Sorting Leftovers

Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 17 Sorting Leftovers

Skywarp’s fingers lagged at the controls as Thundercracker watched him. “What is going on? Just a second a go you were laughing and joking now you act like some Autobot.”

“You herd her right? She’s going to get the whip, and I bet she has a chain this time too.” Skywarp’s optics flared at the thought.

“Does that worry you or something?”

“No I mean I like it, but you never know.” Skywarp smiled.

Starscream thought about what had been going on. He didn’t like the lack of control for this entire time but there was no point in fighting and in the process he had started to see it from a new point of view. Though he would never admit to it, not even to himself, Megatron had been right. He still had a lot to learn and the femmes seemed to have learned it as if it came natural to them. That alone had irritated him even farther. He went over their records again, and again, rechecked mission logs even the communications they weren’t doing anything special that he had not, but they seemed to work much more as a cohesive group. Each could make decisions on their own which he could never count on Thundercracker or Skywarp for. He shook his head as he sat at the monitor in his quarters. Now Megatron was returning to Cybertron, what for? He wasn’t sure, but he knew there wouldn’t be any reason to abandon Earth. One thing was true there was plenty of energon to revitalize Cybertron and even he was needed there to sort out all the returning warriors many of which he knew previously. Only he hoped he would not be regulated to policing them. He closed the computer down and got up going over to his recharge birth and sat down. He had learned a lot, his ambition was curbed slightly by the new found knowledge and he knew things weren’t going to work down the road he had chosen since he woke on Earth. Something clicked within him what it was he wasn’t sure yet, but he was willing to give it a shot.

Even though there was no sun to shine in through the windows the time was near and the base was alive with operations. The Constructicons had gathered at the opening of the space bridge and were ready to leave for Cybertron. Soundwave stood at the console and pressed the button as the doors opened. The six lime green Decepticons entered and the door closed, Megatron nodded and Soundwave again pushed the button. In a bright flash the Constructicons were beamed out.

“Prizm, Juci, Raider its time to head to Cybertron.” Megatron stepped in first as Starscream took over the console from Soundwave. The three femme’s stepped in as Soundwave followed. With a slight evil smirk from Starscream the whole of the interior was lit in a bright lilac light.

Just as it started it was over the movement stopped and they all stood there, waiting for the door to open. Prizm attempted to take a step forward and found that her systems were not compatible with the space bridge and she started to fall backward. Megatron was quick to catch her before she hit the ground. Raider watched she took readings from her sensors as well as her gyros before attempting to make a move, Soundwave watched concerned.

“The first trip through the space bridge is a nasty one. I should have told you.” Megatron lifted her slowly back to her feet.

Prizm didn’t say anything her hands clasping at his until she regained her balance.

Shockwave’s hand shot out to Juci as she stepped out into the infamous citadel. She joined him at the controls. Soundwave waited as slowly Raider came out her steps slow but even. She was a little stubborn about not wanting help Soundwave could feel it coming off of her the second her gyros had changed.

Megatron held on to Prizm’s hand as they walked through the control room. He knew she had seen the schematics but it was much different from the inside. He led her to a door before stopping and finally acknowledging Shockwave.

“Starscream and the others are next; see that they arrive.” He said flatly. He turned to Soundwave. “Is Astrotrain ready?”

Soundwave only nodded.

“Excellent.” The door opened, and Megatron led Prizm as Soundwave followed with Raider.

“Where are we going?” Prizm finally asked.

“We are going to the main housing area it is some distance from here and Raider should not fly like this.” He answered finally letting go of her hand.

“Oh, is it finished?”

“Our quarters were completed first.”

“This is going to be fun.” Raider piped up.

Soundwave reached out to her with his telepathy, hers gaining in strength making it easier each time. ’You will have plenty of time to tour after you are comfortable in our quarters.’

Raider finally got up the courage to answer him within the link ’ Alright but you owe me a personal one then.’ her answer turned his head he was expecting an audio reply.

Out on the landing strip Astrotrain waited he was in his space shuttle mode. Soundwave had explained to him why he was needed and he was more than happy to do it. As the team came closer he listened to the explanations of where things were and how to get around. He didn’t bother with the Auto pilot, knowing that Soundwave would do it anyway. The occupants seated the throttle was raised and in moments the shuttle was air borne. Prizm was near glued to the window as Megatron pointed out each section and its function. Raider was doing the same on the opposite side. The whole thing was a new place to them, and sooner or later the two of them would take off and explore it.

It wasn’t a long trip and the shuttle tilted as it started the landing protocol. It touched down and came to a stop letting the occupants out. The bay in which they landed was nearly the size of the ship they had been living at. Optics wide and mouths nearly hanging to the floor both Prizm and Raider stepped into the main hanger of the A building Tarn, named after another Decepticon city.

Juci had naturally already been introduced to it, but the site was still something to behold she walked up behind them joining them.

“Just say it.” Juci chided.

“Say what?” Prizm asked.

“Wow,” Raider finished.

“Wow.” Prizm repeated.

Juci smiled. “Yeah I felt the same way only I said damn.” She turned from the bay to head back to the door, “You want to look around or what?”

Raider instantly felt Soundwave’s insistence of going to their quarters. “Maybe later. We’ll have plenty of time, right now all I need to find my quarters.”

Prizm had started getting used to the little movements and pauses that Raider would make and started taking them as signals she knew something was up. “Soundwave?” she asked.

“Yeah, he wants me to know where to go, so if I need to I can.”

“He cares that’s all.” Juci replied. “Come on we’ll stop there first.”

Juci walked slowly letting her wing mates take in the décor, each door they passed was marked in Decepticon, and after uploading it back on earth it seemed like a first language not noticing that they had started speaking in it. She stopped at the door that had no mark, but once Raider neared it opened. “Shockwave and I preprogrammed your signature into it.”

Raider smiled and stepped in, her wing mates following. The lights dimmed on instantly and the ambient lighting seemed to come from nowhere making everything a soft glow. It seemed to be something that she had imagined, but knew it was something Soundwave planned; he was exceptionally good at that. The first room was large and had a few places to relax and a small desk with a computer. They followed her, as she walked into the hall, the first door on the right lead into a smaller room. Raider paused.

Prizm elbowed Juci. “Soundwave again.” She wanted Juci to start recognizing the signals.

“This is the sparklings room.” Raider whispered. The all paused a little longer noticing that all the objects were made for a shorter mech, and data pads, filled the shelves. “He’s going to learn fast.” Her attention was drawn to a data drive that lay on the small table; she picked it up and paused again.

This time Juci noticed. “Soundwave?” she questioned Prizm.

“He uploaded all the music he had for him.” Raider answered.

“That’s cute.” Prizm commented.

Raider looked up and around again then started to the door, she walked directly across to the next door. This room was much bigger, and a few bars stuck out from the walks near the door, and two double perches. Again the pause came.

“This is like having a guided tour without the tour guide.” Juci laughed.

“The Cassetticon’s room.” They left simply, turning left and passing one door walking all the way down the hall. “That is the cleansing room” she said passing it.

The last door didn’t next an explanation; it would be the Raider and Soundwave’s recharge room. The door slid open silently, and Raider stepped in. The soft light dimmed on as before lighting up first the desk to the right. This one much bigger and the computer more prominent, also no explanation needed all three knew the instant they saw it that would be Soundwave’s desk. Going around the room counter clock wise, there was an open door that was the personal refresher, though to the femmes it would be known as the master bathroom. The door was open and as they glanced they could see the separate shower and bath. Just passed that integrated into the walk was another desk but this one was much more adapted for fun, various art supplies sat around the back edge of it. Adjacent to that was the Energon station with a simple menu. The bed was simple no posts, just the blanket, it was against the far wall.

“Oh look at that.” Juci started. “That is big enough for you two and the two of us.”

“No no no. That’s just enough room for her Soundwave, Astrotrain and Hook.”

“That is not funny Prizm.” Raider turned to her.

Juci burst out laughing. “Yes it is!!”

“Okay fine it was funny, but still I can’t have them over like this, as it is ‘Train comes in nearly every hour to check on me when his off duty. Even though Soundwave doesn’t have much off time he works from the desk and doesn’t leave me if he doesn’t have to.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” Prizm added.

“So then now you know where it is at what should we do next? There is lots of stuff to see.” Juci headed toward the door.

Not really taking the time to look at much else the three femmes made their way to the landing area. This one was much smaller and more personal, more or less for one Transformer to come and go instead of a fleet.

“I thought we’d have to sneak out.” Prizm wondered.

“We can’t possibly, Soundwave would know, it must be alright. He hasn’t contacted me.” Raider told her.

“We aren’t going far anyway.” Juci finished.

“Where are we going then?” Raider was slightly concerned; she didn’t know how far or even if she could fly at this point.

“Well I think it will be alright.” Juci leapt up and transformed her wing mates just shrugging and doing the same. “We’re going to go check out the Gladiator stadium.” Without a thought the three speed off.

Only a few moments later the outline of the giant stadium came up on the horizon. It was dark despite the solar rays that hit it from most angles during mid day. Over the many years it was built and rebuild and then blown up and dismantled. This was one of many that managed to be rebuilt just before the energy crisis kicked into full gear and many things started becoming ignored due to fighting and just lack of supplies. They landed out at what would be the main entrance, the gates leaned this way and that, as the turn style and ticket centers lay in rubble.

“It’s hard to imagine what this place would look like before the war.” Raider said stepping over a pile of rocks.

“I can.” Prizm answered. “I’ve seen some of the things Megatron wants to do. This is one of them. I think he would like to have it as a practice ground.”

“More like an execution station for Autobots.” Juci added.

It was silent as the walked carefully over the fallen metal, and down the corridor into the seating area, the sun actually shown brightly into the center.

“It must have been awesome.” Juci said.

Raider took a moment to sit into one of the seats; the flight was short but still draining. Look at all the detail. I mean there are heads of Decepticons all around the pillars.” The busts separated the walls from the viewing area. “Some I’ve seen in the history pads. Others I’ve never seen.” She rested her hand on the arm of the seat only to have her fingers feel the inscribed decorations. “Look even the seats have them”

Juci looked but Prizm didn’t turn. “He’s here.”

Raider and Juci bother turned to see, Raider standing up in the process. “Who?” they both asked.

“Megatron.” Prizm pointed to the sculpted head that resided over the entry way into the arena itself. This particular one had a different color, and was noticeably larger than the others.

“I read about this, that was the champion gladiator’s spot.” Raider joined her wing mates that were leaning on the rail looking into the arena. Part of the seating area directly across has been hit with an explosion, a big section in a “U” shape was missing, and the doors to the challenger’s corridor were gone. “Hey we can get in down there.”

Prizm led the way having seen some of the schematics. “I wondered if this place still existed, I mean it’s sort of like looking at Megatron as a young boy.”

Raider and Juci giggled a little naturally Prizm would thing of something like that. The neared the gate that separated what would have been the slaves from the audience, a small gap in the fencing was easy enough for Juci to pull apart.

“This is where the gamblers would watch and pick who’d they thought would last long enough, or even win.” Prizm told them. Stepping through the hole they headed down into the darkness. Once down far enough their night vision came online. The hall narrowed forcing them into a line the ground was marked with spent energon, and several different kinds of scrapes. Cells lined the walls the energon bars obviously deactivated, nothing more than a recharge bed. One room must have been the slave masters area; it actually had an energon dispenser. More tracks and now even trails of gashes coursed the floor, many of fallen Transformers having to be hauled from the arena to the smelting pools. Finally a light forced them to turn the night vision off and they walked through the opening into the arena itself.

“It looks much bigger from down here. The sound must have been audio splitting” Said Raider.

“Well we’ll get to see one day after all Megatron does have plans to bring it back into full swing, much longer after we’ve conquered though of course.” Prizm was excited about how she could tell them about his plans. Usually it was one of them that had got information from their mates that they shared. Walking to the center and glancing around again they continued to the doors where they knew Megatron had entered so long ago. Juci pulled at the doors, but the seemed to be welded in place.

“I can’t open it. Prizm give me a hand.”

“I really shouldn’t.” Prizm got nervous; she had not been able to tell Juci about the sparkling yet. “I mean. I am sorry. Megatron would kill me if I did.”

“What are you talking about its just a door, we can do it.” Juci continued to pull.

“Just tell her.” Raider pushed.

Prizm’s face lit up and a large smile crossed her lips as she thought about how to put it.
Juci just turned from the door to her an optic ridge up in confusion.

“Well I was going to tell you when I found out, but then Megatron said we were coming here so I thought it would be better to tell you in person, accept you said let’s go and I got all excited about seeing this place.”

“Well alright already what is it?” Juci put one hand on her hip, in frustration.

“I can’t because I now share the same state of being as Raider.” Prizm said happily.

“Don’t blame me.” Raider giggled.

Juci stared for a moment. She knew what it meant; in fact she figured that was it in the first place, but being told seemed to click something in her. “So, we’re going to have us another little Megatron running around here?” she confirmed.

“Right.” Prizm nodded, finally giving in and placing the palm of her hand on where the sparkling was housed. “Only it won’t be a mini Megatron. It will be a femme.”

“Ohhhh!! Another one of us!” she squealed in high pitched excitement. She jumped and grabbed Prizm up hugging her. Just as quickly she put her down. “Why are you out here? What were you thinking; you know at this stage it can drain your energy too fast!”

“Yeah I know I know, but I wanted to come out. This is my first time here. I couldn’t resist.”

“Okay, so I’ll just blow the doors, stand back.” Juci powered her arm guns letting the charge build up, until she knew it would force them open. She let the power go and the doors broke apart into tiny fragments. “Let’s go see what Megatron’s room looked like.”

The walk wasn’t far and there was little to nothing in between, on this side the ground was fairly clean, and smooth. Opening the door to the only room they stepped in. There was a desk with a chair, on the desk there was a can with no label, and several scraps of cloth. There were lights over a mirror and a sizable recharge birth, and a second small room.

“What do you think that room and bed is for?” Prizm asked suspiciously.

“I’d think it was for his aid. I’d bet money that Soundwave has stayed in there many times.” Raider answered. Her special abilities came into play she could nearly see the two mechs shadows conversing; she kept quiet about it the ability itself still needed much more training.

“Could be, but then again it could have been for the new femme he had every night, you know they would throw themselves at him all the time.”

“Shut up Juci.” Prizm growled.

“Oh sorry, well you know, it’s possible.”

Prizm just stared at her. “Let’s get back before he notices we’re gone.”

Another short flight and they landed back on the same pad they took off from. No one really spoke until it was noticeable that Prizm was lagging behind.

“Feeling a little sluggish?” Raider grinned.

“Yeah I a little the flight was probably just too much. Readings are alright though.”

“Well that’s good I didn’t want to have to go tell Megatron that you passed out up here just because you wanted to go sight seeing.” Juci walked a little a head.

“We need to head that way anyway.” Prizm said.

“Alright, but I want to show you my room it’s on the way, you can get some energon there too.”

“Good idea I could probably use some just incase.” Raider added.

Down a few more halls they went, the décor changing into a more scientific motive as they did.

“You stay with Shockwave right?” Raider asked.

“If you could call it that, his schedule my schedules, we hardly even come here, but then there are the times we know we can go somewhere and be alone.”

She came to a door that opened for her, and stepped in. Prizm and Raider followed looking around it was smaller but considering what they were just told there really was no reason to have a larger room. The bed was nice and large, and the energon dispenser more elaborate than that of Soundwave’s. There was a slight depression in one wall that Prizm noticed.

“What is this door?”

“Oh hehe, that is my fun door. Behind there I get to store all my toys. I’ll have to show you later when we have more time.”

“Toy closet. Awesome.” Raider laughed.

“Alright here, have some of this and we’ll be on our way.” Juci passed each of them a cube of the softly glowing pink energon.

Both drank it and the cube shaped container fizzled out of existence. With a head nod, Raider and Prizm exited and Juci followed.

“Is the command room near hear?” Raider asked.

“Has to be, Shockie wouldn’t have it any other way.” Juci smiled.

Turning the corner they saw Megatron coming down the hall.

“I bet he’s looking for you Prizm.” Raider said.

“Well I hope he didn’t find out.” Prizm worried.

“I doubt it, or we’d have not been allowed to go in the first place.” Raider said.

He sped up a little as they became silent.

“Ah, I hadn’t expected you to be quite ready yet.” Megatron greeted them rather pleasantly.

“We just had a bit of energon, so we’re fine.” Prizm seemed to warm up right next to him. He looked at the two femmes then embraced her lightly.

“I have something I want to show you.”

“Alright lead on.” Prizm smiled.

Raider and Juci continued to the command room while Prizm followed Megatron.

“Something good I hope.” Prizm said.

“I believe you will like it.” Megatron paused a second so she was now walking next to him. “I’ve already told you about it, back on Earth. Our quarters.”

“Oh, from the schematics right?”

“Yes.” Megatron continued not too much farther then turned left. “I particularly located it here close to the command center.” He came to the door that was basically a huge Decepticon symbol that split down the center. He pulled her and lifted her gently into his arms and carried her through the door. “I’ve also read a few of your human traditions.”

Prizm laughed a little. “You know for a big bad Warlord taking over the galaxy you can be cute too.”

He put her down softly, “This is the main room, this desk we’ll probably both use. This way is the refresher, and energon dispenser.” He pointed down one hall. “This is the recharging rooms; the sparkling’s room, and ours.” He held his hand for her to take.

She took it and let him lead her to the room, the door slid open. It was much larger than the other recharge rooms she had seen, even the bed was larger.

“There is a mini energon dispenser here, I would rather you use this it has a higher electron count energon installed. Very good for the sparkling.” Megatron slid the panel on the side of the bed open to show her.

“I don’t even have to get out of bed.”

“There are times you will not want to.” The corner of Megatron’s lip pulled up into a slight smirk.

“Oh? Is it that bad?” she suddenly got worried.

“No it is that good.” He pushed her back slowly onto the bed letting her slide up on to it as he did.

She smiled. “Is that right?”

“Yes.” He leaned down onto her holding himself up on each side of her his face so close to hers that he could feel the heat coming of his smooth metallic skin. Just pausing long enough to feel it, he kissed her. She let him part her lips and explore her mouth his armor lightly pressing on hers sending tiny little pulses to hers, they couldn’t be more than a paper thin space apart but it was just enough. She took a breath and put her arms around him in a silent invite for more.

Juci and Raider continued to the command center it was still filled with the seekers that had come from Earth. Soundwave looked and nodded at her, knowing that she had flown. Juci headed straight to a console that she had pretty much claimed as her since she had got there. Dirge moved over watching her start to use the scanners. Raider stood at Soundwave’s side her fingers lightly brushing on his arm. Shockwave stood center of the room reading reports for various Decepticons and his own drones. Thing had progressed better than anticipated, Juci aiding and learning to run things on her own as well.

Seeing that he was no longer needed Soundwave moved his hand taking Raider’s easily.

’I will give you the personal tour now.’ his voice this time chimed into her mind in the same tones that he used aloud.

She looked up at him nothing but a smile as an answer. She let him lead her back to their room and all the way down the hall into their new recharge room. She sat down on the recharge bed pulling her legs up on to it. Soundwave sat behind her, removing the bits of armor that shielded her wings his finger tips slowly rubbing over the cables that pulled her transformation. She shrugged her shoulders feeling the tension leave her head sort of leaning to one way as he moved up to her neck. His hands were warm, and strong as the seemed to relax her even more. He took a second to remove his battle mask, placing on leg on each side of her. He leaned in and kissed her neck while still rubbing it. His breath was hot sending shivers down her chassis at the same time it was so inviting.

’You make me want to melt into your arms’. she could resist using her telepathy to try controlling it better.

’I want you to feel as if this is your home’. Soundwave didn’t waver in what he was doing as well as letting his hands slid down her front removing her breast plate. His hand didn’t dart over her breast but cradled them softly pulling on her chassis below them leaning he back onto him.

There was really nothing to report; Juci looked at Dirge who had studied her while she worked. “Something wrong?” she asked.

“No, no. You and your wing mates really learn fast.” He noted.

She resisted giving him another sarcastic retort and just reported her findings or lack there of to Shockwave. She knew not to give him a pet name in front of everyone like that. “Shockwave.” Her tones were still a little sweet. “There is nothing coming up on sensors. Even little activities on the moons.”

“Thank you.” He nodded and began to read another data pad. There were many reports that he’d need to look over and more steadily coming from sections that were being complete. “I shall see you later.” He finished.

Megatron pulled up and back onto his knees feeling more comfortable than he had in a long time. He placed a hand on the area where the sparking was for just a moment. The then leaned back down to her and kissed her this time placing an actual weight on her. He started to unhinge her armor as he kissed her first softly letting his oral receptor only brush the line of her lips he lifted removing her breast plate then a little deeper this time just enough to let her taste his saliva solvent. Her sensors were running on high capacity and overly sensitive each movement seemed to be much more exciting than the last and her core temperature was already starting to rise. He could tell that she was ready for him, her breaths in quick sort pants. His own rod was already pushing on his armor as it was. He told a moment to remove the rest of the armor that was left. She squeaked a little as he sent shudders through her his touch sure but light. As the last part of armor clinked down on to the ground she could feel him crawling up and over her again his rod resting on the lower part of her abdomen. He kissed her again moving himself into better position then sliding himself against her allowing his rod to be covered in her lube. She arched a little wanting him to enter her instead of tease like he sometimes did. She put her arms up around his midsection and pulled a little. He pushed into her his pole moving into her slowly as she let out a deep sigh.

Soundwave kept it up he could feel her for once projecting how she felt to him, she couldn’t keep it up long but it came to him in small spurts. He could feel her mood change from just contentment to want, and instantly his rod started to act. He removed his armor while sitting there keeping contact with her. Once he was comfortable she noticed his rod pulsing on her back it only feed her want more. He moved slowly from behind her kissing here on the shoulder dragging his fingers along her wings, until he was kneeling in front of her. Face to face she could only smile. She leaned back slowly letting her back arch. His hands were drawn to the sparkling that was in state of its own recharge. He too gave off waves of contentment. Soundwave put one hand around Raider’s back to keep her from lying down just yet; he pulled her up sweetly kissing her as she pulled her head forward. It was warm and inviting. He pulled away kissing her down her chin and down her chest until she lay on the bed. She intensified relaxation, calm, and happiness to him as she projected. He tucked his hands under her knees lifting them up and onto his thighs. He wasn’t about to put any weight on her. His rod passed over her port inducing a small wave of pleasure that soundlessly came though the telepathic link.

Juci just walked, it would be a while before Shockwave would have a few moments to spend with her. Though Starscream had basically taken over once he had arrived Shockwave wasn’t about the let him continue what was already set in motion. She thought about how Shockwave had welcomed her to Cybertron over her travels through the spacebridge, this would be no exception, but as always work first. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t paying attention when she near walked into Astrotrain.

“Hey.” Astrotrain back peddled just a step.

“Oh hey.” Juci looked around to see if anyone had seen her.

“Have you seen Soundwave or Raider?” His voice was slightly low as if hiding what he was asking.

“I know where they are, but you might not want to go in there.” Juci nearly giggled knowing exactly what ‘Train was looking for.

“It’s not that. With all the new improvements and the place being redone I hadn’t had time to download the map yet.” He stammers and stuttered a bit trying to make it up on the spot.

“Don’t lie to me.” She hated that. “Look, if you want to see if you can get laid that isn’t my problem. Don’t lie about it. We know what happened.” Juci’s smile was bright.

“We?” Astrotrain looked surprised.

“Naturally, you didn’t think she wouldn’t tell Prizm and me?” She felt nearly offended. “And you worried that the sparkling might be yours? That got all around the base. It was cute though.”

Astrotrain took in a deep breath to help get the anxiety out. If they had all known and no one had said anything then he figured he’d be fine. “Yeah, that. It would have been cool.” His voice trailed off. “Anyway do you know where I can find their quarters then?”

Juci just rolled her optics; really she wanted Shockwave to hurry up. “From the command room two halls down and two to the right.”

“Thanks.” The triple changer took off quickly.

Juci just shook her head; she thought for sure something was going to go down.

Soundwave wanted nothing more than to make her comfortable. Raider was nearing her second transfusion of nanites which meant there was only about six more Earth months till the sparking would be ready. He knew that time would pass in a blink and that there was already little room for the little one to move about. He pulled her softly into his lap letting his rod slide past her already wet port. His mind ablaze with the image of her old beach home, the claming waves, sound of them crashing on the near by cliff face. He could fell the tension leave her. He laid her down and thrust slightly his pole slowly sinking into her port

Skywarp wondered it had seemed like too long had passed since he had been on Cybertron, most of all he wanted to check his spot. He had left a few things behind a panel some were meant for a joke he had never got to pull while the rest were his stash of toys and a bit of Energon. He did figure that given the time frame the fuel would have fermented, if it hadn't spoiled altogether. In the hall on the way to his quarters he found Juci. He knew Shockwave was busy, and then he remembered what she had said about the whips. Trying not to panic he played cool.

"Hey how's it going?"

She looked at him funny. "What are you up to?"

He didn't know what to say. "I was just headed to my quarters to check some things out."

She neared him and slowly raked her finger tips across his wing. "Is that all?"

Chills were sent though Skywarp as his entire chassis reverberated. "Yeah" he managed to squeak out in the middle of his sigh.

Megatron knew enough not to put too much pressure onto her while she was with spark, but there was never anything wrong with a little bit of mating. He pushed into her letting his rod fill her from within and then pulled back again testing her cables for their relaxation. She took a sharp breath as he moved forcing herself to calm as she did. She wanted him bad. All this moving around and talking about stuff, and exploring had left her wanting some comforting. Prizm put her hands up and around his neck. He held most of his weight on his arms as he pushed into her this time pulling back and keeping time slowly. His rod rubbed the top inside of her port touching the sensor, causing her to intake air quickly, he smiled. Her hands grasped at his neck but moved down to his shoulders and to his arms her fingers settled there as he let her breath out over her. His legs pushed while his abdominal muscle cables pulled him up, his shoulders moving with it all in sync and with ease. Just watching him was enough to build her to near orgasm. She used what she could of her cables to clamp down on him attempting to coax him into orgasm with her. Megatron didn’t mind the pressure had been building within as well and with all the things going on there was no reason to hold back. Her optics went dark as her systems seem to flood with energy color and pleasure. It had to be true, the sparkling and caused all her sensors to be hyperactive. Spasms came in sharp waves pulling on his rod, wanting it to stay were it was unwilling to let go. He loved that part her unrelenting want of him. He thrust into her down till his hilt as his own orgasm came, his hot fluid squirting into her. She shuttered with a second minor orgasm letting out a soft moan, her optics giving a flutter then coming back on. Megatron stopped letting himself take a few long lingering breaths to keep his systems cool as he removed himself and slid down her side laying next to her.

It didn’t take long to get things hitting peaks, Raider’s systems already receptive and her link to Soundwave having grown much stronger it was only a few moments as she grasped the recharge birth and panted to keep her systems cool. She could feel the sparkling gaining awareness, and urging for more information. She attempted to block out the questioning, just as Soundwave looked at her. She could feel Soundwave’s thoughts impeding in on her own willing the sparkling into recharge at least for the moment, then it was gone. The sparkling’s mind was silent and in bliss again. She looked at Soundwave whom only slightly smiled. He hand never really taken over like that but this time he thought it better than allowing the sparkling to know too much too soon. Both of them finished anyway he lay down next to her opening the telepathic link.

’Things are fine.’ Soundwave started.

’I didn’t well I did know you could do that but I wasn’t expecting that I mean.’

Soundwave placed his hand over her middle where the sparkling was. ’You will need to learn to calm him as I have. I did it to help show you how.’

She smiled at him and noted the things he had done to get the sparkling into recharge. She let go of the link and just spoke aloud. “I love you.” Before slipping into her own recharge.

Soundwave held her there a while feeling the calm and contentment coming from both of them. This was one of few things that truly made him happy. After a bit he got up slowly and re-armored preparing his notes and task list for the next day.

Skywarp panicked a little deep down he know Juci wouldn’t hurt him but the idea that she had so many different ways of doing things that the combination of that and Shockwave sort of made him not want to be there. He fought of the instinct to teleport away before she could touch him again but didn’t. He really liked it.

Juci raised her hands and started at the tip of his wing and pulled her fingers down. It didn’t leave any marks but small sparks could be seen. Skywarp shivered.

“You are just nasty.” Juci whispered. “I can tell I always could even from the first time I met you.”

“Whadda mean?” Skywarp tried not to smile.

“Don’t give me that.” She raked over his opposite wing, he shivered again.

She neared him leaning on to him close enough to kiss. “You are just a nasty one, aren’t you?” She could feel the heat coming from his codpiece.

“Takes one to know one.” He said then teleported.

“Damn him!” Juci stepped back from the bright purple flash. She shook her head and headed to her quarters.
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