leaned down and kissed her full on, he let his hands pull her on to him, her thighs over his and his rod passing her sensor as he moved.

The anticipation came to her again, only this time she wasn’t nervous. She could feel it in her port that it was going to be harder to fight of orgasm. She was waiting for him to let go of her, but he didn’t he pulled back and lifted her when she came down she could feel his pole sliding into her taking her breath again. He was closer this time and she pulled at his back her fingers digging into him for a firm grip.

Megatron could feel her cables flexing and thumping with the rhythm of her energon pump. He let her down onto him slowly until his rod was completely in her. Then he held onto her and pushed up into her his thigh cables pulling tautly. Her cables squeezed his rod sending screaming bolts of pleasure to his nero-net. He put it to the side only slightly and pushed into her again this time keeping it smooth and even. Her voice was like a drug, each time he thrusted she made a little ‘mm’ or an “Ohh” and it made him push harder, and deeper. He himself could see the heating scrolling in his optics as the pace quickened.

She couldn’t stand it anymore and she let go with holding back the only thing that came to her mind was his name and out her mouth it came. “Ahhh MEGATRON!” She panted as orgasm took over and heated her to the point of shut down. With each gasp his name could be heard again. Her port spasmed and held fast not wanting him to leave.

The decibel that she called him at would have made human ears ring. He could feel it on his rod in time with her breaths; it was no mistake what had happened. He himself was ready to let it go. He pushed up into her and let the fluid run its course into her, he let his weight onto her careful not to apply too much but relaxing panting into her audio as it did. He wanted more but it wouldn’t be now, his own energon was starting to wane, and he would need recharging, as he was sure she would.

Knowing that the generator placement would bring back Shockwave Juci stood next to Soundwave. “Is there something I can do to help?”

“Yes.” Soundwave pointed to a lone generator, “Begin coating process.” He handed her a can of spray.

She walked to the generator and began to spray it working from the top down, making sure to coat it all. Scrapper came to here and nodded in approval, she had watched Shockwave do many things on Cybertron that had needed a similar thing to keep it safe from the vacuum of space. She used the robotic arm and held it upside down to make sure she had done all the little cracks. Once she was finished Soundwave came to inspect her work.

“Heat treatment complete.” Soundwave answered.

“Very well, I’ll arrange for Devastator.” Hook added, looking to Scrapper. Scrapper just nodded and headed out no doubt going to get the other Constructicons. Soundwave walked to the bay doors, and started using the robotic arm to place the generators near them. She went to the one on the opposite side of the door and started doing the same. Just as she set the last one at the door a parade of Constructicons entered and came to the door. Hook started the barrier that would keep the pressure and hold the water out. Scrapper and Hook walked through first, the slowly settled to the ground below. Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, and Scavenger followed and without a sound the transformed in to Devastator. The large Robot sent his hand into the bay taking one of the generators and setting it down at his feet. He repeated the process until all were on the ocean floor. Soundwave then stepped out and followed as Devastator headed toward where the map had shown the plumes to be located. Juci picked up a coil of wire that would be attached to each generator and led back here to convey the energy to a machine that would manufacture cubes automatically.

She didn’t realize how time was passing till the last generator was linked and Devastator looked as if he fell to pieces and the smaller Constructions transformed into their robot modes. She checked her chronometer 56 hours had passed. She was quite proud of herself for helping out as she followed them back up and through the door. Soundwave turned to the cube generator affixing the new links to the generator. With the last one in place and Hook calibrating the flow Soundwave turned the machine on.

Raider woke, her two friends and wing mates had long since left. She got up and thought for a second about Soundwave attempting to contact him via the telepathic link. He answered back that he was busy and she felt better knowing what was going on. He then questioned how she was and she answered back fine. She then got up and sat at the pc looking up Prizm’s location, knowing from Soundwave that Juci was with him. It instantly reported back she was in her room, but then also reported that Megatron was there as well. She decided to make use of the alone time to make up some time with Soundwave’s other loves, the Cassetticons. She called their room and had them come out.

Prizm woke, and as usual Megatron had already left. She sat up and recalled what had happened last making her chassis shiver. She could never get over how he could be, when it really came down to it. She could only guess that he had taken off to deal with the placement of the new generators being that the time was nearing. She got up and neared Megatron’s desk loading up his PC, a message popped up from Raider saying to go ahead and come to her quarters when she could.

Inside the command center there was a bit of a murmur going on followed by the so called second in command’s shrill laughter. Thundercracker looked over the instruments of the communication panel as Skywarp used the scanners to keep tabs on the Autobots. Astrotrain stood next to Starscream staring down at the floor as he was being scolded.

“What did you think would happen?”

“I don’t know when was the last time there was a Decepticon female that actually sparked?” Astrotrain for the life of him didn’t have on in his memory.

Starscream just turned his nose up he didn’t remember when it was either Decepticon females were rare at the time he joined Megatron and even rarer yet was one that was fertile. “I don’t know why Megatron wanted them in this state, what good is that going to do for us?”

“You know this might actually help, I mean they’ve done good so far and all.” Skywarp spoke up.

“SHUT UP!” Starscream refused to admit that the females had managed to do more in their years as Decepticons than he had in his entire time on Earth.

“That doesn’t help me.” Astrotrain pleaded. “Do you think that Soundwave would be upset if he found out that it was my sparkling and not his?” The ire of the communications expert worried him; he had seen first hand a few things that Soundwave had done with out so much as a second glance. The only thing that had comforted him was the fact that Soundwave had invited him.

The door slid open and Ramjet entered, he paused looking at everyone staring at him. He looked as if innocent till Astrotrain turned back to Starscream.

“Do you think then it is possible that it is mine?” The triplechanger asked.

Ramjet was about to take a step when he heard the question. His mouth opened and he just about laughed. “Yours? The sparkling?” It seemed everyone knew.

“Wait how did you know?” Starscream demanded.

“It was bound to get out, once the first visit to Hook for the nanite injection it might as well have been public knowledge.” Ramjet smiled.

This made Astrotrain more nervous, with the entire base knowing would it press him into finding out if it was his or would he be paid a visit by a well known indigo communications officer. He started to pace a little.

“I can’t believe Soundwave took you with him!” Thundercracker spoke. “Of all the others around here and he picked you to have a go at his mate.”

“This wasn’t in the agreement made with the females.” Starscream injected.

“I was told that they could do whatever they wanted on their off time. I can assure you it was done on off time, and it wasn’t the first time I was with her.” ‘Train added.

“You’re a hoe ‘Train.” Skywarp laughed full heartedly. “Come on you didn’t even know her that well.”

“What was I supposed to do? Tell Soundwave no, perhaps next time? Or maybe hey let me take her out on a date first? I don’t think so.” Astrotrain shook his head. “Like you’d turn down a chance?”

Skywarp suddenly got quiet.

“Don’t tell me you got her too?” Thundercracker asked.

“Raider, naa I don’t think Soundwave would have ever had me in mind. Not after what I did to Rumble and Frenzy and that high grade.”

“Spit it out Skywarp.” Starscream spat.

“I’ve been alone with Juci on more than one occasion.” He boasted. The others looked at him as if he were insane.

“That female is out of her processor.” Ramjet finished and finally took his place at the sensor console taking over for Thundercracker.

“Yeah well I find we have a few things in common.” Skywarp could hold a smile from coming to his lips.

“Hey no way, Shockwave would have you for breakfast.” Ramjet said.

“I didn’t say we’d done anything, I don’t wan to die. I just said we’d been alone.” Skywarp instantly teleported away.

“What a scary thought.” Thundercracker mumbled.

“Now what?” Starscream was a little surprised that the topic was actually of interest.

Thundercracker looked a little hesitant to say, but figured he’d better. “Imagine. Shockwave’s power, his intelligence and Juci’s attitude.” Those in the room looked a little odd, it was defiantly a deadly combination, and hopefully it would be aimed at Autobots.

The door opened again this time Soundwave had come through on his way to report the generator project finished and the cube processor had been up and working perfectly. He could sense the feeling in the room and knew it was concerning to him. He lightly probed each as he passed them he didn’t want to alarm anyone of anything before he knew what was going on. When he passed Astrotrain he found the nervousness, and wonder, picking that out he probed a little deeper and found the questioning of the sparkling. He entered Megatron’s office and placed the datapad in his hand.

“All scans complete. Generators running at peak performance.”

“Excellent Soundwave. Shockwave will be returning to make adjustments to the Space Bridge as well as automations to send the energon.” Megatron looked at the datapad.

Soundwave pivoted on his heel, and walked out returning to the glare of the Decepticons in the command room. He looked directly at Astrotrain and said just a few words. “It is not yours.” He continued out of the room feeling the relief from ‘Train as he did.

They waited until Soundwave was gone and then waited a little longer all knowing of what his special abilities were.

“Well that must be a relief.” Starscream started.

Astrotrain was a bit torn, sure he had hoped that it wasn’t his, but at the same time thought the idea of being a father quite nice. He had no active duties to take care of and simply walked out heading to his quarters without a word.

“You would think he would be happier about knowing for sure. The way he acts you might think he wanted it to be his.” Starscream said.

“Yeah guess he won’t get a chance for a while now.” Thundercracker commented.

“I still can’t believe that Megatron is going to allow this.” Ramjet pressed a button on the console. I mean what are we going to do with a Sparkling? We barley have room for the bulk of us as it is.”

“Indeed Ramjet. What are we going to do.” Starscream was thinking. He needed to talk to Megatron without being shot at.

Prizm left the medical bay she would have to give a report to Megatron on her wingmates condition. First though she would stop by and talk to Soundwave he had seemed overly distant for some reason, and it compelled her to see if there was something wrong. She neared the door to Soundwave’s quarters as it slid open. He sat there at the desk waiting knowing she was coming. She sat down in front of him slowly the odd feeling of being expected had caught her off guard.

“I was wondering.” Prizm started.

Soundwave did not hesitate. “There are risks.” He finished.

She sat there looking at him for a moment; she knew there were some risks after all there were risks to humans as well. “What kind.”

“Dependency on energon is immense.”

With all the things that Prizm had learned that was easy to figure. “Not enough energon will kill won’t it?”

Soundwave nodded. “We must take great care to make sure the limit is not exposed.”

She stood and thought another second. “Agreed. I know she can be stubborn too.” She also knew that if it caused Soundwave to worry that she would have to keep an extra optic on her wingmate. All of this information she would have to pass on to Megatron. “Thank you.” She finished stepping back into the hall. She met with Juci in the hall as she passed a walkway. Juci caught Prizm up about what exactly happened with the generators and that she was on her way to find out why Hook was called. Prizm explained where she had just come from and that it was important they make sure Raider keep charged well. Juci agreed, and then followed her to the command room.

Astrotrain stopped talking seeing the two females walking to the room, Starscream turned his back acting like he didn’t see them, and Thundercracker smiled slightly then passed them on his way out.

“Are things alright?” Astrotrain asked.

The question made Prizm stop cold Juci having to more around to the right to avoid walking into her. “Why do you ask.” She asked suspiciously.

“I just thought you might have some news.” Astrotrain attempted to play innocent.

“Scavenger!” Juci called.

Up at the front of the room at a small console the little lime green Constructicon looked up and shook slightly. “Yes?” he questioned shakily.

Prizm thought for a second. She remembered going into the med bay with Raider, Hook had naturally been there he was the one that was going to inject the nanites. She had questioned the surgeon on why the nanites were needed, and of course the explanation was simple. She would need the extra ones to help shape the chassis of the new spark and the new spark would need them for the spark’s own repair systems. Thinking nothing of it she watched as Hook opened a panel on Raider’s thigh that had tubing he placed the large needle into the tube injecting the sliver mass. Raider hadn’t really said anything but she didn’t seem very happy. Prizm had thought then and there that she would talk to Soundwave. She looked around the room, and at the time had not thought of anything when she saw Scavenger standing in the back working on a computer. That was it! her mind lit up.

“You told didn’t you?” Prizm questioned.

Stepping in front of Scavenger, Astrotrain answered for him. “I asked.”

“Damn news travels fast in here.” Prizm shook her head.

“I am going to stay here and talk to these guys for a second.” Juci smiled evilly.

Prizm gave Juci the don’t hurt them look then completed her walk into Megatron’s office.

Juci just nodded at Prizm she hadn’t planned on hurting them, she got closer to Astrotrain and looked him up and down. She wasn’t exactly sure what Raider had seen in him but that didn’t matter she leaned to one side and pulled Scavenger out from behind the larger triple changer. “So tell me then what do you know?” She smiled this grin that made him shake in her grasp.

“I heard Hook telling Raider that it was certain she was with spark.” His optics fell to the ground.

“What made you come tell Astrotrain about it?” Juci looked the triple changer over again.

“He was called to a mission but didn’t respond. He was located in Soundwave’s quarters; I thought that it might be of some importance he should know.” Scavenger tried to wiggle out of Juci’s grip.

“It was that night wasn’t it. I knew Raider couldn’t keep it in her pants.” Juci let go of Scavenger, and smiled. “Well then I am just going to have to keep up, find me a way to get my Shockie back faster.” Juci turned to Astrotrain. “Watch it Train man, don’t get in between Raider and Soundwave.”

Prizm sat down in Megatron’s office she told him all the little details that she had got from Hook as well as Soundwave and the fact that the news was already out. Megatron seemed irritated about the base knowing so quickly.

“Have you and Juci had these checks as well?”

“No, we haven’t. I didn’t think we needed them I mean I know we’ve been active but I haven’t noticed anything different.” She hadn’t thought about having her own system checked.

“How did you find out Raider was?”

“She told Soundwave she felt oddly drained, but Soundwave already knew.” Prizm thought it was odd that Megatron was asking so many questions, knowing that Soundwave had just been in there before she had met with him herself.

“Soundwave.” Megatron repeated. He knew that Soundwave had his telepathy, in fact he knew his abilities in and out it was something he shared with his right hand lieutenant and him alone. He also knew that if that were the case that the sparking would most likely share the telepathic trait. He now thought about using him for a screening, an advanced system of sparkling detection. “Prizm, I want you and Juci to see Soundwave. He will know why after that you are free for the day.”

Prizm knew Megatron was up to something but didn’t feel like arguing for once. “Alright.”

Juci entered Megatron’s office joining Prizm as she got up from the chair. “Did I miss anything?”

“We’re going to go see Soundwave.” Prizm answered.

“Wait. What about Shockwave and the space bridge?” Juci protested.

“Megatron looked up. “The Spacebridge will be active in an hour. You have plenty of time, after that Juci I would like you to educate Shockwave on the generator locations as well as the operations of the cube manufacturing.”

Prizm stopped. “I don’t feel different. Juci you feel weird?” she paused a moment. “Never mind you always feel weird.”

What preoccupied Megatron’s mind finally came to the surface. “Fine we shall go on a mission then, you can see Soundwave after. Be ready at the top of the tower in one hour.” Megatron then smiled he had wanted to go out and test Prizm’s abilities with her now was his chance. He had big plans coming real soon this would help speed that process along. His army was now bolstered to a working successful condition and Energon was pouring hand over fist from the now working generators. Shockwave was on his way and now he was to start planning his return to Cybertron. He opened the COM link to the base after Prizm and Juci had exited.

“Attention. I want the Stunticons, as well as all seekers to the tower.” He got up out of his chair and left for the destination.

In the hall Prizm looked at Juci, she wondered what that as about as they entered Raider’s room. Prizm was slightly confused, she knew there was a mission but Megatron hadn’t gave her any of the details, and Soundwave was not there either she saw Raider looking on Soundwave’s pc.

“Hey I heard the announcements. Megatron has another mission does he?” Raider looked up smiling.

“Yeah looks like he is going to have me lead one with him.” Prizm shook her head. “I don’t know if he’ll let me. I mean you KNOW how he is, I just know that when something happens he’s going to transform out of my hand and start fighting.”

“It wouldn’t be Megatron if he didn’t.” Juci answered.

“I have a way around that.” Raider answered. “Take him with you, make sure he is only seeing what you want him to see get inside where ever, do what you need to be other than outside transmissions he won’t know what the other fools are doing.”

“I don’t like it; if Megatron is calling them then he is going to want to take them.” Prizm seemed worried.

“Don’t let them see you like that those idiots will take advantage of you if you show them your weak.” Juci piped up.

“Besides we have confidence in you.” Raider said, “You two better go see what Megatron is telling them if you are leading then you have to take that into consideration. If worse comes down to it get out. Don’t risk it. Even if it pisses him off.”

Prizm sighed loudly pissing off Megatron isn’t something she wanted to do at all. She shook her head, and then looked at Juci. “We’re in this together right?”

Juci just smiled. “Forever.” With that they both looked at Raider and headed out to the tower. Nothing was said as they walked to the elevator and even through the ride up. When the door opened they could hear Megatron explaining that Prizm was in the command for the mission and that if some one had a problem with it that they could take it up with him. This didn’t please Starscream at all; he huffed and crossed his arms but didn’t argue.

Seeing that Prizm and Juci were early Megatron continued to explain the target out. “This is a standard information and operation retrieval. I am taking more of you this time due to one femme seeker being down, and the location is so close to the Autobot volcano. Motormaster, you will stay at the perimeter and keep as many Autobots from getting to the building. Starscream you will take the seekers and fight as air support to Menasor. Prizm Juci and I will get into the building and download the files and remove the new power converter.

Prizm looked over the group and knew most of them would do as told knowing Megatron would be there. She thought though for a moment that it might be harder than expected she and Juci weren’t familiar with hacking files as much as Raider was. She hoped that it wouldn’t be too hard. Inside she wanted to tell him just to do it himself knowing he was much more experienced in this, but there would be no point he would force her to go and do it anyway. Not really listening she hesitated to take off when Megatron led the others out the door of the tower.

“This doesn’t feel right Prizm.” Juci didn’t like leaving without Raider.

“I know. I don’t know if I can hack the PC like he wants either. We need to go before he gets pissed though.”

They transformed and headed out the door in silence.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara