Freeing the Spark
Soundwave is sick of Galvatron, be weary of this Decepticon his loyalty isn't where you think it is.

Chapter One.

Freeing the Spark

Deep in the bowels of space a blistered planet orbited, the ravages of previous wars had burned it out, and now it hung silently in space. It’s original inhabitance gone many thousands of years ago, and what was left of the landscape became rotted shells and rubbled buildings. Here is where they took shelter, and here is where they had planned to rise again. What was left of the Decepticon army called this planet Charr, and in many respects it was very scorched. They had constructed a base in a canyon, the cliff sides helping to seclude the area, though now the leader himself destroyed most. Nights were longer here and many had resorted to staying in doors, becoming a part of the dark themselves.

The command room was nearly dark as another night began to fall; only lights from various monitors flickered. Soundwave sat at the back of his console rewiring yet another sensor array. Here on Charr the troops were extremely disorganized, and insubordinate, he did not trust most of them to get anything done. Even his computer expertise was being greatly misused, however he did not know what to do about it.

Everyday that went by he thought about what he now termed ‘The Old Empire. Megatron's time.’ He sat there slowly and patiently rewiring, soldering, and reminiscing. ‘How many times had they fought the Autobots and won against staggering odds? When we had awakened on the Ark there had been only eight Decepticons, but there were sixteen Autobots. Megatron, through sheer will led us to gather enough energy to build a new spacecraft and power Cybertron. He shook his head in disgust. ‘A lone Autobot had slipped aboard and blasted the controls causing us to crash.’

The door opened, immediately Soundwave recognized the heavy storming foot falls of Galvatron. He continued working as Galvatron came to his position.

“This will give us the ability to spy on the Autobots from here?” Galvatron stood looking.

“Correct. Our system will over ride a fraction of their security cameras.” Soundwave answered. ‘Definitely not Megatron’ he thought to himself.

“Good. Inform me when it is ready.” Galvatron did not wait for an answer; he just turned on his heel and went to the throne.

Soundwave’s thoughts returned to him as he continued to work. He had known Megatron for a millennia before the war, Megatron would not have asked about such simple sensors, he would have already known. True Megatron had not been an expert like Soundwave, however he had known more than enough to build such items. When Soundwave did explain he did not have to resort to small words for Megatron to understand.

Soundwave’s thoughts shifted somewhat more to Galvatron. ‘He is all most completely opposite from Megatron. Galvatron relied on Cyclonus to make plans and instigate them while he made a fool of himself shooting uncontrollably. Megatron always had the basic plan though sometimes it needed refining, and Megatron, was quite adept at using his cannon.’ Soundwave paused his train of thought to connect a circuit, then continued. ‘True both have a short temper, but Megatron could be reasoned with by logic, and had been many times. Galvatron had nothing, but blind rage he refused to listen, even to Cyclonus.’ Soundwave shook his head again. ‘Here on Charr, we very nearly starve.’ Then his visor flickered and lightened. ‘Something has to be done.’ Although what, he was not sure yet.

After finishing he ran a few tests then informed Galvatron of his completion. Galvatron stormed over and looked at the monitor of Autobots, then his rage over came him. He shot the monitor, and then left. Soundwave’s thought reiterated itself. ‘Something must be done.’

His assignment done, and not wishing to be around for the demonic leaders return, he went to the privacy of his own quarters to think. Inside were most of his cassettes. Ratbat had been sent out on a scouting mission, but Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw and Laserbeak were all sitting around looking rather bored. Ravage had been the only one willing to go out in to the base alone, the others so far had only went out within Soundwave. They all looked up happy to see that he had come back another day with out scorch marks. ‘My creations.’ He thought. ‘The only ones that I trust.’ He sat at the desk, but swiveled around in the chair then motioned for them to come near. He opened the telepathic link that through him they all shared.

‘What are your feelings on Galvatron?’ he asked. He looked at Laserbeak.

‘He is not a good leader.’ The condor shook his head.

Soundwave looked at Buzzsaw.

‘Megatron was much better.’ Buzzsaw said. At that, all the cassettes nodded.

‘I do not see any of Megatron in Galvatron.’ Ravage put in, with a bit of matter of fact attitude.

‘Yeah, and you Soundwave, were a high ranking officer till Cyclonus and Scourge came.’ Rumble added.

‘We are not discussing them presently. Only Galvatron.’ Soundwave affirmed.

Frenzy sat quietly thinking. He was every bit the punk Rumble was, though he was a little more patient. ‘We need to remove Galvatron.’ He finally said.

‘Agreed, that is only part of the solution.’ Soundwave answered. ‘Cyclonus, will take over if Galvatron is eliminated, if both are eradicated Scourge will. The problem lies with all three.’ He paused a moment. ‘ Though an introduction of another may make the difference.’

The cassettes looked up at him a little bewildered, but they knew his words to be true.

‘Who would we introduce?’ Ravage cocked his head.

‘Certainly no one here would want to stand against Cyclonus.’ Laserbeak continued.

‘There is only one being I know, that will lead us to a victory.’ Soundwave told them, and then he let his emotions flow to them. Their optics widened and mouths fell open.

‘How can Megatron be trapped in that?’ Ravage asked.

‘I am merely able to do exterior mind scans that are imperceptible, however many times I have felt two patterns. Despite the fact that Galvatron’s is quite strong.’

‘You sound like you have a plan.’ Rumble said.

‘Proposal requires additional contemplation.’

‘Tell us anyway.’ Insisted Buzzsaw.

‘If Galvatron can be diverted sufficiently I may be able to extract Megatron's waves and data in to myself. Then download it to another body.’ Soundwave’s visor brightened slightly revising the plan every time he contemplated it.

‘What about the spark?’ Frenzy asked.

‘I have analyzed Galvatron’s spark numerous times, in the repair bay. His spark is exceptionally strong, I believe that it is two, and can be split as such.’

‘Something doesn’t sound right Soundwave.’ Rumble sat scratching his chin.

‘You are correct. I cannot do both simultaneously.’ All the cassettes slumped.

‘None of us,’ Ravage looked at his fellow cassettes. ‘Have a strong enough telepathy to do that.’

‘Or are skilled enough for the spark split.’ Laserbeak finished.

‘Correct. There is only one individual that is as experienced as I with the spark.’

Those who could frowned.

‘I don’t think he’ll do it.’ Rumble stated.

‘I want each of you to go to one of the Constructicons, leave Hook out. Talk to them concerning how they feel about Galvatron. They will not lie; their connection will not let them. You will instill more doubt in Galvatron’s leadership. The gestalt will do the rest.’ Soundwave finished.

‘So, basically we turn the others against Hook then he will come to you?’ Frenzy asked.


‘How do you know it will work?’ Buzzsaw inquired.

‘Young one, there are many things you do not know. Yes, the idea was Megatron's, but the technology and engineering behind the combiner was mine.’ Again optics widened and jaws dropped. ‘Now you all have an assignment. Go, do not let Galvatron discover you.’

Soundwave watched all five walk or fly to the door, then Ravage turned back. ‘I knew you would think of something.’ He telepathed then followed his brothers out.

Soundwave turned to his computer; a schematic of Megatron came up. Soundwave knew though, if his inspiration worked Hook already had one. Still the body would have to be constructed before anything else. ‘Time to plan step two.’ he thought, ‘formulate a way for Galvatron to send the Constructicons, and I to Earth. Earth was now profoundly protected, but could still yield huge amounts of energy.’ He and the Constructicons would go to the submerged base, restructure essential equipment, and then the new spacebridge. Getting around the security would be a problem, so a new jamming signal would also have to be manufactured. He had already been working on a cloaking device, but it was incomplete. The submerged base had been restructured for a spacebridge, but was also incomplete. ‘Simple yet time consuming. Perfect.’ Logically he would have to build one on Charr first. ‘Slight step back but essential.’ He knew no one else knew the complex calculations that were the spacebridge accept Shockwave, who had not been seen since Unicron’s attack. Soundwave shut down his computer, and then exited his quarters to find Cyclonus.

Cyclonus was in the command room repairing the monitor. For some reason Cyclonus trusted Soundwave more then many of the others. Soundwave believed, that it was what was instilled from the template from Thundercracker. Soundwave stopped, and waited near the monitor. Cyclonus came out from under the console.

“Soundwave do you have something to report?” Soundwave only nodded.

Cyclonus knew that meant Soundwave wanted to talk in private. Soundwave followed Cyclonus to his quarters.

“Yes, Soundwave?”

“Earth maybe a valuable energon source.”

“Yes we know that, but security there is too high.” Cyclonus seemed irritated.

“A small group can land at our old undersea base, then could send energon over a new spacebridge.”

“We have no spacebridge, and Shockwave is lost.” Cyclonus started to pace.

“I built the spacebridge on earth. I know I am quite capable of making it work here.” Soundwave was not boasting.

Cyclonus optics broadened as if a short hint of a fused memory surfaced. “What will you need?”

“I will require the Constructicons to help construct one here, then I will instruct you how to work it. I will also require them to restore the submerged base, as well as manufacture the second spacebridge there.”

“What about the Autobots?” Cyclonus started to pace again.

“I had covered the base with anti-sonar and sensor scramblers. I am positive it has not yet been detected. All systems should still be functional for security measures.”

Cyclonus paused again. “Transportation?”

“The size of the crew is diminutive. Astrotrain will be able to make it there refuel, and then transport a quantity of energon back.”

“Very well, I will speak to Lord Galvatron concerning this.” Cyclonus walked to the door. “Do not start until I have informed you to do so.”

Soundwave nodded, then walked out and back to his quarters. ‘Good’ he thought. ‘Cyclonus will talk Galvatron in to it.’ When he entered only Laserbeak had returned.

Laserbeak opened the telepathic link. ‘Scavenger hates Galvatron.’

‘Good.’ He sat at his computer. ‘Cyclonus may send us to earth soon. There we can commence step three.’

The door slid open, and Ravage padded silently in. ‘Mixmaster does not like Galvatron, he says he also wished death on Cyclonus.’

‘Good work Ravage.’ Soundwave continued to work on his simulation of the spacebridge.

The door slid open yet again, as Buzzsaw returned. ‘Longhaul dislikes just about everything, but Galvatron is number one.’ Soundwave nodded in acknowledgment.

Only Bonecrusher and Scrapper left.’ He thought. Frenzy had been sent to talk to Scrapper, he would be the hardest to convince.

Rumble entered. ‘Bonecrusher says that Galvatron takes all his demolition work. Time for a change.’ Soundwave nodded again.

His plans for the spacebridge on Charr were complete. Now Soundwave was working on the plans for the bridge on Earth.

Finally Frenzy walked through the door then came to an abrupt stop. ‘Scrapper knows.’ Every one looked at Frenzy with an evil optic. ‘I didn’t tell ’im. He just said that if I was talkin’ to him you were up to somethin’.’ Frenzy paused a moment. ‘Then he said if it concerns doin’ somethin’ to Galvatron he would help any way he could.’ Frenzy then joined the rest of his brethren.

Soundwave’s visor narrowed and brightened, as his true nature became more apparent. As soon as they got to earth, all would be explained to the Constructicons. ‘That robosmasher did a good one on their loyalty, but they were only loyal to Megatron, once Hook knows what the plan is, he will be eager to help as well.’ Soundwave’s visor flashed crimson as he thought.

Two days later, Cyclonus notified Soundwave to have the Constructicons start on the spacebridge, and once it was finished. He his cassettes, the Constructicons and the two triple changers would be sent to earth. Cyclonus also added the Constructicons and triple changers were not to return when it was completed. Soundwave thought that might complicate things, but quickly changed his mind, as it would not matter; the end result would be the same.

Soundwave over saw the construction of the spacebridge, informing Scrapper that the longer it took, the more time they would have on Earth before Galvatron expected results, to that they reworked every detail. Soundwave knew it should only take them three days to build it, but Scrapper managed to stretch it to a whole month giving them a month on Earth. Plenty of time.

Soundwave loaded a few objects from his quarters then recalled all of his cassettes, including Ratbat who had returned only a few days ago. Soundwave informed Astrotrain to take a course around Cybertron; it was easier to jam the outer sensors than the planet itself. Blitzwing just seemed happy to just be getting away from Galvatron, as did Astrotrain.

The space flight would take three days; all members were fully fueled and should not have to refuel for five days. If something came up reserve tanks would last another two. Soundwave knew that cargo bay three at the undersea base was left half full, and that cargo bay four should be near empty, the base systems had been drawing power from there.

Astrotrain was egger to take off, it was very apparent that many were at odds with Galvatron’s so called leadership. Many others had also requested to take this mission. Soundwave and Cyclonus though had agreed that less would be better.

Thankfully, (thanks to Soundwave's jamming), the flight was uneventful. Soundwave remotely brought up the landing tower, which now was covered with a green sticky moss and various forms of Earth shellfish. Everyone stepped out of Astrotrain, who then transformed to land in the tower with them.

Inside the place looked as they left it. Astrotrain and Blitzwing sat at the two consoles to start operations. The Constructicons immediately began inspecting the building and surrounding structures. Surprisingly only one room had been damaged, which took only four hours to fix. Soundwave then gave them the plans for the thermal generators that would be placed on the near by geothermal water plumes to collect and convert the heat energy in to energon. The Constructicons easily laid the piping and reconstructed cargo bay four in to an automated energon producing room. That only took four days, which then Soundwave sent the two triple changers to scout the ocean for more plumes, while they where gone Soundwave told the Constructicons the details of the plan. Most of them seemed apprehensive, but Scrapper thought it feasible and Hook thought it was quite superior. That reassured Soundwave.

Cargo bay three’s doors had been set at a security code that the triple changers did not have, Soundwave did not give it to his cassettes either, although they could enter with him undetected. The Constructicons set it up as a lab and materials were brought in, and over the three weeks that they had been there, Megatron's new body took shape. Hook and Scrapper took alterations to Soundwave for a larger fuel capacity, stronger armor, and major upgrades to the cannon. Soundwave worked side by side with Hook and Scrapper as often as possible to complete it as soon as possible.

“Cyclonus to Soundwave.”

“Proceed Cyclonus.”

“Report on the progress of the spacebridge.”

“Spacebridge will be operational in two earth days.”

“Good, and the Autobots?”

“We have been undetected.”

“Very good. I shall contact you in two Earth days Cyclonus out.”

“You are a really good liar, Soundwave.” The voice behind him was very distinct.

“We require all the time we are capable of acquiring, Longhaul.”


The two Decepticons walked to cargo bay three. “Soundwave he is finished.” Hook marveled. Soundwave checked everything over. The large silver and gray mech lay motionless, optics dark.

“ Y-Y-Yeah he looks in-in-intimidating j-j-just lying there.” Mixmaster tried to say.

Soundwave quickly turned directly at Scrapper. “You have not merged as Devastator have you?”

Scrapper’s head sank, as his optics fell to the floor. He could not fool Soundwave. “Not since we got here.”

“We have been so busy.” Scavenger added.

“Go now to cargo bay one. I will secure this room until Galvatron arrives.” Soundwave insisted.

The six Constructicons walked across the hall. Soundwave exited soon after, changing the security code. He noticed the Constructicons had left the door open. He looked inside. Devastator sat in the middle against the back wall. To most it was an odd sight to see, but to Soundwave the larger green a purple giant was getting reacquainted with himself.

Soundwave walked in to the war room, and sat down across from the command chair. Above the command chair on the wall was Megatron's Gladiatorial Battle sword. ‘Soon.’ he thought. ‘Soon, the rightful leader of the Decepticons will return and acquire his place removing Galvatron.’ His thoughts carried an air of distain that had he been speaking most would have been surprised at the emotion.

The door opened and the two triple changers entered.

“Soundwave, we weren’t expecting to find you here.” Astrotrain said.

“Yeah, we come here a lot. Great things used to happen here.” Blitzwing added.

“Now all we have is that lunatic Galvatron.” Astrotrain’s disgust shown quite plainly on his face.

“At least we got posted here. No offence Soundwave, your no Megatron, but outstandingly better than Galvatron.” Blitzwing followed Soundwave’s gaze to Megatron's sword. “If Megatron would come back, I would kiss his boots.”

“I don’t know about that Blitzwing, but I wouldn’t ever question him.” Astrotrain sat in the chair next to Soundwave, Blitzwing doing the same on the other side.

“Soundwave, why didn’t you try for leadership?” Blitzwing asked. He let a pause go by then continued. “I knew that you only said what you did on the way back from Earth, so you could retrieve Megatron. After we found out what happened to him, you just didn’t seem to care.”

Soundwave did not answer, just sat looking at the sword.

“Yeah Soundwave, you have more intelligence than all three of those Unicron rejects.”

Soundwave looked at Astrotrain who was being brutally honest.

“I can lead a small group well, but I do not desire to be Lord of an Empire.” Inside Soundwave knew that there was only one being that could hold that title. His gaze shifted back to the sword, unreadable as usual.

The two triple changers did not hide their surprise; both had thought that Soundwave would surely take rule from Galvatron and Cyclonus had he possessed the resources to do so.

“Well, for what its worth I would follow you. Every time you led a mission we always accomplished our goal, and sometimes more.” Blitzwing said.

Soundwave was relieved at Blitzwings loyalty to him, but knew he could not take it at face value.

“I would too. If anyone knows what Megatron would have done it would be you.” Astrotrain added.

Soundwave let his gaze fall, which mildly shocked the two. “Megatron would have dismantled Galvatron slowly and painfully.”

Both triple changers agreed. The doors opened and the six Constructicons took seats at the table as well. All of them looked more confident after merging for a while. Soundwave sat back and released all his cassettes that took various spots around the room. Notably Laserbeak and Buzzsaw perched on Megatron's old command chair, something that they had always done. The rest of the day was spent talking about Megatron's rule.

The next morning Soundwave and the two triple changers loaded the spacebridge with a cargo net of energon; Rumble and Frenzy were to accompany the load.

“Soundwave to Charr.”

“Cyclonus here proceed.”

“Spacebridge prepared for initial consignment awaiting your instructions.”

“Spacebridge ready send it now.” Cyclonus was replaced my Scourge, and Astrotrain replaced Soundwave at the communications console. Soundwave nodded at his two creations then engaged the spacebridge.

“Astrotrain to Soundwave. Shipment received. Rumble and Frenzy returning.”

Soundwave reopened the spacebridge, and then Rumble and Frenzy stepped out. Soundwave returned to the communications console. “Rumble and Frenzy received.”

“When will the next shipment be ready?” Cyclonus demanded.

“Three Earth days.”

“Good. Cyclonus out.”

Soundwave turned around to see Astrotrain. “Why so long? We have enough energon to send shipments back to back for three days.”

“I want to bring Galvatron to inspect the base.”

“Have you lost your neuro-processor Soundwave?”

“Negative, I am processing quite clearly.” Soundwave’s visor flickered again.

The three days seemed to pass extremely slowly. On the third day Soundwave called Cyclonus again, and once more shipped the energon with Rumble and Frenzy.

“Soundwave this energon is not lasting long enough. Mighty Galvatron is getting impatient.” Soundwave just nodded. “I will contact you in two days. Cyclonus out.”

Good.’ Soundwave thought.

“Soundwave, I know that something is going on in that sneaky processor of yours.” Blitzwing had been the one to help him this time.

“Yes Blitzwing, but now is not the time. Your loyalty to me and the Decepticon cause will be rewarded.” Then Soundwave left to go find Hook.

Blitzwing found Astrotrain. “What’s with Soundwave?” he asked.

“I don’t know. He is planning something but no one seems to know what.”

“Well, what ever it is, it has to do with Galvatron.”

“Maybe Soundwave is planning to deactivate him.” Astrotrain suggested. Then both started laughing.

“Soundwave is way too loyal for that.” Blitzwing said still laughing. Astrotrain stopped laughing suddenly.

“I don’t know. He was loyal to Megatron yes, but to Galvatron?”

“I don’t think that anyone is loyal, accept maybe Cyclonus, everyone else fears for their lives.” Blitzwing had a point.

“We will just have to see. Soundwave can be full of surprises.” Astrotrain said.

In the repair bay.

“Is the spacebridge equipped to immobilize Galvatron?”

“Yes, I have matched it perfectly to the waves that you have given me.” Hook arrogantly answered.

“Good. When he comes through, I will reach to Megatron with my telepathy to inform him not to take control. From now on I want everyone present for receiving. Bonecrusher, Longhaul, you will be stationed at the door. When Galvatron falls you will catch him, then take him to the repair bay. As you would expect Hook and I will follow. Scavenger, Scrapper you will be needed to distract Scourge.” Soundwave paused a moment. “Take him to the thermal generators. Mixmaster, you will disable the mechanism on the spacebridge, after everyone has left.” Soundwave looked around as if to ask if there were any questions. Everyone started to walk out of the repair bay.

Hook stopped Soundwave. “What if we cannot retrieve Megatron?”

“Spacebridge malfunction.” Soundwave said then continued to walk out of the room. Soundwave’s intentions were clear to Hook. If he could not bring back Megatron, he would deactivate Galvatron himself.

Eight days passed then Galvatron contacted Soundwave. “We need more. I must have more now! Cyclonus activate the Spacebridge I am going to earth.” Galvatron cut communications. Soundwave opened the internal comlink.

“Attention, Galvatron arrives.” Everyone scrambled and took their positions. Soundwave opened the spacebridge and Galvatron appeared. He fell forward Bonecrusher and Longhaul caught him. Soundwave let his telepathy flow through, to Megatron, and then pulled quickly back again. “No Scourge?” he wondered. ‘What coincidence.’

“Proceed.” Soundwave said. “Rumble, see that the spacebridge is incapable of receiving.” Rumble smiled then nodded. Soundwave followed Hook to the cargo bay where the event would take place. When they entered everything was in position. Soundwave sat at Galvatron’s head. “Hook observe his vitals. Waken me if they plunge below acceptable.” Hook nodded.

Soundwave placed a hand over each of Galvatron’s shoulders, and then dimmed his optics as he concentrated on Megatron. The world around him went black as he searched. He stepped through the black that was Galvatron’s outer consciousness. He walked around a void that had been left where Unicron had, had control. He avoided the livid pulsation of the thunderous rhythmic pound that was Galvatron’s still alert neuro-processor, progressively getting closer to the other consciousness that called to him, pulling him deeper. He stepped through another barrier in to a slightly lit area. Megatron appeared before him.

“Soundwave, I did not expect you to come here. What is going on?” Megatron asked.

“I have come to restore you.”

“Yes Soundwave, I will do whatever thing necessary to get out of this revolting body.”

“You are required to download everything that is you to your spark. Hook will split the spark, you must go with it.” Megatron's image flickered as he worked. “All that is left you must instill within me.”

Megatron gave Soundwave an abnormal look, then held out his hand. Soundwave grasped Megatron's hand, and then Megatron started the download of thousands of files, his image flickered then disappeared.

Soundwave awoke sitting at the head of the table. “Proceed with spark split.” Soundwave’s voice was not its standard harmonic tones; it now had a dangerous raspy sound to it. Soundwave walked to the empty body shell that they had built.

Hook took a minute and split off a few wires, the green tinted spark pulled it’s self-apart with a blinding flash. Now the one that was in Galvatron was purple, and the one in the electro energy container was blue. Hook opened the shell for the spark to arc in to it.

Soundwave nodded. Hook powered the body and the blue spark leapt inside like lightening. Soundwave then projected himself in to the shell. He could feel Megatron taking command of the new body, and retrieving the files Soundwave had carried. Slowly Megatron's image came in through the darkness, which was then lifted to a semi normal light. The image of Megatron slowly darkened, as if going from a ghost to a live machine.

“Thank you Soundwave, you are my most loyal warrior, and friend.” Soundwave said nothing. “I am ready.” Megatron spoke again, and then Soundwave’s image faded.

Soundwave’s optics came back online. “Take Galvatron to the repair bay.” His voice had returned to its customary harmonic near monotone. Bonecrusher and Scavenger took the still limp body to the repair bay

Soundwave used his telepathy again just lightly to Megatron. “Awaken.” The optics on the shell did not flicker, but came on as a solid scarlet, and then the large silver transformer sat up.

Megatron looked around the room, and then tried a few functions of his new body. It was over all the same, but now had much more power.

“Where is Galvatron?” Megatron's voice commanded attention, as it was the same as it always had been.

“Repair bay.” Longhaul answered.

“Good. Soundwave repair him and send him home, and then cut off his energon supply.” Soundwave nodded. “Our troops will cone to us. Astrotrain?”

“He is at the command center.” Scrapper answered.

“Bring him here.” Megatron commanded, as Scrapper ran out.

“Longhaul, get Blitzwing as well. Hook, your team will be rewarded. This is fine craftsmanship.” Megatron flexed again.

Scrapper returned with Astrotrain. Astrotrain’s jaw dropped. “That fool did it.” Megatron scowled at him. “ Soundwave has been sneaky, and would not tell Blitzwing or I what was going on. I knew though it had to do with you.” He replied quickly.

Megatron cracked a smile and raised an optic brow. “I understand that you have been very loyal to Soundwave.”

“As I am to you.” Astrotrain replied.

“Good. After Galvatron is sent back to Charr, take a cash of energon and bring back my warriors.”

“As you command, Megatron.” Astrotrain saluted, then turned and left.

Blitzwing saw Astrotrain and wondered what had changed his mood. After entering the cargo bay he knew. He let out a long yahoo, and then yelled “Decepticons Forever!”

“Peace through tyranny.” Megatron replied.

“It truly is you. That Soundwave is actually a genius!”

“Yes, I am back. For now, I want you to be my air commander when our forces arrive from Charr.”

“Sir, I have some interesting news.” A little fear shown on Blitzwings face. “A small jet fighter had asked for clearance to land. His signal is of Decepticon origin.” Blitzwing paused a moment. “ I almost granted him landing clearance, but was called here.”

“Who is it?” Megatron demanded.

Blitzwing looked at Megatron in the optics, he would have gulped if he could. “Starscream.”


The Retun of Megatron!

Chapter two >

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara