Operation Black Out
Hit them hard, and fast.

Chapter Six

Operation Black Out

Megatron stood in front of the monitors in the citadel. He felt that he was now in a position to finally end this war in his favor. As his thoughts of exterminating the Autobots ran rapid, he started to concentrate on a new plan. Things were still unorganized at the citadel, and this made him furious. He was in sole command, which was how he liked it. There was one draw back to that; petty questions and routine reports were piling on his desk. Because of the term oil in the ranks that Galvatron allowed there was a questioning of the officers. Though there was an old familiarity of the older officers, no one had been implemented with any certainty. So far the only one to have shown any power, other than Megatron himself was Soundwave. Soundwave had taken full control of the fortress in his absence, and had sent a daily report. The citadel needed more structure.

“Shockwave!” Megatron yelled.

“Yes Megatron.” Shockwave stood from his console.

“I am going to send Sixshot here with you. You will be commander of the citadel once again. I want full reports. Check the Spacebridge as well, I want the security measures Soundwave has installed on the Earth spacebridge implemented. If the Autobots find out that we are using it they will certainly try to destroy it.”

“Understood Megatron.” Shockwave walked in to the small office that was now his again, and began going through reports. For the last six days he had been working with the Constructicons removing the Autobots scanners, finally Hook and Scrapper had announced the citadel clean. He then returned to the command center to monitor the sensors.

Megatron left the citadel for Dark Mount, once there he would resolve many of the other issues. He flew in to the hanger, where Dirge had been posted. As he landed Dirge nodded and stepped aside, leaving the walk way clear for him. He entered the hall and continued to the command room. Once in there he found Starscream, he stood at the back of the room watching the seeker monitor the sensors. ‘He undeniably has changed.’ Megatron thought. Starscream had lived up to his story, however he did not personally trust the jet, he could now count on the jet to carry his orders out no questions asked. He walked over to the console where the seeker worked.

“All sensors are fully operational, and on high alert.” Starscream reported.

“Excellent. Send Sixshot to the citadel. And have Octane take your post. Assemble the rest of the jets, I have a mission for you.”

“Understood.” Starscream answered then went back to working the console. He relayed the orders then turned back to face Megatron. “Task accomplished.”

“I want you to lead an attack on the Autobot sensors. I want everything on the borders destroyed. When your mission is complete, instruct Astrotrain and Blitzwing to report to Soundwave for further instructions.”

“Are we to engage the Autobots there?” Starscream asked.

Megatron cracked an evil smirk at the thought. “ If you happen to hit an Autobot so be it, but do not let it interfere with completing your mission.”

Octane came through the door and to the console.

“Octane inform Shockwave to watch the Autobots activity. Starscream you may start your mission at your leisure.”

Starscream left the command room then stopped just out side the door. ‘At my leisure?’ He questioned. He had already relayed the orders to the others to meet him in the hanger. He shook his head a moment, he was sure that Megatron was up to something, then continued in to the hanger.

In the hanger eight jets and two triple changers waited for him. As he explained the mission many of their faces took a small grin. They had not been flying since the initial attack, which was short, and hardly worth it to them. As Starscream finished, Runabout came in to free Dirge for the mission.

“Are there any Questions?” The Air Commander asked. A few looked at each other and then gave the equivalent of shrugging their shoulders. The mission was pretty simple.

“Very well.” Starscream took a few running steps toward the bay opening, and then transformed. “Decepticons transform and follow me!” he yelled back.

The jets flew in a pyramid formation through the sky, in perfect synchronization. They flew past the top of the citadel’s tower, to the border that was closest to Iacon. This mission was not difficult, but it was without a doubt dangerous. As soon as they came in to sensor range the Autobot turrets open fired. Speed was the jets advantage, the turrets were unable to track the jets fast enough to get target lock.

“Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Scourge, get as close as possible and destroy the radar sensors. Skywarp, Thundercracker, cover them.” Starscream’s voice came over the comlink. “Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, Tornado, destroy the turrets. Cyclonus you are with me.” After finishing giving orders Starscream kicked his throttle up to near full and pulled away. Cyclonus did the same keeping up with the Air Commander, but not gaining on him. When the two lone jets neared a small Autobot out post Starscream slowed down allowing Cyclonus to catch him.

“The main sensor relay computer is here, it will take them twice as long to repair the sensors after we are finished with it.” Starscream told Cyclonus.

The out post had one lone Autobot who had only been there on a routine maintenance check. The post was not large and many average Autobots would not be able to stand inside. Wheelie sat at the small console as alarms wailed at every checkpoint. He struggled to gain control as he tried to realign the sensors to keep up with the Decepticon jets. He had not noticed the two Decepticons who had squeezed in to the building.

Starscream blasted the computer with the high-energy plasma rifle, which he had yet to switch back to his Null ray.

Wheelie tried to jump out of the chair and behind a storage container, but it was too late. Cyclonus grabbed the minibot and held him, while Starscream continued to obliterate the computers. A few moments later Starscream turned to Cyclonus.

“Mission complete, and we have a trophy.” He grabbed wheelie by the arm and away from Cyclonus. He pointed his rifle at the midsection of the minibot. “Give my regards to the matrix Autobrat.” He said then fired.

The hot plasma pierced the Autobot and hit the computer behind them. The orange minibot’s lower half fell to the floor. The face was now frozen in fear as Starscream tossed the lifeless bot toward Cyclonus. Cyclonus shot the minibot again as if flew through the air, it disintegrated in to nothing but slag fragments.

“Let’s go.” Starscream ordered as he left the small building. Out side both transformed and circled around. “Destroy the building.” Both jets open up with their wing blasters, causing the small building to turn a rose red as it was engulfed in flames, and then exploded.

Cyclonus said nothing he watched the actions of the air commander and committed to memory the fact that Starscream had done more than what was asked of him, and had absolutely enjoyed it completely. ‘I have only seen Starscream twice, though when he had possessed me it had not been this Starscream. This Starscream was a great warrior.’ Starscream had earned Cyclonus’ respect as a superior.

Starscream and Cyclonus joined the other jets and persisted to remove sensors and turrets, along the rest of the borders of Polyhex. There were two other small computer centers that the two jets made short work of, and then regrouped again.

Starscream had his own sensors on full and made the full border run again, to assure him self that all the turrets and sensors had been destroyed. When he returned to the area where he had left the others, Dirge had fired on the last turret.

“Decepticons we have completed our mission, return to base.” Starscream commanded. Then he opened a direct comlink with Astrotrain and Blitzwing. “You are to report to Soundwave upon arrival.” Both triple changers replied an affirmative.

Soundwave had just reached Megatron’s office; Megatron had called him there not long after Starscream had left. This time he had not bothered to sound the door. He walked in and stood silently at the front of the large elegant desk.

“Have you made preparations for Astrotrain and Blitzwing?” Megatron did not look up from his computer monitor.

“Affirmative.” Soundwave answered.

“Shockwave has informed me that the changes that you made to the spacebridge design have been implemented. Send them to Earth after they have finished refueling.” Megatron paused for a moment. “I want to send a small group back to Charr as well, we will use it for a storage area.”

Soundwave said nothing as usual.

Megatron looked up at Soundwave. “I want to send Rumble and Frenzy to Charr. Equip Blastoff with the cloaking device and dispatch them as soon as possible.” He watched his lieutenant for any hint to what the indigo ‘con might be thinking. When none came, he conceded and started to work on the computer again.

Soundwave turned and exited the office; he had not needed to communicate the news to the two cassette warriors. He had simply let them listen through him as their leader spoke. He ejected them both from his chest compartment. Then walked to the console to contact Blastoff. After closing the channel with Blastoff, the console lit up with an incoming message from Starscream.

“Operation Black out completed. Returning to base.”

Soundwave routed the message to Megatron’s computer. He turned around to see his two cassettes standing there simply staring at him. Their mission was potentially a long lasting assignment. He said nothing to them, there was no need. They sent him their feelings through the telepathic link, and while they were not afraid, they had never been so far from him, for that long of a time. He knew that they would go, and that regardless of the little squabbles between the two, they would fulfill their duties diligently and with out questions.

The two triple changers came in to the command room as instructed. Soundwave explained that both would be instructed to use the spacebridge, but the main part of the mission was for Astrotrain to haul the energon to Cybertron and to Charr as well. The timing was simple, one shipment to each on a daily basis.

“So we ship energon, then keep quiet. Sounds easy enough. A little boring though.” Blitzwing said.

“Better than waiting around here.” Astrotrain answered.

Soundwave nodded, and then led them both out to the citadel for instruction.

Reports came in, as the whole sector of Polyhex seemed to just drop off the sensor grid totally.

“What happened? Ultra Magnus asked Lightspeed, who had received a short link only seconds before.

“Wheelie reported Decepticons attacking the sensors, but it was abruptly cut off.” The Technobot replied.

Magnus nodded acknowledgement to the bit and contacted Optimus Prime on his comlink. “Magnus to Prime.”

“Yes Magnus.”

“Decepticons have disabled all sensors in and around Polyhex. I believe that they may also have Wheelie.”

“Send out the Aerialbots and the Dinobots to the out post.”

“Understood. Magnus out.” He closed the link. ‘At least the Dinobots can handle any Decepticons that still might be there.’ He thought.

Prime looked at the sensor grid himself from the computer in his office. Just as Magnus had said the whole sector was black, as were many of the surrounding areas. He knew Megatron well, and this was not at all good. It was plain to him that Megatron was planning some thing large, and what ever it was Megatron didn’t want him finding out.

It was time to check on Perceptor. He had sent the scientist to Earth; his assignment was to see if there was a way to spark life in to the volcano that the Ark had crashed in to. An energy source is what the Autobots needed. He patched through on his computer.

Sureshot’s image filled the screen. “Yes sir.” Was said and the image changed to Perceptor’s.

“How is the progress coming?” The Autobot leader asked.

“Not good. The global tectonic plates have enclosed the fracture that permitted the magma to surge.”

“I see.”

“There is nothing that we can perform short of excavating a fresh fissure ourselves.”

“No.” Prime replied. He remembered the drill that the Constructicons had used before; it had nearly destroyed the Earth. “Return to Autobot city. We will think of some thing else.” Prime closed the link. Since the Autobots had chased the Decepticons off Earth over nearly ten years ago, the people of earth had slowly, but surely wanted all Cybertronians to leave. The Autobots were no longer privileged to roam the planet freely, as in the agreement with the world leaders, which had allowed them to stay and defend the planet.

Autobot city was self-sufficient; it manufactured its own energon from the river that ran next to it. At this point though the damage that the city had taken had cut the production in half. Repairs have been made, and all generators were now functioning, but its resources were being used to rebuild the city.

On Cybertron the Autobots had brought large stores with them, which were still quite full, but with the on set of war returning the supply would not nearly last long enough. Prime’s worry was Megatron’s supply. No one knew where he had got it from, but by the show of force that he had used to gain Polyhex, it was obvious he was not conserving.

Prime started to consider doing something that went against some of his own personal principals. Taking an offensive stance. He had done it before in the name of the rights of others. Still it was not some thing that he would enjoy choosing to do, but neither was war. It was time for another meeting. He opened his comlink to Blaster.

“Inform all officers there will be a meeting in the board room in two hours.”

“Right-o man.” Blaster responded.

Astrotrain arrived over the spacebridge carrying the first shipment of energon. Longhaul waited as Sixshot and Misfire loaded him, he would be escorted by Dirge and Thrust to Dark Mount. Astrotrain now empty returned to earth back through the spacebridge. Shockwave scanned the sensors again. The additions Soundwave made to the spacebridge worked perfectly, and the Autobots had not detected it.

Once everyone was at the meeting Prime stood up. “Megatron has taken every precaution to prevent us from finding out what he is doing. The Aerialbots and Dinobots have reported that all sensors and defenses around Polyhex have been destroyed. Sadly one of our own has suffered at the hands of Megatron's insane greed for power already. This has to stop here. We can not allow Megatron to enslave planets.”

“To attempt to attack the citadel or that fortress of his is suicide.” Ultra Magnus countered.

“I am not suggesting that we attack, but to provoke Megatron in to attacking us.”

“Yes, to bring them out in to our defense grid would be an advantage.” Kup injected.

“Right. We don’t have the sensors to see what is going on, but we could handle them here.” Hot Rod added.

“I want to aggravate Megatron. See what he reacts to, I want a better picture of his motives.”

“I don’t think that is necessary.” Every one shifted their optics to the Autobot who sat at the back of the room. “ All we need is some one who can report their activities from the inside.”

“A spy mission of that sort would take too long to start.” Springer said.

“I don’t think so.” The Autobot stood up and then transformed. His body shifted not to that of a vehicle or a weapon, but another robot.

“Punch. If you are volunteering for this mission I must warn you, if Megatron learns who you are, he will not hesitate to terminate you. Decepticons do not tolerate spies. This is extremely dangerous.” Optimus Prime spoke with concern. Having an in side bot would be a great asset, but it could also mean death.

“Counter-Punch sir.” The spy said.

Prime nodded. “Alright. Then begin as soon as possible.” Prime’s comlink buzzed. “Prime here.”

“Sir, news from Earth. Energy supplies granted.” Strafe said.

“That’s good news. Prime out.” He turned from the table to face the dimly lit window. “Earth is supporting our attempt to stop the Decepticons here by sending us enough energy to revitalize Cybertron. Hot Rod, relay orders for every one to assemble. Kup, see if there is any way you can find a hole in their defenses. Springer, take the Aerialbots and fly to the boarders. I want to know how close we can get before the defenses fire on you. Blaster, call as many as they can spare from Earth. Arcee, find Elita One explain the situation. We would like their help as well.” Prime then left with out another word.

“Shockwave to Dark Mount.”

“Proceed Shockwave.”

“The Autobots have launched a shuttle from the far side of Iacon. It’s heading is that of Earth.”

“Confirmed: Megatron informed.”

“Understood. Shockwave out.”

Soundwave closed the link to the citadel. It was obvious to him that the Autobots were sending for re-enforcements. He checked the spacebridge logs. So far twenty-seven shipments had been made to the citadel and twice as many to Charr. Thirty had been the quota set before the triple changers were to return. Reports from Charr were quiet; the Autobots thus far had not discovered the stores there.

So they are calling re-enforcements are they? Well we will just even the odds.’ Megatron thought while reading Soundwave’s report. He opened his comlink.

“Soundwave, recall our forces on Earth and Charr.”

“As you command Megatron.” Soundwave’s harmonics came back.

Megatron cut the link and began to formulate a plan. He wanted to force the Autobots off Cybertron, then he would ignore Earth, instead he would conquer the rest of the galaxy. Though Earth was now a valuable resource, the operation there was secret, and one of his top priorities was not to let it be found. He would keep the Autobots at bay, make his Empire stronger, and once he had other resources at his disposal, he would then terminate the entire planet.

“Autobots, I want you to position your selves just out of range of their defenses. The objective is to apply pressure and provoke then in to making the first move.” Prime ordered as he and the main Autobot force rolled toward the boarder of Polyhex.

The Retun of Megatron!

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