Rebuilding the Army
While Megatron can take control himself it is much easier to do things with his army.

Chapter Two

Rebuilding The Army

"Is he still circling?” Megatron asked.

“Yes sir.” Blitzwing answered.

“Give him clearance, and then confine him to his quarters until further notice.” Megatron stood; he was now two heads taller than his original body, and quite a bit more nimble. “The rest of you help Blitzwing.” Megatron was left in the cargo bay.

Soundwave finished repairs on Galvatron, who almost immediately woke up.

“What happened?” He nearly leapt off the table.

“Spacebridge malfunction.” Soundwave had instituted his telepathy as a whisper.

“When will it be repaired?” The Leader demanded.

“I have not assessed the damage.” Soundwave answered.

“Go. Then come right back.” Galvatron got back on to the table, still feeling disoriented.

Soundwave was pleased that Galvatron took his minds whispers. He had passed the Constructicons and Blitzwing carrying Starscream. He had sensed the familiar presents when Starscream had landed.

When he arrived at the Spacebridge, Rumble still sat at its controls.

“What is the status of the spacebridge?” Soundwave asked.

“Its alright. I just unplugged it. Figured Megatron would want Galvatron outta here as soon as possible.” Rumble lowered his voice. “If he didn’t slaughter ‘im first.”

Soundwave nodded. “Reconnect.”

Rumble quickly slipped under the console, and plugged a few wires in, and come back out. “Done”

Soundwave went back to the repair bay.

Galvatron was pacing in it.

“Well? What about the spacebridge?” Galvatron growled angrily.

“Spacebridge operational: Rumble repaired.”

“Good. I will take what energon you have.”

Soundwave walked to cargo bay four, and presented Galvatron with the energon production area. There was one stack ready, and more cubes ever so slowly filling.

“This machine, can it work faster?” Galvatron asked.

“Negative. Volcanic activity required. Activity status: low.” Soundwave lied.

“Then you can just go get more somewhere else.” Galvatron demanded.

“Negative. Covert operation: Earth security high.” Soundwave could feel the anger growing within Galvatron.

“Fine. At this point I do not want to loose this resource, but I warn you, speed this process up, I will not be as forgiving next time.” Galvatron collected the cubes in the near by net then headed for the spacebridge, Soundwave followed.

“Open the bridge.” Galvatron yelled as he stepped in.

Soundwave contacted Cyclonus, and Rumble opened the bridge. Cyclonus relayed Galvatron’s return. Soundwave cut the link and when back to cargo bay three.

When Soundwave entered the rest of the crew were standing around the room.

“Galvatron has returned to Charr.” He informed.

“Good. Astrotrain you have your orders.”

“Yes, Megatron.” Astrotrain left stopping by cargo bay one to pick up extra energon.

“Soundwave, lets go pay our guest a little visit.” Megatron walked to the door. “Blitzwing you and the Constructicons disassemble this room. I want it back to a cargo bay as soon as possible.” He finished.

The Constructicons started working immediately. Blitzwing looked a little lost, he decided to stay out of the way unless instructed by one of them.

Soundwave keyed Starscream’s door. It swished open. The seeker was lying on the recharge bed in a sleep cycle. Soundwave scanned the sleeping jet.

“Energy levels low: expenditure high. Distance traveled: extensive.” Soundwave said in a low voice.

“What is his charge now?”

“45 recharged.”

“Good. Then he will not put up a fight.” Megatron approached the seeker. Then slowly shook him alert. The seekers optics came on suddenly, and his face shown the revelation.

“Megatron!” He whispered.

“I see your memory is functioning.” Megatron replied.

“I thought…I thought Unicron…changed you.” The seeker was still in shock.

Soundwave came out from the shadow behind Megatron. Starscream gawked at him.

“Yes, Unicron made me in to that fool, because of you. He locked me away in that shell, while Galvatron led my army to ruin.” Megatron's anger rose at the thought.

“Soundwave?” Starscream was not really asking he had an idea what had happened.

“Yes, Soundwave’s loyalty has pulled through again. Unlike yours Starscream.” Megatron paused. “Tell us, how did you manage to survive?” Megatron crossed his arms over his silver chest.

“I used Unicron to give me a new body. Then the Autobots blew the head back in to orbit causing me to tumble through space.” His optics fell to the floor. “I landed,” ‘crashed ,’ he said to himself. “ On a planet with very little life, though it was rich in resources. I patched myself up the best I could.” He shook his head. “ It took me a while, but I stored some energon, and flew here. I was not expecting anyone here. When Blitzwing opened the comlink, I figured at least I could recharge.” The seeker swung his legs over the edge of the recharge bed to face them.

Megatron looked at Soundwave, who nodded. “Telling the truth Starscream? That’s not like you.”

“I’ve changed Megatron. After witnessing what you…er Galvatron had done. If I thought that I could have brought you back. I would have.” Starscream stopped. He wondered if Megatron would terminate him on the spot for the airlock incident.

Megatron looked at Soundwave again, who nodded another time.

“You are not to be trusted Starscream, although Soundwave is insisting that you are telling the truth. As I am at a loss for good warriors, you will remain functional for now. Soundwave, eject Buzzsaw. For now you are confined to this base, this is a secret operation. I do not need you flying about attracting attention. Buzzsaw will be your shadow, should you harm him or he record something suspicious I will terminate you. Am I clear?”

The seeker slumped a little, hating being grounded. “Yes, Megatron.”

Megatron turned to leave then stopped abruptly. “You will have duties like everyone else, and until I see you are fit to handle it, Blitzwing is acting air commander.” Megatron stood there waiting for the seekers sarcastic retort.

“I understand, Megatron.” Inside Starscream was excited.

Megatron's optic brow rose at the jet. “Come Soundwave, we have preparations to make.” He walked out, Soundwave behind him.

They walked to Megatron's office. “Have you heard anything from Shockwave?” Megatron asked.

“Affirmative. Location: Cybertron.”

“Can you contact him?” Megatron was not aware that Shockwave had contacted Soundwave.

“Negative. Autobot security impenetratable from this distance.” Soundwave answered.

Megatron thought for a moment. “What is the probability of our forces returning?”

“Percentage: High.”

“Can you list those with highest percentage?”

“Stunticons, Combaticons, and Jets. New additions less plausible.”

“Of course, they are only familiar with Galvatron. There will only be one way to sway the whole of them.” His optics burned scarlet. “I must terminate Galvatron.” Megatron paused in thought. “What about Skywarp and Thundercracker?”

“There are no traces of either of them in Cyclonus or Scourge.” Soundwave’s visor brightened. Megatron noticed.

“What do you suspect then?” He had recognized the memorable action that meant Soundwave had a hypothesis.

“I believe Unicron holds them.” Soundwave answered.

“Unicron.” Megatron repeated. “ I must dispose of what ever is left of him as well. We shall wait until Astrotrain returns, feed Galvatron his energon. I do not want him returning until we are ready.”

Starscream got through the whole week on his best behavior, his duties he felt were beneath him, but at least he was alive. He was surprised that Megatron had allowed him back. Now what he wanted was revenge on Galvatron, and he also loathed the fact that the Autobots had control of Cybertron. His faith in Megatron helped, he knew the leader well enough that retaking Cybertron would be high on the priority list. Most of all he had wanted a chance to prove he had changed, until then all he could do was keep quiet.

Soundwave had shipped energon to Galvatron twice before Astrotrain returned. The second time Cyclonus was quite distressed. Soundwave felt slightly sorry for Cyclonus. Cyclonus was a good and loyal warrior, much like himself. Cyclonus did not deserve Galvatron, no one did, but it was a lost cause. Unicron had imprinted Cyclonus to Galvatron.

Those who came with Astrotrain were quite apprehensive about Megatron returning. Most of which stemmed from Galvatron still being there. The fact that Soundwave was gone was a tide turner for many, others did not care, they just wanted away from Galvatron. Megatron met them all in the war room.

“Decepticons, in my absence your leader has run my empire in to the ground. Now I have returned and we shall take back what is ours. First we shall get what Unicron has stolen and dispose of what is left of him.” Megatron looked at Scrapper. “Are the shells ready?”

“Yes mighty Megatron.” He answered proudly.

“Good. Astrotrain we will be leaving shortly for Unicron’s head.”

Astrotrain nodded.

“Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, load the bodies in to Astrotrain. All aerial personnel you will report to me in two hours in the hanger. Soundwave, I want you to send Galvatron one last load of energon. I do not want him bothering us.” Megatron looked at half of his army. “Dismissed.”

Soundwave loaded a net of energon three times as big as a normal load, and took it to the spacebridge. He contacted Cyclonus, who seemed a little panicked, no doubt Galvatron noticed the missing Decepticons. He ejected Rumble and Frenzy as usual then opened the spacebridge, a few moments later the two cassettes returned, and Cyclonus was a bit more relaxed.

Starscream was pleased with Megatron's plans. He had regretted having to throw out his wingmates, but had no choice at the time. He hoped that they would forgive him. Over the years he had thought about them quite often, even missed them to a degree. Maybe they would not hold it against him, as it was not his hand that had actually put them out.

Being grounded was hard for him, he was born to fly. He knew that Megatron would not hesitate to terminate him for disobeying. A few times though he had raised the tower, and just sat on the door. Buzzsaw ever present, reported, but Megatron did not care. He had not left the base.

Finally he was to get out. Megatron had insisted that all aircraft be present, to battle any forces that might investigate what they were doing at Unicron’s head.

The flight was not long; Astrotrain got close to Unicron and the Decepticons disembarked. Starscream Soundwave and Megatron immediately started going through computers to find the lost seekers. Blastoff, Vortex, Blitzwing and Dirge unloaded the empty shells.

“I have found them!” Starscream yelled.

“Finally. Soundwave prepare the transfer.” Megatron commanded.

Soundwave and Hook connected the shells to the computer.

“Connection complete.” Soundwave stood that the computer that Starscream had been at. He engaged the transfer.

A few seconds later the two seekers sat up.

“What happened?” Thundercracker asked.

“Yeah, I feel like I was hit by a train.” Skywarp added.

“All will be explained. Now we must leave. Blitzwing plant the charges.” Megatron helped the two jets up, and everyone followed them back to Astrotrain. Once Blitzwing was a board, Astrotrain took off. Quite a distance away he stopped again.

Unicron’s head exploded in to a huge fireball, the concussion waves caused Astrotrain to rock.

“Astrotrain, the Autobots must have seen that, lets get back to headquarters.” Megatron commanded.

Back at the base Megatron relished in having his elite warriors back. They were fully fueled and ready for action. Galvatron could not say that, not even once. Admittedly though only to himself, it was Soundwave’s doing that had accomplished it. Now Megatron was working on a plan to deactivate Galvatron. He knew that meant defeating Cyclonus and Scourge as well. He reasoned to himself that, that had been the reason for retrieving Thundercracker and Skywarp. Upon being updated both expressed the desire to condemn ones copy. The rest of the aerial force would engage the sweeps. Megatron would send Starscream to help Thundercracker with Cyclonus, who was the best pilot Galvatron had. Everyone else would guard the base to keep out anyone who would aide Galvatron. Soundwave would naturally go with Megatron to watch his back. The plan was set, and the energon had been cut off, along with the spacebridge unplugged again. All Megatron required now, was for Galvatron to summon Soundwave and his team back to Charr.

The Retun of Megatron!

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