Energon Shed
Well Tfs Don't bleed blood but its the same thing.

Chapter 7

Energon Shed

“Rumble to Dark Mount.”

“Proceed Rumble.”

“I wanta know where to land this thing.”

“Energon storage area: East side Dark Mount.”

“Ok. You wan’ us to unload ‘im?”

“Negative. Soundwave out.”

Trypticon, Soundwave says land by that pillar over there.” Rumble instructed. The giant reptile flew down and landed, then transformed to city mode in a weak effort to hide itself.

The two cassette warriors disembarked and walked through the fortress on their way to the command room. When they reached the command room it was empty. As they neared the communications console, the door to Megatron's office door opened. Both cassettes spun around quickly. Megatron came out followed by Soundwave. Nothing was said as Soundwave pushed the button on his shoulder opening his chest compartment, and the two warriors transformed landing one after another within him.

Megatron waited a second before speaking. “How much energon was brought?”

“One quarter stock as instructed.” Soundwave answered.

“Good, that with the combined energon that Astrotrain brought we will over power the Autobots once and for all.” Megatron started to laugh.

Unexpectedly the communications console lit up.

“Shockwave to Dark Mount.”

“What is it Shockwave?” Megatron had been the closest one to the console.

“Citadel sensors indicate a large Autobot presence approaching our boarder.”

Before Megatron could order it Soundwave had gone to another console, and brought up the picture. A large group of Autobots sped their way directly to the boarder.

“I will deal with them Shockwave. Megatron out.” He studied the picture a little longer. “Soundwave contact Starscream and the other commanders. We leave for the boarder in ten minutes.” He then turned and returned to his office.

Soundwave contacted Starscream, who then relayed the information to everyone under his command. Then Soundwave contacted the individual combiner team leaders.

Exactly ten minutes later Megatron stepped in to a full hanger.

“Decepticons, the Autobots are preparing to try to remove us from our rightful home. We can not let then take control. We must force them off Cybertron, or be destroyed!” Megatron flew up and over the heads of the assembled Decepticons, Soundwave on his right, and Starscream on his left.

Quickly the entire fortress based Decepticons filed out of the hanger and joined their leader to confront the rapidly approaching Autobots.

“Autobots transform and go to your positions!” Optimus Prime called after he transformed himself.

The surface of Cybertron in this area was still quite desolate; many buildings were burnt out and lie in rubble from the war that ravaged the land. Finding places to take refuge was easy; many of the Autobots anchored themselves down in just such buildings.

The Dinobots were an exception, the group of them stood around Prime waiting quietly for the next order. Grimlock had waited for this; somewhere deep in his primitive neuro-processor he knew that this stand off would come. Here on Cybertron there were no humans to look out for, no buildings that housed innocents. On this battlefield, the great tyrannosaurus Rex would kill, or bee killed.

Omega Supreme had brought many of the Earth Autobots to Cybertron, and Prime had told him to stay just in case there was a need to evacuate. He hated what the Decepticons had done to the poor planet Earth. Most of all he hated Megatron, the one who had taken his friends. He now had no choice, but to exterminate those he had been closest to.

Being as close as they where to the boarder Blaster had extended his sensors as far as he could in to Polyhex. His sensors had only reached half way to the citadel, however it was enough to give them a fair warning. Which was exactly what he got.

“Prime, we got three jets headed our way.” He had stayed out of hiding allowing his sensors to reach there fullest.

“Autobots, prepare to defend yourselves!” Prime ordered.

The three jets sped toward them then arced around just out of targeting range. They were just close enough to be able to identify.

“They are testing us.” Springer said.

“How do you know?” Hot Rod asked.

“Cyclonus was leading.”

Prime nodded at the comment, but continued to watch the skies. He went over the previous attacks in his processor. ‘The first attack, Cyclonus had led, but it was a distraction. Starscream had taken the lead after the fortress was under their control, and he was leading as well at the citadel. The data recovered from the destroyed sensors clearly shown Starscream leading then as well.’ He thought. Prime agreed with Springer’s statement, but it was more then just a test.

Soundwave cut the communication with Cyclonus, and turned to Megatron who was now standing in front of the Citadel.

“Formation: three groups. Largest straight ahead.” The communications officer informed.

Megatron paused his thoughts a moment, his first intention was to fly in and destroy anything that stood. This time some thing stopped him at the citadel. He thought through the strategy that Prime was using. None of the Autobots had entered Polyhex’s security area. There were three groups of them, which nearly spread the entire western boarder. ‘Autobots.’ He scoffed to himself. ‘What does Prime think that he can accomplish by enforcing the boarder?’ Megatron began to pace.

“Autobots are set to defend: Our assault, anticipated.” Soundwave said.

“Yes, but why?” Starscream asked.

Megatron stopped unexpectedly the statement and question gave him insight. “They want to lure us in to their defense perimeter.” He finally stated.

“Autobots think they’re so smart.” Thundercracker said.

“But not smart enough to out think Megatron. Scrapper, Motormaster, Onslaught, Razorclaw, Hun-gurrr, transform and merge your teams. Starscream, divide the jets in to two strike forces.” Megatron turned away still thinking.

Starscream yelled to the jets, which had been previously divided, for team two, to be led by Cyclonus.

Soundwave made a silent communication to Shockwave, who reported still no more Autobot movement.

Everyone’s attention came back to Megatron as he began to speak again.

“Starscream, take your team and Abominus north. Cyclonus, you lead your squad and Predaking south. I want to force the Autobots in to one group. I will lead Devastator, Bruticus, Menasor, and the others forward from here. Soundwave keep track of the Autobots movements.” He turned around to face the gathered Decepticons. “Decepticons follow me!” He turned back around, strode proudly forward, and then with a small leap he flew in to the air. Soundwave did the same, as the other forces followed.

Starscream transformed, mid jump and took off, as his team of jets follow suit, with Abominus in pursuit. Cyclonus’ group nearly mirrored that of Starscream’s.

“Prime those Decepticreeps are on the move.” Blaster clued-up.

Prime called his blaster from subspace. “Keep in contact with Kup, and Ultra Magnus.” Prime then took a few steps forward and prepared for the on coming attack.

Polyhex’s northwest boarder.

Starscream’s unit was the first to engage in battle. Abominus hit the ground hard as he landed shaking many Autobots from their footing.

“Autobots open fire!” Kup yelled. Beachcomber, Bluestreak, and Blurr, came out of hiding from around Kup.

“Your puny weapons will not defeat us, Autobots. Decepticons Attack!” Starscream yelled back. He open fired in unison with his wingmates, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Astrotrain, Octane, and Blitzwing followed.

Kup weighed his options of staying, or retreating to help boost Prime’s group.

“Jazz, has Blaster contacted you?” He yelled over the thunder of the jets.

“No man. I gotta bad feeling about this.”

“Contact him. Tell him that we are under heavy fire.”

Abominus ripped the roof and a sidewall off the building exposing the five Autobots.

Kup’s group had been the smallest of the three, and in the two a joining buildings hid Sureshot, Cerebros, Tracks, and Warpath, then in the other building Highbrow, Crosshairs, Sandstorm, and Outback.

Abominus moved to the left building following the laser fire that was aimed at him. He knocked the building down with his fist leaving a large cloud of dust.

Sandstorm flew out of the last building and began to chase the three seekers. He closed in as they flew over the building that he had just exited, when a sonic wave hit him sending him crashing in to the now crumbling building.

“Wehavetofallbackthisisbadbadbad.” Blurr told Kup.

Kup’s processor shifted in to over drive.

Cerebros dug him self out, he was only slightly damaged. He saw Sureshot’s hand and began digging him out as well. The thunder of the strafing jets began to close in again as they banked around for another pass. Cerebros hid under what was left of the roof as they passed. The Ground quaked with laser fire and the rubble shifted. He finished digging out Sureshot, and now saw Tracks and Warpath. The uncovered Sureshot and Cerebros started to dig out Tracks, but the blue Autobot had lost his spark, when a massive I-beam had punctured his chest cavity. The Decepticon jets flew over again, Sureshot aimed. True to his name he hit Octane, and the large jet came crashing down in to an empty building.

Abominus went back to the middle building that now was the only area firing on him. The little blue robot that dashed about annoyed him to no end. As the other Autobots fired on him he placed one hand down and fired at the dashing robot. Blurr moved too quickly for his own good and ran straight in to the hand of the giant.

The Jets landed out side the northern most building and began to close in on the building that Thundercracker had destroyed. Skywarp uncovered Sandstorm. The Autobot was still functioning, but badly leaking energon. Outback lay in plain sight against the still standing back wall. Astrotrain walked over to the Autobot.

“Starscream, are we taking prisoners?” the triple changer asked.

“No. Leave nothing to be repaired!” The Air Commander cackled.

Astrotrain aimed his blaster at Outback. Crosshairs sprung out form some rubble and knocked Astrotrain to the ground. Thundercracker turned at the commotion and fired on the Autobot that now covered Astrotrain. The blast caught Crosshairs in the arm severing it from its owner. He clung to Astrotrain as the Decepticon struggled to throw him off. Thundercracker fired again, this time knocking off and putting the Autobot in stasis lock.

Blitzwing had made his way to Outback through the scuffle. He drew his electron-scimitar and leapt at the Autobot forcing the blade down through him. Blitzwing landed on one knee.

Highbrow’s optics came online as Blitzwing landed. He was abruptly stood up when Starscream yanked him from the rubble.

“Autobot fool. Skywarp terminate him!” Starscream commanded.

Skywarp blasted the Autobot with his rifles, hitting him in the chest at point blank range. The bot then went limp in the Air Commanders grip. Starscream threw the smoking bot near the two split halves of Outback.

“Astrotrain go check on Octane. The rest of you, to the other building.”

Astrotrain took off and followed the smoke to were Octane lay. He didn’t land, the area was soaked in energon, the blast had severed Octane’s primary fuel line and his life energy had covered the entire area. Astrotrain left and reported to Starscream.

When the jets landed they immediately came under fire. Sureshot was trying to provide cover as Cerebros tried to finish repairing Warpath’s main artillery weapon. Astrotrain had spotted him, Cerebros finished connecting a fuel line and Warpath let out a powerful blast that fit Astrotrain. Astrotrain fell out of the air behind the building.

“Warpath can you transform?”

“I don’t BLAM think so.” The red tank turned his turret to the front of the building. “But I can ZOWIE blast them from here.”

“Jazz says we have to fall back.”

“I’ll hold them here, BANG. You and Sureshot get POW out.”

Cerebros looked the tank over again, the transformation circuits were fused, and his main drive train was in pieces. There was nothing that he could do for Warpath. He would have to leave him.

“Sureshot lets go!” Cerebros yelled.

“You’re not going anywhere Autobots!” Blitzwing yelled as he transformed from jet to tank landing right on the injured Warpath. The building had already damaged Warpath’s chassis, and the weight, and pressure of Blitzwing’s attack, crushed him out of existence. The two Autobots escaped out of the side of the dust filled building while visibility was low.

A few moments earlier Abominus was taking quite a bit of damage from the four Autobots that he had been ignoring. He finally caught, Blurr and stepped back from the building. Angered he ripped apart the blue bot.

“Bad news. Old Blaster says they’re receiving the same treatment.” Jazz said.

Kup winced at his friends end. “Jazz we have to fall back, call the others” He yelled between blasts.

Bluestreak had taken a blast to his lower left leg, but he could still transform. “Come on guys we got to get out of here!”

“Yeah, Autobots retreat!” Kup commanded. Cerebros and Sureshot joined the four Autobots out side. “Where are the others?” He asked.

“Gone. Starscream and the jets.” Sureshot answered. No one said anything, as they sped to bolster Prime’s force.

“Skywarp get Astrotrain.” Starscream commanded.

“The Autobots are escaping.” Thundercracker interrupted.

“Let them go. They are escaping to their doom.” The Air Commander started a maniacal high-pitched laugh that gave Skywarp and Thundercracker shivers.

Skywarp walked over to Astrotrain. He inspected the triple changer and though he was not a medic, he knew the injuries were not life threatening, though Astrotrain would not be flying for quite a while. Astrotrain started to come back on line.

“What happened?”

“Warpath hit you a good one.” The black jet laughed.

“Go back to the citadel, Shockwave will start your repairs.” Starscream said joining them. He suddenly stopped, as he was receiving a communication. “We are to return to the main fleet. Abominus quit playing with that scrap! Decepticons to the battle.”

Polyhex’s southwestern boarder.

Cyclonus’ team met their battle only moments after Starscream’s group. His team was a similar size; Scourge had been assigned to him naturally, as well as Sunstorm, Tornado, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet. There aerial skills complemented by Predaking’s force.

“Dirge take Ramjet and Thrust. Destroy the buildings.” Cyclonus commanded.

The three Coneheads flew out a head and fired on the buildings that collapsed in on themselves. No one came out. The jets flew back around to regroup, Cyclonus watched, as the dust cleared, still nothing. He flew down and landed a few feet away from the broken buildings. The team followed and landed near by.

“Decepticons fan out, and use caution.” Cyclonus told them.

The Decepticons began to spread out; impatient Predaking started rummaging through the rubble.

“Autobots ATTACK!” The voice was unmistakable to Cyclonus. It was his long time rival Ultra Magnus, his attention snapped to where the city commander’s voice had come from. His blaster already drawn he walked slowly in the direction.

The land seemed empty, but when the call to attack had come many Autobots had come out of hiding, including Rollbar and Goldbug, who between the two had Scourge pinned behind a pillar. It had taken Scourge a few moments to get a clear shot, Rollbar ducked at nearly the same time, causing the what would have been fatal shot to graze across the top of his shoulder. Scourge repositioned himself for another shot. He ducked out from the opposite side of the pillar. Goldbug was ready and fired the first shot. Scourge countered with his own shot, as the Autobots attempt didn’t affect him. Goldbug on the other side did not fair as well. He leapt out of the way, but still took the hit on his left side. He looked at the wound, it was not bad, it was leaking slightly and that could be a problem.

“Goldbug are you okay?” Chromedome yelled. He still was in hiding from his point of view, there had yet to be a target.

“I’ll be alright, we need to regroup!” The gold VW shouted back. He switched his comlink on and reported the interaction to Ultra Magnus.

“I can’t deal with that right now.” Magnus answered. Goldbug knew that Cyclonus would come looking for Magnus, and by the sounds of the noise in the background, Cyclonus had found him.

Scourge neared where he had seen the yellow Autobot fall. There was no trace of the bot or the other that had been with him. Scourge put all his sensors to work and quickly found the trail of the three Autobots.

Cyclonus neared the area cautiously; Ultra Magnus was not an Autobot to be taken lightly. As he rounded the corner of the building, he confronted Magnus. The two large robots poised them selves for the fight, neither moving their optics off the opponent. Anticipation flooded Cyclonus; he had wanted to face his arch foe in a one on one battle for quite a while.

Chromedome led his friends through one building and in to another, seeking shelter. The monster Predaking had caused the destruction of much of the surrounding area. The building that they had found refuge in, now shook and threatened to crumble under the loud roar of the landing jets out side. Goldbug took a position near a small hole to get a visual on the situation. The three jets were walking away from him and in to a small area that was nothing but piles of rubble.

“Come on guys, we have to do something, they’re closing in on Hound and Mirage.” He whispered.

“Lets go.” Rollbar said.

The miniature gathering of bots calmly made there way nearer to the jets and acquired a defensive location. Chromedome open fired on Thrust, who took the blast to his right engine. Now incapable of flight Thrust fired back angry, hitting nothing but the rubble. The area around Chromedome heated and trickled molted metal on his shoulder, he slid sideways to avoid the dripping slag.

The attention of the aircrafts drawn, Hound stopped his hologram and Mirage turned off his invisibility. That left them standing in a bare lot, with Hoist, Cosmos and Grapple. They hurriedly ran to reposition themselves; the line they had formed faced that of the Autobots that helped them, catching the Decepticons in cross fire. Thrust fell to the ground after two shots had ruptured his already damaged engine. Dirge was close enough to a pillar, that he was able to cover his own back. Though he still caught a blast to his wing tip. He took aim as he kneeled out if the line of fire. Timing the bit he stood and fired, his two arm blasters hit Rollbar in the previously damaged shoulder. The Autobots arm was now immobile, attached only by strained wires. Chromedome shot back at the jet that peeked around the corner, but the blue jet by now had ducked down below the line of fire. Goldbug took the moment to help Rollbar in to a better-covered area. The damage as dire the nearly severed shoulder gushed energon with every pulse of the bots pump.

Goldbug opened his comlink. “Goldbug to Sky Lynx.”

“Ah yes, what may I do for you?”

“We need a pick up quick!”

“Never fear Sky Lynx will be there!”

Sunstorm and Tornado had been order to stay aloft and patrol the area for incoming or out going Autobots. They found though that there interest kept wondering to Predaking. Predaking made short work of the landscape looking for the Autobots. It was not long before he found them, a small group that had originally been with Ultra Magnus had split away when Cyclonus had found him. Predaking was ruthless as any other Decepticon, and took pleasure in hearing the squealing and grinding of an Autobots chassis. When he found the hiding bots, his first instinct was to squish them, and that he did. Inferno had been the closest one, and Predaking’s reflexes were top notch. The giant raised his foot and it came down on the red Autobot. A moment later as Predaking took to the sky, the only thing left to be seen was a small puddle and crackling bare wires from the heap that was impressed in to the ground. It was then that Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker took to the air. Predaking landed while swatting at then two brothers like flies. The nimble bots swooped in and took a few shots then darted back out. As the air borne brothers did this, it served as a distraction for Skids, Pipes, and Swerve to move themselves.

The two circling seekers spotted the flying bots and went in to action. They sped down at the bots firing their wing blasters. Tornado hit Sunstreaker’s jet pack; the smoking pack spat and sputtered, then gave out completely. The pause in the flight of the yellow bot gave Predaking the chance to swat Sunstreaker out of the sky. Sunstreaker saw the giant hand coming. The impact did a massive amount of damage, but none fatal. He flew through the air, hitting a wall that crumbled down on to him. He was beaten, damaged, and in stasis lock, however still functional.

Sideswipe had seen his brother go down, and recorded the location. He was forced to fly out and away from Predaking to take revenge out on Tornado. He halted abruptly and the green jet flew past. Grabbing the tail rudder of the seeker he was pulled along and he forced himself to a standing position. The jet rocked, tumbled, and barrel rolled, in a feeble attempt to remove the rider. Sunstorm followed closely firing an odd shot through his wingmates erratic maneuvers. Tornado paused a moment to scan the area, he wanted something to fly through to knock the bot off.

The pause gave Sideswipe the time to aim his blaster in to the middle of the jets back. The setting on his blaster at it’s highest.

“This is for Sunstreaker!” the red Autobot yelled. He fired, the blast shook the jets and the roar of the engines died.

Sunstorm shot his high-powered plasma wing guns at his now almost still target. His shots both hit Sideswipe, the energon the fueled his jet pack blew up, throwing the now lifeless body of the red Autobot off Tornado and to the ground below.

Tornado was functioning, but in a glide. Sunstorm followed Tornado as he made an attempt at landing. Most of the seekers circuits had been fried to a crisp, but he would live.

“So it has come to this?” Cyclonus told Magnus.

“It doesn’t have to be this way Cyclonus.”

“But it does, Autobot. We two are warriors now act like one.” Cyclonus called his second blaster from subspace, and shot at Magnus. The large Autobot dodged and disappeared. Seeing his shots hit the rubble, Cyclonus closed the distance a little more. Magnus reappeared with two guns also drawn. He fired both blasters; his aim had been where Cyclonus had stood. He scanned the area and caught a glimpse of the purple ‘con from behind a half destroyed wall. For now the one on one battle had become a game of strategy. Cyclonus stood intently listing for Magnus’s next move, he immediately grew impatient with hiding, and it was not in his nature to hide. He walked out of hiding to face Magnus, like the warrior he was Magnus had also closed the distance. And when Cyclonus had come out the two had only stood three paces between them.

The firefight had drawn the attention of Predaking. He approached the area where the Coneheads had been pinned down. He picked Hoist up and tore the Autobot through the upper part of his torso. The flash of the Autobots spark bursting caused a temporary blindness of the combatance below.

Pipes, Skids, and Swerve, saw the flash and trying to use cover as much as possible started to where the light had come from. When they arrived at the scene Predaking had already taken Mirage, in to his grip of death. The three joined Hound, and then ran their way around to the opposite side to where Goldbug, and Chromedome were.

“And now what?” Pipes asked.

“Sky Lynx is on the way.” Goldbug answered.

“What about Ultra Magnus?” Skids asked.

“We lost track of him, and I think he’s busy with Cyclonus.”

Predaking threw Mirage to the ground and searched for another target. All the firepower was now coming from one direction. He faced it and began to laugh.

“Your weapons are no match for the might of Predaking!” The giant took a step in the small groups direction, then fell forward. Four shots had hit the combiner forcing Predaking to fall. Sky Lynx flew down to the trench where the Autobots were taking cover.

“One trip aboard Sky Lynx to save the day!” he said as he touched down.

Without words the smaller Autobots scrambled to board the space shuttle. Goldbug had grabbed Rollbar; though Rollbar had expired he did not feel right leaving him there. He hauled the broken bot in to Sky Lynx.

Scourge finally tracked the bots down, he open fired on Sky Lynx, as Goldbug scrambled in to the craft.

Cyclonus and Ultra Magnus stood face to face for only an instant, though to both it felt like forever. Cyclonus took the first move. He aimed for Magnus’ mid section with a right jab. Magnus took the hit then grabbed Cyclonus arm pulling the purple ‘con and throwing him in to the rubble behind. Cyclonus recovered quickly, and crouched, he launched himself at Magnus, his arms grasping the Autobots legs forcing Magnus to the ground. The blue and white diesel tried to kick Cyclonus off, but only succeeded in incapacitating his legs further. Magnus took a swing at Cyclonus waking the ‘con off himself with a great backhand. Both got to their feet, Magnus sent a speedy left to Cyclonus face. Spider web cracks formed from the impact. Cyclonus spat the energon that was leaking in to his mouth. He swept his foot in a roundhouse fashion, but Ultra Magnus took a step back dodging it. Cyclonus took the necessary few steps at a running pace and lashed out with a left to Magnus’ face. The bot stumbled back and felt his face, his right optic was broken, and energon seeped from it. Cyclonus stood waiting for the Autobot to retaliate. Magnus looked at Cyclonus, and jumped. The impact of Magnus’ shoulder to Cyclonus’ midsection pushed Cyclonus backward and to the ground. Damage reports scrolled across the right side of Cyclonus’ his vision, nothing had been damaged that couldn’t be put off. He grabbed Magnus by the head and twisted until the body followed the head, and he was free of the weight of the Autobot. Magnus became determined not to allow the jet a chance to get up; he grabbed the jets knee joint and forcibly twisted just below the joint. Just the sound of the twisting metal was painful, but Cyclonus was not going to give in to his foe. He used his free leg to kick Magnus to the head. Magnus was stunned for a moment, and energon started to leak more freely from the broken optic. Cyclonus sat up and issued another blow to Magnus this time in the midsection. The stunned Magnus was jolted back as the fell backward incongruously. Magnus turned over and was preparing to get up as Cyclonus gave him a double-handed fist to the back. Magnus slid back to the ground and grabbed Cyclonus leg. Cyclonus stopped as his already broken knee was torn completely away from its joint. He hit Magnus again and a trickle of energon spouted from Magnus’ back. Cyclonus was readjusting to give Magnus another hit when he was shot by laser fire in the chest. He sat up only to be shot again.

Sky Lynx zeroed in on Ultra Magnus signal, he landed and the Autobots scrambled to bring Magnus aboard. Scourge had followed, as Dirge, Ramjet, Sunstorm and Predaking, all open fired on the Autobots, some took time and fired back while the others pulled Magnus in.

Scourge landed near Cyclonus. “What are the orders Cyclonus?”

“Let them go. It was our mission to drive them.”

Scourge relayed the commands over his comlink to the others. The squad came together and converged on Cyclonus’ location. Cyclonus looked around at those who were present.

“Tornado?” He asked.

“Terminated, by Autobot turrets.” The yellow jet replied. He didn’t bother to try to tell them what had happened to cause them to be in Autobot territory.

Cyclonus shifted his gaze to Dirge. “Thrust?”

“Damaged. Nonfatal, just unable to fly.”

“Bring him. Ramjet, you will carry him. Scourge; lead the others back to the main fleet. We will rejoin you as soon as we are fully functional.” Cyclonus transformed sparking and spiting, causing many to flinch. Ramjet led him to where Thrust lay and picked the battered jet up, and then followed Cyclonus to the citadel.

Megatron flew at a pace that many had trouble keeping themselves air borne at. He wanted the other teams to force doubt in to the minds of the Autobots, and his foe Optimus Prime. There was a large distance still to be covered when Soundwave had reported that Starscream, and Cyclonus had engaged the Autobots. He had sent the aerial teams for speed; he wanted fast attacks and a lighting return.

Many previous instructions had been issued, one was not to chase the fleeing bots, and among others was to take the damaged ‘cons to the citadel. Shockwave was waiting with an army of medicroids to quickly repair them, and then send the damaged back to battle. He knew there would be losses as well. He landed just with in the sensor range of the Autobots; by no means did he want then to send out back-up.

“Soundwave, have you equipped all the cassettes with the cloaking device?”


“Excellent. Instruct Laserbeak to go north, Buzzsaw, south, and Ratbat ahead. I want to know the out come before the Autobots.”

Soundwave took a step back and began to release all his cassettes including the two newest ones, Overkill and Slugfest. The two condors and bat didn’t circle, but flew out in the direction instructed.

“Rumble, Frenzy, you will infiltrate the Autobot line. Use your abilities to keep them from forming combiners.” Megatron paused. The two little mechs were amongst some of his best warriors and would sacrifice themselves for the cause, and he knew it. “Ravage go with them, terminate anyone who tries to stop them.” The three small ‘cons activated the cloaking device then flew out. Megatron stood there watching, and thinking. If he were to retake Cybertron totally, this would be it. After waiting a few more moments he spoke.

“First Cybertron, and then the universe. Come my Decepticons, let the battle begin!” He flew in to the air and toward the battle.

The Retun of Megatron!

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