Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 13 New Beginnings.

The door slid open and Soundwave entered. His usual posture was betrayed by the fact that he did not look up and at Megatron. When he got to the desk he finally looked up to see the two sitting there. “Request private converse.” Even his harmonic tones lacked their usual luster.

It was obvious that something was going on and whatever it was seemed important without a word Prizm got up and walked out she knew were to go Raider would have whatever information Soundwave did she only hoped that it wasn’t too bad.

Walking down the hall at a fast pace Prizm got to Raider’s quarters quickly, she buzzed the door but there was no answer. That took her by surprise, she linked up to the computer and with her command code ordered it to locate Raider. It responded her wing mate was with her other wing mates, Juci’s quarters. She double backed and turned left down a hall at the end the door stood open and her wing mates sat at a desk in silence.

“It took you long enough.” Juci was waiting at the computer. “Raider says she has new information but won’t tell me till you got here.”

“I don’t understand you didn’t call.” Prizm was confused.

“I didn’t have to.” Raider started to explain. “I knew you would come because of Soundwave.”

The femseeker sat down in the last chair at the desk. “Well I am here alright spill it”

Raider took an intake of cooling air. “Soundwave as confirmed that there is a sparkling growing.” Her two wing mates looked a little surprised not to mention confused. Seeing them bewildered she thought a moment then began again. “Like a baby.”

Her wing mates’ faces changed rapidly, as the new information filtered down into their processors, and then both jumped up at once in excitement hugging her like she knew they would. Bombarded with questions Raider got them to let her go and back into sitting positions.

“How long have you known?” Prizm insisted.

“Since the Christmas party so about a month.”

“How come you didn’t tell us?” Juci spat.

“I had to wait till Soundwave told Megatron.”

“How did you find out?” Prizm asked. They were now taking turns.

“I couldn’t tell really I just didn’t feel right and the thought popped into my mind so I asked Soundwave about it. He told me, said that he knew because he could feel it.”

“Figures, so like do you feel sick or anything human like stuff?” Juci wondered.

“No, I just seem to use energy a lot faster.”

“Why did Soundwave wait to tell Megatron?”

“He said at that stage that it is very vulnerable, and the chance of losing it was high.”

“So last raid you were. RAIDER you should have told us, something could have happened.” Juci was upset she didn’t like the idea of putting things at steak that much.

“I know, but nothing happened we’re better than that.” Raider took a deep breath. “You know I can’t go anymore though.”

Prizm looked down at the floor. “Yeah I wonder what Megatron thinks of this. I mean I know him and he isn’t going to be happy about getting his supply cut off, but at the same time he would take into consideration who it was.”

“I don’t think he will be mad, but it is going to change things at least for a while. And if I can get the hydro thermal generators running he won’t lose his supply.”

“That’s why you wanted them done so quickly.” Prizm chimed.

“Right only we’re having some trouble finding one last thing. A coating that would protect it from the sulfur and that we’re going to have to get from the Autobots. Perceptor has a vat of the stuff he uses to protect their things from the Volcano.” Raider sighed. She knew she was going to have to go for this even if there was no fighting she would going to have to locate the stuff within the base herself.

Soundwave stood at the desk he knew how Megatron would act. After all he has had to come to him with this several times only it was of the other nature. A second spark spawned from two. This particular way of sparking was much rarer. He waited having relayed the information.

“Soundwave, this isn’t another cassette process?” Megatron was a little surprised that one of the femmes could house a sparkling.

“Positive.” Soundwave sensed Megatron for signs of anger.

“Then the other two, they can do it as well?”


Megatron thought for a moment with all the activity was it possible that more than one had sparked life? “What about the others?”

“Negative. Not currently.”

“I see, and the thermal generators?”

“One item required from Autobot headquarters.”

“Can they handle it?” Megatron didn’t like it, he and Soundwave were extremely close and sending a spark of his was nearly like sending his own if he had any. Still there wasn’t much choice the generators would supplement the raiding and allow them to stay back for the entire term.

Soundwave thought about it, Raider knew it was going to happen and the sooner the better the farther along the term got the faster the energy depletion would be. “Yes.” He finally answered.

Prizm got up and started to pace, she knew that Megatron would be upset still needed something for the new devise. Still she wasn’t sure how they were about to go get it without Raider’s help. Sending some of the Cassetticons or even Soundwave would result in immediate capture so that was out of the question. She walked back to her wing mates just as her COM link came to life.

“Megatron to Prizm.”

Prizm looked directly at Raider. “Prizm here.”

“Come to my office and bring your wing mates.”

“Understood.” Prizm closed the COM link. “Guess we’ll find out what happens next now.” Her two wing mates got up and joined her as the door opened letting them into the hall. It was dark at this depth under the ocean not much sunlight filtered down on top of that there were very few windows, most of the base lights had been set to mimic the sun at the time of day just to reflect time passing. Lights recessed at the bottom of the wall lit the path were the seekers walked just enough to no have to use night vision. Approaching the command room door Raider stopped slightly behind the others.

“I don’t want to go.” Raider looked through the door. “He’s going to send us out again.”

“What are you talking about you can’t go anywhere.” Prizm didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I know he is I can feel it.”

“Where?” Juci was interested to see how far Raider could use what telepathy she had.

“To the Autobot base.”

“Who cares then?” Juci started.

“The Autobot base?” Prizm looked like she was about to throw a fit.

“Yes, that last thing we need is there and he thinks the Autobots won’t fight with us, that they are more likely to try to get us to join or go back to being humans.” Raider hadn’t actually got that from Megatron but at the distance she was from Soundwave it took a little concentration to get him to send her the information.

“Look all we got to do is go down there butter up that little yellow midget one and we’ll get what ever we need.” Juci smiled she had always wanted to just walk right into the Autobot base.

Raider thought about it for a second, it was most likely the truth. “Alright, alright but no risking anything.”

“Nothing will happen I’ll see to it.” Prizm finished then began to walk into the command room and to the door to Megatron’s office.

“I won’t let nothing happen to you, come on you know us better Raider.” Juci gave her an optic blink. “Let’s go before he gets more pissed off.”

The two followed Prizm and walked into Megatron’s office to the right Soundwave still stool quiet as usual. Megatron sat at the desk looking over them in silence. Like that they stood there for the best of five minutes.

“Enough already are we going to get this crap or just think about it and hope it shows up?” Juci couldn’t stand it any longer.

“We need to get the mixture from Perceptor to finish the generators.” Megatron paused looking at Soundwave. “I want you to go take it from them.”

“You know what is at stake here Megatron.” Prizm took a step closer to the desk.

“I do. We will be waiting in the surrounding area if something should happen you need only call.”

Actually satisfied with that Raider turned and left heading to the docking tower Juci following. Prizm waited a moment. “What if it were me would you still send us?” she questioned.

“The situation calls for finesse, and processor ability not strength or idiocy. I would not like it, as I do not now, but this will free us from raiding installations for Energon. Keeping you and her here more often.” He looked at Soundwave again, he truly didn’t like the idea but Soundwave seemed sure that it would be fine.

Prizm looked at Soundwave who only nodded. She didn’t like it, and it surprised her that Soundwave didn’t seem to mind knowing it was his new sparkling as well. It took her a few steps to catch up but she caught them before they entered the elevator to the tower.

“Are you sure you want to go Raider?” Prizm asked.

“I am fine let’s just go get this shit and get back, Juci do you think you can get Bumblebee to get it?”

“I don’t see why not, probably best that we land near the base and walk in though so we don’t get all their alarms all going” Juci was wondering if Bumblebee was even going to be posted outside.

The door to the elevator opened and as usual the three stepped out and transformed flying up and out into the open sky. The headed north east set on a straight course for the Autobot volcano. Surprisingly it wasn’t a long flight and as the mountains rose to meet them they landed in the forest that combed the mountain sides near where the Ark lay buried at the foot of the Volcano. Not one word was said until Raider’s sensors were set ablaze by an approaching Autobot.

His office was quiet until the door chimed then Megatron turned before commanding the door to unlock. The Decepticon behind the door did not move for a few moments then suddenly he took a step in.

“You summoned me oh Mighty Megatron?” Starscream’s word oozed with sarcasm.

“What is it you want Starscream? You are not happy with what I have given you obviously.”

“I want it all Megatron, I want to stand as supreme leader.” For once the seeker didn’t hold back facing the leader.

“You know that will not happen.”

“There has to be something better. I have so much more than the others to offer.” Starscream paced in the office for once he was actually thinking thing through with what he wants.

“You do. I would have never made you Air Commander if I thought for one instant that you were merely like every other seeker.”

There was a long pause. The irritated seeker thought about it for a while his leader hardly ever complemented him or acknowledge his abilities. “You are not more superior than I am Megatron.”

“Be careful what you insinuate Starscream.”

“Why Megatron? We are a lone here I can seize command right now.” The ambitious seeker raised his null ray and as is whined powering up.

Megatron stood pulling his cannon in front of him. “This is not the way, and it is my only warning.”

“I will be making my own now.” The weapon discharged, hitting the protective shield that surrounded Megatron’s cannon.

Reflexively the cannon swung around and aimed at the seeker it too discharged hitting the seeker in the amber cockpit, bursting the glass and burning a hole into his chest. The leader watched as Starscream sunk down to the floor clutching at his chest unable to drawn the cooling air required to keep his temperature stable. He opened his communicator, “Scrapper bring Scavenger with you to my office Starscream has had an issue.” He waited for only a moment after the engineer replied the affirmative then left his office.

“Hey who’s out d’ere?” They could hear him calling. “I know your there leave your weapons and come on out.”

Prizm looked at her wing mates then let her hands go up as not to be shot, they copied and headed for the clearing to find Ironhide standing his laser rifle aimed and ready.

Ironhide looked oddly it was rare to find female Transformers, but Decepticon ones were near extinct. He knew who they were from the last string of attack were it was hit and run leaving he and the Autobots nothing but clean up duty. “What re you three doin’ here?” He hadn’t bothered to lower his rifle.

“Look we just came to see how the other half lived. You know we’ve only ever seen the Decepticon side of things” Juci stared.

“Yeah, we’re always hearing that you’re doing the right thing might as well see for ourselves.” Prizm nearly laughed.

Raider looked at them like there were crazy. “I am sick, we can’t figure out what is going on I want to see Perceptor.” Prizm and Juci both looked at her. Just like Raider, straight to the point.

“I donno about all that. I’ll take ya in you can talk to Prime about the rest.” Ironhide opened his COM link. “Blaster I got some Decepticon gals here I am bring’in in. Stand down the defense.” He looked up at them “Well let’s go before he puts it back up.”

Raider started walked putting her hands down as she did. Prizm elbowed Juci just enough to get her attention. “Did you know she was going to say that?”

“She didn’t tell me anything.” Juci got defensive. “What if they find out. . .you know.. Do you think they’ll try to take it?”

Prizm looked at Raider unable to see her front then back to Juci. “I don’t know best not to let them find out we got to get that stuff and quick.”

They trekked through a bit of the forest before coming to a second clearing and the back end of the Ark. Optimus Prime stood at the entrance with Ratchet next to him.

The Autobot leader stood there looking at them as they had neared until this point he had not been this close to them. They acted quite differently from the other Decepticons who would have come in blasting demanding something to fix the problem. “What are your names?” He was going to get the most information out of them as possible.

Starting at the left they sounded off. “Juci.” She rolled her optics; her wing mates knew she didn’t like Autobots at all.


“Raider.” She stood there looking the Autobot leader in the optics.

Prime nodded at Ratchet. “I was told one of you have a problem?” He neared them waiting for one to speak up.

“I want to see Perceptor.” Raider took a step forward.

“Now just wait a second. I am the chief medical officer here, if there is a problem I can take care of it.” Ratchet started toward Raider.

“You will not touch me if I say you won’t. Now, I want see Perceptor.” Raider was not in the mood to deal with the crap they seemed to want to give.

“Is it a life or death issue?” Prime asked.

“If I knew what it was I wouldn’t be here asking you and your pathetic minions.” Raider was near about to just turn and leave.

“I don’t get it Prime, they come all this way just to be hostile. Ask for help but then demand it from someone particular. Decepticons I just don’t get them” Ratchet shook his head.

“Look we escorted her here so that nothing would happen; we’ll be nice when you co-operate.” Prizm said.

“I know you were once human. Isn’t there some sort of feeling left that wants to help your fellow kind?” Prime wanted to understand why they chose to stay with the Decepticons when it was obvious they could leave when they felt like it.

“Oh sure help all the greedy nasty people that hated me? I’d love to.” Juci’s word oozed with sarcasm.

“The human race isn’t all bad.” The leader countered.

“You were never one of them!” Juci near yelled at him. “I was; they turn their back on you at the drop of a hat when you aren’t exactly what they think you should be! Some of us weren’t born perfect and rich and for that we suffer.”

Prime looked down at the ground his hand covering his battle mask, a gesture that he must have picked up from Sparkplug. “I do not know of things like that.”

“Don’t try to tell me why I should help them.” Juci scoffed.

“Look, I have a problem, I need to see Perceptor.” Raider wanted to get the conversation back on track. “This isn’t just a simple virus; I want to talk to him myself.”

The Prime still stood there then finally spoke. “Alright but you are not to wonder the base on your own. You will be with one of my officers constantly.”

Bumblebee stepped out from behind Optimus and spoke up. “I’ll do it!”

Juci turned to see the little Autobot and a slight smile came to her face, ‘this just got much easier.’ she thought.

Optimus nodded at Bee, “Good.”

“Come on, I’ll walk you into the lab.” The little bot started to walk toward the base.

Juci was the first to follow she didn’t care anymore for the other Autobots and the perplexed looks on their faces as she trotted to catch up to him. Prizm nodded to Raider for the go ahead and then followed Raider. Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide still stood there.

Bumblebee walked through the hall naming rooms as he passed them. “I can’t let you in security and all that but, it’s better than nothing.” He walked along happily.

“Hey Bumblebee?” Juci started. Raider hoping that she wouldn’t give too much away. “Do you know anything about how they keep the base here safe from the Volcano?”

“Umm?” Bumblebee had a look of confusion on his face. “You might ask Perceptor about that sort of thing.”

“Ahh well,” Juci just smiled. In an instant they entered a large room with some of the items they had seen the Autobots use on occasion. Perceptor stood at a console looking at screen. He looked up and then back down turning whatever it was he had on before the Decepticons could see it.

“What is the denotation of this?” He was obviously not informed that he was getting visitors.

“Optimus sent us in, this one says she’s sick.” Bee pointed to Raider. Perceptor looked up sharply the idea that something was going on intrigued him.

“Oh? What is the predicament?” He waved his hand at the table for her to lie down. “If you do not mind I’ll have a gaze.”

Raider slowly walked to the table looking around the room hoping to find the heat coating. Finally at the edge of the table two, sections over sat a jar with the label. “Heat Treatment.” She lay down knowing full well that Perceptor would do nothing to harm her. His check up took an oddly long time before he finally stood back.

“I am astounded.” He looked at Bumblebee. “This is not a theoretical occurrence.”

“Is she really sick?” the little yellow bot asked.

“No not at all, but previous intelligence I interpreted Decepticon reproduction was extinct. Not only encompassing that they reversed but it’s exceedingly strong.”

“I didn’t come here to get a lecture on sex Ed.” Raider announced. “Is there something I need do?”

“Not at all. You will need to recharge more often.” Perceptor looked at Raider’s wing mates. “But you already knew that. Why did you come here?”

Raider got off the table. “First off I know you’re going to go tell Optimus. And second I want this.” She walked around the table and took hold of the jar.

“Whatever for?”

“That is none of your business.” Before Perceptor could argue it was on into her subspace pocket. “Now, can I leave?”

Looking at Perceptor Bumblebee shrugged. “I guess,”

Raider, started walking out the way she came Prizm and Juci slightly surprised following behind her, with Bumblebee trailing. “I don’t want to be here any longer, something doesn’t feel right. Prime shouldn’t have just let us in so easily.”

Prizm’s optics flared, Raider was right. She took over point watching for Autobots to come out and detain them, sure enough at the mouth of the cave stood Optimus, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Ironhide. Deciding not to power her weapons she stopped in front of them defiantly. “We didn’t come here to fight we just needed some information.”

The taller Autobot leader took a step forward causing Juci to raise he weapons, but still not charge them. He raised his hands up and stepped back. “We want to know how you managed to make the reproduction work.”

Juci laughed. “Look up SEX!”

Raider shook her head. “We didn’t have a part in the construction.”

“Can’t we get it from a scan structure copy?” Sunstreaker offered.

“Too dangerous.” Ironhide answered.

“Just let us through and we won’t bother you.” Prizm walked up to confront Prime and stepped between him and Raider.

“We can’t just let you take an innocent spark to the Decepticons.” Prime answered.

“It IS a Decepticon spark! It was created by TWO Decepticons.” Raider had just about enough of this she was ready to go home.

Juci took that as a hint and powered her weapons. “Don’t think for an instant that I won’t do it.”

Prime looked at Ironhide then backed up waving Prizm through. She kept her lasers aimed at him as Raider and Juci followed her out. About half way into the clearing they transformed and headed west to where Prizm knew Megatron would be waiting.

He walked out from the tree line holding his hand out waiting for the jar. Prizm shook her head. “I can’t believe you let us do that! You know they wanted to keep us?” She turned her back on him and kicked at a bit of rocks that were piled near her foot. “They want to know how it was possible; I mean they sounded like they’d like to dissect her just to see.” She turned back to look at him. “I’d never forgive you if they had. Anyway I don’t have the crap.”

Soundwave was already at the side of Raider and holding the jar that she had produced from her subspace pocket. He nodded and placed it in his own pocket and looked her over obviously concerned with how she was doing.

“It had to be done,” Megatron started at Prizm, “And you knew we were here to provide aid.” Megatron turned to Soundwave who nodded again acknowledging that he was ready to return to base.

Juci rolled her optics, the mission was done it and it was just time to get back the sooner the generators were up and running the sooner she would see her Shockwave again. Prizm ignored Megatron and came to where Juci was standing, Megatron following.

“Come on Juci let’s get out of here.” Prizm transformed taking off. Juci hesitated looking to see what Raider was going to do, she didn’t really want to leave her wing mate alone like this, but seeing that Soundwave was thoroughly fussing over her she felt better and transformed catching up to Prizm.

Megatron stood there watching the two femmes leave. He was not exactly angry, but at the same time he was not pleased with the altercation that had taken place. Things were much different with the femmes around lots of things had changed and he was unsure if he liked the way they were out spoken, even with Starscream he could beat the seeker into submission the femmes were different. His honor told him he would not strike one of them, but his need to keep his troops in line was another. Here this time there was no point in a fight, Soundwave would not loose respect for him for it. He stood there a little longer staring into the sky were what he considered his mate had flown and now disappeared he was sure that there would be times were they would disagree. Soundwave joined him at his side as did Raider. He nodded and lit his jets heading the same way, back to the underwater base.

“Should we wait for Raider?” Prizm asked Juci as the tower rose from the ocean.

“She’s with Soundwave she’ll be fine, we can wait though, once Soundwave gets here he’s going to have his nose in that formula to making more of that stuff for the generators. We can talk with Raider then.” Juci was actually interested in the formula it seemed like something that could possibly be applied to her armor she always wanted to use napalm. The tower door reopened and their wing mate came in with Soundwave and Megatron.

Soundwave walked straight to the elevator everyone knew where he was going, naturally his lab. He nodded to the others as he passed them. Megatron walked with him only his destination would be his office, he wanted to ponder some of the things that he had going through his processor. He looked at Prizm who looked back he could tell she wasn’t mad but she wanted to voice her concern over Raider.

Raider walked slowly over to her wing mates. “Autobots suck.”

Juci started laughing. “You’re just learning this?”

“Well what do we do now?” Prizm hadn’t thought about what to do with all the extra time they would have because of the sparkling.

“I need to get some rest, you two want hang out at my place?” Raider started to walk toward the elevator that had just now come back from its last run. Just nodding in agreement the three walked into the elevator.

In the hall outside Raider’s room they chatted. “I didn’t expect to have a sparkling; I don’t know if I am ready for that.” Raider said as the door opened and she stepped in.

“Why? Don’t you deal with all the cassettes? I mean it can’t much different than that?” Juci looked around the dimly lit room. “Where are all those little ones?”

“Most of them are with Soundwave.”

“It figures they do go with him a lot don’t they?” Prizm wondered.

“Most of the time yes. There are times where he kicks them out.” Raider laughed sitting down on to the recharge bed.

“So how did it happen? I mean if it were easy wouldn’t Juci and I have sparklings too?”

“I can’t explain really I can just tell you how Soundwave explained it to me.” Raider thought a moment, “Inside, there is a small opening that is covered by a sliding membrane, its something that we can’t consciously control, so anyway, when you orgasm it triggers one side of it, but it won’t open until your calm and relaxed. Usually by that time your mech has already released his part which means nothing happens, but there is that little window where if he holds off a minute or two you can take a few breaths and relax triggering the second side, and opening the membrane and letting his stuff into it. But that isn’t the end, His energy will dissipate if you don’t have a reserve of energy to absorb it and turn it in to a spark.”

“Energy reserve? Is that something that is pulled like from our fuel?” Prizm wasn’t sure what as meant by that.

“I am not exactly sure either, but he said it was something that you could build up with proper recharging as well as intercourse that was relaxing and pleasing.” Raider answered.

Juci smiled. “Does rough count?”

Raider only smiled. “Is it relaxing for you?”

“Not really. But I still like it.” Juci laughed again.

“So I doubt that will ever happen to me then, I can’t relax around Megatron that much.” Prizm scoffed.

“I doubt that, you just need to calm a little.” Raider said.

“I wonder if I am.” Juci thought out loud.

“It’s possible, we’ll have to see.” Raider felt tired. “I think I am going to recharge a little.” She lying back on the bed and let her optics darken.

Prizm looked at Juci, “So now what? I mean there isn’t much we can really do if she has to stay here then we’re sort of stuck.”

“I don’t know about you, I am going to go see when Shockwave is going to come back I know that once the generators are up and running he’s supposed to come back here on a more permanent basis.” Juci got up from her spot and headed for the door.

“Fine I’ll just go and see what Megatron is doing.” Prizm huffed and followed Juci out. Going the opposite way Juci did, she walked through the hall heading to the command room. The door opened for her as she neared. Thundercracker was at his post, and she nodded back to him. The office door was open and she could see Megatron sitting in there holding a data pad. She walked through and sat in the chair at the right.

Megatron took a moment to look up from the data pad. “Something to report?”

“Not really, Raider is recharging. This sparkling thing seems to take a lot out of her. And it’s only been like a month.”

“Indeed, and things will only progress from there.” He put the data pad down. “I am going to go check on Soundwave’s progress, and talk to Hook about the installations. Then I am going back to our quarters.” He smirked a little.

Prizm looked oddly at him at first then when he smiled she knew exactly what was going on. “I have to head that way anyway.” She got up and left her own smile nice and bright.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara