Preparing for Battle
Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 15 Preparing for Battle.

They flew quickly with Megatron at the head Prizm on his right and the rest of the group in a semi scattered formation following. He slowed and held his place forcing those in jet mode to transform to hold their mid flight stops. He pointing the building that was the target, the Stunticons headed down to the fencing mark that set the perimeter they fanned out along the line ready. He pointed with his finger in to the air and looped it once and the seekers took off on a patrol. He then turned to Prizm and nodded. He transformed as she did he into his gun mode and her into her robot mode, Juci copying her. The headed down to the small building it was a tech lab nothing but a one story building with computers wall to wall the two of them together landed on the small roof causing it to fall in under their weight. Now into the building Prizm looked around and jacked into the PC that the human ran screaming from. Juci just laughed. Instantly her com-link came to life.

“Autobots! There are Autobots here!” Starscream’s shrill voice announced.

“It’s not enough time this isn’t the right computer.” Prizm said. Juci turned to the door and watched the roof her weapons drawn waiting for any Autobot.

“Let them fight the Autobots keep on task.” Megatron answered. Prizm unhooked from the pc and stepped to the next one. She plugged into the PC and started going through files. Suddenly she was knocked what was the hallway Juci on top of her. The room they were just in now totally brought down into rubble and Menasor laying in it.

Out of breath from the damage and Juci basically sitting on her Prizm let Megatron fall to the ground. “The data and converters are destroyed.” Juci was slow to get up her armor scratched up but no worse for wear. She then turned and helped lift Prizm to her feet.

“I had to I saw him falling through the whole we made, and the other wall is solid.” Juci seemed to apologize.

Prizm flinched, there was pain her left side where Juci had come into contact with her and other slightly less painful but making themselves known tears in her wings. “Don’t worry I’d rather be here than under that.” She pointed at Menasor that was now finally starting to get up.

Megatron transformed he knew that Juci’s actions had also saved him but for the time being his anger at the loss of data took over. He looked at Menasor as the giant robot got up and started to head back into a hand to hand combat with Defensor. He walked back into the now destroyed room, as much as he hated to admit it Prizm was right, everything had been destroyed and there was no longer a point to being there. “Decepticons Retreat!” he commanded. Before taking off he looked at Prizm noticing she had a bit of energon leaking from a spot on her wing. He stepped closer and examined it. It was small and wouldn’t impair her flight. It only made his anger rise, but he refused to aim it at her. The Stunticons would have much to deal with when they returned to the base. “Are you alright?” he asked

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She took a step into the room and looked over the damage again Juci following her.

“Those idiots can’t follow orders very well.” Juci snorted.

“Indeed they have much to answer for. Let’s go.” Megatron took to the air. Up and out of the building Megatron could see the Aerialbots still dog fighting with the seekers far to his right. Menasor had pulled apart and the Stunticons themselves were speeding away. He opened the com-link again “Starscream disengage.” Instantly the seekers in a unified movement all swept along the sides passing the Aerialbots and headed right at them Megatron pushed fuel to his thrusters as Juci and Prizm transformed keeping up Megatron as he headed back to the tower.

Juci was a little disappointed though she didn’t say anything. She had hoped to blow something up hoped it was an Autobot but anything would have been nice. Some acknowledgement would have been nice too, however she sort of knew that if it did come it wouldn’t be in the field like that. She consulted her internal chronometer and it changed her train of thought. The hour Megatron had mentioned was over and that meant that Shockwave would be back waiting for her. Without realizing she had pushed her throttle forward and had sped up to the other seekers leaving Megatron and Prizm behind.

The tower rose from the depths allowing the seekers to land. Juci didn’t bother waiting for the angry Megatron she walked in and headed straight for the command room knowing if Shockwave wasn’t there that Soundwave would know where he was. Starscream stuck around he wanted to see what sort of trouble the Stunticons would be in he was quite happy with the fact that he wasn’t in trouble this time. The other seekers stood around as well knowing that Megatron would want a debriefing. Megatron landed allowing his weight to sound and the tone to ring letting anyone in the tower know he was there. Prizm transformed and landed just after him, the pain in her side still irritating her. Just before Megatron started to talk the Stunticons managed to pull their afts into the tower. Motormaster was seemingly damaged from head to foot, as were many of the others, surprisingly only Deadend seemed to have no damage. Instantly Megatron turned his attention to them.

“Do you not know what the perimeter is?” Megatron’s voice was low and gravely.

“Defensor came from around the corner we didn’t have time to..” the blast knocked Motormaster into the wall with a dark metallic thud.

“It’s true Megatron.” Breakdown spoke up. Another well aimed shot was taken and the smaller Stunticon joined his leader against the wall his chassis making an imprint.

“I will not hear excuses.” Megatron growled. With each word spoken by a Stunticon he raised the power he put into his cannon.

“We were hit before we could fully form Menasor.” Dragstrip added.

BAM against the wall the yellow mech went, a smoking hole where Megatron had hit him forcing him into stasis.

Wildrider bit his own metallic lips wanting to speak but not wanting to be shot. Deadend didn’t seem to care he stood there watching and listening not even offering an explanation.

The seekers looked on slightly surprised, as many missions as had gone wrong Megatron had never really been so angered that he had stasised anyone not like this, and of course not counting Starscream. At that point even Starscream knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Motormaster held the hole where he had taken Megatron’s blast, energon flowed freely. He could feel his systems starting to slow.

“Now, let be known insubordination will not be tolerated.” Megatron grounded it out slowly.

Most nodded though he hadn’t bothered to look at them.

“Take these scrap down to the med bay.” He said as he passed heading down the elevator to the office.

The tower was quiet as Prizm decided she had better get going to the med bay before the Stunticons took all the tables. Before she could take a step she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Prizm? Where did Juci go?” Skywarp let her go and waited for her to turn around.

“I think she went to the command room Shockwave is supposed to be here by now.” She held her side the intake of cooling air caused it to pulse with pain.

Skywarp noticed her hand placed on her side and the seeping energon, “Are you alright?”

“It’s nothing. I want to get to Hook before the Stunticons is all.”

Skywarp smiled an evil grin. “Okay.” A bright flash of purple lit up her optics and as quickly as it started it was over. She felt his hand let go of her shoulders as she attempted to look around.

“Do not do that in here!” Hook yelled.

She pushed him away from her, her sensors gone wild with the jump. “YOU could have warned me.” She spat. She neared the table and sat on it her balance still off. Hook came to her aid as she slid onto the table his trained optics quickly assessing the damage.

In the dark Raider sat still looking at things on Soundwave’s computer. There were so many things she wished to know and with each passing day it seemed to grow. Still just sitting and clicking buttons was going to get old fast. Something caught her optic, she clicked again and it brought up Decepticon sparklings. She read the article and to her surprise it really contained very little data that she didn’t already know. The only thing that was even remotely new was the fact that the last known natural sparkling was crated twelve million years ago. Raider couldn’t help but wonder if the femmes had been extinct that long or if there was a flaw in the process. She didn’t really care, things were different and technology had progressed since that time, more than anything she trusted Soundwave to see her through it. Thinking of him she remembered that he had promised to check in on her when Shockwave had arrived. Seeing as how the door slid open and he walked right in she knew that Juci would be happy when she got back. Soundwave said nothing as he walked to the recharge bed and sat down. Raider got up and joined him he sat there content for the moment, she decided to try her telepathy, she hadn’t used it much to reach out since she became a transformer, so far most times she was on the receiving side.

’Shockwave has arrived?’

Soundwave looked at her, a little surprised. Normally only his own creations would ever bother contacting him first. ’Affirmative..’

She nodded. She could feel him in her mind now more present, probing more so her human data than anything. She memorized the feeling and attempted to replicate in so doing she found herself in a lit room with pulses of data processing. It was Soundwave’s mind or rather the part that he would allow her to see. He opened a file for her and she downloaded it. Her optics blinked on suddenly as he kindly forced her out.

’Megatron will return soon.’ he said standing up

She consulted the time and what seemed like only a few seconds had actually been near forty-five minutes. Surprised she could no longer hold the link and she spoke aloud. “Alright.” He moved to the door and then left. Raider knew what he had given her would be some useful information but it was a large file and she would have to go through it.

Juci stepped into the command room she saw Soundwave standing there, that meant Shockwave was around somewhere as Soundwave was no longer at the space bridge. She looked at him knowing he knew why she had come.

“Shockwave waits in the new production room.” Soundwave said simply.

Juci smiled and went about her marry way off to the production room to give Shockwave all the new details. Then perhaps she’d take him to her room, it was after all a long day. Not really hurt, in the battle her armor could use a good cleaning and she had plans on how to get those . . hard to reach spots. she smiled again to herself as she walked along the corridor. The door slid open and there he was standing watching the production machine fill the cubes and reading a data pad. Knowing better than to just tackle him while he was working, although she also knew he should be used to it Juci continued into the room, and stood next to him.

“It was a good idea wasn’t it?” she liked that it had brought him to her.

“Indeed. I have sent to shipments to Cybertron already.” He looked up from the data pad to see her smile. He couldn’t help but smile back but with his helmet on she couldn’t tell.

“It is fairly simple, I am really happy I got to help with it.” Juci seemed to float just a little.

“I should like to see the generators.” Shockwave asked.

Juci nodded and turned to the cargo door, she pressed the button and it opened the particle shield beaming into place allowing them a penetratable door that would keep the water from entering. She pushed through it. The first generator was located close and through the com-link she told Shockwave about the chemical stolen from the Autobots and how they had placed them over the plumes. Shockwave nodded checking the data pad then sub spacing it.

“That is all I required for now.” He finished.


Later in the War room Megatron had called his top officers. His plans for retaking Cybertron were nearing and it was time finally to start moving and shaking. He stood looking at the halo of his home planet. He longed for it to return and not the means had finally come to him. Prizm sat quietly she knew this would come up at some point it was exciting to go to a new place. Soundwave and Shockwave both looked on as Shockwave spoke about the moons. Starscream watched in apprehension, here they finally had a good energy source and he didn’t know why Megatron would want to leave it. As much as he too missed his home planet he thought of it as nearly dead. Juci sat in between Screamer and Shockwave her optics on her love.

“I have managed to force the female Autobots to join those that currently have control over our moons. There is very few residual Autobots left. Now is the time to replenish Cybertron.”

Megatron looked delighted. “Soundwave have Rumble and Frenzy on energon conveyance. Shockwave I will send a solar cycle’s worth of energon every other solar cycle. Take the Combaticons, Blitzwing, Thrust, Ramjet, Dirge and the Stunticons once they are repaired. They will start the repairs. Starscream we will keep up appearances here you will work with Prizm and Juci with your wing mates they Autobots are to know nothing of this.”

“Megatron why expend the energy of going back to a dead planet. We have plentiful energon source now why not just start here?” Starscream attempted to keep his anger in check with the announcement of his having to take orders from Prizm.

“It has always been the goal to revitalize our home. Now is our chance once that is done we shall be able to reach out and take what is rightfully ours as Decepticons.”

“I don’t see the point Megatron this is not needed.” His voice rose in volume.

Megatron shook his head in disgust. He looked over to Juci who had already balled her fist and held it tight. He nodded at her and she instantly got him landing the hit on Starscream’s jaw. The seeker fell out of his chair onto the floor. He stared up at Juci and pulled himself back and way far enough to be out of her reach.

“Well then if that is all. Dismissed.” Megatron smiled, things were close at hand.

Juci watched Screamer before moving and following Prizm out.

Raider was quiet she kept her optics on the computer as Astrotrain sat down on the recharge bed, it seemed off that he had come by but at the same time knowing that Prizm and Juci were at the meeting she felt slightly lonely. He watched her not really knowing what to say other than the ‘hi’ he said when she opened the door. Raider looked at him as he sort of sat there oddly.

“Didn’t go on the mission huh?” she asked him trying to make him feel comfortable.

“No I didn’t have to. Glad I didn’t too, the Stunticons really messed up. Nearly fell on your wing mates and Megatron. He wasn’t happy.” ‘Train sat up and started to feel more relaxed.

“What made you come here?” She asked curiously.

“I am not quite sure, but I knew you’ve been in here a while thought you could use the company.”

Raider looked at him a little suspiciously, and reached out with her telepathy to Soundwave sending her intent. Yes, she was going to play with ‘Train a little and wanted him to know. She got up from the computer and joined him resting her hand on his thigh. He smiled. Soundwave chimed in to Raider letting her know that he would not be back for some time, basically giving her the okay.

“What did you think of the last time you were in here?” She asked slyly.

“I was a little surprised; I didn’t expect to be invited by Soundwave a second time, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

“I am glad you didn’t. I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for a while I guess Soundwave just picked up on that.” It was slightly embarrassing telling him. He smiled again. “Soundwave knows you’re here now. I’ve used my telepathy; he also isn’t coming back for a while. I have time to spend.” She hinted moving her hand to his codpiece and feeling the clasp and its cables sliding her fingers along the sensitive cables. His face changed to surprise, he didn’t think that he would be put in that spot, however if Soundwave knew he figured he wouldn’t get in trouble and it was his off time. She pulled the clasp and removed his armor to find his rod had been already pushing against his armor and was hard. It was her turn to smile as her free hand grasped him around his base, and began to slowly stroking it while she shifted down to the ground in front of him. He leaned back knowing what was going to happen next he let go of all the nervousness and relaxed. Raider took hold of his pole with both hands then leaned in forward placing her lips on it. She took the tip in her mouth then licked it lightly until it slid in and out of her lips smoothly. A slight hum came from ‘Train when she licked down the side then over the tip again she let some of her oral solvent side down his pole until it reached her hand. She then put her mouth back over his rod and went down as far as she could sucking up the solvent as she did. Astrotrain was not prepared for the feeling as it made him slowly buck into her mouth she sucked again making him push up again. He could feel the start of his peak as if she was pulling it out of him he wanted more. He leaned forward to her and gently placed his hand on her check so she would look at him.

“I want you to enjoy it too.”

“I had hoped so,” she pulled her own armor off and set it aside it had her fluid on it already. She couldn’t help it something about having the hot pulsing rod in her mouth turned her on fast. She crawled onto the recharge bed and leaned against the headboard. Holding one hand up and with her index finger she called him to her. ‘Train came to her between her legs making room for him to be able to get in. She pulled him to her and kissed him letting her tongue explore his now slightly open mouth. He pushed to her and his rod slid up on to her port just passing her sensor she exhaled sharply with the pleasure that came with it. Raider let one hand wonder between them guiding the pole to her port and pushing her hips up and onto it. Astrotrain tensed for a second realizing what she was doing then he himself pushed farther letting his rod slip into her fully. She let out a quiet “ahhh” as he started a slow and steady rhythm.

Walking through the hall the two wing mates decided it would be nice to fill their third in on all the details of the Cybertron plan. They came to her door and it opened. At first it seemed too quiet until Prizm saw Astrotrain, oddly she knew something was up but hadn’t expected this. She turned to Juci who stood there a little awestruck. Prizm shook her head, it as a hot scene but she had someone in mind and he as in a damn good mood for a change. She pushed Juci slowly out the door letting it close behind them.

“You would think she would lock the door wouldn’t you?” Prizm shook her head.

“Did you see that?” Juci asked.

“How could you not see that?”

“Now I got to go, I got to find out where my Shockie went that was just too hot.” Juci turned quickly and walked off.

Prizm laughed she knew was going to happen next and if she had her way she would be doing the same thing. She had the computer locate Megatron. Found him.

Juci knew where Shockwave would be same place he always was, in the command room. She nearly skipped all the way there. The door opened and she walked through Raider and Astrotrain still on her mind. Shockwave turned off the PC that he was using whatever task he had been doing obviously done. He walked to her meeting her half way to the door.

“You’ll never guess what I just saw!” she started to giggle, and then got quiet. She looked around and spotted Soundwave. “Come on lets go I’ll tell you.”

“Very well I am finished here.” Shockwave answered.

Juci got even more excited if his work was done she knew she could get him back to their room.

Astrotrain could feel Raider’s cables as she panted in his audio, her voice coming in her short pants as her hands held tight to the tops of wings. Each time he pulled out they pulsed attempting to hang on to him. He thrust into her again and the pulled again not wanting to let him pull back. She held her breath as her systems hit her peak and the pleasure rippled through her chassis. ‘Train couldn’t take it any longer the pressure that had built up within him released itself into her and through him causing him to thrust once again and hold it there. He let out a long sigh and lifted himself off Raider allowing him to lie next to her.

In the hall Juci explained what she had seen to Shockwave. “Right there they were doing it! It as hot too!”

Shockwave smiled under his helmet. It was interesting how seeing such a thing could wake feeling within one’s self. She led him by the hand to her quarters he knew what was going to happened it was only logical after the story she had told. Once the door was closed she turned to face him hugging him and pulling him closer kissing him on his one optic. She searched for the latches to take it off. He helped her and removed it showing her his true self. He kissed her this time. She pushed up against him loving the feeling of just having him there. He pulled her tight and lifted her into the air, carrying her to the recharger that was around the door way. He lay her down and then kissed her down the neck letting his hands wonder over her remembering exactly where her hidden armor latches were.

Prizm walked to her room, the locator was not that specific, all she knew was he was in there. The door slid open but he wasn’t at the desk as she had thought. She walked in and then into the bedroom then stopped cold.

“I knew you were coming.” Megatron said arrogantly. Soundwave had told him that she had seen Raider with Astrotrain and now was looking for him. In his good spirit he decided to take advantage of it. He had come back to his recharger, and removed his armor. He then lay on the bed and began to stroke his pole only a few moments later her had heard Prizm enter. She tired to snap out of the shock and walked over to the recharger as she removed her armor. Megatron instantly locked the door.

Not missing a step or a piece of her armor Prizm neared Megatron as he continued to slowly stroke his hard poll. Her systems had started to heat from the instant she saw him, her port now already wet as well as yearning to be filled. Sitting on the bed she looked him over, his cables rippled under his silver metallic skin as he moved. He saw her stare, and pushed his hips up a little making his rod stand up and out to it full length. Her optics widened, she hadn’t really ever seen it but she always felt it. It made her port seem to want to jump from her to him. He pulled her hand and placed in on his rod continuing the stroke with his hand over hers. She pulled herself up closer to reach better. Her free hand supporting her weight, as soon as she was able to sit right she let her free hand wonder over his thigh, she could feel that power that he had, she squeezed a little his cables hardly even moving in her grip. He let her hand wonder as he let go of her hand and his pole she kept the pace on her own. He watched slowly lifting and dropping with the rhythm he had set for her. She couldn’t take her optics of him as he moved, her systems seemed to call him in her mind yet she didn’t want to move. She moved her free hand up and over his abdomen, feeling more of the hard cords that were hidden under. He pulled her free hand moving her easily she now was face to face with him one hand on each of his sides. He kissed her his hands traveling up her arms and to her back slowly then to her waist.

Soundwave came into the room to see his Raider recharging nicely as Astrotrain sat at his desk watching her. His light smile told Soundwave that she had got what she had wanted from him. When Soundwave touched the desk Astrotrain stood quickly. He seemed instantly nervous.

“I was waiting for you.” Astrotrain near whispered.

Soundwave thought it odd a second raising an optic ridge.

“She started recharge nearly instantly when she was finished. I hope I didn’t drain her energy too much. I didn’t want to I couldn’t help it she want-.”

“She’s fine.” Soundwave interrupted.

Astrotrain’s train of thought kept going but his mouth stopped as he looked over at Raider again. “Good.” He sort of felt a little embarrassed to have to tell her mate what he had been doing, but it was for the greater good he didn’t want to see anything happen to her or the sparkling. “Can I stay?”

Soundwave just nodded moving closer to the chair that ‘Train had just vacated. He sensed the triple changer, looking for something that would point to a reason for so much concern and decide if he himself should be worried about what sort of relationship is going on. He felt the disappointment of the news of the sparkling not belonging to ‘Train, as well as the underlying excitement that there was a sparkling at all. The over baring feeling was delight. ‘Train was happy that someone cared about him. He decided that whatever Astrotrain wanted was going to be fine and not a threat to him.

Soundwave watched out of the corner of his optics and slowly Astrotrain started to recharge in the chair. He nearly laughed; his concern over what Raider would be doing while he worked was gone, from what he read here Astrotrain was going to help take care of her without being asked. On top of that he could always send a cassette to do some errands for her. He continued to work on the computer leaving Astrotrain where he was.

He held her there over him his hands resting at her hip as his rod slid past her port covering it with her sticky juice. Prizm could feel his rod sliding as he moved her slowly she loved it. He pressed into him a little more deepening the kiss letting him open his lips slightly allowing her to finally explore him. She relished the chance to do it taking long deep breaths and letting her body finally rest on his. Megatron was surprised at her want of him; sure he knew she had wanted him from the start but he had never really gave her the chance to express it this well. He would have to rethink letting her have her way at some point, but not today. He lifted her at the hip pulling their lips apart causing her to whimper just a little. She let him sit her up his hands resting now higher at her waist. She arched back letting him pull her forward then lifting her up his rod sliding past her port.

She couldn’t help know what was next and as he slowly let her drop in his grasp his pole pressed into her port. It was tight, but wet and she had wanted it bad. A whisper of “yes” passed over her lips. He was calm and controlled as he held her then in the air above him letting her cables adjust to his width. He could feel her energon pulse as she finally came to rest on his lap; she looked down at him as if her optics were glazed over the feeling of being filled with him ravaging her processor. He relaxed his grip and she leaned forward her hands finding his chest.

He felt her fingers pressing into him as he pushed up into her. She sat slightly on her knees when at rest the bottom part of his stroke. She felt his thighs tense as she began to move up again his angle always seemed just right as it passed he inner sensor and caused her to have shivers. Prizm couldn’t help pressing her fingers into him again. He could only smile watching her enjoy him, he let her go and move on her own his hands reaching out and up to her breasts that seemed to need attention. He placed his hands over them and let his finger tips massage around them, not satisfied with that he sat up and pulled her closer until her nipple was close enough to suck on. She put her arms around him pulling him closer using him to steady herself on him. With his tongue on her nipple his and on her breast and his rod pulsing up into her Prizm couldn’t last much longer. Her Vocals told Megatron what the situation was and he had to admit that things had progressed a little faster than he had thought, still it didn’t matter if he could get her to cum it would no longer matter if he had to hold his off. This was something he prided himself in she would always be satisfied at least for that session. The pressure within him had been building for a bit and now as her cables started to tighten and throb. His own energon pump had begun to speed up along with his intake of cooling air. She panted harder and her grip on him intensified her fingers started to dig into the back of his shoulders as she quickened the pace. Megatron obliged her, his own wants making themselves known he lifted her each time as she relaxed on him. Her cables pulling at his rod to make it stay where it was, she couldn’t resist any longer and let herself slid into orgasm her legs and knees relaxing on to him. Megatron moved his hands back down to her waist keeping the quick pace as she peaked on top of him. Her voice rang out clearly as she flooded the room in his name. “Megatron!” That was all he needed to drive him to the edge he pulled her down onto him holding her there as his systems pumped his fluid into her. He held her tight in a sort of hug letting her rest against him, then pulled her down with him as he lay back.

There wasn’t much talking between Juci and Shockwave as hands moved here then there and armor slid down onto the floor. He kissed her at any point that came close enough for him to reach, and with each one she sighed softly and relaxed feeling safe within his grasp. The bright purple flash stopped them on for a second. They both knew exactly who it was and the only thing that bothered them was the fact that it was so bright in the dimly lit room. Skywarp snickered and watched for a second his rod near instantly getting hard in his armor.

Skywarp watch another moment before he took off his codpiece feeing the now hard rod that pulsed underneath he grabbed a chair and sat back leaning slightly back he couldn’t take his optics off Juci as Shockwave kneeled in front of her. The purple Cybertronian guardian had his hands cupping her breast as he licked her port and used his other hand to slide a finger slowly in and out of her. She panted loudly and seemed to writhe in his grip, it awestruck ‘Warp as he watched. Skywarp started to feel his own rod his left hand finding the base and slowly stroking it up toward the tip. Juci looked over to see ‘Warp then laughed until Shockwave got up from his spot and kneeled on to the bed his rod passing over her port. She took in air quickly as bolts of pleasure stemmed from the touch. Skywarp moved his hand a little faster as he watched Shockwave make a steady pace. Juci looked at Shockwave and kissed him once then turned to ‘Warp.

“Warp,” her voice was harsh and pressed with the motion.

He got up real quick and came over to her his hand still moving on his rod. “Yeah?”

She reached out and grabbed at his thigh until he came closer than took his rod pulling him to her and making him get up on to the bed. She licked his rod and started to keep the pace that Shockwave started.

Skywarp turned his optics off the tongue was warm on his rod and it felt intensely good. Juci passed a moment using her hand to feel around, under this side of the bed somewhere was her dildo. “AHH!” she gasped as Shockwave thrust her forward a little allowing her to reach better. She found it, she let Skywarp’s rod slip from her mouth and slid the dildo along his pole like a pointer. She could see it glisten with her saliva as she started to lick him one side and move the dildo down the other. She slid it down under his pole, he smiled. She did it a few more times as his rod began to pulse harder. She was drawn back to what was going on with Shockwave when he placed his thumb on her outer sensor. She nearly dropped her toy when ‘Warp caught it, he licked it himself making sure it was quite covered in fluid. He handed it back to her, and an evil smile came across her face. She rubbed it over ‘Warp’s aft and started to lightly apply pressure. His optics widened and he let out a bit of yelp as it started to go in. Shockwave pushed harder he was determined to get Juci’s attention again, but watching ‘Warp was also amusing. He thrust harder again quickening the pace, using his thumb to rub her sensor. She stopped working on ‘Warp again only to let out a loud moan. Shockwave pleased with himself let a small smile pass the corner of his lip. Juci took a breath and started back on Skywarp, she pushed a little farther with her dildo. The rod in front of her jerked as ‘Warp hissed an “ooo”. Juci let out another moan, she could feel herself wanting to let go into the deep pool that Shockwave was filling. She gave her dildo one last push then started to match Shockwave’s rhythm with it ‘Warp grabbed the bed his whines and pants taking over as the loud noise coming from the scene. Skywarp couldn’t handle it, he didn’t often have anything in his aft like this, his pole seized and stiffened then in a loud cry ‘Warp shot his sticky fluid on to Juci’s chest. His release was like a chain reaction Juci let herself fall in and the waves exploded from within. She arched pushing herself onto Shockwave wanting him to cum with her. Shockwave had been holding back the site of the spent fluid on her was nearly too much for him, her cables had been pulsing tightly since ‘Warp had joined once she had hit her peak he too felt the jolt of satisfaction. Skywarp nearly tumbled on to his chest his head resting on Juci’s shoulder. Shockwave made one last thrust, and then pulled back letting his rod remove itself. Juci sighed with relief as she still felt the wave’s pulsing through her.

Megatron let Prizm go and she slid to his left side, giving him and her a little room between them to help cool their systems. She looked over at him as he stretched his rod not yet completely soft. His silver form reflected the light, highlighting his muscular frame. She stared at him until he moved, his large black hand reaching out to her. He pulled her over turning her onto her side, her back to him. His hand on her hip he pulled her tight like a hug then loosened it again. She felt safe and at peace her optics turning off and going into a recharge.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara