Taking Control

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Chapter 10 Mission Successful.

She landed at the top of the docking tower. She had decided to do some flying, not anywhere in particular just out for some peace and quiet. The Decepticon base had been up in a bustle for quite a while, since her team and beat the mech seekers and tempers seemed to flare everywhere. Out in the sky it was quiet and peaceful; one of her main reasons for choosing her alt mode. Simple flights like these brought on thoughts of destiny as well as questions of the future.

Her choice to join the Decepticons was part demand part choice, for her though it was simple. Once complete it was also impossible to go back to the human form, however that didn’t stop her, nor did it stop her friends, now teammates Prizm, and Juci. As all things it has its ups with near immortality as well as is downs, including risking your life on a moments notice. Still things were granted to the three of them that few humans could dream of.

Leaving behind family above all was the hardest part for Raider though, it came easier then she has suspected. One email to her brother as an explanation of her disappearance went unanswered for many months, when the reply came it was negative and her family no longer wanted any contact with her. Concentrations on duties as well as Soundwave’s teaching usually kept her mind off this and occupied.

The elevator door opened and Raider stepped in to the command center.

“You enjoy flight more than I do.” Thundercracker greeted.

“Sometimes you just got to get out. You know?”

“Yeah, this place is crazy everyone is on edge.” He turned back to the monitor to continue scanning.

“True. If you need a flight partner just give me a call, oh and Juci is back.”

“Alright.” Thundercracker answered.

Raider walked to the door that led to the interior of the base, quiet a bit of time had passed since they had joined the ranks. As the door slid open she saw Starscream approaching. She took a deep cooling breath to calm her systems and continued walking. He was one of the ones she had wished to avoid.

“Just where have you been?” He questioned stopping dead in front of her.

“I needed to stretch my wings.”

“No one gave you permission to leave this facility.”

“I have an outstanding waver that allows me to fly within one hundred square miles of the tower, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my duties.” She knew next where this was going.

“Who gave you such a ridiculous thing?” The seeker demanded.

“The ridiculous thing was granted by Megatron at Prizm’s request.”

Starscream’s optics narrowed. “She didn’t bother to ask Me.”

“Starscream, you are not our commanding officer.”

“I am the Air Commander and you will follow rank.” He stepped closer in an attempt to be intimidating. “What did you do out there?”

“I flew.” Raider sidestepped around him.

“To where? For what?”

She turned around to look at the obviously irritated seeker. “For an advanced life form you sure are stupid.” His optics narrowed again and his wings twitched in anger, but before he could say anything Raider continued. “Is there anything with in one hundred square miles?”

“Nothing just ocean.” He answered.


Starscream huffed and stormed on in to the command room. Raider simply continued down the hall. Her destination was the usual place; she had shared Soundwave’s quarters with him since her first day as a transformer. She wasn’t the only one to cohabitate in the small base; Prizm had joined Megatron in his quarters. Juci however had managed to get her own room. Megatron has said that the room happened to be available although it did belong to Shockwave he was rarely around; Raider believed that it was because most of the males were afraid of her.

She entered the room and the lights dimmed on automatically; looking around she noticed no one was there. She rather liked staying with Soundwave despite that fact the he was almost never there. Most of the time she would spend time with his cassette children, playing games with Rumble and Frenzy, as well as learning to speak to Buzzsaw, Ravage, and Laserbeak. Many times they had followed her and perched on her shoulders like a small-armed escort, she grew attached to them thought still there bickering got annoying.

“Hmmm. They must be with Soundwave.” She said out loud. She then walked to the recharge bed and turned her optics off.

“What do you mean you’re sending us out?” Prizm was angered. The last four raids had been a success, but it had been her team to go alone.

“You and your friends have proved your value and I intend on using it to its full potential.” Megatron stood from his desk. He looked at Prizm up then down. “You are better than the seekers. Each time you bring back a successful mission it urges them to work harder.”

“I know. A certain Air Commander is feeling threatened by the fact that my team beat him; yes.” Prizm giggled. The assignment was basic, hit and run on a small dam.

“I will send Astrotrain with you. You are to leave as soon as possible.”

“A forth?” Prizm questioned sure Juci seemed to spend more time on Cybertron than Earth she still usually came back to do missions with her team. And at least they had worked with him before.

Megatron looked up form the desk scowling. “Correct, he has more cargo space.”

Prizm got irritated. “Fine. You want energon we’ll bring your energon.” She turned and walked out of the office. “Thundercracker inform Astrotrain to meet me at the docking tower.” She walked into the elevator then turned her communicator on. “Prizm to Juci.”

“Juci here. What?” In the background there was a loud sound of a whip crack.

Not surprised by the sound Prizm didn’t hesitate. “Stop fooling around we have a mission.”

“Alright, this was getting boring anyway.” Another whip crack accented boring.

“Good.” Prizm answered and switched channels. “Raider come in.”

Raider’s optics dimmed on at the crackle of her comlink. “It never fails.” She sat up and lit her optics brightly. “Yes?” she finally answered Prizm.

“Time to show up the seekers. …again.”

“Another mission? We didn’t even get twenty-four hours off.”

“I know. I think Megatron is trying to make a point though.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll be right up.” Raider closed her comlink, and then turned placing her feet off the bed. Looking up she saw Soundwave sitting at his desk he had been watching her recharge. She stood then walked over to him, “Sorry.” She leaned down and placed a light kiss on his battle mask. His visor narrowed just slightly in a smile.

Prizm stepped out of the elevator and in to the receiving area of the tower. Astrotrain waited impatiently.

“Are we ready?” He asked.

“As soon as my wingmates come we will be.”

Juci met Raider in the corridor leading to the command room. “Here we go again.”

“You like getting out and blowing things up.” Raider added.

“Beats staying around here with these dumbasses.” Juci smiled.

“You only say that because Shockwave had to go back to Cybertron.”

“Yeah so? Every time we collect energon there is a chance I can go see him.” Juci said happily.

“Figures.” Raider laughed. “So who was it today?”

Juci stayed quiet till the elevator door closed. “Skywarp lost a bet to me. I was in the process of taking my winnings, when Prizm called.”

“Skywarp.” Raider raised an optic brow.

“Relax, I wasn’t going to interface with him … just make him think it.” Juci burst out laughing.

“That is evil.”

The door opened and the two femmes stepped out. “I know.” Juci answered smiling.

Prizm shook her head at Juci. “I don’t want to know.”

“Is that everyone?” Astrotrain asked.

“Cool your jets. Yes everyone is here.” Prizm said.

“He is coming too?” Raider asked slightly concerned.

“Megatron ordered it.”

Astrotrain opened the tower door then transformed. “Let’s go.” His cargo door opened as if he expected the femseekers to board. The three fems looked at each other.

“Those DAMN males are so lazy!” Juci spoke first. Then in sync they hopped in to the air transformed flying out over Astrotrain.

“Come on ‘Train we like to fly ourselves.” Raider told him as they passed. Astrotrain closed his door then burned his thrusters hard to match the others speed. He didn’t say anything as he listened to them while flying below attempting to avoid radar.

“So what’s this? Another basic smash and grab?” Juci asked.

“I have got the coordinates. It’s a military manned overflow dam. The unusual amount of rain has upped its output ten times. The only thing that might give us a problem is its weapons; it has four heavily armored tanks and twelve turrets.”

“Complements of Soundwave I bet.” Prizm snickered.

“Naturally.” Raider answered.

“Alright, Raider you go in and knock out its communications. We are going to need more time if we are to fill Astrotrain. Juci you get the tanks.”

“Oohh Yes! Tanks!” Juci interrupted.

“Astrotrain and I will get the turrets.” Prizm finished.

‘They have a good plan. I could get to like this.’ Astrotrain thought.

“Sounds good.” Juci and Raider agreed.

The small group of four sped over the land quickly following a river to a basin were the dam lay nestled in between a few small mountains. The femseekers activated their stealth fields hiding them from the military radar while Astrotrain flew so low to the water he nearly skimmed it. Raider gave a burst of speed heading to the control center, Juci followed suit aiming for the first tank in her sight. Prizm took and banked to the left Astrotrain mirroring her movements to the right, they slowly approached the turrets.

“Communications down.” Came from Raider over the com. Juci open fired with two missiles and the first tank went up in a great fireball that shook the humans to life. Two more missiles and another mushroom like cloud came from the second tank and the turrets began to fire.

Prizm didn’t really feel fancy she used her wing lasers to destroy the six turrets that lined her side of the mountain, and then flew to where Raider was to start collecting energon. Surveying Astrotrain’s work she called to him. “Is your section complete?”


“Then come to the turbine area for loading.”


Had Prizm been in robot mode she would have shook her head. Astrotrain seemed disappointed by the lack of battle; she would remember that. She transformed landing on the roof next to Raider as another explosion came from the side of the building and Juci flew over their heads.

“She is such a show off.” Raider told Prizm.

“Juci! Are you done yet?” Prizm ignored Raider and opened a link.

“I got one to go and I’ll be right there.”

“Hurry up we are going to start collecting the energon.”

“You’re no fun!” Juci called back and closed the link.

“What am I going to do with her?” Prizm asked Raider.

“She’ll calm down when she sees Shockwave again.” Raider laughed. “Are you ready?”

Prizm only nodded then both opened fired their arm lasers in a semi circle. The roof gave way under them and they were suddenly inside and surrounded by humans. Prizm ignored them and walked to the generator, Raider followed as Astrotrain flew in and transformed behind them. The building shook again, then Juci followed Astrotrain in. Raider rewired the generator and added the energon cube maker, instantly energon cubes began to fill. Astrotrain transformed again then opened his cargo door, as Prizm began to load his bay with cubes, Raider left to perch on the roof, her sensors stretched to their limits in order to give them advanced warning.

Astrotrain was near three quarters full when Prizm’s com came to life. “Prizm; Autobots approaching.”

“Damn! They are early. Astrotrain take off. Return to head quarters, Juci escort him. Raider come back inside we’ll take what we can grab and fly out.” Over the missions that they had been taking Prizm had learned her teammates very well, she had begun to lead them much easier being able to count on them to hold up their ends.

Juci nodded transforming and heading out the hole in the roof, Astrotrain on her aft. Raider came in and removed the energon machine, replacing it back in subspace. She then grabbed a stack of energon cubes, transformed while placing then in her own hold. Prizm did the same only leaving one stack of energon in the building.

Juci flew over the river scanning ahead, sure enough on an access road two miles ahead a parade of Autobots raced to meet them.

“You head straight to base I’ll keep them busy.” Before Astrotrain could answer Juci kicked in her thrusters and shot away aiming at the dust cloud of Autobots.

Prizm and Raider pushed their thrusters to catch Juci, as they neared the area Juci was swinging around for another strafe, and the Autobots had taken defensive positions from her fire. Prizm took point as Juci fell to her left and Raider already at her right. The team strafed the defending Autobots again setting the entire area a blaze then took off to catch Astrotrain.

It took only moments for the femseekers to catch Astrotrain; he had slowed down too interested in what the femmes were doing. ‘Three females fought off the Autobots and got away?’ He asked himself, finally starting to see what the point of having the femmes was.

They flew over him and lowered around him. “Is everything in tact?” Prizm asked.


“Good if it had not been Megatron would have your chassis not mine, for not following orders!” Prizm hit full throttle and left Astrotrain, Juci and Raider at her side.

“Did you really have to do that?” Raider asked.

“He should have taken off like Juci told him. Besides you’re just protecting him because you like him.”

“I know but nothing happened.”

“Ohhh Raider looking to add Astrotrain to her list of taken ‘Cons?” Juci chided.

Raider said nothing, not allowing them to anger her nor telling Juci about what had happened before she kept up just flying still in formation.

“We know you like him.” Prizm stated flatly. “More importantly we know what you’ve done already.”

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up.” Raider finally announced.

“Oh come on! We’re almost there.” Prizm asked.

“Just like you won’t tell Thundercracker you think he is a hottie?”

“Ohh Prizm! You didn’t??” Juci was caught slightly off guard.

“I have not!” Prizm said loudly. “Besides I have Megatron what do I need Thundercracker for?”

“For those nights Megatron kicks you out!” Raider started to laugh.

“That’s not funny.” Prizm pouted.

“Yeah it was.” Juci giggled. “Wait what has she done?”

“Come on Prizm, you know I am joking.”

The docking tower rose blocking the slow setting sun in the distance. The door came down and the three seeker femmes entered. Prizm touched down first her silver and black form hitting the ground almost silently. Juci came next, her purple figure matching that of Prizm’s. Then Raider landed her dark blue from seeming to be a shadow. The doors to the elevator opened allowing Megatron followed by Soundwave and Starscream to greet them. As the two parties met Astrotrain landed using the door as a runway. Prizm and Raider placed their stacks of energon next to Astrotrain who opened his door for inspection.

“What have you brought my dear?” Megatron nearly purred.

“You wanted energon we brought you energon.” Prizm said sarcastically obviously still irritated.

Megatron inspected Astrotrain then came back out a smile on his face. “They have earned their cost; which is more that I can say for you Starscream.” Megatron looked at the silver and Red seeker expecting retaliation. Starscream’s optics narrowed in anger. When there was no comment Megatron turned to Soundwave. “Have Rumble and Frenzy unload Astrotrain. I am returning to my office.” He walked back to the elevator purposely turning his back on Starscream.

Soundwave raised his hand and pushed the button on his shoulder. “Frenzy, Rumble, eject.” A gray and black cassette flew out followed by a blue and purple one, each transforming in the air in a small flip then landing a few feet in front of Soundwave. “Proceed with energon disbursement.” Soundwave pointed at the softly glowing pink cubes.

“Are we done yet?” Juci asked once the door to the elevator closed behind Megatron.

“Why? You in a hurry?” Raider asked suspiciously.

“Not really, though I left Skywarp tied up.” Juci giggled.

“I bet he teleported out by now.” Prizm stated.

“I don’t know. He didn’t last time.”

Prizm and Raider looked at one another then Prizm turned back to Juci. “Yeah we are done.”

Juci took off for the elevator, Prizm looked back at Raider. “Skywarp?”

“Again?” Raider questioned in a shrug. Raider looked at Soundwave who was supervising his cassette twins. He nodded back. Raider stayed in stride with Prizm as they approached the elevator, it had just returned from taking Juci.

“Going to his office?” Raider asked first.

“Yes, something about a good mission drives me.”

“A bad mission would drive you.” Raider laughed, “But Megatron would not allow that.”

Juci entered her quarters, immediately looking to see if Skywarp had indeed teleported out. The black and purple jet was gone; however the chains at the cuffs had been released, and hung open.

“I released him.” A dark figure sat on the recharge bed.

“I wasn’t done with him he owes me.” Juci protested instantly recognizing the voice.

“I do not understand why you torture him so.” The figure stood and came in to the light.

Juci ran to him, hugging him. “I missed you. You have been gone too long.”

Shockwave looked down at her placing his arms around her in an attempt to be comforting. “My duties require...”

“I know, but that doesn’t make me feel better, about being separated so long.” Juci interrupted as she tipped toed up to kiss him lightly on the single optic of his helmet. He released her and unlatched his helmet taking it off and sitting it on the recharge bed.

“That is much better.” Juci added then tip toed again to kiss him full on. Shockwave put his arms around her waist to help support her. He enjoyed her immensely each time learning something new. She let herself down in his grip still holding him tight. It had nearly been a year since he had returned to Cybertron, though to her it seemed much longer. With no need to support her, Shockwave used his now free hand to undo the latches on her breastplate. Juci smiled, knowing he was as eager as she was. She loosened her grip and let him take the armor from between then while she did the same to him. The instant the armor was out of the way she pulled him close. Her breasts pressed up against his chest and she could feel his muscle cables flex as he moved.

“It has indeed been to long.” Shockwave finally agreed.

Juci looked up at him then smiled; she took him by the hand and motioned for him to lie down on the recharge bed. Removing her last bits of armor then his, she laid them at the foot of the bed then climbed up in between Shockwave’s legs. He watched, as she seemed to crawl in a cat like fashion until she neared his rod. With each pulse of his energon pump it grew slightly in front of her. She bent at the elbows and leaned down on him licking his pole up onside and down the other. She licked him again this time in reverse. His rod hit full length from her little bit of stimuli. He watched intently making a note to see if he could at a later time give her the same feeling. His optics widened and he was suddenly forced to gasp as Juci took his length in to her mouth. She wanted to make sure he was ready for what she planned next, her port nearly dripping with her own liquid. She wanted him and wasn’t about to let him go.

Shockwave turned on his optics as the suction of his rod subsided. Juci sat up and smiled with an evil grin, and then she crawled over his legs. She lowered herself on his rod till she sat on him completely. She flexed slightly, rising. Shockwave thrust in to her as she came down. She leaned forward a little placing her hand in his chest. He held her around her aft giving support to her slow pace. Juci though was in no mood to take her time, she quickened the pace at a steady rate until she could feel his hard pole nearly leave her port totally, and then return only to fill it again. Shockwave moved his hand around from her aft to the front of her port; he braced his fingers on her abdomen to keep his hand steady with her pace. He searched for her outer sensor. Juci moaned softly between pants then nearly doubled her efforts when Shockwave found it.

Shockwave continued his thumb motions as the volume Juci produced increased at the same time as the pressure on his rod increased. He felt the heat radiate from her as well as her fingertips begin to dent the back of his shoulders as she hunched over him. Really he did not mind it was completely logical for her to react in such a way. He knew there was a very thin line between pleasure and pain. His own enjoyment was not cast aside but concentrated on Juci; the more she enjoyed it the closer it brought him. She grasped him tightly and threw her head back in silent scream. Her cables pulsed and tightened nearly to the point Shockwave let him self go. He released his own liquefied orgasm in to her as she panted hard and laid her head on his shoulder.

Shockwave held her tight as she came down from the high that he had brought. The time spent apart seemed to melt away as they became one. He could feel his rod losing its life but it didn’t matter, for this moment Juci was happy and that was all that mattered. She slid slightly to his left and lay still has he followed her not letting her go. His rod still pulsed slowly within her for the time being.

“I needed that.” Juci whispered.

“As did I.”

She smiled at his response then pushed a way a little. “Time for some cleaning.” She turned him over back on to his back, making his pole leave her port. She licked the tip then dove onto him opening her throat to take him down to the hilt. She could taste his juices mix with hers making a sweet yet slightly tart flavor. The deep purple rod pulsed again starting to come back to its full size quickly. She only smiled at him as she flopped down next to him. Shockwave got up next to her then pulled her lightly at the hip till she was on her knees he pushed into her and let his rod get soaked in her still excited port. Twice he did this then at a whine and a push back on to him, he was in her and buried deep and she was digging her fingers into anything within reach. The fun of sucking on him had her near the edge to begin with and a few thrusts later she was screaming again.

Shockwave pushed in time with his love as she panted heatedly, and her orgasm made her scream again. She tensed then relaxed. Shockwave felt her cables urging and milking his rod for its next installment. He thrust forward and held it letting nothing spill onto the floor. He himself had to taking cooling air, as the second release had taxed his systems. He lay down next to Juci, and pulled her back into his arms. Both then began a quiet recharge.

Prizm split ways with Raider in the command room; she headed directly to Megatron’s office. The door opened for her with out her asking, she stepped in and waited a second.

“I knew you would come.” Megatron turned from his ocean view to see Prizm waiting. Prizm narrowed her optics as a sarcastic retort came to her processor. “Your team has done well. I am impressed with your accomplishments.”

“Is that why you keep sending us and not Starscream?” Prizm couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

“No, they shall be leaving shortly, though he still doubts your usefulness.” Megatron sat in his chair.

“Does he? And just what do you think?” Prizm thought she might be opening a can of worms, but couldn’t resist.

“Starscream is a narrow minded fool. You have more uses than he will ever realize.”

Prizm took that as a complement and walked around the desk. Megatron swiveled in his chair watching as she approached.

“That is good to know.” Prizm kneeled on to his lap a hint of trouble in her optics. Megatron let her sit his mood extremely high from the successful mission. His hands followed her shape of her chassis as he found the hinges to her armor. He pulled the armor and let it fall to the ground next to him. Prizm refusing to be out done took his and let it fall next to hers. He pulled her close lifting her up, her breasts in his face. He reached out with his tongue circling then sucking her nipple. Prizm leaned in to him for more, her optics dim with pleasure. She then saw the muzzle of his alt mode and had and idea. She leaned in to him a little more then licked it. Megatron tensed for an instant the odd sensation he felt coming from his back drawing his attention. The long smooth laps of Prizm's tongue gave him a mental image of her doing that to his pole. His interface grew and pressed against his armor. Prizm lifted herself to lick to the tip of the barrel. Megatron removed his armor releasing the pressure on his extending pole.

Prizm had felt his movements though he has never stopped sucking her nipple. She relaxed and slid down his frame, heat came from under her and his pole slid past her port and up in between the two of them. She smiled face to face with Megatron his mischievous smirk coming back at her. She pushed up against him making his pole move against her outer sensor. He moved his hands to the small of her back and held her tight. The motion on her sensor caused her to shiver. He leaned and kissed her Prizm fully willing kissed back. Megatron parted his lips something he had learned from Prizm as an old human courting response, instantly her tongue entered his mouth and began to explore it. She lifted up and way then came back down each glide trickling more of her fluid on to his pole. She kissed him again, and he took her queue her lips parted and he began to explore her more. He pushed in to her deepening the kiss and feeling her excitement. She rose again pulling them apart. This time on her slide back down Megatron stiffened forcing his rod to aim at her wanting port, she loved slowly his rod pushing in to her with a slight pressure.

Prizm’s face changed as her muscle cables stretched to permit the Decepticon leader’s large silver pole. She blinked her optics but refused to show any discomfort. She came to a rest in his lap; he put his arms around her and lifted her slowly. Prizm took a sharp breath that whistled threw her filters as she moved back down on him. Megatron held her optic to optic with him then leaned in pulling her to him in to another kiss.

The kiss seemed to last forever, but it was not long enough for Prizm. Megatron had begun to lift her again and their lips parted. His rod slid out then pushed back in as he let her rest on him again. The pain had receded and it felt more like the emptiness was now filled. Of course it was always that way. Megatron had something about him that had made her feel whole from the beginning. He lifted her again; this time she arched her back to get the movement without moving her head as much as possible. He leaned in to her and kissed her again this time with a deep passion. Only a few minutes later Prizm couldn’t help break and drew air in to her quickly heating systems. Megatron took that instance to speed his pace and find a small spot to lick on her neck. She trembled in his grasp nearing her high point as he licked along her; he let her settle on him again. Prizm opened her optics to see him looking back at her with an intensity she had seen only once before.

He spoiled her and began a simple, yet strong stroke. Anything that came close to his mouth was licked or kissed. She slid up and her breast came in contact with his oral receptor; he flicked it and then sucked it hard. Prizm took in air in a rapid pant making it sound as if she screamed in. Megatron then leaned back in the chair allowing him to use it more to thrust up into her. She leaned forward; her hands on his chest. Her fingers trembled as she rose and fell again, the pressure was building too quickly and soon she would be unable to hold it back. She held herself down on him only moving when he moved, her cables grasping at him squeezing his rod wanting to near push it out. Pleasure covered her and the tremors in her arms shook more violently threatening to give way. Megatron let his own hot liquid spray into Prizm as he forced himself deeper into her. He moved his hands from her waist and steadied her arms moving them to the side bringing her down to near lay on him. Her intakes worked over time, she wasn’t sure if it were the chair, the office, or just perfect timing, nor did it matter; her processor was beginning to slow as one by one non essential systems began to shut down.

Soundwave moved from his monitoring position the instant the elevator closed behind Starscream. Rumble and Frenzy had already unloaded half of Astrotrain when he stepped inside to carry a stack himself.

“Anxious to go to her?” Astrotrain talked through his internal speakers.

Soundwave froze for a moment like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He rethought Astrotrain’s question. “Affirmative.” He finally answered, surprised at himself.

“She really is something different.”

Soundwave walked out thinking it odd Astrotrain was talking so much. “Yes very pleasing.” He stacked the energon on the floor with the rest.

“They are surprisingly good,” Rumble added.

“Shut up and unload him so I can beat you at Call of Duty again.” Frenzy pushed Rumble.

Soundwave made three more trips and Astrotrain was empty. The gray and purple triple changer transformed.

“They are a lot better than Starscream gives them credit for.” Astrotrain added, as he and Soundwave walked to the elevator.

Soundwave knew from the beginning that Raider had liked other Decepticons, and that Astrotrain was one. He always sensed her honesty with him, so it gave him no reason to doubt her. Astrotrain however was another story; he reached out with a hint of telepathy to see if he could find a reason for Astrotrain’s questions. It wasn’t hard to find as if Astrotrain had wanted him to find it, a strong attraction to Raider. He wasn’t surprised. Most in the base has taken a liking to one or sometimes more of the femmes. He thought for a moment as the elevator stopped at the command room his willingness to please starting to take over.

Soundwave looked over Astrotrain, to him he wasn’t the best looking Decepticon, but if his mate was interested no point in holding her back from a good time. Soundwave stopped Astrotrain before they walked in to the hall. There was a small silence and a bit of confusion on the triplechanger side, just before Soundwave spoke.

“Join me.”

Astrotrain smiled a bit of an evil grin. “Again? You want me to go with you?”


Astrotrain paused moment thinking about what it was Soundwave had in mind. “It was fun wasn’t it?” he shifted his weight from one foot to another, in restless excitement.


“Yes, alright.” Soundwave started down the hall and Astrotrain followed.

Soundwave stopped at the door to his quarters, Astrotrain on his heels. He could sense that Raider was waiting for him inside. He coded the door then stepped in. Raider heard the door open then as if on queue she sat up on the recharge chamber to greet her love. Her optics widened as she saw Astrotrain following him from the general living area in to the recharging room. Soundwave’s optics flashed in a quiet smile as he met her optics. She stood a little bashful as she met Soundwave’s arms in an embrace.

She looked at Astrotrain and smiled a slightly devilish grin.

“Come in Astrotrain.” She smiled. Her optics flared. Astrotrain took a step forward joining them at Soundwave’s side. Raider reached out to his wing and skimmed the surface of it, tracing the purple stripe from his shoulder to the tip and then down and around. She did the same on the other side giving him shivers. Soundwave took her hand and pulled her to him. She let his hands wander as he unfastened her breastplate and placed it nicely on the floor. She turned around in front of Soundwave and he removed her lower armor from behind.

To Astrotrain it looked extremely erotic just the way Soundwave moved with her shape how she knew when to move as he did, it was quite a feat to behold. Soundwave then let Raider go and she came back to Astrotrain totally exposed. He watched her motion as she walked, sleek slow as if some feline on the prowl; his jaw dropping in the process.

Raider held out her hand to his jaw and pushed, “Are you just going to stand there?” She asked flashing an evil grin.

“Um.” Astrotrain smiled. “No.” attentively he cupped at her breast, he was unsure what he could do and not piss off Soundwave in the process. Raider came closer and moved his one hand from her breast to her aft then pulled him close. She searched long his armor for the release clasps, one by one unclasping them and then backing away. Still surprised Astrotrain’s chest armor and cod piece fell to the ground with a loud clunk. Soundwave came to her and pulled her to him by the hand, she let him lead her to the bed as he sat in front of her. Astrotrain stepped over his pile of armor as Raider kneeled down between Soundwave’s legs and took the navy rod into her grasp. Astrotrain’s jaw was starting to sag again, then from under the femme a finger came out wiggling as if to draw him closer, he did as indicated and the hand started to feel for him, he kneeled a little closer and she found his rod. Pulling on it a little she pointed him in the direction of her port. Finally understanding the triple changer slowly thrust his now rigid pole slowly in to Raider. Hot air escaped her mouth around Soundwave’s invading rod, as ‘Train slid in as deep as he could.

Hot sticky fluid pulsed out of Astrotrain as he pulled his rod from Raider, he knew it was possible for these femmes to spark new Decepticons or that was what was going around, apparently some new programming had come about and these three were the ones they had decided to test it on; really he didn't want Soundwave to miss having that privilege. He was thrusting into her at a normal pace but he wasn't sure what had made him come so quickly. He placed a finger on the port where his rod had just occupied, inside he could feel her cables retracting making the entire space smaller. He had known that it had felt tight, but he didn't know just how much she had control over the pressure. He sat back and smiled, he knew exactly why Soundwave had allowed himself to finally get involved with another fem.

Raider stopped her sucking on Soundwave and turned on her hands and knees, facing 'Train. "That was fast. I bet I can make you do it again." He looked up at her to see the most evil face he had seen in his life. He thought for a moment she might be the death of him. Raider crawled over and began to lap up the spilt juice, Soundwave following her from the bed to the floor taking over where 'Train had left off in her port. He had nearly released in her mouth and knew both Raider and himself were close. She started down on 'Train's rod and licked it clean, with each swipe of her tongue it pulsed a little life into it. Finally he was hard again and she took its entire length in. 'Train's optics nearly popped out as he couldn't stand the sensation. He thrust up and in shooting his fluid into Raiders mouth.

Soundwave had his sensors on full; 'Train's pleasure was emanating badly and only helped to push him to his limit. He used that to project his desire to Raider as she came back on him exactly in time with his thrusts. She couldn't handle it any longer and her muscle cables tightened as she hit her peak. Her hard panting and body wanting more drove the last bit in Soundwave, her cables pulling on his rod completing the chain effect; he thrust in and held there letting her cables massage his rod and milk it for the fluid he had.

Astrotrain was shocked; he had never felt anything like it. Not to mention it pulling from his energon reserves. He fought to stay online till he got to the bed. He also prayed that Soundwave wouldn't mind if he recharged a little.

Raider smiled and Soundwave came from behind her and lay next to her on the floor.

"We wore him out" she teased.

"Yes." Soundwave answered. He had considered many things when he had come across the thoughts of Astrotrain on Raider’s mind. One had not been jealousy as he already knew how much she cared for her, though one on the other hand was how another mech might react to his telepathic expressions. It was interesting, and he wanted to test it some more.

"I had better get some rest, things to do in the morning." She crawled into the bed next to 'Train and fell asleep.

Soundwave only sat a moment longer. His desk chair had a recharge cable he would work and recharge there.

Mission Successful
DDA Winning Over the Army 09   Dawning of the Decepticon Age DDA Taking Control 011

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