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Chapter Five


Cybertron was quiet; the Quintessons had been driven in to deeper space, and all seemed to be at peace. It had been three earth months since the disappearance of Astrotrain, and that had bothered Prime. Decepticons in general, never lied low for any long period of time. He sat at his desk to read reports.

Some of the sensor reports had become erratic, reporting when not scheduled or sometimes not at all. This problem had occurred with the Charr sensors, Prime had sent Springer to manually operate the sensors, as well as repair them.

Springer’s reports had come back normally, and had more thought in them. Springer had noted of the disappearance of Galvatron, and the sweeps, that Cyclonus and Scourge were seen on the surface. Soundwave was indeed gone again, though Shockwave had appeared.

Once the sensors were repaired he returned.

Prime had figured on most of these, and had issued orders down the line to keep sensors on full. All the things that were being done were not in Galvatron's style. Prime had not fought Galvatron enough times to determine what his motives were, unlike Megatron whom he had been battling for over nine million years. As that thought filtered through his processor, he began to see the connections. ‘First the glitches, then Soundwave’s disappearance, Astrotrain’s travels, now Galvatron’s disappearance.’ He let the thought roll through is processor again. He was hard pressed to believe that Galvatron would just disappear. The fact that Cyclonus and Scourge were still there did not make it any better. He had wanted to send a scouting party down to Charr’s surface to see if they could find the whereabouts of Galvatron or Soundwave, but lacked the resources to do so. Things just did not add up, he had consulted Magnus, and the others, who were all agreed that the Decepticons were in no shape to make any moves. Prime found himself thinking about Galvatron's style again. ‘Is it possible?’ He wondered.

Apparently soon he would have his answer, as the alarms started going off and Ultra Magnus’ voice came over the internal comlink.

“Autobots, battle stations! We are under attack by Decepticons!”

Prime got up from his desk and ran to the control room.

“Where?” He demanded.

“They just appeared in Polyhex. They are attempting to retake Dark Mount. Cyclonus is leading.”

“Hot Rod, Springer, Magnus, we can not let them get a base here. Arcee, radio the others to meet us there. Autobots roll out.”

Going back about twenty Earth minutes.

Cyclonus led the first wave, the strike force that consisted of Scourge, Tornado, Mindwipe, the Predacons, the Combaticons, Sixshot, and the Terrorcons. Cyclonus and the fliers’ strafed the surface picking off any movement while behind, the ground forces were led by Sixshot. They ravaged the Autobot defense systems, and any Autobot that dared come out.

Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Shockwave, kept their cloaking devices on and flew in to the hanger of Dark Mount itself. The three jets transformed and landed, Shockwave had already dispensed the two guards that had been posted.

“Quickly, this way.” Starscream led. His weapon of choice the null-ray, had been switched up to a high plasma rifle, he had not intended on taking any prisoners.

Astrotrain waited in orbit undetected, using the cloaking device. Shockwave was to send a signal once he had taken control of the fortress.

Cyclonus spotted Prime and the others as they sped there way to Dark Mount.

“Decepticons, we must hold them here!” He angled down and then began to fire on Prime. His shots just glancing off, he led the jets on another strafe this time aimed at Ultra Magnus. The other jets targeted Hot Rod on his left and Springer on the right, both pulled away to avoid the attack.

“Autobots transform, and defend yourselves!” Prime yelled.

Cyclonus relayed the Autobots position to Sixshot, who then altered course to intercept. Once Sixshot could see the out numbered Autobots he began to give commands.

“Combaticons, Terrorcons, merge!” The two teams did as instructed. “ Do not let the Autobots reach Dark Mount!” He turned to see Razorclaw.

Razorclaw saw the signal. “Predacons from Predaking!”

Five animals jumped in to the air, then Predaking then hovered a few moments then took off toward the fortress.

The two giants pinned the Autobots down, there had been only four of them, but Cyclonus knew that these four were the Autobots top four. Down the street to Cyclonus’ left two more Autobots came as reinforcements, quickly he banked around and relayed orders to Scourge to stay and continue to lead the battle with Prime. He broke formation and lowered his altitude, the two Autobots that came speeding at him seemed unfamiliar, then again he was not that familiar with many of the earth Autobots. He fired his weapons at the red and yellow cars that just dodged them and sped forward. He started to feel a little more satisfied, ‘So the Autobots do have more than just one good warrior.’ He continued to speed to them, and then the two Autobots transformed and leapt at him. He barrel rolled away only to find the two closer, they had jet packs. Before he could maneuver again they landed on him, though Predaking blasted them right off, on his way to the gates of Dark Mount. Cyclonus made a mental note of the two Autobots and when back to the battle.

Scourge had taken the rest of the air warriors and flew higher in to the air to avoid the laser fire from the turrets of Dark Mount. Then after an order from Sixshot they flew to meet him, where they landed and continued fighting. The Decepticons gained ground, closing in on the four Autobots.

Starscream and his small group got to the command room virtually unopposed. Many of the Autobots where still stationed on earth, and the ones that were here were spread thinly to cover sensors. Shockwave sent the signal first, then proceeded to bring online the fortress defenses. He mused to himself as he over road the Autobot programming with ease, ‘foolish Autobots, they lack any real technology.’

Starscream opened his comlink to Sixshot. “We have the fortress, inform Cyclonus to stay. You are to come to the command center.”

“Yes, commander Starscream.”

Starscream close the link.

“Thundercracker, Skywarp, to the citadel.” Starscream ran out, his wingmates on his heels. The three jets transformed as they ran through the hanger door. Starscream could feel the excitement of battle welling within him. He and the two jets set the grounds ablaze as they flew over Prime’s position. Starscream hit Hot Rod dead on and the Autobot slid out of sight.

“Megatron, Shockwave sends word fortress taken.” Soundwave’s monotone rang through Astrotrain's command room.

“Good. Right on schedule. Astrotrain take us to the citadel.” Megatron commanded.

Astrotrain lit his thrusters and banked around for entry to the atmosphere. His sights set at landing nearly on top the citadel. He came through righting and leveling himself out. Through the windows the battle near the fortress could be seen. Astrotrain landed at the citadel, nearly scraping his wing on it.

“Decepticons Attack!” Megatron roared, as he practically burst through Astrotrain's doors.

Starscream had been right; there were more guarding the citadel than the fortress. Blitzwing, Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, and then Astrotrain flew back up in to the sky. Starscream and the other seekers greeted them, grouping up, the jets let out hails of plasma and laser fire in to the Autobots turrets below, making entry in to the citadel easy.

The Constructicons led the way by dispensing the two Throttlebots that had been left by the jets. Once in side they came across three out of the five Technobots. Megatron walked in to the control room, the Constructicons holding the three Autobots.

“Did they send a message?” Megatron asked.

“Yes Megatron. Before we arrived.” Bonecrusher answered.

Megatron walked up to the first Technobot, Nosecone. “ Go out side, pick up the remains of your friends, and then relay this message to Prime for me.” He leveled his fusion cannon at the Autobot. “Cybertron is MINE!” He blasted the bot with a normal fusion blast, and aimed at the other two, both, which received the same. The Constructicons took the smoking bots to the doors and pushed them out. The Technobots scrambled to leave, they knew what would happen if they got caught in the defense guns of the citadel.

“Soundwave activate our defenses.” Megatron ordered.

“Defenses activated, Megatron.”

“Good, lets see how Prime likes that.”

Prime notice that the turrets where now aiming at him and the other Autobots. That could only mean, the Decepticons had control over Dark Mount. Glancing over the battle scene he saw that they now had a battle on two fronts, the turrets of Dark Mount and Predaking in front, and the Decepticon ground force behind them.

“Autobots fall back!” he commanded.

“You can’t be serious! We’re just going to let Cyclonus have Dark Mount?” Hot Rod immediately shouted.

“We are out matched. You are damaged, and there are other ways to fight Decepticons.”

Prime’s comlink buzzed.

“Go ahead Arcee.”

“Sir, the Decepticons have taken Shockwave’s citadel.”

“Understood. Prime out.” Prime gave a nod to Ultra Magnus.

“Ultra Magnus to Blaster.”

“What’s up, my main man?”

“Send it over all Autobot channels. Anyone in or around Polyhex, report to Iacon immediately.”

“Whoa harsh news. Ok will do.”

Magnus closed the link and looked at Prime.

“I do not like this, Prime.”

“Nether do I. I want a meeting as soon as we get back. I will hold them off. Autobots roll out!” Prime stood his ground as Magnus transformed and hauled Hot Rod and Springer right through the Decepticon line. He knocked Menasor over giving them the distraction they needed to escape. Prime followed his lead, but was stopped when he took a hit from Sixshot. He aimed back and shot at Sixshot knocking the ground leader back. He then transformed and sped away.

Prime could here the rumble if the jets as they passed near the citadel on the way to Iacon.

The jets caught the Autobots and began to fire. Springer, Ultra Magnus, and Hot Rod, transformed and returned fire. The colors and shapes of the jets where all too familiar, they took cover in a burned out building.

“Optimus, that can’t be Starscream. Galvatron terminated him.” Hot Rod whispered.

The roar of the jets thundered as they transformed and landed out side the building. Prime had his first good look at all of them.

“That’s Thundercracker and Skywarp too. What is going on here?” Magnus asked.

Skywarp teleported in to the building, and fired on Magnus, Springer jumped on Skywarp knocking him to the floor. Springer stood preparing to fire on the jet, but Skywarp teleported out again.

“Yeah there in there. Four of them, Prime, Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, and that Springer.” Skywarp reported, furiously. He had a small dent where Springer tackled him.

“Good. Thundercracker it is time to bring the house down.” Starscream commanded.

Thundercracker transformed facing away from the building, using his brakes to hold his position he threw his thrusters to full. The ear shattering sonic boom hit the damaged building causing it to collapse.

At Iacon Arcee compiled the data from the sensors they had left, and the salvageable data from the sensors that were destroyed. She knew that Prime would want them as soon as possible. Suddenly she saw three jets, which she knew, had been deactivated. She highlighted the section for Prime to see. A few moments later another thing caught her optic, at the citadel a camera had caught the door of Astrotrain, when the Decepticons had attacked. The tall silver robot was only on screen for a nano-klick, she had to replay it then pause it. As the truth sunk in to her processor, her face distorted in horror.

“Megatron. No.” She whispered.

Cosmos had been sitting near by, also writing a report. “What is the matter Arcee?”

She said nothing, just pointed at the screen. Cosmos face changed as well

Springer waited, he wanted the jets to leave. After the he could no longer hear their engines, his started his rotor. His blades pounded the ruble that was only lightly on him, freeing him to stand. He looked around, and then began to dig out Optimus. The damage was minimal, as they finished helping Magnus out. They transformed and drove to Iacon.

Optimus Prime walked in to the control center at a quick pace, dust still falling with his movements.

“Blaster, I want a meeting in the board room NOW.”

Blaster sent the information out, and Optimus walked out, right to the boardroom. Those who had been with him were already sitting, those who had known him well, were also present. That had left only three who had not yet shown up, Nosecone, First-aide, and Wreck-Garr. Optimus sat down and began to read the report that Arcee had just finished. Finally Wreck-Garr came in, but he was alone.

Optimus activated his comlink. ”Nosecone report.” Nothing came back. “Hot Spot report.”

“Hot Spot here sir. I am on my way. First-aide is with Nosecone, he took a nasty fusion blast.”

“Understood.” Prime’s fears had been confirmed. Some way or another, Megatron had been brought back, and what ever had happened he was sure that Soundwave had done it.

“Have all the Autobots left the sector, Soundwave?” Megatron asked.

“Yes Megatron.”

“Excellent. Contact Shockwave; inform him that we have the citadel. Starscream.” Megatron whirled around to see the seeker. “Take the jets to Dark Mount. The others and I will follow shortly.”

Starscream said nothing he just turned and left.

“Motormaster, clear all the roads from here to Dark Mount of anything Autobot.”

“C’mon guys, demolition derby time.” Motormaster shouted. With a few hoots and a grown by Deadend the other Stunticons followed him out.

“Constructicons, go over this structure with a fine ionized micro-scanner. I want no trace of Autobots here.”

Scrapper gave the Decepticon salute, and all six Constructicons walked out.

Megatron sat back at a control panel, content for the moment.

Out side the gate to Dark Mount Cyclonus touched down in robot mode. He stood there awe struck, but did not show it. His mind wondered. By all rights Megatron had taken the army back, and had accepted him too. Now he stood at the gate of the great fortress that had been and was to be again home, and control center for the Decepticon Empire. He scoffed. ‘Galvatron would have never been able to accomplish such a feat.’ He heard Scourge land near by and walk to his side.

“Today has been a victory, Cyclonus.”

“Indeed, a much needed victory for all Decepticons.”

Starscream and the jets flew overhead; after it was quiet Scourge spoke again.

“We have taken the citadel as well.”

“Yes it would appear so, two victories.”

“Megatron is a worthy leader.”

“True. Galvatron could not manage one victory needless to say two at once.”

“Agreed.” Scourge answered.

Both stood there a few more minutes, then Cyclonus’ comlink crackled to life.

“Starscream to Cyclonus.”

“Cyclonus here.”

“Come to the command room, we have repairs to be made.”


“Good. Starscream out.”

Cyclonus turned to Scourge. “Enough reflecting let us step in to the future, and embrace the new Empire.” Cyclonus then transformed and flew in to the hanger, Scourge with him.

When Hot Spot finally entered the room, he received a few cold stares, but he knew that it was not really meant for him.

“Does any one have more reports?” Optimus asked.

Most shook their heads, everything had happened so fast; many were unaware what had happened. Optimus uploaded the report and its pictures to the holo-projector on the table. He started from the beginning to fill in all his sub-commanders. Then he finally came to the attack that had just occurred.

“There are two major problems here, number one, it seems that not only have we under estimated Soundwave’s abilities, but the lack of him missing, went unchecked has led to this.” He paused the projector on the picture of Megatron stepping off Astrotrain. Shock spread over the crowd.

“I have been watching the reports from Charr, and Galvatron has not been reported seen in nearly six months. I believe that Megatron is the reason behind this.” Many nodded. “He has regained control and seems to have access to an energon source. So far, we do not know where he has been hiding or where the energy might be coming from. The second thing that concerns me is the reappearance of Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.”

“Our last files had stated that Starscream had been deactivated by Galvatron. Thundercracker and Skywarp were found near termination by Unicron, who reformatted them in to Cyclonus and Scourge.” Ultra Magnus read the file out loud.

“Cyclonus and Scourge were out there. How is that possible?” Springer asked.

“We’re not sure on that, but we have a conformation that it is Starscream, and not a clone or paint job.” Magnus answered.

“I suspect that is had to do with Unicron’s head, before it blew up.” Optimus started a new train of thought.

“It is a possibility that Unicron had downloaded them to his own data base, when he reformatted them.” Perceptor interjected.

“Not Megatron’s. Copied maybe, but I dealt with Galvatron before his plasma bath, it was definitely Megatron there.” Hot Rod answered.

“I believe that is where our missing Soundwave comes in.” Blaster spoke for the first time. “Everyone seems to forget that he is a telepath, man.”

“How he did it is not important right now. The fact that it is done and Megatron is back is what we have to face.” Optimus stood obviously irritated. “We will not be able to put up much of a battle here. If it is true, and Megatron has an energy source, we may be forced to leave Cybertron.”

“No way man! We worked too hard to get this place in shape, dude!”

“We do not have the resources to put up a proper battle. If Megatron does have the power, it will be a slaughter.” Magnus finished.

Everyone’s mood seemed to slump.

“We do have energon for now. We will do what we can and try to out last his supply.”

Starscream was proud of himself, as soon as he had returned he had started repairs on the other systems of Dark Mount. He had managed to bring them all online, despite the fact that he had not been there long. Megatron was inspecting them now, normally he would have been boastful about his undertakings, however now he just stood answering any question brought to him.

“Good work Starscream. You shall remain Air Commander. Soundwave, I want a meeting in the war room, have Cyclonus attend as well.”

“As you command Megatron.” Soundwave answered.

Megatron turned and walked to his old office.

As Starscream started working on more circuits he started to think. ‘He has changed as well. He would have never given me such a complement before. Things will be different this time.’ He looked over to Soundwave, who was at the communications console, contacting those who would be necessary for the meeting. Starscream had as well under estimated Soundwave. He had thought before that Soundwave was too loyal, and that was his only fault, now after the accomplishments that the communicator had done, he did not mind being under Soundwave’s command.

Soundwave looked up at Starscream who was staring back at him. “Starscream.”

Starscream shook his head slightly as if waking up.

“You are to be there as well.”

Starscream nodded and went back to his circuits.

After sending more aide to the citadel, Soundwave walked to the war room himself and took his seat. It had not been that long since they were there, at least not by transformer standards. It had been six earth years though, and in that time the Autobots had seemed to get in to just about everything.

Slowly, the sub-commanders filtered in, there were more now than before, adding Razorclaw and Hun-gurrr, to the list of combiner leaders. Then there was Sixshot and Cyclonus who had been promoted quite quickly. Once everyone was there Soundwave sent a silent communication to Megatron, who then walked in with Shockwave.

“Decepticons you have done well. Reward yourselves with and extra ration of energon. Tomorrow our schedule will start. Everyone will have a sentry duty, a spacebridge duty, as well as the daily base functions. I want the Autobots monitored at all times. I will be sending a group back to earth to continue shipping energon. The Autobots do not have the fuel reserves to combat us for long, we will retake Cybertron right out from under them. This time we are better prepared.”

“What happened at Autobot city will not happen again.” Starscream stated.

“Agreed.” Soundwave added. There had been a private meeting that had involved Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, and Cyclonus. Megatron had decided that should for any reason that he was unable to function as leader that leadership should default to Soundwave, until Megatron was fit to return. Soundwave had declined, stating that he did not want to be ruler of an Empire. Megatron made a rebuttal that though he would be on the front lines as he always had, he was sure that should he be damaged that it would not be life threatening. It was Shockwave and Cyclonus’ jobs to see that treachery was not tolerated, had they have to institute Soundwave. Being that Starscream was not the issue, though there were plenty of Decepticons with ambitions, it was just a precaution. Soundwave finally agreed.

Soundwave also knew a few things as well, the fact that normally he stayed at Megatron’s side. They are a very good team, and should Megatron get in to trouble, he and his small army would be there.

Starscream had no intent now on seizing power nor did he want to lose Megatron again. He was not sure that he would be able to function under another leader. He had been speaking with Soundwave often and got a good picture of what had happened on earth. It impressed him how much Soundwave really had done, almost completely alone. He no longer hated Soundwave; a respect had grown almost in to a friendship.

It was still touch and go with Megatron. Starscream could feel the leader’s hateful glare now and again, while he was on duty. He knew that with every step he took to right things Megatron had only given inches. He was gaining ground and he had decided that he would not stop until he had got to where he had been. The Left hand.

A thought had occurred to him, ‘Now that Shockwave was back in the picture, where would he stand?’ As he looked around the table he noticed a pattern. Naturally Megatron sat at the head of the table. On his right Soundwave, on Megatron's left a vacant seat, where he used to sit. Next to Soundwave was Shockwave then Sixshot. Passed the vacant seat was Cyclonus, then Blitzwing. It seemed that one side was the ground forces the other, the air. Though he had his title back he had been unwilling to push his luck by taking that seat.

The room was quiet only for a moment.

“Take your commands recharge them, and be on guard for retaliation. Prime does not want us here, but we will not leave either. Dismissed.” Megatron sat where he was, as did Soundwave and Starscream, everyone else had left. Megatron looked at Soundwave who nodded.

“Starscream you have redeemed yourself, but take heed in my only warning. Cyclonus is and excellent Air Commander, should you new found loyalty falter.” Megatron walked over to the seeker and rested a heavy hand on the jets air intake. “There will be no out bursts as there were on earth understood.”

“Yes Megatron.” He stated it boldly though there was a fear within him.

Megatron sat next to him. “I was sure that you had not changed.”

Starscream looked surprised. “I spent my time floating through space regretting and learning about myself. Though I must admit that Galvatron's idiocy was the icing on the oil cake.” Starscream lightly touched what had happened to him.

“Yes, as I was trapped in that madman, I brooded over many things, and I believe that it was I that fed Galvatron the anger. I tried to fight with him for control, but Unicron still had the power to keep me at bay. Soon I knew one of two things would happen, his own mind would come crashing down as a result of the plasma, and Unicron, or Soundwave would figure a way to bring me to the surface and repress Galvatron. I had felt Soundwave probing Galvatron, while Galvatron had needed repairs. To be fully relieved of Galvatron was a surprise.”

“I have realized that Soundwave is a great deal more resourceful than I had thought.” Starscream replied.

“Then you finally see precisely why I have him around in the first place.” Megatron retorted.

Soundwave sat there listening, but also contemplating the next move, yet another part of him was running through a quick memory. He had indeed known Megatron for almost two million years before they had met Starscream. Starscream had been very young then, and full of new thoughts with ambition. His immense skills in the air had caught Megatron's optics as a new tactic to push the Autobots in to submission. When asked to join, Starscream only had one request, to bring his wingmates Thundercracker and Skywarp. Megatron had no problem with that he had seen the trio work together and performed better than most seasoned jets. Starscream had lived up to his titles at the academy. No other Decepticon accept Megatron had more Autobot deactivation credits.

Soundwave brought his thoughts back to the table, where Megatron had again taken his own chair next to him, and Starscream joined him on his left.

“I am going to check the progress of the citadel. Soundwave you are in command.” Megatron got up and walked out.

Soundwave and Starscream sat for a moment.

“What are the plans?” Starscream finally asked.

“After the team is sent to earth. We will take one sector at a time, and refuel Cybertron.” Soundwave answered.

“Has the team been chosen?”


“We will be seeing action soon then.”


“Good all this waiting around has made me nervous.”


The Retun of Megatron!

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