Taking Earth and Turning the Tide.
Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 16. Taking Earth and Turning the Tide

In his light recharge Astrotrain stirred, he hadn’t realized he had fallen asleep. He looked around to see where he was but stopped at seeing Raider still lying there. Soundwave was now gone, he decided it was late and he thought he should go. He walked to the door quietly as it slipped open. Out in the hallway he started to head toward his own quarters. Coming up to him was Scrapper, it thought it odd that the Construction was on this level but didn’t pay it much mind until he got stopped.

“I was looking for you.” Scrapper started.


“I wanted you to know that testing has come in and the sparkling is not yours. It is certainly Soundwave’s.”

“I know.” Astrotrain answered.

“And that she also likes Hook.” Scrapper smiled slightly thinking he was going to start trouble.

“She can like whoever she wants that doesn’t mean she’ll let them into her.” Astrotrain’s sarcasm split out he had his time with her twice and had hoped it would continue hopefully his optics on her would help.

Things in the Underwater Decepticon base flowed despite the odd tension that the news Astrotrain had got. The energon that came from the new generators was sent in bulk to Cybertron making things move there at a rapid pace. With only one Earth standard month left the Earth trapped Decepticons find themselves no longer marooned and prepare to head back to Cybertron and retake their home. The work in base was slow yet was maintained at high level. The main force had already been sent a head to start work on the restructuring of Dark Mount the Decepticon capital. The Constructicons were the next team to go leaving only the main seekers, the femme seekers, Megatron and Soundwave with his Cassettes.

Down time was nearly constant with the entire team as the base was slowly being put on automated systems. The three femme’s kept to themselves or their mates as the others were nearly stir crazy, it is unnatural to keep flyers indoors. Still some functions had to be done, and the femmes had their duties now their education had been finally put in place. As it was now Prizm was monitoring the Autobot transmissions while Juci was doing the scanning, Raider waited watching not really permitted to do much per her sparkling.

Juci sighed she didn’t want to be there things were too slow too boring. “Those males better get here soon, or I might not be nice when they finally do.” She knew she couldn’t just leave the post.

Finally the door slid open and the two seekers came in laughing full heartedly. Juci looked at them and they both clamed up quickly knowing they were late. They took over the consoles and relived the femmes.

“Sorry Juci. I’ll make it up to you later.” Skywarp said.

She looked back at him smiling. “I’ll get the whip.”

Prizm rolled her optics just a little, them two would forever be at it. “I got to go to the meeting, Soundwave and Starscream are already there, I think only Scrapper is late now.”

“Alright I am going back to my room and get some rest.” Raider answered. “Juci you coming or staying?”

“I think I am going to go back to the battle simulator, I got to work out some aggression.” Juci turned and walked out quickly.

“I think she’s missing Shockwave already.” Prizm put in as she neared the door.

“Probably. I’ll see you after the meeting.”

Prizm walked out of the command room and across the hall into the War Room. The room was actually silent she hadn’t been expecting them to wait at all. She sat down next to Starscream and the empty chair that would soon hold Scrapper. Megatron looked at the halo cube as it displayed the layouts that were to be made to Dark Mount, she recognized many of them. Soundwave sat motionless, but she knew his mind was racing. Starscream had a nervous energy, though knowing that waiting was making Megatron irritated.

“Hook I can’t wait any longer. Megatron is waiting” Scrapper pleaded while Hook worked.

“Perfection takes time. You know this Scrapper.” Hook kept working.

“HOOK!” Scrapper yelled pulling his arm away.

“Fine it is finished anyway I was just double checking.”

Scrapper closed the panel. “Once I explain to Megatron what this will do he will be pleased.” He got off the table, and briskly walked out.

“Megatron to Scrapper.”

“Scrapper here.” He walked faster, nearly running.

“You are late.”

“I am on my way Mighty Megatron.”

Megatron closed his link and sat back.

Prizm watched him closely their last talk had been very interesting and even now it was clear in her mind as if it had happened only moments ago.

She smiled, that was Megatron always planning always thinking. “I am sure that she will be fine.” Prizm remembered how nervous she was telling Megatron about the sparkling. She had been glad Raider was there to help her then.


One week ago.

“Hey Prizm, staying in my room so much is sort of boring, Astrotrain hangs out sometimes but, he's got his duties to do as well. Soundwave is only there like 25% of the time it gets a little lonely. I sort of don't mind I've been uploading lots of files and learning a lot. Still it’s no one to talk to. No one to interact with, I have learned to talk to the Animal cassettes with my telepathy though.” The femme jet sighed with boredom.

“Communicating with them, which sounds cool. What are you downloading?”

She looked over the data file. “Just a few things you know base schematics and some medical things like repairing tubes not much but you never know when it might come in handy.”

“Right, so what other affects is your sparkling having on your systems?” of course Prizm knew what happened when a human had a baby but Transformers were much more interesting.

“Oh.” Raider thought about it, then giggled a bit. “Hehe well I can be sitting doing nothing, and when he is active my energy level will start to drop like a point or point and a half like every hour sometimes more.”

“Wow can you feel anything or no?”

“I do, as if he turns over, or stretches, it gets really tight as if doing a sit up or something.”

“Really” Prizm had to think for a moment. “That sounds cool. Does it tickle?”

“I don't think it tickles, not like it would if we were still human, but it tingles. Like static electricity sometimes.” She wasn’t sure how to explain it exactly.

“Oh okay. What does it look like at this stage have you seen him?”

“I have, but it wasn't very clear. I mean he’s so small and everything is metallic in there and the scan only shows the surface so what ever is on this side” Raider pointed to the spot where her own frame housed the growing sparkling. “Is only what you see.”

“Can you tell if you are or not? Yeah so what ever is up is what you get?”

“Oh you want to know what he's going to be?”

“Yeah that and does your body still look the same or different?” Prizm had some trouble telling if Raider had actually gained any size. After all human reproduction was a very big and messy thing.

“Well I can tell, I mean my cables don't like to stretch as far as I like to move so it has limited my movement, and I've measured a little, so yeah I've grown but not by a lot nothing like a human who gets as big as a house sometimes. Thank Primus for that.” It was one thing to have a bit of tightness quite another to grow huge, much to Raider’s relief.

Prizm laughed. “Yeah.”

“Over all I don't FEEL different unless I move the wrong way, and then I can't reach something or some stupid thing like that.” Raider got serious.

“I can see you now asking ‘Soundwave can you get that for me?’ or ‘Can you get this for me?’

“It is sooo annoying. Luckily, Astrotrain comes around, he's been really good like that.” Admitting that Astrotrain came around was only slightly embarrassing.

“Aww how sweet. What is up with that?”

“Nothing really, I like him don't get me wrong he's cute. And for that matter he's pretty good in bed. He's just honest with me when we talk and a hard ass on in the field. He's just different.”

“Yeah I would say so. I can see it when we have missions together.”

“He isn't Soundwave, but part of me just calls to him, or rather he calls to me.”
It was interesting Prizm had to admit. “Really?”

“I can't explain it, really. Soundwave doesn't seem to think him a threat to our relationship. That I like the extra company since Soundwave is gone so much.”

“No I don't think he would be any harm either.”

“Well if Soundwave asked, I'd cut the ties with 'Train well most of the naughty ones. I mean can’t cut them all if we’re sent out together.”

“You would?” Prizm was surprised.

“Yes, I would. I wouldn't want anything to come between Soundwave and me. He's more important than a little bit of fun. I've told Astrotrain that if it were ever in question we'd have to stop.” Raider wanted to make it clear.


“I'd have to. No questioning it.”

“Okay one more sparkling question. How did you feel when you first knew?”

“I was a little scared. Honestly. Soundwave said it was because of the Sparkling, not knowing what was going on and projecting that to me. I wouldn't have even known if it hadn't had the telepathy.

“Okay, that makes sense.” She began to wonder for a moment but her attention was drawn back to her wing mate.

“Then after he told me of course I was shocked, I didn't know we could do that, mean I checked the data base, even when there were more femmes it was still very rare.”

“I bet you were shocked, but happy right?”

“Naturally, I had thought about it. I knew he had his own but I thought it would be really cool if WE had one not just his. . .” Raider had longed a little for one.

“Yeah and it looks like you got your wish.”

“Yes, I know but I was concerned that. .’s like too soon I thought that Megatron might blow a circuit.” She ran over the thoughts about it again.

“Na think of it this way, you are increasing the army, and besides it is Soundwave we are talking about.”

“True but at the same time I don't know how I feel about MY sparkling going out and risking his life . . . .”


“Oh I know, that is kind of scary too, I mean he doesn't communicate with me much even now, I wonder if he's going to be like his dad and not talk a lot.”

“Could be but I think that he is happy.”

“Soundwave?” her mind racing Raider got confused for a moment.

“Yes, don't you?”

“Well yes, he sends me his feelings about it and he's like really happy. Like if he had planned it.”

Prizm couldn’t hold in her laughter. “I bet he did. You know, what was that old human saying ? ‘Going to keep you barefoot and pregnant.’

“I don't think he'd do that to me.”

“No but it was just funny, do you think that Juci would ever have any sparklings with Shockwave?”

“Really I think it’s going to happen sooner or later. She’s a freak in bed.”

Prizm shook her head. “Yeah she is.”

“Seriously as much as I'd like to be, she's worse.” Raider started to laugh again.

“Oh yeah.”

“What about you, you want one with Megatron?”



“Why is that cute?” Prizm demanded.

“Why not? A mini Megatron running around blasting Starscream I find that a hoot.”
For a second Prizm was quiet, then she burst out into laugher. “That makes me laugh that is hilarious! I never thought of it that way.”

“Come on now you don't think that if you had a mech that he would take Screamer's shit?”

“No he wouldn't”

Raider kept going. “I can hear him MOMMY I shot him again he was trying to plot against daddy!”

“Stop you’re making me die here! Its okay I love to laugh.”

“See that is why I wonder if this one is going to be like Soundwave, smart as hell and quiet not telling anyone what he is thinking till his plan is done.”

“Okay do you think that Megatron would go totally ballistic if I were to be pregnant now?” Prizm’s mind was a little occupied with her own thoughts her answer came a little late as she realized it. “Yeah, a little one like that would make me crazy.”

“I don't think so I mean our team is down one anyway, so you can't do much. Might as well have two down and then bring us both back at once. We make a very powerful team.”

“True.” Prizm couldn’t argue that.

“I don't know... has he said anything about having an heir?”


“Do you think he wants one? I mean I don’t think he’d like Starscream taking over.”

“No I don't think he would like that either.”

“So I would think it is something he’s probably thought about at the very least.”

Prizm nodded absently just echoing. “Probably.”

“I bet he has.”

“Probably but I don't think it was anytime lately.”

“Probably not, there has been a lot going on, but I bet he thought about it when he herd you liked him” Raider agreed.

“Doubt it.”

“Why not? It’s not like there were so many other females that LOVED him, okay well maybe there are, but they don’t understand the cause and only really want him for his power. I am sure that they are out there but they aren't here like us.”

“Well true but I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon. I just don't think it is meant to be me though.” Prizm seemed depressed slightly.

“What do you mean? You think that he has someone else in mind to give him an heir?”

“Why? I mean why waste the energy and the time and all that education that he's given you just to bring some one else in.” Raider was a bit confused.

“ I don't know.”

“ I don't think so.”

“All of what education all we had to do is download stuff and then know how to do it.”

“True, but the training is education and we put in a lot of hours.”

“So” we would just be part of the army like every one else, they had all that training too.” Prizm seemed set in her thoughts.

“Come on you know Megatron better than that there has to be more reason than that. I don't think he is going to mate with them though.”

“To take back Cybertron.”

“I doubt it we're close to going back as it is what a week or two possibly and we go. It has taken us six years to get this far. He doesn't have the time to do it.”

“No but there is still Decepticons on Cybertron.”

“True, you suppose there are femcons there?” Really Raider hadn’t thought about it.


“Think he has a wife or something there?” Finally Raider could see where Prizm was going with this.


“Whew, I thought for a second how awkward that would be.”

“Well I still don't think that it will be me though I mean think about it were at the bottom of the army, you know rank 10, or twenty or whatever.”

“Me maybe but not you, maybe not a top officer, but as temporary Air Commander it is rank.”

“I was just as he would put it a ’squishy’ or ’organic creature ‘ what makes you think he would want an heir from me I mean he or she wouldn't even be a true Decepticon.”

“You can't think of it that way, Vector Sigma is no longer producing sparks, so that is out and as far as I know if there are femcons they are MIA, I don't see why not they built you its just your spark now. Just as if he had got it from Vector sigma we can't go back it is this or nothing. You are a Decepticon. You know just as much as I do that even though we were human we've always been at heart now spark Decepticons.” Raider just said how she felt about it.

“Just because we have this shell does not make us Decepticons. Yeah well maybe this was a mistake. You were picked for what you could offer not me, I'm too nice.”

“You don't honestly believe that?” the shock could be heard in her voice.


“Just because you know how to interact with humans, to get a job, and what not doesn't mean that you didn't have thoughts the wants and the desire. It just means you’re not stupid enough to act like that and get thrown into some insane asylum. I mean seriously I did it too, Juci did it. We managed as humans didn't mean we liked it.”

“Well yeah but.. I don't think I am the one as we would have said as humans.”

“And the fact that he picked you to come here with us doesn't mean anything?” Raider was surprised at Prizm’s feelings.

“In the right place at the right time pretty much.”

“So you blame me and Juci?”

“They were after you, Juci and I just happen to be there, no can't blame you two for anything.”

“Me?? What did I do ?? Big deal some slight telepathy ?? Soundwave could have done that.”

“They knew you would to help them, well then why me? I am sure that there were plenty of girls willing to help them.”

“You lead, it comes to you naturally I can't. Juci can't she's too impulsive.”

It was all just a big confusing mess. All the reassurances that Raider gave her she new were true Megatron is very picky alright and if he hadn’t wanted all three of them Soundwave would have just dumped the one they didn’t want right down in the ocean like they had teased to do to Raider in the first place. Something was wrong. “Yeah, could a sparkling energy mess with your mind a bit?”

“I don't know I mean I know mine has telepathy and that messes with me already.” Raider was relieved that the subject was changed but then she wondered why all the questions.

“Well right but I have know idea where all that stuff just came from, because everything you said was true.”


“I feel a headache.” Her own emotions seemed to be clashing what whatever else was going on making her processor lag and ache.

“Yikes is there something you can take for it?”

“What the hell can I take as a transformer?” Prizm seemed exasperated.

“I read that we have this stuff that is a numbing agent.”

“Oh okay well its not that bad comes and goes.”

“I haven't really downloaded all the stuff so you'd have to ask Hook or something.”

“Okay, I am not going to ask Hook with his big mouth if I am pregnant or not it would be all over the base with in ten minutes, and I would kind of like to tell Megatron myself I think.”

“OH.. OH!!” Raider nearly came out of her chair. “Is that what you think?”

“Yes because I am a bit more tired than usual.”

“I see. So why would you think that you weren't the one when you are having thoughts of being pregnant now?”

“I don't know something is affecting my brain” Prizm wasn’t sure exactly herself, but she knew something was going on.

“Well you know what will happen if Soundwave scans you. He'll make you tell Megatron.”

“Yes I want to.”

“I could use his scanner here and my telepathy isn't as good but I can try.” She offered.

Prizm looked her wing mate with a smile, they had really come a long way as friends. “Really well would he not tell him so I could, I would I'd be nervous but I want to I want to see his reaction.”

“Soundwave? HA he'd fallow you to make sure you did.”

The femme leader laughed.

“Now if I did it .. . I would go with you but I wouldn't have that eerie feeling like over your shoulder.”

“Yeah true.”

“Do you want me to try?” Raider offered again.

“Yeah but if you told me I was and I wasn't then he would be mad.”

“If your not we just won't tell him we checked.”

That made sense to Prizm she agreed. “Okay then proceed.”

Raider took out the small hand scanner. “Don't think his will be able to tell but it’s what I use now.” She pressed a button and the machine hummed to life.

“Oh man talk about butterflies.”

“It is picking up energy readings but not like mine. Then again we are different.” She turned scanner knob. “Looks like it is possible let me try my telepathy then.”


After putting scanner away she placed her hands over Prizm and turned her optics off.

It took a few seconds for Prizm breathe in some cooling air to calm down. “Well?”

“Shhhh my telepathy isn't as strong as Soundwave's and you’re screaming at me to hurry up try not to think about it.”

“I didn't scream. I just asked.”

“No you asked. Your mind screams.”

“Oh sorry.” Prizm didn’t realize the telepathy was so sensitive.

“Yes. I am going to say yes. I feel it.” Raider finally announced.


“Yes but its extremely new. When was the last time you two did it?”

“Uhmm ... yesterday well it had to before that.” Prizm averted her optics while answering.

“Yesterday? No it would have to be longer I am fairly certain that the sparkling is about a week or so.”

“Right I knew that.”

“Been having headaches the whole time?”

“Yes, maybe it is trying to link to me?”

“Have you tried to link with her?”

“Her? Your so sure it's a girl, no how could I?”

Raider thought for a moment feeling through the jumbles thoughts. “I get femme vibes. Yes.”


“Umm I did it to Audioslave, by thinking and picturing I was linking up to it like we do to the PC, only picturing the sparkling in my mind.”

“I don't think the link would be like yours but I think I would just be able to tell her presence.”

“No I can tell the difference, and once I made the second link he calmed down a lot. I bet your headaches will go away once you find it.”


“Just relax a little and picture the spark, in your mind. She should be able to pick it up and link your energy with hers.”

“Okay I am going to try.”

“She's searching, can you feel it?”


“There. Now can you tell the difference, I bet you'll feel better now.”

“Yes much better, will she know Megatron or does it not work that way”

“She knows him a little already, but now that she has your link she can use you to see and hear the outside world. She'll know him instantly.” Raider explained how the link had worked.

“Aww that is sweet.”

“Thing is you can stop her. Like if you and him start to you know, . .. You can block the images and sounds from her. It won't cut the link just numb it. Well you wouldn't want her to see that right?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Prizm giggled a little. “So now you are coming with me right don't have to go right this second but you will come?”

“Why don't you want to go now?”

“Because I didn't think you wanted to.”

“I don't mind we can stay and talk about it if you want there is no hurry, only that if Soundwave comes he'll know . .. And he'll make you.”

“Okay alright might as well get it over with.” Prizm was excited now with the conformation done.

“Alright this should be fun I'll follow you.”

“I see how it is, you like to see my all nervous like this,” Prizm teased. “Well I don’t care it’s a good nervous feeling.”

“Yeah I do, I find it fun.” Raider giggled.

“How am I going to tell him? What am I going to say?” she got up and headed to the door.

“I don’t know, maybe ask him if he thought about an heir?” Raider suggested.

Following her wing mate to the door Prizm thought about it. “Okay but don’t you think that we should locate him first?”

A moment passed as they stood in the door way. “He’s in his office.”

Prizm couldn’t help but smile. “Anyone with him?”

“Soundwave is in the command room with Astrotrain and Skywarp. Umm no he’s alone in the office.” Raider’s telepathy had been fed by Soundwave.

“Good, I wouldn’t have to want to explain it to everyone.” The door closed behind them and the walked through the hall toward the command room.

“I know what you mean.” Flicking and stretching her wings Raider walked. “The room is nice and big don’t get me wrong, but it’s the same view and nothing at all new.”

“Right that would drive me crazy sitting there all the time.” Prizm agreed.

“It’s really not that bad, just boring.”

“Yeah and it is Soundwave’s quarters.”

“He’s good about keeping me busy.” Raider smiled.

“In more ways than one!”

Both started to laugh as the rounded the corner. “Yeah.” Raider admitted. “Actually he’s been spending more and more time with me.”

“That is so sweet.”

“He's amazing I wouldn't leave him for an instant. And since I've been working on my telepathy its like he's always there. I like that feeling.”

“That’s really cool, sometimes I think it would be cool if Megatron knew what I was thinking but then I have to stop and tell myself I wouldn’t want him to ALWAYS know.” Prizm giggled.

“I can’t explain it well, but I think because it is so strong that even when he is out on missions I can still feel him. Or do you think it is something more?” Raider couldn’t put her finger on it just yet.

“It could be the beginning of a bond.”

“Now that would be awesome.” They turned a corner and headed down another short hall.

“Yeah it would be.”

“How do you think we started that? I mean I can’t say we’ve been doing anything to start a bond.” Raider was smart enough that when she was on free time she had looked up information regarding Decepticon relationships and what happens.

“Hmmm I don’t know, maybe being around each other and the way you project your feelings?”

“That is true maybe the telepathy encouraged it faster?”

“Yes, I bet it did, next thing you know you will be bonded to Soundwave.” Prizm teased.

“You say it like it was a bas thing.”

“No it wouldn’t be.” Prizm shook her head.

“I bet you and Megatron will end up bonded too.”

“Heh, Really?”

“Yeah, think about it. He’s got a lot of devotion I mean look what he has done for Cybertron.”

Prizm started to really laugh. “When hell freezes over.”

“On come on. An entire planet has nearly come back to life... and why? Because he wants it.”

“Well right, I was just being silly.”

“I am telling you if he didn’t want you, he wouldn’t have brought you,” Raider stopped at the door to the command room.

Prizm sighed “Okay okay, you’re right as usual.” The door opened and the mechs inside looked to see who was entering then went back to their work. “Ok look now you get to see your honey.”

“He knew were coming, heh, but he’s busy. So you can just go see yours while I watch him work.”

“Okay.” Prizm headed to the door and sounded the chime. She could hear him but his voice was muffled due to having his back t her.


The femme walked in and took a seat in front of his desk, her mind still busy with things she was talking to Raider about. She nearly jumped out of her chassis when the door slid shut.

Turning the chair Megatron looked to see Prizm.

This made her a little nervous but what she wanted to say also made her happy, bringing a smile to her face.

Noticing her slight smile Megatron leaned back into his chair, “And to what do I owe this visit?” his own little smirk starting to cross his face.

“Did you ever thing about having an heir Megatron?” her words were confident yet a little quiet.

“Naturally, I cannot assume to live forever.” Megatron’s optic brow rose.

“Maybe with me?” Prizm smiled even more.

“There are many reasons that I selected you, as well as your team mates, that was one consideration. Yes.” He leaned forward a little she had his full attention.

His look and posture made her even more nervous she chewed her lip slightly under the pressure. She took in a large breath of cooling air then finally spoke up. “Well I know that I am going to have your heir.”

Tilting his head Megatron thought. “Are you sure of this?”

“Yes,” she answered, “Raider used a scanner on me then her own telepathy.”

“Does Soundwave know of this?

“Yes,” She answered again.

“Come here.” the leader held his hand out to her motioning for her to come around the desk.

A little aggravated Prizm got up and rounded the desk. Megatron pushed back from the dies allowing her room to come closer to him instantly he reached out to her guiding her to sit on his lap. That made her smile. “How long have you known?”

“About twenty minutes.”

A slight sigh of relief came from Megatron as he moved his hand down her torso to where he knew the sparkling would be making Prizm gasp in surprise. “How old is it?”

“Raider said about a week or so.”

“This will be my legacy indeed.”

That made Prizm giggle again, “Yes but it is going to be a femme.”

A look of surprise came over Megatron. “A femme?” he paused for a moment. “The Decepticons will fear her.” His smile returned with an evil twist.

Prizm couldn’t help but laugh. “If she is anything like you Primus help us.”

Megatron chucked at that but he was already thinking something else. “We need to get back to Cybertron there is not enough room for a growing sparkling. Not to mention two. If there is anything you need you want to make sure that Rumble and Frenzy take it on one of their trips. Energon production is high. We need not stay here any longer.”

“Okay,” she leaned back on him she knew he would make her get up but she wanted to for as long as he allowed her. He let her rest there his processor thinking about the sparkling. He sort of lost himself in thought as she leaned on him. It was comforting, at the same time he could feel himself being protective and while she was in his arms he could provide any protection needed.

“There should be plenty of time to rebuild my fortress. I will have the Constructicons work on that when we arrive.” Megatron said quietly sort of just thinking to himself.

She was surprised he let her sit with him so long knowing this meant his schedule would be even tighter. Prizm thought about it though, she couldn’t wait to see Cybertron.

“I will have to work on the plans there will be some alterations needed to the schematic,” he looked at the desk and the halo that contained his lists and sketches of the new building plans.

“May I see it?” Prizm asked interested in what he was thinking.

Megatron moved his free hand from her midsection to the desk and started the halo. “The fortress is not one building but six, the main building houses the forces that reside there, while each other one has a more specific function.”

“What are the functions of the other five?”

“The first is the largest, the housing, my personal quarters, and so on, the second,” his hand rose and pointed at a building, “is the armory. While research and development is this one,” he chose a third building. “This one is the educational building, it has the communications center. This one is simulation; it is big enough to hold many simulator rooms as well as flight simulators.”

“What about this last one?” she pointed to a building that remained unnamed.

“The recreational center.” He answered.

Prizm nodded she wasn’t sure what to say but liked learning these things, and listening to his voice.

“What is this one again?” Prizm pointed to the large central building, the holo zoomed in on it.

“It is the main lair, it is the housing establishment. As well as my personal living area.”

“Just yours?” Prizm smiled teasing.

“It was indeed just mine, this is one of the adjustments I will need to make, while by no means is it small it was not meant for a sparkling or my mate. That will have to change.” He explained.

She thought about it for a moment about to push the issue then decided against it. “What kinds of changes does sit have?

Megatron looked at her his optic brow raising. He knew she had not spent any time on Cybertron and for that alone was probably curious. "The sparkling will need her own room my current quarters do not have that available. As for furnishings I believe that my single recharger is a bit small. I never spent time in it anyway, unless you plan to recharge on top of me.”

Prizm laughed "That wouldn't be that bad."

“You won't like it when I turn over and you fly onto the floor.” His features became that familiar smirk.

“Well that would be bad.” Prizm smiled.

“I think I will have them fix that then.”

“Yes, I hope you do,” she said leaning back on to him again.

He tapped the holo and it zoomed out back to the cluster of buildings. "There is still room for more. I do not want to use our energon for nothing I should have another meeting soon with Shockwave Soundwave and Scrapper.

"Alright, do you want me to attend your meeting?"

“I thought we have our own command meetings?” he smiled, “this is only superficial, structural things it is unnecessary for everyone to be present. If you have the free time and it interests you, you might learn from it.”

“Our own special kind of meetings but Okay then I'll come."

“Good. For now though Shockwave isn't here, that meeting will take place later.”

Prizm laughed, "I bet Juci is keeping him busy."

“Shockwave will not let her interferer with is duties of that I am certain. It is odd that she has such a fascination with him.”

"No, but after that she would be. I don't really know why she is so fascinated with him." Prizm confessed.

“I am however glad that Raider considers to be with Soundwave so well. It might be hard to see but as I've known him for many Vorns I can see he is happy, that and he has made much more progress at his work than he has been.”

“Yes, she is completely mad about him, but her relationship with Astrotrain has me rather baffled.”

“Agreed, it was quite odd that he didn't respond to my call and his beacon was in Soundwave's quarters. Soundwave however as shown no issue with it. Perhaps I should talk with him.” Megatron said.

“Well if he's not vexed by it then what would be the point in talking to him?” Prizm asked.

“He may know something we do not. Soundwave does not volunteer information.”


Soundwave tingled Raider’s telepathy with a little come here gesture, she came to him and he put his arm out pulling her into his lap. They hadn’t spent much time together with his schedule.

Raider smiled at him. “You know I can’t say long, I just come to walk Prizm up as soon as she comes out we’re probably going to leave.”

Soundwave nodded his head. “Acknowledged.”

She looked over the console to see what Soundwave had been doing. Soundwave moved his hand to her belly he didn’t intend to do anything other that sit with her for now. A slight tug brought a smile to Raider’s face as she could feel the sparkling pulling to Soundwave’s touch. Soundwave enjoyed this he could feel the sparkling being attracted to him. Both of them felt the happiness that came from the sparkling making Soundwave smile under his mask. Contentment washed over them and Raider stretched then leaned back into Soundwave. He liked to have Raider with him even when working it made him feel much more relaxed.

“You do realize you will soon be grounded right?” Megatron smiled at the thought.

She laughed it was funny to hear him say that, “What for?”

I cannot have you running about in this condition you not only put yourself at risk you risk our sparkling.”

Prizm thought about that, he didn’t claim the sparkling as his only but said ours and that made her feel good. “I don’t run about and the last time I checked I could take care of myself.”

“This isn’t some human pregnancy, where you can just go about your business until the end the sparkling needs more care than that.”

“Like what? And I don’t do anything dangerous unless you ask me to.”

“I know this; I’ve even taken Raider’s flight pass she is grounded as well. It is purely precautionary.” He explained.

“What could she possibly get into one hundred miles from the tower there is nothing there but water?”

“And if her energon level should happen to drop where out there?” Megatron questioned.

“Oh didn't think of that, But what other special care does this sparkling require?”

“As you know the injection of the nanites, she and you will need a total of 3 each. Not much other care is needed, just rest.”

That didn’t leave much else to do. “Well what are we suppose to do in the mean time?”

“Soundwave has put together a learning program which you can download I believe you would call it something like School. You will learn Decepticon, as well as our history.”

“Hmm that sounds actually interesting.” Prizm nodded.

“There is a lot of it. I am sure it will take you some time.”

“I am sure there is after all considering you have millions of years instead of a few thousand.”

“I had not realized that the humans are such a young species.” Megatron thought about it.

“Yes, they are.”

“I should work on these plans,” He rested his hand on her middle again, thinking,
“We'll have more time later.”

“You booting me out?” Prizm smiled.

Megatron slid his hand lightly over where the sparkling was housed at, “At least to the other side of the desk.”

“Why am I distracting you?” she placed her small hand on his.

“You of all know that I cannot not get behind on work Starscream would pounce on something like that.”

“Yes I know that,” she smiled. “I am glad you took this much time to talk to me.”

Megatron turned his head he knew it was odd but the news had made him feel good, and he felt she deserved it. "I do need this one done. After that we can continue if you like. There are a lot of things to learn in the leadership role you take of the seekers.”

Taking that as her queue, she kissed him them moved. He moved his head letting the kiss linger as little then slid his hand of her middle as she got up.

“I'll pester you later,” she said.

He smiled slightly as he started to fiddle with the holo making it zoom back in and a text file appeared.

The door closing behind her Prizm walked over to see what Raider was doing. The jet in question sat up from Soundwave's chest hearing the door to Megatron's office open she turned to see Prizm step out. "It’s about time."

She couldn’t help but laugh, “Like you minded.”

“I nearly fell asleep here, poor Soundwave can't get any work done while I'm laying on him.” Raider teased.

“Yeah I bet.”

“Well he didn't, anyway are you done now?”

“For now,” Prizm answered.

Raider looked at her, "whatever you’re planning for later I don't need to know" she laughed getting up off Soundwave. She turned to him "I'll see you later." smiling.

“Oh go on and kiss him already.”

“Fine,” Raider leaned over and kissed Soundwave lightly on his battle mask, “bye.”
Prizm laughed again.

“What? You were in there long enough, you could have been doing much worse than that.”

“Well yeah but I wasn't.”

“How do I know that? Hmm? I can see you and him now, all up on the desk. Sure.. ..” Raider teased.

“No I was just talking to him about Dark mount.”

“Ohh what is that?” the two femmes started to walk out of the command room.

“It’s a base on Cybertron really I think it is more of a capital.”

“Ohhhh okay that must be where Soundwave was taking about Kaon.”

“I think so”

“He said it was the largest city state in the Empire Dark mount must be its capital.”

“Oh okay.”

“So now what we go back to your room or mine?” Raider asked.

“Yours is fine.”

“I must warn you though that the cassettes might be there, you in the mood to handle them?.”

“Why are they pests?”

“No but imagine 5 year olds playing games and talking shit when they lose.”

“Do you not what to put up with them?” Prizm laughed at the thought of them playing games.

“I've got use to it, they seem to listen to me.”

“Oh well that is cool, I bet Soundwave must have warned them to listen to you.”

“Well I can always tell them I'll tell Soundwave on them.”

Prizm laughed again, “No I don't think I want to listen to them so you can come with me.”

“Alright nice they aren't expecting me anyway last time they thought I was staying out for a bit I did go back to find Rumble and Frenzy tossing Ravage on a pillow attempting to see if all cats land on their feet.” Raider snickered this time.

Prizm laughed even louder. “Ok that is funny.”

“Yeah they are in every sense children.”

“Yes, well did he land on his feet” Prizm asked.

“I didn't want to know I knew Soundwave was going to be mad at them for it I left.” They kept walking.

“I see,”

They finally came to Prizm’s door. “I doubt that I could rest in there with them anyway. It will be nice and quiet for a while in here,” she said walking in.

“Yeah that's Cool, I am not tired, but you know with all the warnings of loss of energy . .”

“Yeah is it worse now or was it worse in the beginning.”:

“It was much worse in the beginning before I got the first nanite shot. I think my own were working double time.”

“Great something to look forward to,” Prizm shook her head.

“Yeah that was a pain.”

“When does that start?”

“About a month into it, or so,” Raider answered.

“Okay well at least it wasn’t right at the beginning.”

“Right that wasn’t bad at all then there were sudden losses that I didn’t understand.”

This worried Prizm a little, “What kind of losses?”

“10% just poof gone,” Raider sat down on a chair.

“10% holy slag.”

“Yeah it was kind of scary I didn't want to leave the recharger sometimes.”

“I wouldn’t blame you.” Prizm shook her head.

“It’s finally not doing that anymore, though so I am comfortable to walk around.”

“Gees I had no idea it did that to you.”

“It wasn't that bad I mean I am grounded, I didn't even want to think about flying like that. And you know how much I like to fly.”

“Well right but at first were you like why?”

“Exactly, and that is why I asked Soundwave.”

“Okay good as lest I am not the only one.”

“I was sort of surprised that he didn't tell me I KNOW he knew before I asked.” Raider still hadn’t figured that one out.

“Yeah that is a little strange.”

“So what else did Megatron say?”

“Umm... oh that he is redesigning Dark mount.”

“That should be fun.” Raider nodded.

“Oh and uh that we have to learn Decepticon and their history but you probably already knew that.”

“It isn't hard but its long yeah Soundwave told me I should start as soon as possible. Makes sense though as everything up there will be in Decepticon I bet Juci already knows it.”

“Yes she probably does.”

“I wonder if she is going to have a sparkling, I mean I KNOW what she's been doing.”

Prizm hasn’t really thought about it, “I don't know.”

“Maybe Shockwave knows some sort of birth control?”

“Maybe he does.” Prizm laughed.

“Well he just about knows everything else.”


“Any idea what you are going to name the Sparkling?”

“Not a clue, I guess I should talk to Megatron about that.”

Raider pushed Prizm for an answer. “What do you think?”

“I thought maybe Lenear.”

“That sounds nice.” Raider agreed.


Back to the present.

Prizm was knocked back in to the present as Scrapper burst into the door panting to keep his systems cool from the near run he had just completed. He came in and sat down no questions asked. Megatron over looked him with obvious malice.

“Now,” he started. “I have made changes to the rebuilding schematics. Tomorrow Scrapper will take the Constructions back to Cybertron. After that Soundwave and I will go with Prizm and her wing mates. Starscream, you and your wing mates will be the last to leave. Soundwave has set a timer on the space bridge.”

Scrapper looked over the schematic that was on display there were only slight changes to the housing building, which he noticed right away. It was a few simple things that would be easy enough to implement. He nodded acknowledging it.

“I still think that this is too valuable to just leave the base unmanned Megatron.” Starscream could no longer hold his comments.

“Once we have Cybertron we will make this base a second station for Energon production.” Megatron stared at the seeker his optics flaring.

“I can stay here, with Skywarp and Thundercracker. We can handle all the functions.”

“Not for what I have planned.”

“We weren’t meant for manual labor Megatron.”

“You were meant for whatever I see fit!” He stood up instantly.

“The Autobots have gone to the moon bases, should the attempt something we will need everyone to repel them.” Knowing that Prizm was going to be grounded Megatron still did not want that information given to Starscream at this point.

“Very well MIGHTY Megatron.” Dripping with sarcasm Starscream dropped the subject.

“Soundwave we are going to need our communications up and running. I want constant contact with the Citadel.”

“Mighty Megatron?” Scrapper started.

Megatron’s hateful gaze landed on the Constructicon leader who flinched. “What is it?” he ground out through closed dental plates.

“Hook and I have made alterations to my communicator. Implications and testing has proved it has doubled its range. Communications from Dark Mount to the Citadel should be much easier.” The panel slid open as he held his arm out for inspection.

Impressed Megatron looked slightly. “Have each commander outfitted when you come in contact with them. Excellent work Scrapper” He looked at Soundwave who nodded it would relieve some of the communications from him and reliance on him solely would no longer be needed.

Scrapper headed back to the med bay and gave Hook the news that they were to outfit each Decepticon commander with them, first he would start with Starscream. The seeker had followed him wanting it done as soon as possible anyway. Hook grabbed a few components and got to work instantly. Starscream watching with interest knowing he was going to examine it and bring his wing mates up to date with them. He felt that it was important for them to have such things. The expansion of the Empire would cause them to be much more separated and communications would be key. Scrapper motioned to Scavenger and started working on his COM unit, the Constructicons as a whole were usually separated on site, and though their usual communicators were good Scavenger was usually underground or farther looking for viable materials for the site.

Soundwave headed to his quarters intent on checking on Raider. He could feel her more often as she had started to learn to use her telepathy much better. In a way it served to help strengthen his, he had learned more control as well as had been able to extend it. Its limit was now more the entire base should, about twice more that distance over land should he feel the need to extend it that far. He entered the room to a feeling of contentment and gratitude. He sat down on his desk and began to work on the computer, while Raider napped.

Juci had fired and fired again as each target exploded into tiny particles each time her high plasma blaster hit one. This staying in the base was a little annoying, though when Shockwave was here at lest her time spent with him was educational. The data base on board this ship was limited and really Cybertron was much more interesting. Now this was just a way to pass the time and keep her out of trouble. Suddenly Skywarp came to mind as he owed her for being late. She blasted another target and still another watching her chronometer knowing what time Soundwave was to relieve Skywarp, she’d surprise him.

Prizm sat in the chair still in the War Room. Megatron had put his hand on her shoulder as he dismissed the others. Apparently he had wanted her to stay. Once the door had closed he moved his hand away and allowed her to get up. She looked up at him curiously expecting him to explain why he had held her there. Instead he just leaned down and kissed her. She was slightly surprised but didn’t mind it. He pulled away and started to walk and just as she was about to question him he started to speak.

“We leave for Cybertron tomorrow.” He looked at the schematic still on display. “Our sparkling will not live on this pathetic mud ball.”

She smiled, that was Megatron always planning always thinking. “I am sure that she will be fine.” Prizm remembered how nervous she was telling Megatron about the sparkling. She had been glad Raider was there to help her then.

“Shockwave has told me the Autobots suspect I have returned to Cybertron already. Optimus Prime knows nothing. Reports suggest that they have built a city here.” He tapped that holo and the imaged changed to a layout of land near a river. “I suspect they are setting up a planetary defense for Earth anticipating I will want it once I have Cybertron.”

Prizm nodded it did make sense; she knew he wanted Earth, but not the humans. “Starscream has a point then someone should be left here.” She nearly hated herself for even thinking it.

“Yes, unfortunately I cannot.” He took a deep breath absently. “I cannot defend Cybertron by myself. Starscream is very good at what he does, even when it is annoying me. I will require him and his wing mates to make things on Cybertron happen. I cannot trust the base to anyone else. Soundwave will be working on too many things as well as watching Raider as her sparkling is growing now at a rapid pace. As for you my dear, you are also grounded.”

“I knew it was coming, but it is for the best.” She placed a hand on her midsection.

“I want to make a few more adjustments here then I will be going to our quarters as well.” He had expected her to start heading out.

“I want to see.” She sat down next to him and watched as his fingers quickly tapped the image and it magnified and moved.

“This interests you?” he questioned.

“In a way, I don’t understand it all, but I can see what is going on since you had shown me the pictures.”

He smiled and started talking about what he was doing as he did it. She would make a good commander just as he expected.
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