Chapter 12 Celebrating Heritage.

Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 12 Celebrating Heritage

Juci entered her quarters hoping that Shockwave would be waiting; instead it was empty only the lights coming on to greet her. With a slight sigh she sat at the computer, she did a location search to find out just where Shockwave was and if she could expect him. To her dismay the search came back negative, meaning he was no longer on Earth. For an instant she was irritated that he had not left a note, but then realizing on the recharge bed was a data pad. It explained that some of the objects Soundwave needed could be brought from Cybertron so he would be returning quickly. Juci allowed herself to relax a little lying back on the bed just waiting, letting her systems shutting down slowly.

Of course they stood in the hall just out side the command room any time and every time they were up to something you could find them standing in that spot. Many times the mechs would come down the hall and see the three femmes just standing there whispering on a private link it would make them turn around and leave not wanting to be part of what ever was going to happen next.

“You ask him.” Juci pouted at Prizm.

“Why do I have to?” Prizm asked.

“Because he might actually listen to you.” Raider knew that if any of them had a chance Prizm did.

“Because you’re good at it.” Juci added.

“I am not doing it again, last time I asked he looked at me with that evil optic. No way! No how! He’s your mech Prizm you’re the leader your turn.” Raider crossed her arms over her cockpit.

Juci nodded. “I agree he always takes it easy on you.”

“Alright! Fine, but if he kills me I am coming back to haunt you.” Prizm pointed at Juci then to Raider. Juci just stood there waiting for Prizm to finally go.

“Then you can sleep on the couch as usual.” Raider finished.

“Please.” Juci made an odd face. “I know Santeria; I’ll cast you out before your spirit can do anything.” She smiled.

“What does that have to do with asking for a Christmas party?” Prizm wondered.

Raider stomped her foot with impatience. “I don’t know, but just do it, and stop waiting sheesh!”

“Yeah!” Juci folded her arms across her cockpit like Raider in a pout.

“OKAY okay,” Prizm headed for the door.

“Hey Juci, 5 cubes says he says no.” Raider turned to Juci watching Prizm go.

“Wouldn’t we need extra energon cubes for this . . . Party?” Juci asked cocking her head slightly to the side wondering.

“I heard that.” Prizm yelled back at Raider.

“I don’t think so, after all we’ve brought back more than enough and I have some stored.” Raider smiled.

“Goody.” Juci got excited.

Prizm walked down the hall, she wondered to herself how her teammates had managed to talk her into this.

“I’ll get the decorations then.” Juci excitedly said then turned on her heel heading to the storage room that had been picked to hold the party.

“Whoo Hoo! I’ll help we just better listen for the cannon blast.” Raider giggled.

Juci started to laugh as well. “It will be the 4th of July instead of Christmas!”

“That is not all if she gets hit directly. No more missions for a while it will be a vacation! Maybe we should hope she gets hit?” Raider shook her head it wasn’t nice but it was funny.

Prizm stopped outside the door to Megatron’s office he would most likely say no and yell at her saying something about it being nonsense. She didn’t care though she would do it anyway. She felt at little more courageous and pushed the door buzzer.

“Open.” Megatron commanded the door.

Prizm took a deep breath and stepped through.

“To what do I owe this visit?” Megatron cracked a slight smile.

“The other femmeseekers and I, we were talking and we want to have a Christmas party.” Prizm could feel his gaze turn into a glare.

“A what? This is a working military installation not a park. Why?” His voice was demanding.

Prizm ground her dental plates hard then took another breath and spoke. “Because it is something that the three of celebrate.” She tried to keep her tone as nice as possible.

Megatron stopped and pondered for a moment. “There is not sufficient space or resources for it.”

“Oh sure there is, how many successful missions have we had in the past month?” She asked.

“Four, but most of that was sent to Cybertron.” Megatron huffed.

“Well if we complete one more then can we?” Prizm really didn’t want to fight about it but at the same time she knew she wanted the party.

“Ridiculous, impossible.” Megatron got up out of his seat.

As much as she loved him sometimes it was extremely hard to get through his helmet. “You’re impossible” She said quietly knowing that questioning him wasn’t the best thing to do but for the moment he had nothing to be angry about. “Why? We won’t bother you.”

“Do not question me” Megatron turned his back on her. He was not in the mod to argue.

Prizm shook her head. She couldn’t understand why he always had to be so stubborn it made her want to scream. “Why is it impossible?”

Megatron said nothing, but the door opened behind her clearly showing she was supposed to leave.

“I am not brushed off that easily Megatron.” Prizm said then sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk crossing her arms.

Megatron turned from his view of the ocean to stare at Prizm his optics locked and burning vividly. “You’re stupid traditions are no longer needed.”

“I don’t care. You can call them what ever you want I like them.” Prizm shouted at Megatron her fingers pressing into the chair.

“Fine.” Megatron banged his fist on the desk. “DO NOT INTERRUPT BASE FUNCTIONS.” He yelled.

“What? . . .Really?” Prizm wasn’t sure her audios had received that transmission.

“Get out before I change my mind.” Megatron pointed at the door.

"Okay." Prizm said and got up to leave "Oh and Megatron." she said waited

Megatron looked at Prizm scowling. “What?”

"You really are sweet." She said sarcastically and ran for the door before he decided to kill her. The expression on Megatron’s face hardened a little then surprise came through as the door closed.

In the hall.

“Juci, umm where are we going to get Transformer sized decorations?” Raider stopped in the hall.

Juci stopped just a few steps in front of Raider. “Wouldn’t the Autobots have decorations?”

”Autobots celebrate Christmas?” Raider hadn’t thought if the wusses had adopted the Earth tradition.

“Why not?”

“Um they aren’t human, but I guess they might considering they hang out with some. I don’t think we should go get them with out Prizm though.

Juci folder her arms across her chest “They do everything else with the humans, why wouldn’t they? After all that Spike kid made them his bitches. They have to have decorations.” Juci thought for a moment then started again. “I could always sweet talk one of them into giving me some decorations.” She smiled evilly. “And that midget one, he is weaker than the other ones. He’ll surly give me goodies” her hand was posed low to indicate the Autobot size.

“Well that is true that little pussy Spike would have told them all about it. What about a tree, we’re going to need a big one.” Raider was thinking again.

“We’ll go to Russia or better yet the Amazon Rainforest it’s got the biggest trees around.” Juci’s processor was coming up with good solutions.

“I like one of those fur ones that look really full.” Raider said her face betraying her smile.

“Yeah, I like full trees too, especially with that fake snow all around.” Juci was imagining her perfect tree.

“Can’t we just rig something to snow on it or does it have to be fake?” Raider thought about it for a moment, hoping Prizm would be back soon.

“Well if it were real snow it’ll melt and I doubt Megatron would be jumping with joy on that.” Juci’s mind wondered to what would happen and how Megatron would react.
“Yeah, I don’t want to face the cannon over that.” Raider thought for a moment. “We can stop by and get that flocking stuff.”

Prizm could hear Juci and Raider talking as she neared them in the hall.

Seeing Prizm come Juci jumped with joy. “Woo, hoo.”

“What?” Prizm asked.

“We’re going to have a pretty tree.” Juci stated.

“Where are you going to get this tree and how do you know if we can even have a party?” Prizm was a little surprised by the excitement.

“Wait. . No smoke, no KABOOM. . Did he say yes?” Raider looked surprised.

“Yes, he agreed but we can’t disturb base functions with it.” Prizm explained.

“See! SEE! Told you to ask him.” Raider started to laugh.

“Yeah and that is about as fun as getting repaired.” Prizm said.

“You know what this means?” Juci smiled devilishly. “You owe him one. . . Big time!”

“Still you didn’t get blasted. Now I owe Juci five cubes. Okay, okay, so like let’s go get a Tree!” Raider was finally getting excited.

“Why don’t we steal one?” Prizm had an idea of what she wanted already.

“From the Autobots? Sure that’d be as fun as asking Starscream out.”

“No we’ll steal it from the people.” Prizm answered.

“I told you.” Juci started to get irritated with having to repeat. “Let me ask that midget bot.”

“Naa, we’ll steal it from the White House.” Prizm finally said.

“Okay… I like blowing the stupid retarded human tanks anyways.” Juci put in.

“OOHHH, well why not Rockefeller center in New York then?” Raider didn’t think Prizm was serious.

Juci’s optics opened wide. “That’s a huge fucking ass tree!”

“It is the middle of the night they won’t miss it.” Prizm smiled.

“Yeah! It’s New York anyways, and they’ll think its some trick by humans … or blame it on the Autobots.

“Won’t miss it?” Raider started to laugh. “You know what? Lets just go I’ll follow you and jam whatever security they might have.”

Well you got a better idea? What should we do? Go chop down a tree then raid a Wal*mart and them we need five thousand boxes of Christmas lights?” Prizm shook her head.

As Juci started to laugh. “And why not?”

“No your right, it just seems silly after all these years of buying one and stuff.” Raider said.

“Yeah it does doesn’t it.” Prizm agreed. “But we will have to steal Christmas lights so we can decorate. Alright Juci go find the biggest mansion and steal all their decorations and Raider and I will go steal the tree.”

“You’re the boss lets go!” Raider answered.

Juci didn’t say anything she ran up and out transforming and heading to get her stuff.

“Okay let’s go.” Prizm headed up and out the tower flying off into the dark Raider with her.

Time passes.

Prizm opens the door to the storage room where the part was to be held as she and Raider carry the already decorated tree into it.

“Damn this thing is huge! I didn’t think we were going to get it down here.” Raider couldn’t believe they had managed to fly it from the Capital.

“You’re telling me!” Juci saw the door open and ran to help set it up.

Looking around Raider could see that Juci was working hard setting up making sure that every thing was looking good for the party. “Hey Juci you got some good stuff, I think this is going to be fun. Umm should we invite like all of the guys?”

“Yeah, no doubt this place looks great Juci” Prizm agreed. “And yes Raider but Christmas is in two days.”

“I know Soundwave can provide a music soundtrack to that is covered.” Raider thought for a moment. “Is it possible to get like a fireplace and some stockings?”

“I don’t see why not. A party has to have many people.” Juci smiles. “I maybe a Transformer but I still have my old Cuban ways of inviting everyone to a party.”

"Okay then we are ready I think. You are going to get Hook to make you a fireplace? Not to mention what are you going to get for Soundwave?" Prizm wondered what Raider had got.

“Get for Soundwave. OH SHIT. I hadn’t even thought about it.” Raider looked a little panicked.

Prizm got an evil glint in her optic “Why don’t you use some of Juci’s ribbon and give yourself to him?”

“I made a tiny travel kit for my Shockie.” Juci smiled while holding her hands together. “That way where he goes he can fix anything.”

“A what? Ohh I get it.” Prizm looked to see the travel kit.

“That’s cute, smart too he will probably use it a lot.” Raider thought about the ribbon. “I don’t want him to try to un-wrap me right at the party.”

Juci started to laugh imagining Raider getting naked at the party.

“Prizm, so like what are you going to get for Megatron? I mean he did say we could do this.” Raider wanted to take the attention off her.

“Yeah, that’ll be more of a present for everyone Raider.” Juci was still laughing.

Prizm started to laugh too. “I meant for after the party.”

“Of course.” Juci snickered.

“Nothing. . . I bag of switches.” Prizm answered and laughed.

“Then again I think Astrotrain would enjoy it too.” Juci injected.

“Heh, switches?” Raider looked at Juci. “Astrotrain?” She looked around the room. “Shhhh!! I don’t want the WHOLE base to know.”

“You don’t know what switches are?” Prizm questioned.

“Like an off/on type or a whip?”

Prizm laughed “What do you think?” She paused a moment. “The second one.”

“Ohh yeah HA! You naughty girl! Way to go!” Raider smiled.

“I didn’t say I did that but that is what he should get don’t you think?” Prizm was more taking to herself than anything.

“Okay, okay so like we got the tree and the decorations, music will come. I got to go talk to Hook about the fireplace. I might have to persuade him . . . Guess it’s for the good of the party though.” Raider smiled an evil grin.

“Oh stop.” Prizm teased.

“What? What did I do now?” Raider played innocent.

“Nothing.” Prizm shook her head.

Juci stood back finishing wrapping her two gifts one for Shockwave the other for Skywarp. Humming softly to herself.

Prizm looked at Juci, “Hey why don’t you ask Skywarp to help us finish decorating?”

Raider turned and started to walk out knowing where to find Hook.

Juci felt her face get hot then finally she answered. “Okay.” She then followed Raider out to find Skywarp.

Looking up at the tree Prizm could only hope that it didn’t disrupt the base too much, but in the back of her processor she didn’t care.

Raider entered the med bay, she knew Hook could be found there most of all the time. “Hey I need a favor.” She said.

Hook looked up from his circuits, “Now what?” Raider gave him a data pad of the fireplace. Hook took only a second to study it. “Alright but you’ll owe me.” He answered then set about building it.

Juci walked threw looking in different spots for Skywarp then finally found him naturally he was talking to Thundercracker and Starscream.

“Skywarp, would you help me decorate for the party?” She stood there solidly, waiting for Starscream to say something stupid.

“Um a party? I am always ready for a party! Sure I’d help.” The purple jet answered. Thundercracker and Starscream looked at each other the former jet leader’s face grimaced as he thought about it.

“Great.” She said then started back to the storage facility with Skywarp as well as his wing mates in tow.

Raider returned to the bay, which is finally looking festive. “Hey did we get any mistletoe?”

“I hope so.” Prizm answered.

Juci came through the door with the other interested seekers.

“Why would that embarrass him?” Prizm wasn’t sure why Raider asked about the plant.

“Is that part of your present to Megatron? Embarrass him in front of everyone?” Raider didn’t think it was actually possible.

“I am sure that wouldn’t bother him at all.” Prizm assured her.

“Well alright with the seekers and stuff this didn’t take long at all, Juci is everyone invited?” Raider looked around noticing more Decepticons were coming in.

“They just followed me.” Juci smiled.

Prizm laughed. “I think your present has arrived Juci.”

“Do you think Megatron is even going to come? And I see Shockwave is here but he isn’t staying till the 24th.” Things were going through Raider’s processor quickly.

Her back to the door Juci didn’t see who had entered like Prizm had. “It has? I doubt Shockie would stop his work to help Cybertron for some party.”

“Oh I think he will want to you’re wrong about that.” Prizm watch as the bigger purple figure neared Juci.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about her present; I know he’ll be back for the party. Soundwave told me.” Raider nudged Juci to see Shockwave.

The dark female jet finally lands her optics on her love and gets giddy and excited. She neared him slowly not having seen him in a whole year, despite the space bridge working she is unsure what to say. Shockwave looked down at her his optic brightened a little in a happiness to see her. Juci looked up at him She would kiss him if there weren’t so many other Decepticon just standing staring.

“Primus, you are all so nosy!” Raider shooed Thundercracker and Dirge away.

Shockwave pulled her closer and put his arms around Juci, he could tell she wanted to kiss him, and he was glad to see her even if it wasn’t logical. Juci leaned into him remembering how it felt to be with him she hugged him tightly wishing she wouldn’t have to let go. “There will be more time for that later.” He said giving her the same affection.

“I know.” She whispered.

He pulled away just a little looking at the décor of the storage room. “Now tell me how are you getting along here?” He asked.

“It’s going along well.” Juci was still feeling the excitement of him surprising her. “I have made you a present.”

“A present?” Shockwave asked intrigued, thus far no one had ever given him a present.

Juci just nodded and smiled forgetting to hand it to him.

“May I have it?” the larger purple mech asked.

The intercom opened and the loud raspy voice that was unmistakable voice of Megatron came through. “THRUST to my office.”

Raider looked over at Prizm “Umm I hope no one was supposed to be doing something.” Her comment clearly meant that there were more Decepticons in the room than probably should be.

“I hope not either. I hope that I don’t get Shockwave into too much trouble he agreed to come here for a few hours to make Juci happy.” Prizm was a little surprised to hear Megatron calling anyone.

“I doubt that you’ll get in trouble he’s just early according to what Soundwave told me.” Raider assured Prizm.

“I wonder why Thrust.” Prizm wondered out loud.

“I don’t really know, maybe Megatron needs something.” Raider wasn’t sure she knew that Soundwave was in the control room and no one else had been placed on duty. “Maybe Megatron wants to know what is going on.”

Prizm rolled her optics. “Yeah, and Thrust will tell him everything.”

Juci listened to the conversation her wing mates were having. “What’s happening?”

“Nothing don’t worry about it spend time with Shockwave before he has to leave.” Prizm waved her hand to tell her go back.

“Do you think that Megatron will come after all?” Raider wondered if Soundwave would come to the party and not just send a recording. “Guess we won’t find out till tomorrow, umm are you sleeping on my couch?”

“I don’t think so.” Prizm looked a little surprised.

Juci looked around satisfied with the look of the room and motioned to Shockwave to go to another room.

A little confused Shockwave asked “What is it?” as the walked into the next room with her.

A smile crossed Juci’s face. “I just wanted to spend some time with you is all. I rarely get to see you.” Her fingers crossed his chest pausing only at the mid point of the crystalline plating.

“My dear, we don’t have time. In only a few moments the space bridge will reopen. However I will return on the 24th as Raider stated.” He said holding her hand.

Looking down at her feet disappointedly Juci thought about it but then she smiled a little. “Then I’ll wait.”

He lifted her head by the chin and even though he couldn’t just kiss her he used his optics and neared her to touch it to her lips gently in a kind of kiss.

Juci let him her optics turning off in the process. Any kiss was better than none at all.

He leaned back and led her out into the hall. “Until the 24th then.” He said then walked to the new space bridge door.

Back in the storage room Raider was starting to get impatient. “I am going to check on Hook if I know him he’ll have it done by now. Can I borrow Ramjet to help me carry it?” she wasn’t really asking but figured why not. She pulled Ramjet by his shoulder.

Raider and Ramjet entered the med bay, Hook was testing the fireplace. “I have just finished.” He announced with pride.

“Good, thank you, are you coming to the party?” Raider kissed him lightly on the check.

Hook paused he had got the email same as everyone else but hadn’t thought about it at all. He knew Raider would know he had no real excuse not to. “I will look into it.” He didn’t want to go a lone, so he figured he’d talk Scrapper into going even if it were just to check things out.

“Ramjet, you get that side.” They both lifted and carried it into the room. Once there they set it down. “Look isn’t this thing great!”

“It is heavier that it looks.” Ramjet didn’t struggle but thought that it might be hollow.

“Wow that is great it really looks like a fire place.” Prizm was surprised that Hook even did it.

“And it works well too!” Raider turned up the flame. “Thanks for your help Ramjet.”

The Conehead gave her a nod standing back looking at the fireplace. His wing mate Dirge though usually a little gloomy had turned up to check things out at as well. They both stood next to Thundercracker and Starscream who they were surprised was there at all.

Shockwave gone Juci re-entered the storage room and sat down on the couch.

Prizm really liked it. “Ask him if I can have one for my quarters.”

“When we’re done you can have this one.” Raider giggled.

“What would I do with it?” Prizm said sarcastically.

“I don’t know you asked.” Raider looked shocked.

“Well you know he would be like. ‘What is this thing doing in here.’?” Prizm rolled her optics thinking about how Megatron would react.

“I think everything is pretty much ready. All we got to do is show up tomorrow. We should get a good rest before this.”

“Alright do you think I should stay with you?” Prizm has started to wonder if she Megatron was going to be pissed.

“Only if you have to, I was just teasing.” Raider smiled. “Alright you guys break it up no festivities until tomorrow.” She shooed the gathered seekers to be on their way.

Juci didn’t really want to listen anymore and the bulk of the Decepticons had already left she too got up and walked into her quarters that seemed much more empty and lay down.

“What is with her?” Prizm asked.

“She really misses him, and I think if she recharges time will feel like it has passed faster then she can see him again. I know the feeling.” Raider thought about Soundwave.

“Well alright, I don’t think I need to stay with you, but I know I did annoy him earlier.” Prizm smiled.

”Okay, we’ll meet back here in the morning I’ll make sure to get Juci when I come okay?”

“Okay, do that.” Prizm finished.

The next morning.

As she passed through the hall Raider tapped on Juci’s door. “Time to go to the party.”

It was still dark in her quarters, Juci sat up and the lights came on, she noticed she felt a little odd then remembered that she had left the dildo in her from the time she had last night. Panicked that Raider might enter she yelled. “One minute.” In a rush she put her armor back on.

“Alright, but Prizm is already there.” Raider called back.

Juci finally came to the door her armor fully on. “Good, lets go, the other Decepticons will be arriving soon too.” The two walk through the hall and into the festive room. Soundwave was already there and playing a complement of Christmas music.

“Cool.” Raider said.

Juci walked directly to the space bridge, and waited knowing that he would come soon wasn’t soon enough she wanted him now.

“Juci,” Prizm started. “Stop that he’ll be here in a few hours.”

Juci looked at Prizm and to the door of the space bridge again. Her voice cracked and a few tears of solvent fell from her optics. “Easy for you . . . you don’t have to wait a full year for your mech.”

“I don’t know about that with his temper . . . she might be waiting a long time.” Raider couldn’t resist making a joke.

“It hasn’t been a year he was here three months ago. And shut up Raider I didn’t have to sleep at your place last night!”

Juci cried a little harder, but then sniffled attempting to take control.

At the door Thundercracker laughed. “I beat it felt like a whole year for her.”

Starting to get upset and now annoyed Juci looked at Thundercracker. “Shut up blue bird.”

“No, but that doesn’t mean he came to your quarters, I know how he is working all night, anyway I was just playing.” Raider played innocent.

“He only doest that when we are fighting about something.” Prizm protested.

“You know I can’t believe we waited this long to have a party. I suppose it was all for the better though if we hadn’t earned our keep Megatron would have never allowed it.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed even it has been nearly seven years.” Prizm thought about it. “And even with the time Juci has spent on Cybertron and Shockwave here they really haven’t seen each other that much.”

Many Decepticons start to show up and the noise level starts to rise as they partake in energon goodies as well as drinks. Motormaster tends the bar.

”Look it’s a first Decepticon Christmas.” Raider notices them having a good time.

Prizm looked the part over then smiled. “Yeah.”

Soundwave took a step back from the counter and sent out his Cassetticons from his chest.

“Look out here come trouble.” Raider smiles at Soundwave as Rumble and Frenzy join the party.

“Oh yeah watch out!” Prizm adds walking up to the bar.

The first one to hit the ground was Rumble and in his usual punk attitude he piped up. “Can’t start the party without us.”

Quickly the room is near full of Decepticons only three are noticeably missing. “Did Starscream get an invite; I’d thought he’d be here just to make fun.” Raider asked Prizm.

“Yes, I told him he could come, and he was here yesterday when Juci was decorating. Did you see the look on his face? I couldn’t tell if he was pissed off or if he through it was stupid. I think I shocked him by being nice to him, and Shockwave should be here in about an hour.” Prizm was wondering where Starscream had gone hopping he wasn’t off plotting something.

The door opened, but it wasn’t the mentioned seeker. Megatron stood and stared inside taking in all that is displayed as well as the merriment of his crew. He entered and neared Prizm still looking around. “This is your party.” He paused. “Interesting.”

Still not satisfied Juci started to pace.

“Motormaster give me some of that high grade.” Prizm then near jumped out of her chassis not expecting Megatron to have bothered with her party. “What are you doing here; I thought this was a stupid human custom?” She turned to him and took a sip of her drink.

“It doesn’t hurt to learn new culture when it is presented. It is a great asset for domination.” Megatron motioned to Motormaster for the same thing Prizm had.

“Oh whatever.” Prizm said hearing the space bridge open. She watched as Juci near flew out of her seat and to the door.

“Even so,” Megatron starts. He wants to explain that his interest in the party is to have interest in Prizm but knows he can’t just come out and say that. “I should attempt to enjoy it, I am sure you will want this silly thing again next year.”

“Yes, I will er. . we will.” Prizm said drinking down her energon that had already started to make her feel a bit tipsy.

Shockwave walked out once the door opened, and Juci tacked him knocking him to the floor, her face smiling wildly. “I missed you so much.”

“So I have noticed.”

Juci got up and off of Shockwave before she regretted doing something else.

Raider listens to the music watching Soundwave enjoy himself being DJ, something rare for him. She nears him and leans over whispering “Play grandma got run over by a reindeer.”

Soundwave produced the track playing it to his own enjoyment as well. Raider smiled and pulled him closer kissing him battle mask and all, the force of them holding each other forcing the song to switch to some romantic tune.

Instantly Prizm’s head snapped up to stare at Soundwave and Raider. “What kind of crap is this?” she asked loudly just at everyone got quiet.

Raider started to laugh letting Soundwave go. “So it’s true, music does show your emotions.”

Prizm interrupted again. “Can we have one song at a time please?”

Soundwave nodded and continued to play “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous brothers, as he kisses Raider again.

“ANYTHING BUT THEM!” Prizm finally shouted getting frustrated.

Megatron looked over at Soundwave wondering if he had already had some energon as well. He then shook his head for a moment for a human tradition this was very amusing.

Feeling that the others in the room don’t like the song Soundwave changed it back to Grandma got run over by a reindeer. “Sorry.”

Raider only giggled and pulled him down kissing him again.

The red and black cassette averts his optics. “Thank goodness too for a moment there this whole room will turn all lovely dovey and other sticky stuff.”

Shockwave pulled himself up off the floor, and then helps Juci get to her feet as well.

“Thank you.” Juci blushed.

For some reason Shockwave liked to make her blush, it came easy to him when he was nice to her. She leaned over and kissed him then smiled pointing at mistletoe she had placed above the entrance. He looked up his optic brightening he learned down and did the same thing he did yesterday, he wasn’t sure he should remove his helmet, but she knew exactly where his lips were so it was like she was kissing him, he could still feel it.

Prizm got up off her seat and nearly fell, then got her balance, and walked over to the couch, which had been Juci’s idea she was now glad of that.

Megatron had already 5 cubes of energon and he could feel in his systems that his perception was getting bad. The party overall was decently pleasing as the atmosphere had a general happy feeling to it. Megatron looked around for Prizm, he was actually thankful for her talking him into this. He decided to follow her to the couch trying to steady so no one would notice how much he has had, he stood holding on to the back of the couch behind her still watching the Decepticons in general.

“Are you following me?” Prizm smiled she couldn’t stay mad at him.

“I merely wish to tell you I am impressed.” Megatron thought his sentence through making sure it was clear.

“Really?” Prizm was a little surprised. “Then where is my present?”

Megatron produced a small box from his subspace pocket. “I did read about the tradition.” He remarked handing the box to her.

Her mouth hung open till she suddenly covered it with her hands. Megatron smirked knowing he had surprised her. Finally she took it looking completely shocked. She opened it quickly. “Gee just what I have always wanted.” Smiling she looked at the new weapon upgrade not caring what it was but that it came from him.

Raider pulled Soundwave close again. “Can we leave?” she didn’t know if he had a recording ready for his absence or not.

Soundwave worked on the recording he had brought a deck with him and all he has to do was plug it in. Raider looked around she thought that the party went nicely but something was wrong she spotted Prizm sitting while Megatron stood behind her they were talking but it still seemed forced. She got up and went to the space bridge and got the mistletoe from the door and came back Soundwave was nearly finished. She decided to toss the plant at Prizm perhaps both would get the point. She tossed it letting it go, it flew through the air slapping Prizm right in the face. Raider turned back to Soundwave attempting not to notice.

Prizm pulled the plant off her face than looked at Megatron who was already smirking. It was only obvious that he knew what it was for he moved around the couch and knelled down facing her. She held it up and over her head smiling for him to come closer. He came near as her smile grew until his lips touched hers. She turned her optics off and let her mouth open tasting his. He pulled her closer letting his oral receptor slide into her mouth and explore. Prizm thought for a moment as much as she wanted the party she knew that she wanted him and this wasn’t the place.

“Let’s go to our quarters.” She whispered in his audio. Megatron only grinned he had that in mind as well. Prizm got up and he followed as the door opened for her.

Juci didn’t really bother with the party, she liked it yes, but if it were something to her and Shockwave together she would take advantage of it as much as possible. “I know you wanted to see the party, but I really wanted to be alone and spend it together.” Juci explained.

Shockwave thought about it a moment it was very logical that she would want to be with him due to the restrictions on their relationship. He had often pondered if their relationship would work with the distance between them. The good thing that came with it was the fact that every time Megatron sent energon to Cybertron Juci had been the volunteer to help guide it, and in those times it had not been long but they had still been together.

“Alright,” Shockwave conceded, “Let us go to your quarters.”

Juci’s face broadened into a smile as she happily took his and walked through the base leading him to her room. The door slid open and the two entered. Juci quickly ran to the bed and grabbed the dildo she had left from the night before. Shockwave looked at it, his processor approving it. He thought it better to have a fake one to keep one satisfied than to be cheating on him with some other mech. He smiled behind his helmet then decided to take it off. Quickly undoing the latches and pulling it off; he smiled again. Juci felt the heat in her face then thought a moment. “What if you used it on me?”

The purple mech had read about that, he had an idea of what he wanted to do. He removed his armor and sat it along side the bed where Juci now sat.

Shockwave neared Juci and took the dildo from her. “Is that what you wish?” He asked in all seriousness. Juci only smiled then leaned back onto the bed. Shockwave took the time to remove all the necessary armor and held the dildo in one hand. He then kneeled down onto the ground in front of her and licked her waiting port. Juci got comfortable she knew she wouldn’t be happy with the dildo but the fact that he was licking her spot helped. He brought up the dildo and placed it at her opening letting it slide in slowly licking her sensor in the process. Shockwave watched her for movements and enjoyment making mental notes to himself of which spot she liked most.

He pushed the dildo in and licked seeing that the two actions together made Juci vocalize the most as well as make her produce more of her on lubrication. His own rod fell hot and it yearned for touch pulsing with each cycle of his energon pump. He licked Juci again and the dildo got hard. He pulled it slowly letting it slide out of her and on to the bed. He then got up on to the bed and let his rod slowly fill the gap that had been left by the toy. He looked into the dark optics of Juci and leaned down kissing her has he pushed fully into her. She let out a sigh it was one of very few times that she felt complete. He body conformed to his as he pulled out then trusted in again. Juci could feel the throb of Shockwave’s rod in her the pulse of his energon pump was hard and even. His pace was just like his beat, she knew it would be a while before he would be ready to pop; she smiled evilly and thought to herself she would have to fix that. She forced her cables to clinch and tug at his pole. Shockwave looked down at her feeling the pressure surround him. He smiled something from way back in his core process or urged him to go faster. He did and the instant Juci felt it her vocal processor told him. It wasn’t a scream or a grunt but more of a hum then a whine. He sure wasn’t by the sound that she liked it but the look on her face and the grip she had on his thighs told him she wanted more.

However much he prided himself on his logic he was always interested why his mate made him want to toss it out the window. She writhed on his pole making the most out of each thrust his processor told him to slow and keep his pace make her last longer, be happier, only that is not how she acted. Her breaths were fast and short, her body warm and starting to expel coolant in effort to maintain natural temperature. Her grips on him painfully hard, at any other time he would have taken her straight to the infirmary, this however was something he had come to understand. She knew what she wanted and how to manipulate him to do it, all he had to do was follow and enjoy. To Shockwave’s relief he hadn’t exactly been programmed with the information, but as always willing to learn. He pushed in closer filling her port with his full length; she hummed again taking a sharp breath. He kept her pace this time forcing himself in every time she came down on him. Her cables contracted with each movement pulling and tugging at his rod begging it not to leave. Juci’s mind screamed with pleasure as Shockwave thrust each time fully, there was no sense in holding back even if she could try to fight it. Inside the tip of his rod passed her sensor, but the ridge and shaft rubbed it and his constant motion lit it up like a wildfire. There was nothing else to do but fall into the pit of heaven he produced.

She took a sharp breath and held it only a second as she peaked; her cables locked down on him and pulsed with pleasure. Slowly she released the air in spurts of excitement. “AH ah .. ah .. ah.”

Shockwave resisted as much as he could but the pressure on his pole gave into her and his hot fluid rushed up from in him and spilled out into her. He found himself sighing from the release, and in need of rest. He had put those thoughts aside for the moment letting his rod loose some of its luster before attempting to pull it from the cramped space. Juci’s optics blinked a few times she watched him as he calmed and finally pulled out. He looked at her and then at the recharger and decided to lie next to her.

“Do you need to leave?” She whispered sadly.

“No. There is something Soundwave as requested me to have a look at, as well as Megatron will not be operational for several more hours.”

At first Juci didn’t understand why Megatron would not be, but through the fog of bliss came her wing mates name, making her giggle. “Right, let’s rest a bit.”

Raider waited while Soundwave finished setting up the recording. Prizm and Megatron had already left and Juci took Shockwave as soon as he came. Raider had told Astrotrain what to do being that she figured this would happen. She looked over at the triplechanger who smiled at her then nodded. Soundwave neared her side then took her hand and the left out the door. Nervous Raider was pondering what to tell Soundwave although she was nearly sure that he knew even though she had tried to place some mind barriers up.

Soundwave opened the door then offered to let her walk in first. Raider followed his lead and walked in still wondering what to tell him and not sure exactly what was going on. Soundwave followed he could tell she had something on her mind but didn’t really want to invade without permission it was a self made rule he had. She sat down on the bed watching him come in and sit next to her removing his battle mask in the process.

“Something bothers you.” He stated.

Raider let out a sigh, she wasn’t sure if what she thought could even happen to Transformers. She asked the only question that had been plaguing her for the last few days. “How do Transformers reproduce?”

“Most instances, two sparks are joined and a third is spawned and removed.” Soundwave looked at her his optic ridge a little low he wanted to know what troubled her but still his principals told him not to wonder. “In other rare instances the mixture of energies produces a spark.”

Raider thought for a moment. It was impossible for her to know for sure and she refused to keep it from him. “I think it is possible that I have produced a spark then.”

Soundwave smiled. “You are capable.”

“How do I know?” She started to feel relived that she wasn’t losing her mind.

Soundwave let his mind touch hers in reassurance. He could feel the new life a week ago; he did not want to alarm her about it. “I know.” He answered.

Raider smiled. “You should have told me I was worried that something was wrong.”

Soundwave stopped for a moment. “I am sorry. I will tell you from now on.” He placed his hand on her lower abdomen.

“Him?” Raider asked.

Soundwave only nodded he could tell by the slight communication that the new sparkling was sending it was a mech. Soundwave had sent back a few images and feelings to the new offspring intent on teaching him more before he was to come into the world. Raider closed her optics she had been tuned into Soundwave for his comfort and now she was seeking the communications link he used for the sparkling. She only got one feeling. Surprise.

“It will take some time.” Soundwave reassured her.

”How long?” Raider hadn’t had any kids as a human but knew it was a forty week term.

“Eighteen months. The sparkling has to have time to form a chassis and its light armor.” Soundwave thought about it for sometime, it had been many years since he had been around a fem that could conceive a new spark since they even know of one that could for that matter.

“Wow, is there something that I need to do?” She felt the surprise feeling again.

“No it is an automatic experience you will need to rest more often.”

“Oh those, um micro self repair things they do it?”

“Affirmative.” Soundwave thought again, his next step would be to tell Megatron of this and though the leader was one of his oldest friends it wasn’t in the plan of universal domination.

“So what do I do?” Raider laid back onto the recharger her mind a boggle.

“Nothing.” Soundwave lay next to her on his side. “This is delicate.” He placed a hand over her indicating where the new spark was being housed. “Rest is required.”

Raider lay there, she was unsure if she was going to like this. Most of the time when something needed done she took the incentive to just go do it herself, no worrying about anyone else or caring what the others thought, but now there was someone else at stake. Sure she hardly had confrontations with the other Decepticons, to most of them she had in fact some sort of friendship however that couldn’t happen now. On top of that how would they react? Humans had such odd traits, would the Decepticons as well? Would some be jealous? She refused to think about it, there was only one that really worried her, Megatron.

Feeling the confusion and worry Soundwave turned to Raider. “It will be fine.” He answered softly.

“My teammates?” Raider questioned. “We are a team for a reason; they won’t do well without me.”

Soundwave put his arm around her softly leaning close to her. “I will make sure they are fine.”

Megatron’s mind was swimming things were going nicely; he had sent a huge amount of energon to Cybertron as well. Now what he would refer to as his mate was enjoying one of her own traditions and including him in it. The energon he had consumed had nullified some of his natural anger and made it seem as if everything was a little more pleasant. He looked her over as he entered the room following her. A stray thought about taking advantage of a drunk female passed through his processor until he remember that it was her that had asked him to come here. She removed her armor piece at a time until she made it to the recharge bed with nothing left. He did the same slowly approaching her as if stalking.

Prizm smiled seeing him approach, she was sure that he was going to be mad over the party but then surprised he had come. “Who is watching the base?” she questioned.

“Thrust, my love.” Megatron answered crawling up and onto her his face meeting hers.

Megatron let his hand slide up Prizm’s shape, he had a hand in the crafting the three femseekers and to his surprise she had picked his favorite. The dark sleek design complemented his own in look while it had much more curve and femininity. One hand slid up to her shoulder and the other down to his own rod that now had extended and slid between them. He pointed it at her port but only let it slide against her covering it in her juices. Prizm sighed out loud, she loved to have him against her, he was nothing but raw power and it excited her to no end. Megatron pushed his rod, it only slid on the slippery outside surface, and it began to coat him in lubricant from Prizm. He didn’t mind the waiting it was a little bit of a tease knowing that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. She put her hands around him and pulled him close making their lips meet again. Megatron obliged, his rod finding her port and sliding slightly in has he kissed her lightly. Prizm ground her dental plates feeling the pressure of him entering. It hadn’t hurt for sometime but the pressure was always something she had come to expect. He kissed lightly then pressed down into her forcing his rod in as well as his tongue.

Prizm didn’t know what to do he was on her and over her and in her all at once she couldn’t scream for his kiss and couldn’t move for his rod, it was a little piece of heaven in a spot of hell. She fought tensing up and making it worse, she wanted it there was no doubt she did, but it was all too fast and he lost his natural finesse. She knew as well that he had some of the energon at the party which was probably what had changed him.

“Wait ... “her voice came as a whisper.

He paused for a second knowing that he had herd her say something, but she was quiet and slightly moving under him suddenly she shifted and his rod slid down easy right down to the hilt. She exhaled under him and quickly relaxed. He pulled slightly then thrust again to make sure everything was set, when he got down he heard Prizm’s vocalizer again this time he knew it was pleasure. It wasn’t much to start, but then again it always started off with little “mmms” it was something that he had become accustom to ever since the first time, once everything was right and they were ready to start a steady rhythm Prizm would sound as if she was eating something extremely delicious. He loved it. He took it as her way of telling him it was good, and on top of that the louder she would sound the better it was getting. It stroked his ego. He let her thighs rest on his and leaned down over her to kiss her again, not breaking the pattern. Prizm’s optics flashed on and off her mind near dull and void of most thoughts. She was here and now in the moment nothing else really meant anything. Every time he thrust into her she lifted and pushed up onto him. He always seemed perfect, it passed and pressed and toyed with her inner sensor with each movement. The Decepticon leader refused to give in to Prizm, it was a small private battle, and she would pull her cables taunt, clenching his rod, while he would pull it free only to force it back. It was always like that, she knew the more she could clamp down the more pleasure it gave and the harder it was to hold his own systems from over heating. At the same time she had to fight off her own threats of satisfaction each knew the longer the silent battle went on the harder they would both come in the end. At least that was the plan. Megatron grabbed her at the waist pulling her onto him in rapid succession. His pole not moving more than a third of the way out, he could feel the searing fluid within at a boil ready to find its way out at a moments notice. Still he fought to hold it, though he wouldn’t admit to it she had won this part, he was ready to let it go and enjoy, but she needed a little more prompting he refused to let go until he new she had come first. He pulled her from the bed and made her sit on his lap, he held her by one hand at the waist and the other over her shoulder, and he leaned back and put his legs to good use. She never moved as he pulled and pushed in and out from below her. Prizm was slightly shocked. She had not been expecting him to hold her alone like that; she turned her optics on to watch as his cables moved under his metallic skin. That was enough her raw power sent her over the edge and her optics dimmed then turned off as her processor was filled with the overpowering effects of climax. Megatron smirked having felt he had won this round, he moved his one had from her waist and put it near the other on her shoulder he pushed up into her again this time pulling her down onto him as well. Once, twice, three times and his fluid rose from him and shot out with force into her port. He held it there as heat reminders scrolled across his optics. He herd her stake a deep breath signaling she was done. Slowly he lowered her back down to the recharger letting him slip from her as well. The expulsion of energy with the work out had driven the high grade energon effects from him. He watched her as she slipped silently into recharge, with nothing else pending he lay next to her his chest pressed against her back and began to recharge as well.

Business as usual

Business for the day was finished, which is why Megatron did not bother going back to his office when the little sensor party had returned. The idea of this new generator suited him fine, it would be something that would finally allow him to lay low and get endeavors done without interference from the Autobots. One thing that concerned him was the placement. To get the most out of the generators they would have to be placed directly over the top of the heat plume. Just something that he figured he would have to oversee himself. The model would only tell.

He got to his quarters and sat at the desk, he had access to the files that Soundwave worked on dealing with the up coming energon events looking them over only briefly he turned the computer off. Starscream’s disagreement with the new command structure of course did not go well and Megatron had basically grounded the Air Commander until farther notice which also didn’t help. He slowly sat back in his chair contemplating a way he might get it into Starscream that things are going to change. Finally he decided that he would talk to him again once they had both ample times to calm down. The door opened and Prizm stepped through. She could tell by his posture that he was rather upset; however in the same way she knew that it was not anger, but a frustration. She approached him lightly dragging her fingers across his armor as she walked around his chair.

“He didn’t like it did he?” She wondered more really about the details and if she was going to have to watch her back for the seeker.

“No.” Megatron leaned back in his chair inviting Prizm to sit with him. “He feels that there has not been enough training and you are not yet ready.”

“Well I guess he is just going to have to deal with the fact that I didn’t have an aerospace academy to go to.” Prizm sat on his lap and leaned on his shoulder.

“It isn’t as easy as it sounds. He is a great asset if he would just learn to control his ambition.” Megatron wrapped his arm around her pulling her tight. “He is still very much like a child.”

“Agreed I know that human years are nothing to yours but it ages our process faster and would make us the equivalent to older.” Prizm sat there drawing little outlines of Megatron’s distinctive Decepticon symbol.

“I was surprised that he didn’t do anything at that party you had.” Megatron tilted his head to hers getting to her to lift her head up and look at him in his optics.

“I had invited him, but he didn’t even bother to show up. What are you going to do, can’t make him have fun.” Prizm let him move her head kissing him lightly.

“We didn’t stay.” Megatron smiled then kissed her again.

Prizm giggled. “No we didn’t.”

At the door the buzzer sounded, Megatron sat up looking at the door oddly he was not expecting any one for sometime. He held Prizm where she was so that the one coming in would get the point. “Come in.”
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