The Power Struggle
If someone claimed to be you and stole your life would you want revenge?
Chapter Three

The Power Struggle

Galvatron paced in the command room clearly angry. He had felt some how different since his trip through the spacebridge. All his self-diagnostic systems stated that he was 100 functional, but that’s not what infuriated him. Soundwave had reported that the spacebridge had been damaged on earth again, and had not sent any energon in a week. A voice broke his pace.

“Mighty Galvatron, We must call Astrotrain back. He can transport energon from another source.” Cyclonus had entered quietly, and spoke in a low calming voice.

Galvatron looked at Cyclonus, he knew that the team would have to be called back eventually. Soundwave was far too valuable, as was Devastator, and Astrotrain. Blitzwing, though as far as he cared was just cannon fodder. He paced again.

Cyclonus stood thinking. He had wanted to call the team back when the report of the problem with the spacebridge came. Now the energon supply was getting quite low again. At the very least, when the team returned they would bring a full load more.

Galvatron had noticed that many older Decepticons had suddenly and for no apparent reason, disappeared. ‘Traitors!’ His mind screamed. He had sent Scourge to track them down, but Scourge was not looking for Astrotrain. To Scourge it seemed like they just vanished. That enraged Galvatron further, he wanted them all dead, not to return back to the army, but deactivated permanently.

Galvatron’s mind had diminished further after his travel through the spacebridge, though it would seem that it was more damaged from the greater imbalance. The pain that he felt was now more pronounced, before he could control it, or ignore it. Now he spent hours at a time in his quarters writhing in pain. His first thought had also been to call back Hook and Soundwave, or someone, any one to cure the pain. It was what drove the pain that hinted to him not to. Something in the pain told him that he did not want them back.

The pain started again, stopping him from pacing.

“Mighty Galvatron, What are your orders?” Cyclonus came closer to the leader that stood silently clutching his helmet. He walked slowly, knowing well the temper that Galvatron could display. “Galvatron?” He asked again.

Galvatron looked at Cyclonus as if he were not there.

Cyclonus was now standing next to Galvatron. “Lord Galvatron?”

Finally at the recognition of his name Galvatron stood straight, and peered at Cyclonus with utter hate. He really did not see Cyclonus, he saw Rodimus Prime. Instinctively he raised his cannon, grabbing hold of Cyclonus with his left hand first.

“Death to all Autobots!” Galvatron said through clenched teeth. He fired on the Autobot, who doubled over at the pain in his midsection. Galvatron was jolted back by the cannon blast not piercing the Autobot. His vision slowly cleared and he now saw Cyclonus smoking at his feet. “Scourge!” He called. Scourge appeared in the doorway.

“Yes, lord Galvatron.” Scourge bowed lowly.

“Clean this scrap up!” Galvatron pointed at Cyclonus, who still lay motionless. Galvatron walked to the communications grid and contacted earth. Soundwave’s voice came across the link.

“Soundwave, there are more pressing matters here. Abandon the base and return to Charr.” He did not wait for an answer. When he turned he saw two of the sweeps dragging Cyclonus to the repair bay. The pain returning, Galvatron walked slowly to his quarters to wait.

Soundwave’s visor glowed a bright crimson when Galvatron terminated the link. His next destination was Megatron’s office. Calmly he crossed the command room, and sounded the door chime. The door swished open and he walked in. Megatron was sitting at his desk reading old reports.

“Galvatron has summoned the team to Charr.” Soundwave’s voice was light.

“Excellent. Inform Astrotrain and the other Decepticons. After we take Charr I want a squad to come back here.” Megatron paused in thought. “No. I will come back here. The Autobots think that I am Galvatron, I do not want to lose that element of surprise.”

“As you command, Megatron.” Soundwave said. Megatron swiveled in his chair.

Soundwave left. First he would have to talk to Astrotrain, who he found in the war room with Blitzwing and Starscream.

“Astrotrain. Galvatron has summoned us to Charr.”

“Its about time.” Blitzwing said.

Astrotrain only nodded, and then left the room. Astrotrain would need to be fully fueled to carry everyone that distance. He was not about to let what happened after the battle of Autobot city happen again.

Starscream sat up. “What do you know about Cyclonus and Scourge?” He asked Soundwave. Soundwave sat at the table and pulled the files on the holo-projector.

“Cyclonus is a formidable warrior and excellent pilot.” Soundwave stated. Then he called the image of Scourge up. “Scourge is heavily armored.” Soundwave suddenly rose from the table and started to leave.

“Wait!” Starscream called.

“Incoming message from Cybertron.” Soundwave intoned still walking out.

Starscream’s face changed to surprise. As much as he wanted to know who it was, he sat still. He knew no one knew he was there, for that matter no one knew Megatron was there either.

Starscream was not the only one who had been confined to the base. Everyone that came from Charr had been. Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet were surprised to say the least to see him, however when they had found out about the no flying rule, they had come to him. Starscream had found that Thundercracker and Skywarp had also been drawn to him for the same reason. All of his jets had come to him, which floated his ego slightly. Even though he had hated Megatron before, he admired him now. He had seen the same reaction to him in the jets. Through Galvatron’s leadership, or lack there of, everyone’s eyes had now been opened.

The time spent at the base gave Starscream plenty of time to think. His experience with death was quite humbling. For millions of years he had thought Megatron a bad leader, it was not until he saw what a bad leader was did he know that he had made a mistake. He had studied Galvatron while being a ghost, and found no traces of what he thought should have been Megatron. Starscream put aside his regrets and tried to concentrate on the future. His wingmates were a little less trusting, but had taken him back. It had seemed that they had noticed the change in him, which made him glad. Every meeting that Megatron held Starscream had been ordered to attend as well, and though he was not put in any command position, he had been in on them which also made him pleased. Before Unicron, Megatron had many meetings that he had been some times forcibly locked out of. Starscream had hoped that the attack on Charr would help to prove himself. The anticipation made him giddy, he wanted to fly.

Soundwave went back to the communications console, which beeped.

“Shockwave to earth.” Shockwave’s voice came when Soundwave opened the channel. Soundwave immediately contacted Megatron over his comlink.

“Proceed, Shockwave.”

“Security on Cybertron is high. I have been force to leave my previous post due to Autobot scouts. It is as if I am being hunted.” Shockwave’s voice held an urgency Soundwave was unaccustomed to. Soundwave relayed the message to Megatron, and then waited. After Megatron gave him instructions he spoke again.

“Provide me the position that you will be at in thirty-six hours. We will retrieve you there.”

Shockwave hesitated slightly at the way Soundwave had used the word we, then relayed the location.

“Location received.”

“Thank you. Shockwave out.” Shockwave sat back at his console relieved, but no one could have seen it. His communication with earth was extremely risky, he had to over ride many Autobot satellites and encode it to a channel that he knew only Soundwave could detect. The last time he had contacted Soundwave, Soundwave had been aboard Astrotrain and on his way to earth. No one knew that Soundwave had received anything. Soundwave had only told Shockwave that he had a mission on earth. Shockwave pondered for a moment. It was only logical that Soundwave had a secret plan, to make him go through the high security on earth. It was only logical the something was going to be built, as he took the Constructicons with him. Logic did not have to tell Shockwave any of it, he knew Soundwave well enough not to have to be told. Shockwave then gathered the few weapons that he had and started to the position.

Megatron entered the command room after the communication had been cut. Soundwave had finished informing everyone to prepare to launch.

“Jamming Cybertron will be difficult. Refuel yourself.” Megatron commanded. Soundwave then left to his quarters.

When he entered, he called his cassettes. He knew that he would require them to help him. He explained that they would be positioned throughout Astrotrain to help boost the jamming signal that he put out. Though Soundwave would never question Megatron, he did not care for Shockwave. He knew that warriors were needed, and when retaking Cybertron Shockwave would be a great asset. He himself would have retrieved Shockwave as well; personal feelings were below the Decepticon cause. Having rationalized it he shut down to recharge.

Starscream sat a little bewildered. ‘Someone had been left on Cybertron, but who?’ He wondered. The realization hit him like a ton of bricks. “Shockwave of course.” He said aloud. Starscream left the war room, and found Megatron in the command room. Buzzsaw landed on a chair near by.

“Slight detour to Cybertron to pick up Shockwave?” He asked, wanting to set his racing mind at ease.

“Yes. Shockwave will be needed, if we are to retake Cybertron.” It was the first time that Megatron had spoken directly to him since he had landed.

Starscream nodded. “Should I bring energon for him?” Starscream asked.

Megatron's head snapped of from the computer to see the seeker. “Yes.” He said suspiciously.

Starscream stood there unmoving. He did not want to unleash the wrath that Megatron had pent up for him. “I will make sure there is enough to go around.” He finally said.

Megatron's optics burned as he scowled at Starscream. “You do that.”

Starscream turned and left, he knew now why he did not want to be alone with his leader.

Cyclonus woke in the repair bay; the damage had only been a bad burn. Unicron’s armor was far greater than normal Cybertronian armor. He sat on the table then stood. He knew something was wrong with Galvatron. He noticed a sweep had been stationed in the repair bay.

“Galvatron had ordered Soundwave and his team to return.” The sweep said.

A wave of relief passed over Cyclonus. Hook and Soundwave were the best surgeons the Decepticons had, to repair Galvatron would be completely in their hands.

“Order everyone to stay away from Galvatron, if something needs attention I will deal with it.” Cyclonus ordered the sweep. The sweep left quickly to report to Scourge. Cyclonus went back to the command room.

Astrotrain waited in the hanger at the top of the tower, in space shuttle mode. Starscream had come twice bringing energon and the news of the stop at Cybertron. Astrotrain was not looking forward to going back to Charr; he had hated the desolate planet. He knew however that it would be impossible to bring the entire army to earth. The base was crowded enough with half. Slowly a thought crept in to his processor, “This will be a civil war.” Normally he would not care who it was he would be fighting, naturally he preferred Autobots. This was a different case; they would need all the warriors to retake Cybertron. Megatron interrupted his thoughts.

“Is everything ready?”

“Yes Megatron.” He answered.

“Good. I want this to be short. I do not want there to be many casualties. We will need them to battle the Autobots.” Megatron boarded. “Soundwave inform the army we leave in fifteen minutes.” He said through his comlink.

Astrotrain sighed inwardly. His faith renewed again by the words of his rightful leader.

Soundwave scanned the base again; he wanted to make sure that no one was left. He had the Constructicons set up one of the energon lines to run the power to the base. Satisfied he entered the hanger, where Starscream was waiting.

“This will not be an easy battle. You have taken precautions?” Starscream felt a little stupid for asking Soundwave such a question, but he was not prepared to leave anything to chance.

“Affirmative.” Soundwave answered.

Starscream nodded, then both entered Astrotrain.

Cybertron had been very quiet, many had not noticed the lack of Decepticon activity due to the Quintessons. For one Autobot the Decepticons never really left his mind. Optimus Prime had been fighting Decepticons for so long it was like a sixth sense. He watched the monitors and reports carefully. One thing was suspicious; Astrotrain had appeared near earth then traveled to Charr and back. The sensor systems had lost him when he had neared mars’ orbit. Optimus had sent a small patrol to see if they could track Astrotrain, except the team came back negative, which rose Prime’s suspicions even more. As he scrolled through more reports he had noticed that a few of the satellites had a small glitch that lasted only a minute, it was not odd, however it had not happened before. To Prime it seemed like the Decepticons were up to something, nevertheless he could not place it on them necessarily, and Astrotrain could be working with the Quintessons. His neuro-processor filtered through many possibilities, except they were all to remote, for now all he could do was sit back and wait.

As Astrotrain neared Cybertron’s sensors Soundwave ejected his small army, whom dispersed itself through out Astrotrain. He then transformed and plugged himself in to Astrotrain’s communication board. He started jamming the Autobot sensors so nothing but a small glitch would show up. Soundwave had begun to refine his jamming signals when the planetary defense system had been activated. Soundwave gave the location to Astrotrain when they had entered the atmosphere with out incident. Near the rendezvous point Soundwave noticed that the Autobots were trying to trace the glitch. He modulated the signal every time they tried to trace it.

Astrotrain set down and Shockwave appeared. Quickly he boarded, once inside he was quite surprised to see Megatron, and the others that been reported dead. He did as instructed and Astrotrain took off.

Only after exiting the sensor area did Soundwave lower his jamming signal, and unplug from Astrotrain.

Charr was coming close and the crew aboard Astrotrain were getting excited. This battle would be the first battle they had fought fully fueled since that faithful battle on earth. The percentage of success was high; those on Charr were underpowered and most likely to switch sides at the sight of Megatron. The real battle would be with the Unicronians themselves. Megatron’s biggest advantage was fuel, Astrotrain was loaded, and after dropping off the army he would go to a prearranged place to wait further instructions.

Astrotrain opened a link to Charr.

“Cyclonus here.”

“We are approaching Charr now.”

“Understood, Cyclonus out.” Cyclonus cut the link.

“Excellent Astrotrain. Land as close as possible.” Megatron added. He turned around to his officers, including Starscream. “You all have your orders. Starscream, Thundercracker, you will accompany Soundwave and I inside where Cyclonus will be.” They all nodded in acknowledgement.

Astrotrain touched down near the entrance, which was only a rocky out cropping. His door opened and Soundwave led Blitzwing and the Constructicons out. Once he had scanned the area, he radioed for Megatron to follow. The Combaticons stayed with Astrotrain, they would fly back to the base, after Astrotrain had landed at the prearranged location. The Stunticons, and Constructicons were to stay with instructions to disable any one who had not been aboard Astrotrain. Blitzwing led the rest of the jets to find and engage Scourge and the sweeps. The last five led in by Soundwave, slowly entered the compound.

Soundwave made no hesitation as he walked in to the command room, where Cyclonus was trying to fix a console.

Cyclonus had heard Soundwave enter. “Soundwave, why are we receiving a jamming signal?” He did not look up. Soundwave stopped his jamming signal. Cyclonus looked up sharply noticing he had been surrounded. His face was absolute shock; he froze, not being able to say anything. He stood and stared for what seemed to him like forever. He could not bring himself to stop staring. From the troops he had heard a lot about Megatron but he himself have never seen him. He began to think that it might be a dream, when the image spoke.

“Starscream, use the null ray.” Megatron stood optics locked with Cyclonus.

Cyclonus’ mouth fell open as in his peripheral vision he saw Starscream fire. Everything went black after that.

“Soundwave, Shockwave, take him to a cell, make sure he can not get out.” Megatron commanded. “Starscream, use the computer to locate Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons.”

Starscream moved to the console and started a display of Charr with red dots and it. Thundercracker watched the hall the led in to the base for anyone who was still inside.

Blitzwing followed his radar to a group of hovercrafts that were on course to the base. “Decepticons, destroy the sweeps!” He yelled. The jets broke formation and started firing. The lead hovercraft, took evasive maneuvers. “Skywarp, teleport bring Scourge down!” Blitzwing indicated the sweep leader. If Skywarp could have smiled in jet mode he would have. He teleported to within a few meters of Scourge then fired his heat seeking missiles. The hovercraft evaded the missiles that impacted on a sweep, which crashed down on to the surface. Scourge then turned and fired a barrage of his own missiles at Skywarp. Skywarp laughed, then teleported again; when he reappeared he was over Scourge. He transformed landing on the hovercraft. Skywarp placed his blasters on Scourge firing hot plasma at point blank range, the hovercraft acted like it was nothing. Skywarp stopped; there was practically no damage. Skywarp began to beat on Scourge with his fists. Scourge tried to shake his rider off, but it only changed his coarse. The sweeps were not as organized as the seasoned team of jets. The three Coneheads led by Dirge, stuck together picking off one sweep at a time, their combined fire power, and better maneuvering working.

Blitzwing strafed at the sweeps that came to Scourge aide. He noticed that the hovercraft was headed to a cliff face. “Skywarp, cliff!”

Skywarp looked up while continuing to beat Scourge, at the last moment when he knew Scourge could not pull away he teleported. Scourge crashed first in to the cliff then to the ground below. Skywarp appeared near the wreck. Scourge slow got up from the ground transforming, sending up a shower of sparks while doing so. Skywarp took hold of him, forcing the sweep leader down to his knees.

“Skywarp, to Soundwave.”

“Proceed, Skywarp.”

“Permission to execute Scourge.” A few moments passed.

“Permission denied. Bring Scourge to base. Terminate Sweeps.” Soundwave cut the communication.

Skywarp smiled, as he rammed his fist in to Scourge’s face, sending the Sweep leader in to stasis lock. He and Blitzwing then grabbed Scourge and carried him back to the base placing him in a cell diagonally across from Cyclonus. Then both quickly left to rejoin the other jets.

“The last command was to stay away from base until tomorrow.” Starscream informed Megatron.

“Where is Galvatron?”

“In his quarters.”

“Is anyone else in this base?”


“Thundercracker, go join the others. Soundwave, unlock Galvatron’s door. Shockwave, stay here. Starscream,” Megatron paused a moment. “Lets go.”

Soundwave was a little surprised at Megatron’s order to bring Starscream. His gaze hesitated a moment long enough for Megatron to realize.

“Unicron had made his body. His armor will stand up against Galvatron’s cannon.” Megatron explained as they walked.

Starscream listened in awe. He had wanted to ask, but knew that it risked Megatron's fury. He had not thought about his armor being any better, it did not look any different, now though he understood why the crash had not killed him, a second time.

Megatron stopped in front of Galvatron's door. The door had not been locked. ‘Your slipping Galvatron.’ Megatron thought. He walked in to the room; Galvatron was sitting behind a desk facing away from them.

“I do not want to hear any reports, Cyclonus.”

“I assure you, you will no longer hear anything much longer.” Megatron retorted.

Galvatron spun around not waiting to aim he fired his cannon. The shot went wide striking the wall near Starscream’s wing. Megatron fired a normal fusion blast that glanced off Galvatron, which enraged Megatron. He changed the setting up two steps, but before he could fire Galvatron had jumped on him from behind the desk. Galvatron's weight had forced Megatron to the floor, while his hands reached for Megatron's throat. Soundwave stepped back knowing better than to get involved. Starscream was still at the door looking on. Megatron slowly forced Galvatron off with his foot; he knew Galvatron was stronger than he had been before. The improvements that Soundwave and the Constructicons had put in were becoming exceedingly useful. He quickly got to his feet firing another blast. This blast was on target and left a burn mark in the center of Galvatron's chest. Megatron was still unsatisfied, he raised the cannon setting two more levels.

Galvatron was surprised, never had any one been able to question his strength. Rage over took him and as he stood, the blast hit him. He gasped. It had hurt. He threw him self on Megatron again forcing both to the ground again. He powered his own cannon aiming for Megatron's left arm. He fired; the blast glanced off hitting the wall. Galvatron's fury rose even more. He grabbed the arm and pulled hauling Megatron to his feet, then with a quick fluid motion he threw Megatron against the wall.

Megatron hit the wall but was not damaged. He shot again at Galvatron; the shot buried itself in Galvatron's thigh. Galvatron staggered a bit, Megatron seized the moment to issue a blow with his right hand to Galvatron's face. The impact sent a searing pain though Galvatron and caused energon to leak from his mouth, but it was not enough to dissuade him from launching himself at Megatron again. Megatron stood and braced for the impact. Galvatron hit with a force that Megatron had never known it knocked him to the ground as well as leaving a large dent in Galvatron's chest.

Megatron used Galvatron's shock to push him off, this time he did not bother to stand before firing. His blast was on target severing the orange cannon from Galvatron's arm. Galvatron lunged at Megatron with his fist connecting on his chest plate. Megatron staggered backward to keep his balance.

“Enough of this charade. I am the rightful leader of the Decepticons!” Megatron stood as Galvatron got up as well. “You are scrap!” Megatron fired again, with his newly acquired anti-matter ability. Galvatron was struck on the shoulder he grasped it in pain.

“You are dead. The dead cannot lead an army.” Galvatron yelled. He used his other arm to swing at Megatron he connected again. Megatron now standing staggered back. He swung at the dent in Galvatron, causing it to crack open, and a trickle of energon started to leak. Megatron took a step back as Galvatron grasped his chest.

“Then you never lived.” Megatron set the cannon up and other setting and fired. He could feel the drain on his systems, but it did not matter. The anti-matter blew through Galvatron causing him to stagger then slowly fall. Galvatron's optics flickered a moment then went dark.

Megatron was quite satisfied with his new cannon, and his armor as well. He had expected to lose his arm when Galvatron had fired, but it had held, though under it he could feel a few circuits had been melted. He had a few dents in his chest, although over all he was in good shape.

Soundwave started to receive a communication. “Sweeps deactivated: Jets returning.” His harmonic tone informed.

“Good. Call in Astrotrain as well, and then go to the command room. Starscream, help me carry this scrap to the smelter.”

Starscream stepped aside-letting Soundwave out, and then came back. He picked Galvatron's body up by the right hand. Energon leaked from the gapping hole in Galvatron’s chest. Megatron picked up the orange cannon then took Galvatron's left hand. They carried the large body to the disposal room between the two of them. Megatron forcedly dropped the body next to the melting vat.

“I know you seek revenge.” Megatron said coldly. “Take the honor, put him in.”

A familiar wicked smile came across Starscream's face. Sure he did not have to do the fighting, however he would have the joy of melting down his killer. “With pleasure, Megatron.” He said sincerely.

Megatron watched as Starscream disassembled and placed each piece in happily.

When the last piece save for the cannon, was in he laughed with glee. “You did not know how much I wanted to do that.” He said, as he walked toward Megatron.

“Come Starscream, we have an army to prepare.” Megatron turned and walked out the door, still holding the orange cannon.


The Retun of Megatron!

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