Taking Control.

Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 11 Taking Control.

Slowly Prizm turned on her optics, she consulted her chronometer, and ten hours had passed since she had shut down; she quickly looked around. Megatron had carried her to their quarters and laid her down on their bed. She sat up, and then got a better look. In the dark near the edge of the bed Megatron sat, only his brightly lit optics gave him away. “So what are you like a stalker now? Sitting there in the dark watching like some fanatic.” She smiled they both new it was just a bit of sarcasm. She came over to him and sat sideways in his lap. He held her there a moment his firm hands making sure she was securely in place.

“I thought you would like to know what the Air Commander brought from his raid.” His low voice seemed like a purr.

“Oh they are back already?” She could feel his body tense under her with anger knowing it wasn’t good.

“Indeed. Starscream took Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Astrotrain was called but was found in Soundwave’s quarters.” He still wasn’t sure why that had occurred, but left that to Soundwave.

Prizm stifled a giggle. She could only think of what Raider could do with both of them. “Alright I am curious.” She admitted.

“Hook is seeing to them now. They failed miserably. Skywarp was quite damaged.” He shook his head.

Prizm didn’t bother to hold back, she burst out laughing. “I know those dorks couldn’t handle it.”

Megatron moved it irritated him that she found it that amusing and Prizm stood up. “THEY were my finest warriors, and you three have made them look no better than a heap of slag that cost me 30,000 energon to operate.” His voice rose as he spoke.

She got quiet fast it wasn’t her intent to make him even angrier. “That is part of the reason that you came for us isn’t it?” It was a little confusing to what he really wanted.

“Only partly.” He started to walk then stopped just before the door. “I’ll tell you more when you return.” His hand gestured at that door.

“Return? Not another mission so fast?” Prizm looked confused he hadn’t told her there was one, and it wasn’t on the itinerary of the day.

“No, simulation training.” He smirked.

Prizm checked the time again. “DAMN!” she got up and assembled her armor in a run for the door.

Raider met Prizm at the training room. Raider knew it instantly, before Prizm spoke up.

"It’s just us today." Prizm started.

"Why? Where's Juci this time?" Raider asked.

"Megatron told me she went with Shockwave to Cybertron. They are scheduled back sometime tomorrow." Prizm sighed; somehow she knew that it wasn't right. Juci though always left when they had a haul of energon that needed to be taken to Cybertron. It was rare that she got to see Shockwave so she made the most of it. Lately though she was staying on Cybertron most often then not.

"Well, I guess I'll rework the program for us without her and him." Star had done it once before and it worked out rather well, she pulled it up and installed it.

"Yeah without her firepower it would be hard to get through it." She knew each time they went through the program it changed and adapted compensating for their gains in skill. Prizm neared the door, and waited for Raider to finish the program.

"Alright lets Rock." Raider said, as the door opened she had sort of adapted that as her catch phase it always made Prizm laugh.

It was dark Inside the room as well as quiet the lights dimmed on as the stepped in and the door closed signaling the beginning of the training.


Megatron paced angrily in his office Hook standing at his desk. “That is the repair report.” The green medic finished.

The Decepticon leader didn’t say anything he sat down in his chair and faced the ocean window. Hook took his queue to leave and did so with no hesitation. After the door had closed Megatron turned back to his desk and opened a link to Soundwave.

“Soundwave, return to my office.” He didn’t wait for a conformation and closed the link knowing his officer would be there shortly.


Astrotrain lit his optics dimly, and then they came on bright when he realized who had waked him. “Um sorry,” He consulted his chronometer. “I didn’t mean to stay so long I...”

“No explanation necessary, I must leave.” Soundwave interrupted, and then turned on his heel and headed out.

The triple changer sat up on the bed his mind replaying the actions of what happened before he recharged. He was surprised that Soundwave had not kicked him out, but then again he really didn’t know Soundwave too well, and to top that off Soundwave always kept to himself, and only spoke when asked or repeating orders. Astrotrain cocked his head slightly, suddenly he felt in very unfamiliar circumstances, however it happened he was glad it did, he had over heard that Raider had liked him and he knew that for sure now. That was good enough for the moment. He got up from the bed and walked out the door; his recharge wasn’t complete but thought it would be best if he finished in his own quarters. In the hall he noticed that Thundercracker was sitting alone. He passed the jet that looked rather distressed. He stopped and looked at the jet then was going to ask what was going on, but before he could Thundercracker started.

“Wait, how did you get into Soundwave’s quarters?” Thundercracker had caught him. “You were supposed to come with us on a raid.”

“I was invited. Soundwave.” ‘Train didn’t get a chance to finish.

“Yeah well I hope it was worth it, ‘Warp’s in pretty bad shape, we could have really used you.” He got to his feet and looked around.

Astrotrain sort of shrugged it off, it he was needed that badly Soundwave would have told him so, after all Soundwave knew most of Megatron’s intentions. He doubted seriously that he would even hear anything from Megatron about it. “I didn’t get any communications.” He answered.

Thundercracker’s upset expression changed to that of concern. “I was there when Starscream called.”

‘Train’s optic brows rose. “I suppose that it is possible that Soundwave intercepted it or maybe his quarters doesn’t get signal there?” He questioned it for a second the first was the most obvious, Soundwave was sneaky like that. If that were the case it would be the first time that he had ever known that Soundwave disobeyed.

“Whatever, it’s over now and Megatron isn’t happy about it.” Thundercracker stared up at his left wing it still had scorch marks on it. He entered into the med bay.

Astrotrain was still standing there; the idea that Soundwave ignored a call for him like that as well as blocked it from him was shocking. He and the cassette deck were not what he would call friends, but this was interesting. He wondered what other things he could do now that there was a semi friendship going on. He shook his head, he would rather not push it, the last thing he wanted was to be facing the front end of Megatron’s cannon and that was something that Soundwave could also arrange.


Soundwave entered Megatron’s office expecting to hear something about Astrotrain’s location. On the desk in front of him was the report of the Seeker’s last mission. He instinctively picked it up and read it over. It was similar to many he had read previously and of course in Starscream’s print.

Megatron watched as Soundwave gave into his usual routine. “What do you make of that?” The Decepticon leader asked.

“Mission failure, Energon compromised.” Soundwave answered in his usual harmonic tone.

Megatron didn’t feel like arguing. “That is obvious. They can’t compete with the females for objectives. Thundercracker and Skywarp, are good warriors, they can be incorporated and assigned to the females as aid. I know that it won’t sit well with them it will seem like a demotion, but I refuse to keep them fueled, and active if they cannot perform. As for Starscream…” Megatron trailed off still thinking about it.

Soundwave stood there silently knowing that whatever Megatron decided Starscream wasn’t going to like it.

“For now I will not send him on assignment. We shall see how things work; then I shall decide.”

Soundwave nodded in agreement as Megatron turned to face the ocean again. Soundwave left the room for now he had no obligations and sometime to recharge would be helpful he headed to his quarters keeping an optic on the time. The session of training would be over very soon he could wait until then, and see Raider about what Megatron had said. He knew that Prizm wouldn’t like that but it wasn’t for him to tell her.

The door slid open with a hiss, Prizm stepped out followed by Raider. “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Juci does make a difference, but the altered program was good.” Raider looked at the program that she made again, recording it for future reference.

“Speak for yourself.” Prizm snapped her wing still smoking slightly. She had been lucky that she was fast, the bolts that had come at her from the targets were live rounds, heat lasers, nothing that would do much damage but the burns were painful reminders to improve.

“You know it was made in mind with Megatron as your weapon. Of course the blasts were going to be more than a tingle.”

“Next time can you compensate if he isn’t here as well?” Prizm asked.

Raider nodded. Her expression changed quickly. “I can, but defensively it isn’t going to make much of a difference. I think something is up.”

“What do you mean?” Prizm forgot about her wing.

“I can’t say exactly, something doesn’t feel right. I think Soundwave is projecting something. I’d better go find out what it is.” Raided pivoted on her heel and headed toward her quarters.

“Wait you’re just going to leave me here alone?” Prizm was confused.

“Prizm, come on be the leader you are, if something is up with Soundwave something is probably going on with Megatron as well; you might want to find out what it is.” Raider stopped. The sensation changed as if that is what she was supposed to do.

“Yeah you’re right; this is why I pay you the big bucks, to keep things on track.” Prizm smiled.

They split ways Raider wondered what exactly happened for Soundwave to project things to her like that. It wasn’t something that he had done often and what he had it was in time of urgent nature. She walked through a hall this time passing Starscream without a word. She wondered if that was part of it.

Prizm had planned to head to Megatron’s office in the first place she was thinking of having a second session of what had transpired the night before. Now she wasn’t so sure of what she was going to do, or if she even wanted to go. She approached the door; it didn’t open by itself this time. She pressed the button to announce her presence. A second later the door opened, Megatron was still staring out into the ocean. Prizm neared his desk she turned and sat on it.

“How was the training?” He asked.

She remembered her singed wing. “Not bad; but it was made for you and I.”

Megatron gave a little chuckle. “That’s right. I did have Soundwave write that in.” He turned to her and smiled. “Fair enough I shall not miss another one.”

Prizm could tell by the look on his face that what he wanted to tell her wasn’t going to be good for her. “Something happen in the reports?”

“Indeed something did.” He passed her the report.

Prizm scanned over it knowing that it wasn’t good. “Yikes.”

“I have decided to assign Thundercracker and Skywarp to you on a trial basis. Starscream will stay back.” Megatron fully expected to hear Prizm break out in a rage.

“Full command over them?” She thought about it for a moment, with the extra firepower if she and Raider could put their heads together they could hold off the Autobots longer and probably double the Energon brought back.

“Were missions are concerned yes. Starscream will have no say. However it is your command not Juci or Raider’s, I don’t need something happening on their off time to disable them.” Megatron had really meant that Juci wasn’t going to be ordering them to do something for her as a command figure.

“No I understand.” She pictured Juci attempting to take her winnings out of Skywarp again. That would definitely be something that would not happen.

Megatron’s optics flared a little he wanted to cause a little trouble. “I want you to take them out today.” He folded his hands under his chin waiting.

Prizm’s left optic ridge rose, and then she laughed. “I did read the report. Skywarp is in no condition to go out, and by the looks of it Thundercracker isn’t much better.”

Megatron sat back she got him this time. His mate was learning fast, the last few times he had her skim reports he knew that she didn’t understand them. Someone was helping her. He figured that Raider had explained them to her after first getting an explanation from Soundwave. “True, but it will be only some flight exercises, nothing more than formations.”

“Wait my third.” Prizm knew to properly do what he asked she would need Juci.

“She should be returning before Skywarp is recovered.” Megatron watched Prizm’s posture as she thought. He wasn’t sure that she was going to be the one to take command of the females but she had been the only one to show leadership when they had watched them. Apparently she had taken her position seriously a great relief compared to Starscream.

“Fine, I’ll tell them all to be ready.” Prizm hoped that business out of the way that she could get down to some more fun activities. “Is that all that is planned for today?”

He looked at her; she sat before him wanting him. It was something that he hadn’t had in a very long time. Back in his gladiatorial days the females would nearly throw themselves at him, do anything that he had wished. On many occasions he had taken full advantage of it, however other than filling the need at the time it didn’t make him feel content. If he had wanted it could have been a new female each night, every night, but they didn’t want him for him, they wanted the fame. He then got greedy, each time a female tossed herself at him he ignored her. He set himself apart from them what he wanted wasn’t the same.

Now this female sat there wanting nothing more than to just spend time with him was different. He had at first thought that it might be something that the humans called ‘a phase’ but as the last year passed he noticed that things didn’t change. His mind wondered over what the difference could be, and then noticed to himself that he too had changed. He hadn’t been pushed to temper with her. He went over his memory again. There was not one instance that he had aimed his canon at her. An evil smirk came to his face as he thought about the times that he had slapped her, but it was in the heat of passion and it heightened her release. He had just assumed that she liked it. Indeed his feelings for this particular female were much different than those that he had contact with previously.

She sat on the desk wondering what he was thinking as his facial expressions changed. Their relationship had been much different than she had assumed it would in the beginning. She often wondered if it was due to her accomplishments in missions, should she have failed things could have been different? The few times that he had got angry with her he hadn’t acted like he did with Starscream, sure he had bent her wing once, nothing like the damage his canon could do though.

“The Spacebridge is working again.” Juci called.

“Just as I suspected, the solar flare had set it out of alignment.” Shockwave sat at the console, tapping away at it while watching the graph on the monitor. “My new improvements have elevated the proficiency of it twenty-five percent which will allow us to build one right into the Decepticon Earth base.”

The purple jet nodded her head, though it was only a matter of hours that she had spent on Cybertron with Shockwave she had learned a great deal. She was now capable of repairing and with a little aid from Soundwave, building a Spacebridge on Earth. “I can make the same adjustments to the Earth Bridge when I get back.”

“Magnificent. I look forward to seeing your improvement.”

Juci smiled, he hadn’t changed a bit. “Are you coming back with me?”

“I intend to report to Megatron. I will then return with the next shipment of energon.” Shockwave’s voice seemed to lower just a little at the end.

Though he never acted like things bothered him Juci had learned to read how Shockwave was feeling despite the helmet and lack of features when he wore it. “It isn’t going to be as long as last time is it?” She had been separated from him for just under a year and during that time she felt that she wasn’t going anywhere, Megatron was too impatient, Soundwave spent most of his time teaching Raider and the others were just too idiotic to be able to learn anything from.

“No, with the new adjustments to the bridge, I will not have to be here as long. However when shipments come I will have to supervise the drones.” He didn’t like the distance between them either. Juci had taught him much more than he had thought possible. His logical mind kept telling him that he should stay with her; that he has much more to learn, but his duties would not permit it.

A sigh came from the female as she placed the panel back into position. “Its time to go back then isn’t it.” Her expression was a little sad; there were more things on Cybertron that interested her than Earth. “When the shipments come can I come as well? I want to continue to learn about you, and Cybertron.”

“That is not for me to decide. Your wing mates still need you.” Shockwave grabbed her by the hand as the entered the spacebridge.

Soundwave waited in his quarters sitting at the desk planning out the next move, a more articulated attack on a nuclear plant that was just on shore of Southern California. This installation was extremely close to US Military facilities of various descriptions, and though the humans hadn’t developed hand held weapons that would do any discernable harm to a Transformer, it was obvious that there would be much more force from the defending humans. He would have to go himself; the Energon producer that Raider carried would not hold the capacity that the nuclear power would put out; however his fail safes, and other installed protection equipment would allow him to generate the cubes himself.

The door slid open and Raider returned from her training, no worse for ware. She looked at Soundwave as she entered; she sat, on the recharge bed as Soundwave turned off the computer and came to sit at her side.

“So what is going on?” she started.

Soundwave set silently for a moment then began. “Megatron has changed the command of the jets.”

“I see; that is why you wanted Prizm to see Megatron.” Raider shook her head. “She isn’t going to like that.”

Soundwave simply nodded his head in agreement.

“What about Starscream? Is he involved?” Raider leaned over onto Soundwave’s shoulder resting her head on him.

“No he is effectively grounded for the moment.” Soundwave moved his arm around her in a slight caress.

“That is something, I can’t see Prizm being able to effectively command anything if he is there.” She paused a moment. “Do you have another assignment?”

“Negative its research that is not yet become fruitful.” His mind wondered about the prospect. “Raiding installations is not the most efficient exertion.”

“Agreed. I’ve had a few thoughts about that. I haven’t looked for the resources though.” Raider recalled a few files from her memory. “I was doing some work on a hydro-thermal generator.”

Soundwave’s visor brightened is a semi-smile. “I would like to see.” He knew he didn’t need ask but it wasn’t his way to just invade.

Raider leaned into him more and turned her optics off, rather than download it into the computer she could allow Soundwave into her mind through the bond the female telepath was gaining strength quickly. Soundwave projected his warm feelings to her as a reassurance, they hadn’t used it in this way many times, however she was getting used to him being there constantly. She called the memory up and produced a blue print type, picture. Soundwave took his own mental image as he began to analyze it. To someone who would have entered their room it looked as if Soundwave was sitting with Raider recharging against him.

Prizm waited with Thundercracker at the space bridge, she wasn’t sure how the elder seekers were going to take the new structure. Calm and quiet she waited till the blue seeker spoke up. “Looks like things are going to change around here.”

“Yeah, looks like. Megatron seems to have a lot of ideas.” She agreed.

“Things around here have,” He nodded. “The stream of Energon is a lot better than we are used to. I don’t mind that at all.”

Thundercracker got quiet, the door opened and Starscream came threw. He stopped and looked at the schedule of events for the space bridge, then turned around again heading into Megatron’s office. Thundercracker’s optic brow rose as he turned back to the Prizm and this space bridge. “This isn’t going to be good.”

The space bridge lit up and the incoming alarm began to flash. “It’s about time I don’t feel like being around for that conversation.”

The bridge doors opened allowing Juci to stepped out, with Shockwave following. Prizm looked Juci over she looked rather well, and there was a gleam of fire in her optic that hadn’t been there since she had first met with Shockwave. She knew that there was more going on at Cybertron than working on the central computers, and storing Energon. Prizm stifled a giggle and gave a nod to Thundercracker as the two followed her out of the command room and into the adjoining hall.

“What is the occurrence?” Shockwave demanded.

“Megatron is about to tell Starscream that his going to restructure the air force.” Prizm answered.


“Wait! What?” Juci spoke up. “How, he isn’t separating us is he?”

“No not exactly.”

“No, don’t tell me he is going to make us listen to that self righteous idiot?”

“Negative.” Everyone turned to see Soundwave approaching with Raider.

“Well what the hell is going on here then?” Juci was getting irritated.

“Starscream is incompetent. Prizm is not. Skywarp and Thundercracker will be under the command of Prizm until further notice.”

Juci let out a squeal and started laughing. “I knew that would happen.”

“I don’t know how well it’s going to go, but it is worth a shot. We’re going to have to rework our flight training to include them as well as Astrotrain and later Blitzwing.” Prizm consulted her internal event calendar. “Tomorrow there is another session of combat in the simulation center, after that should be fine. I sent an email to all those involved.”

Having been updated Shockwave turned on his heel. “I need to meet with Megatron.” The large purple mech walked back through the door into the command center. Soundwave followed wanting to propose the idea for the new generators, leaving the three females alone in the hall.

Juci was still laughing, “It looks like Starscream messed up again. How bad was it?”

“Hook is still attending to Skywarp.” Raider answered.

“Damn, well all the better for us anyway, more action.”

“Juci you just got back; you want to go out and blow things up already?” Prizm shook her head nothing had changed.

“Well my Shockie is busy so it’s the next best thing.” Juci smiled the flame in her optics brightened again. What she had really planned was to go and visit the Insecticons and see what they were up to. She smiled to herself for a second then continued to talk. “So how goes things with Megatron?” Juci didn’t wait for an answer she looked directly at Raider. “How many times has she had to spend a night on your couch?”

Raider laughed. “None yet.”

“That’s not funny.” Prizm huffed.

“Oh come on how many times did we talk about that on the internet? It’s been three years since we came into the picture, I think over all things are in that regard sorted. It’s just now that we’ve been able to show what we can really do. Training takes a while to master.” Raider started walking down the hall her wing mates following naturally.

“I don’t really like the shake up of the command structure, I mean sure if we can get those lazy males to follow us that would boost the firepower as well as what we can haul, but I don’t know how they will adapt, being as lazy as they are.” Juci replied.

“Thundercracker seemed to know what was going on he hinted about it as I waited for you to land. He didn’t seem to mind. I think over all they are just sick of being beaten.”

“We should see Skywarp. If he is in agreement with Thundercracker we are going to have to start taking into account their abilities for missions. Did Megatron say anything about the Coneheads?”

“I think it’s a trial basis, for now its just Skywarp and Thundercracker.”

“And Astrotrain?”

Both Prizm and Juci looked at Raider with wide smiles. “He was listed, and Blitzwing too, but I thought we would learn with just the seekers first. Why? Do you want him there? I heard that he was in your quarters again what was going on?” Prizm stopped making Raider turn around and face them.

“He was, but it wasn’t my idea.” Raider felt warm her face would have been red if that were possible for a robot.

“HE WAS?!?” Juci hopped excitedly.

“I was waiting for Soundwave to come from unloading, he brought Astrotrain with him.”

“OH MY GOD RAIDER!” Prizm starting laughing.

“Yeah yeah” Raider answered. “But you know it isn’t the first time.”

The two quieted down for a moment.

“It was good, too.” Raider replied then started walking again.

“Soundwave really is a freak in bed then.” Juci picked up the pace with Raider leaving Prizm to catch up to them still giggling.

“Look I was thinking about something,” Raider began stopping in the hall.

“What are you doing? Megatron is expecting us to take the seekers out for some training.” Prizm would be the first to see that her team wouldn’t have the same issues with Megatron as Starscream’s

“It’s just that, I’ve had this weird feeling.” There was no real way to explain it Raider thought.

“Now you have that telepathy and what not and you’re only now talking about weird feelings?” Juci shook her head. “Come on, you’ve been telling us that ever since we met online.”

“Yeah I know but this is different.”

“What do you want to do about it?” Prizm questioned.

“I’ll have to bring it up to Soundwave I guess.” Raider answered.

“For now then let’s get this assignment done.”

“Yeah, then I might get to see my Shockie for a bit too!” Juci smiled.

The door to the med bay opened as Raider entered; Hook stopped what he was doing and looked up to see her and her wing mates. His optics narrowed annoyed by their presence.

”Skywarp is the only other one here.” He announced.

“That’s fine that is whom we seek.” Raider answered nicely.

Juci elbowed Prizm and just loud enough for Raider to hear. “Next she’ll have Hook with her and Soundwave, maybe all the Constructicons.”

“Shut up.”

Prizm and Juci both giggled as the walked to the section where the purple and black jet sitting on a counter.

Skywarp’s was looking down at his feet, he hated the med bay. Something told him that with his own teleportation he shouldn’t have to visit it, he should by right be able to dodge just about anything.

The femseekers came around the counter two of the three still giggling. Raider as usual got down to business. “Have you read the new command report?”

Skywarp looked up seeing that he was surrounded. He let out a sigh of desperation. “Yeah, ya going to make me do so weird crazy shit?”

“Yes.” Juci said quickly.

“No.” Prizm elbowed Juci to shut up. “Megatron has expressly given me command, and it’s only during assignment.”

“Well there goes that. Now I won’t have anything to keep me busy while Shockwave is away.” Juci turned and started walking through the med bay.

“I don’t know what I am going to do with her; I just hope she can hold out with Shockwave’s absence so that these guys won’t be afraid to fly with us. Megatron won’t like it if they refuse.” Raider watched as Juci approached Hook whom was still toiling with some micro-sensors.

“Never mind her for now she’ll behave Shockwave won’t go back until the next shipment.” Prizm turned her attention back to Skywarp. “I don’t want this to be a struggle; if we are going to work together I am going to need full cooperation.”

“TC told me about the report of your last mission, I’d much rather spend my off time out of the med bay, I’ll give it a chance.” Skywarp wasn’t excited, but anything would be better than sacrificing his well being for nothing.

“It’s settled then. Are you functioning fully?” Prizm knew that Megatron had meant for them to go out as soon as Juci had returned.

“Yeah, I am fine.”

”Juci, leave Hook alone we’re going out.” Prizm started toward the door passing Raider. “We’ll pick up Thundercracker as we pass the control room.”

The four walked back through the hall and into the command room without a word thus far the femseekers had not flown with the males save for a flight exercise when they had first got their wings.

“Time to fly TC.” Skywarp said as he entered.

Astrotrain had finally made his presence known. “Is it a mission?”

“No just some training.” Prizm answered.

“I want involved.” Astrotrain stepped forward. Prizm and Juci both turned to look at Raider whom suddenly decided that the ceiling was interesting.

“Fine, just keep to formation, and only do as told. I don’t want anyone causing a stir.” Prizm conceded and then continued to the elevator that closed once the entire party was in. Juci intentionally stood between Raider and Astrotrain; she could feel the attraction coming from ‘Train.

At the top of the elevator the tower opening allowed the fresh salty ocean air to fill the room. To the femseekers it was like a breath of fresh life. “Here is the idea. We’re going to sneak into the perimeter of Hawaii we will test the tracking systems there. Skywarp I want you to teleport into the military communications facility and disable it. Raider you will jam it as best you can till Skywarp gives the all clear. Thundercracker you’re going to head straight for the US geological service we are going to pick up some of the heat sensory equipment that they have for the volcano. I want you to land facing away from the building, and then use your sonic boom to scare the crap out of the humans. Astrotrain, you’re going to go in after Thundercracker, but give him a good distance. Juci you will stay with Raider, cover her while she gets the sensors she needs.”

“I thought that it was only going to be flight training.” Thundercracker asked.

“This is, but it also just so happens that we could use some of the materials.” Raider answered.

“So the flight is ordered but Megatron knows nothing of the installation?” Astrotrain was trying to pin down what was really going on.

“Megatron will be expecting them when we return.” Prizm finished. Silence covered them. “Are there any other things?” She had stressed the ‘other’.

After a bit of silence she started again. “Good. Let’s go.” She faced the door and in a slight leap she transformed hitting her thrusters and took off out of the tower, the others on her heels.

Wind whistled across their wings as the skimmed the peaks of the ocean waves. So far everything seemed to work in step Raider had taken point, her sensors being able to reach farthest. Once they had come to the inland radar she would signal to Skywarp. In a flash of purple and white light the prankster was gone. The formation held even with one missing as they could now see the land. Decepticon frequency picked up Skywarp’s signal as he reported that radar was down. Thundercracker broke formation and headed straight for the obvious target, a few moments later Astrotrain fallowed once again leaving the three femseekers alone. Prizm slowed and transformed her heel thrusters keeping her airborne.

“I am going to stay here and monitor the guys; with things as they are we should be heading back in about ten minutes. If anything prolongs that notify me at once.” Prizm nodded to her friends.

Juci took over the lead and set course for the U.S. G.S. (United States Geological Service.) facility. Seismic activity in the area was consistent and research here was also a constant. A wave came over her sensor array telling her that Thundercracker had hit the building. She was slightly upset that she hadn’t got to see it; she knew it would have been funny as hell to watch the humans go running around shitting their pants.

At the facility Raider landed Thundercracker stood watching, waiting for them to get when they had come for. Any remaining humans were cowering under desks and other such useless things that would not help should they get hit from hot laser fire. She looked inside and took one console then left. It was small enough to carry herself and as she exited the building she called. “Items acquired.”

Instantly Thundercracker and Astrotrain both took off with her Juci following. Skywarp had teleported back to Prizm’s location by the time they reached that point.

“Back into formation.” Prizm transformed this time taking point. Raider and Juci at her sides, Skywarp, on Raider’s side, and Thundercracker at Juci’s Astrotrain pulling up the tail end in the middle behind Prizm.

It took a while before Skywarp finally broke the silence. “That was it? Was there supposed to be any fighting? Any Autobots?”

“No there wasn’t everything went exactly as it should have.” Prizm answered.

“It seemed too easy.” Skywarp seemed confused.

“Yes.” Astrotrain spoke up. “That was the same impression I got last time. I was even distracted by it.”

They came upon the tower as it again rose out of the depths opening its door for them. Inside Megatron and Soundwave awaited the object that Raider carried. After landing she produced the small console and gave it directly to Megatron who examined it and then passed it to Soundwave.

”I want to see a working model in twenty-four hours.” Megatron insisted. He then looked over the crew that had returned. “This is more than was needed for such an operation, but the skill required to execute it was necessary. Good work. Dismissed.” Megatron did not return to his office instead he headed down the hall.

The two seekers and the triplechanger stood slightly in awe. Skywarp shrugged to Thundercracker then both left following Megatron out the door.

“Well go get yours.” Juci turned to Prizm.

”Just tell everyone why don’t you?”

“Come on its predictable. You don’t see me running to go hop on Shockie.” Juci smiled.

“This from the “Where is Shockwave?” on her first leave person.” Prizm said sharply.

Raider started to laugh until Soundwave took her hand.

Seeing this Juci started in on her. “Dang, don’t you two ever stop?”

“I am going to help him with the generator, is your mind always on sex Juci?” Raider kept instep with Soundwave as they too neared the door.

“Duh.” Juci answered smiling wildly. Soundwave and Raider exited and Prizm too was heading that direction.

“So you are going to go hop into Shockwave’s lap aren’t you?” Prizm asked.

“Damn Skippy I am. I didn’t get to blow anything up so I got to get my energy out some how.”

Prizm shook her head; it was true nothing had changed.

Soundwave didn’t consult Raider about helping with the new generator, although her want to help was a good sign. The last passed year her and her wing mates were overall getting a crash course in Decepticon procedure and history. Their value now was just staring to show itself missions were becoming more and more successful, allowing things to progress at the base as well as on Cybertron.

When Soundwave had shared the new information he had added regarding the plans for the generator he had made sure to inform his leader of who had drawn up the plans. He wanted Raider to get the credit she deserved. Now though that she was intent on helping build the model Megatron would see the reason why Soundwave had approached him on bring these females into his army.

Walking to his lab proudly with Raider on his arm, he entered and set about extracting the sensors from their casing instantly. He had learned this over the course of the first few years working with Megatron. To finish the project with time to spare was looked upon in a much better light than to be scrapping for a replacement part at the last moment. Soundwave took a long thin blade to the side of the console forcing it to open.

“This shouldn’t be that hard all we have to do is copy and build it a little bigger.” Her optics analyzed the sensors as she spoke.

“Fabrication is time consuming.” Soundwave reminded.

“Here I’ll list what is needed and I’ll go talk to Scrapper.”

Soundwave was a little surprised be her willingness to go the Constructicon leader the group as a whole considered themselves elitists and rarely helped anyone unless commanded. Raider printed the data on a data pad and headed out the door. She knew where Scrapper could be found, but her first stop would be with Hook, something told her that all the repair work was making him irritated. She wanted to use that for her leverage and see if he would help talk Scrapper and the others into it. The door whooshed open and again the purple and green mech gave her a hateful look.

“Why do you look at me like that? I didn’t get torn to shreds for you to fix.”

“It is just a matter of time.” Hook smarted.

“I doubt it.” She watched a little before speaking again. “What if I told you that I could cut the repairs down by 75%?”

Hook stopped his work and looked up from what he had in his hand, his optics wide. “I am listening.” He stated flatly.

“I have something that will make raiding for energon null and void. I do need a few things fabricated to get it to work though.”

Hook thought about it a little longer. “And if Megatron does not stop?”

“I can’t make him stop totally. My idea should at the very least lessen the need for the energon.”

“Where is the list?” Hook asked.

Raider passed the data pad to him. “I need just the ones listed to create the model.”

“I have many of these but they are not heat treated. I can have them ready in an hour.” Hook turned starting to gather the items for treatment.

“Thank you.” She answered, knowing that Hook wouldn’t respond she headed back to Soundwave’s lab.

Hook was slightly surprised at himself, more often then not Scrapper was always the one to come to him for things the other Decepticons needed. This was the first one to actually come directly to him, in a way he liked it. Raider was different from her wing mates obviously. He set about starting to treat the components while bringing up the layout of Raider’s form studying it.

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