Finishing Things Off.
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Chapter 8 Finishing Things Off.

Raider was content to play with the internet, but that would only last so long. For now though she typed then watched, then typed looked over at Soundwave then began to type again. What Soundwave did no matter what it was, was always interesting to her. Soundwave knew already just how much time Raider had there were no pressing matters so as soon as he was done here he would ask her to accompany him to the spacebridge to run diagnostics on it again, but he had to finish what Megatron had for him to do today. After looking up a few things and using her USB jack to download a hell of a lot more; Raider started to get a little bored. She shut down the PC in front of her and sit back content to just watch Soundwave.

"Spacebridge requires diagnostics, Accompany me?" He said to Raider since she was done using the computer.

"Alright sure, not much else going on anyway." She answered following Soundwave as he left the room and headed for the tower.

"Enough training for today then, I want to go over a plan with you." Megatron kept hold of her hand then led her to the door a slight grin on his face.

"Ok." Prizm answered, not that she had much of a choice at the moment to follow him.

He walked silently still slightly in thought then suddenly about half way to the war room he stopped cold. "Are you up for a challenge? You and your wing mate vs. the three seekers, you can even choose a third to make it even." His optics narrowed as he thought through the details. It only seemed fair at the moment since Juci was stuck on Cybertron.

"Well yeah, but what would the point of that be?" Prizm said.

"Just to shut Starscream up and I thought you’d like to have a crack at him. There is no doubt that he would attempt to foil you to gain my favor." Megatron turned to continue walking. "Unless of course you don't think you can."

"Well yeah, and of course I can handle it, and would he be able to gain your favor if he foiled me in anyway?" She said then added "You said we can have a third, what if I pick you?"

"I did not wish to make this a competition between Starscream and myself; if that was the case I would just kill him now." Megatron grinned. "I suppose however if that were the case I could manage some self-control and act as a weapon only, allowing you to also choose another. It will give me a hands on demonstration of your abilities in battle." His voice almost purred. "Nonetheless, it will not be today. I shall have to pick a target and those fools need to be fully repaired. Soundwave should have an augmentation for you. See that it gets done before this. Then choose your third wisely." He finished then continued to the war room.

"Wait a minute, which was the plan you wanted to talk to me about? And what do we get if we top them?" She asked following him towards the war room.

"Well if you do, there will be much to celebrate won't there?" He kept walking then opened the door to the War Room.

Prizm wanted to scream; he still didn't answer her question. "Why must we do this? What point does it prove?"

"Point?” His voice rose, “Reason? How about discouragement, disillusionment, and deprivation? Sound at all familiar? I want him and the other seekers to get off their high horse and do something to improve themselves! Starscream talks about how filthy the humans are, well here are two given the right opportunity to do something and they are better at it than he is. He is just as flawed as they are and you'll show him just that." Megatron turned to the holo projector to look at possible targets.

"Ok I get it." Prizm said then added "I know you are always looking for Energon, but why don't you set up some solar panels, Yeah it's a bit slow but then the Autobots can't do anything about it."

“You still have much to learn."

Prizm took a breath. "How the hell am I suppose to learn anything if every time I get a free moment you always have something for me to do. So don't tell me I have a lot to learn." she said rather angrily.

"Do you need some down time? Are our mating habits too much?" Megatron knew he was starting to get on her nerves. "I don't have anything planned for today, if that helps you." He wondered if she would catch his meaning.

"No, I don't think I need down time from that. I am going to use today to get all the information I can, but you don't need to rub it in my face that I don't know these things." It was frustrating the amount of information she was expected to know when her and her wing mates were always studying as it was. She looked at him she knew that was a hint, she was about to admit that she just liked being around him, that would wear off soon enough.

"You can use the computer terminal in OUR quarters, be sure to read over the data files." Megatron sat down and stared at the map.

"What? Am I bothering you?" She asked and walked up behind him were he sat.

"No, not at the moment. The isolation will serve as less of a distraction." Megatron changed the map.

Prizm smiled "I distract you?" She asked "Well I hope you don't mind if I distract you one last time before I go.” She knew he might bite her head off, but she did it anyway. Since he was sitting she could reach him better. She put both her hands on his shoulders and leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

Megatron laughed, "Distract me?" he took her in his arms. "Oh no, as not to distract you." He kissed her lightly. "I am a distraction for you."

Prizm laughed. "Ok Ok I admit it you distract me, but you seem to like it." She said and smiled. "I can go now if you want me to."

Sometime later and elsewhere. Things seemed to move with fluid speed much differently than what the femmes were used to as humans. Each seemed to know there place and their duties. It was actually nice to have a bit less chaos.

Raider walked along following in a near Soundwave, it was so much better than being stuck in the training room pretending to fly. As they reached the tower he turned to her. "I need some equipment would you be able to carry it?"

"Yup, I think I can manage, let me help." Raider was glad to do anything to help.

They didn't need a whole lot of things just some scanning equipment. Soundwave had gathered it all up. "The equipment is ready to go, it just needs to be loaded." He said

Raider gathered what she could till her arms were full. "Okay,"

Soundwave smiled. "It would be easier if you transformed, and I'll put the tools in your cockpit."

"OOpss sorry,” She laughed a little “I should have known. Alright," she set the items down and transformed, opening her canopy. "Ready"

Soundwave loaded the items inside of Raider. "Are you ready to depart?" He asked.

"Yeah I am ready for takeoff. Um are you riding or flying?" Raider asked.

"I'll fly for today so as to show you were the spacebridge is located." he said and then raised the tower.

"Alright fair enough, lead the way." Raider said. Soundwave flew out of the tower and waited for her to catch up not that it would take long.

She caught Soundwave and stayed to his right a lot like she would do if it were Prizm it just sort of came naturally.

Soundwave found it a bit odd to leading normally he usually was always following some one. But it was a nice change from the usual. "Should be a short trip." he told her.

"I understand, after all the further it is the more expensive it is to run to and from it." Raider answered.

"That is true it is located in a crater more like canyon." he said, they were getting close they had been flying over land for a bit now.

"Yeah, I have it on my sensor array, nice spot. I'll land along side of it." She swung around to get a good spot lined up; like Soundwave in her jet mode she could just land her VTOL systems allowed her to do just that which is why she had chosen the Harrier. Soundwave landed and watched her land and walked over to her.

Back at the base.

"I would like you to review the files. I can come distract you after I have planned out this little venture, which is why I suggested my computer." Megatron smiled he always tried to keep one step ahead.

Prizm smiled "I can do that." She said and walked to the door, she got a big smile and asked "How long will that take?"

"It shouldn't take more than an hour and a half." Megatron switched the picture again.

Prizm smiled "Well then come and distract me when you're done." the door opened for her. Megatron nodded at Prizm as she left, then went back to his map. Prizm smiled and walked down the hall towards their quarters.

Megatron wasn't satisfied with the map; he called Astrotrain into his war room.

As soon as the triplechanger entered Megatron began to explain, "I am hoping that Prizm will choose you as her third in this little thing." he said changing the map again. "This is where the target its. It’s a solar power station."

Astrotrain took note of the spot then sort of drifted off. A lot had really happened to him in such a short time, the femmeseekers that he had barely begun to know were now proving left and right that the older seekers were obviously doing something wrong. More over though, Soundwave and his proposition with Raider not to mention the fact he had actually gone with him, still astounded him. At first he didn’t know what to think and really coming from anyone else he would have laughed it off. Soundwave though was never one to joke around about things like that. When Raider noticed he was there and Soundwave had told her why she jumped at the chance. ‘Train let a bit of a smile cross his face as he thought about it.

Megatron paused watching for a moment. "Astrotrain?"

The thoughts of the previous night invaded his processor and threatened to make his rod go rigid in his armor. He had liked that she came to him making him feel welcome while still giving most of her attention to Soundwave whom seemed to just thrive over the whole thing in general.

For a little longer the Decepticon leader paused and watched, the Triplechanger did nothing his optics had a look as if he wasn’t home inside. “Astrotrain!”

The triple changer looked up. "YES!"

"Where were you last night no one was in your quarters?"

"I was with Soundwave." Astrotrain hesitated to say Raider.

"I see," Megatron thought that they had been planning together. "Just be ready tomorrow."

"Yes Megatron." Astrotrain walked out.

The Leader looked at the map again. This will be interesting he thought. Satisfied with the place Megatron got up and started to their quarters.

Prizm looked at the files the mess was giving her a headache but read through it again then she thought that she should contact Raider and tell her that they were scheduled to challenge the seekers. She huffed and pushed her com link.

Lifting her canopy Raider waited as Soundwave took the items out. He removed the items and waited for her to transform so he could show her how to hook up the scanner.

She transformed just in time to answer the comlink. "Raider here”

"I have some news for you." Prizm said scrolling through a file.

Sighing Raider could feel Prizm exasperation over the files. "You’re not scrolling through the all files by hand are you?" she shook her head. "In your right hand forearm there should be a USB just plug it in and download them." she stifled a giggle. "So what's up?"

"Oh. Well really just taking up time. Anyway we are supposed to take on the seekers and we have to pick a third one to make it even." Prizm said removing the panel getting the cable out and plugging into the console.

"Alright, a third huh? Well who do you think will make a good one? I doubt we'll get Juci back before that." Raider took a second to think. "I could probably get Astrotrain if you want."

Megatron neared the door, he could hear Prizm speaking in side, and he waited listening.

"Yeah if you can get Astrotrain that would be good; I mean he is a flyer and we have worked with him before." Prizm said noticing her files were now completely loaded. She began to just pick at the keyboard.

"Okay I'll ask him when I get back, Soundwave is running the scans now so I sort of got to go, should be back soon though. Raider out." She closed the link and walked to where Soundwave was, “Heh sorry, you know how she can be sometimes." She said.

Soundwave nodded. "Start the scan when connected." He said plugging in a few wires.
"Sure thing." Raider answered watching as each wire as put in place.

"Start scan now.” He said as he connected the last wire.

"Started. How long do you think it will take?" Raider watched the machine work. "It kind of sucks without the bridge working."

"Scan should take about one hour." He said and checked the control panel to make sure there was no damage there.

"That isn't bad, so is there something we can do till then?" Raider watched as Soundwave checked the panels.

"Negative." He said there wasn't much else they could do until it was finished.

"Oh, well are we alone?" Raider stuck her finger on Soundwave's chest right on his symbol. "You know REALLY alone?" She got a mischievous smile.

"Yes, we are alone." He said taking in her grin he knew what she was thinking. Not that he minded.

"Wow. That doesn’t happen often." She came closer leaning on and snuggling against his chest.

Soundwave put his arms around her pulling her closer. He reached up a retracted his battle mask. "Raider."

"Yes?" Raider answered though she didn't really think she needed to. Soundwave tilted her head back and gave her a barely brush of a kiss. She tapped him on the shoulder, "You tease." He decided to shut her up. He kissed her again this time it was deeper. Raider kissed him back. "That is much better." she giggled. He smirked at her, and then kissed her again. He put his hand on her chin opening her mouth. She allowed him to do as he wished; she knew he wouldn't do anything that she didn't like. He liked to listen to her processor as she thought allowing her to guide and tell him what he liked without audibly saying it. He slowly slid his tongue in her mouth something that he had learned from her. His hands moved to her waist. He knew she would not do anything out here in the open but kissing her was fine for now. Raider near melted. She loved to be in his arms, didn't matter if it was sexual. He stopped kissing her and leaned his chin on top of her head just holding her close. It wouldn't take too much longer for the scan then they could finish this properly.

Raider only sighed, and then the scanner beeped. "Is it finished?"

"Yes it is finished." He let go of her to check the read out. The power converter on the Cybertron end was damaged.

"Looks like we’re going to have to tell Shockwave to get off Juci and fix it on his end." Raider couldn't help laughing.

"Affirmative." Soundwave said making light of Raiders joke. "Contact Shockwave back at base." he said reattaching his mask. "Then we can finish."

"Ooohhh finish. I like the sound of that. Should I transform to take the stuff back?" She waited a moment for Soundwave to respond.

"Affirmative." He said and waited for her to transform. Raider transformed and raised her canopy.

Soundwave loaded the equipment back into Raider, "Ready?" He asked.

"Yes," she started her thrusters and headed to the air. Soundwave took off from where he stood and followed her. She fell in alongside Soundwave same as before. She knew sooner or later someone was going to make her lead at one point but she didn't even want to think about it. Soundwave was glad to have her fly beside him. As soon as they got to the base he would contact Shockwave. It was true the tower wasn't far Raider sent the signal for it to come up and open for her landing. Soundwave saw the tower raise and he followed her inside as she landed. Raider lifted her canopy to allow Soundwave to remove the items. He came over and removed the items and set them aside. And walked over to the computer and typed in the command to contact Shockwave when a familiar face came up on the Screen.

"Juci put Shockwave on."

"Uh he is busy at the moment."

"Tell Shockwave that the power converter is damaged at his end."

"OK will do." She said and the screen went dark.

"Now let us go to our quarters." Soundwave said and headed that way.

The door opened and Megatron entered. “Prizm?”

Prizm nearly jumped out of her chassis "Yes, Raider suggests Astrotrain and I agree with her."

"I thought that you might choose him. Having worked with him it helps. Has something happened to him? He was acting a bit oddly even for him." Megatron knew he was with Soundwave and didn't think much else of it.

"I really don't know what happened to him, I think he was with Soundwave and Raider yesterday and that is about all I know." Prizm said then smiled "I thought you were going to be busy for an hour and a half. What's it been 45 minutes?"

"I found a rather pleasant short cut. It cut down the time." he rubbed his chin. "Soundwave and Raider you say. Well that changes things a little." Megatron shook his head; he didn't think that Soundwave would do that. "Have you reviewed the files?"

"Yes, I have downloaded them, I have gone through most of them; but there are only two left that I didn't look at yet."

"Very good, though you haven’t read them you do have instant access to them. Impressive." Megatron neared the desk. "Find anything of interest?" He had wondered if she had attempted to look at any of his personal logs.

"Maybe." She wondered what he was getting at she really didn't have the time to really search the database like she wanted to; but she would. Maybe he had a personal log somewhere.

"Some of the things we have done can be altered now with the inclusion of you and your wing mates. I have made notes of some of the items that will come in handy. That can wait though." Megatron pulled her lightly from the chair. "I have no other duties today."

"Really are you sure there isn't one more?" She asked giving him a sly grin.

"Quite sure, there is nothing I'd like better than to just relieve some stress and have a calm evening. Of course that includes entertaining you." Megatron pulled her close.

Prizm giggled ''Entertaining me that won't be that...hard." she said and leaned on his shoulder.

"I have studied your earth terms, and no it isn't hard. YET." Megatron's tone of voice took on slyness to it. "That too will change."

She laughed it was just funny to hear him say that. Then she smiled, "I have no doubt about that." she said and slowly ran her hand across his waist and then wrapped her arm around his waist.

Megatron held her just tight enough to pull her as close as possible. "Getting to work on resolving the situation, I like that."

Prizm was in heaven, "Always." She breathed being this close to him was making her senses in a whirl. Megatron held her there, then let his fingers do some exploring; he remembered the latches to her armor were hidden.

"Megatron, show me how good you really are at this." she said and ran her hands down his back.

"Is that what you wish?" An evil grin came across Megatron’s face as he unhinged her breast plate.

"Yes that is my wish." She said; she felt a chill run down her spine as he removed her breastplate. He let the breast plate fall between them holding her at the nape of her back. He leaned down and licked her nipple lightly wanting the most stimulation. Prizm breathed in her head falling back. She fought the urge to wrap her arms around his head. He held her steady, and then pulled her close taking more of her into his mouth. He wanted to hear her vocalize. Prizm grasped it felt so good, a tingling feeling went straight to her port. Megatron let his grip loosen then slid his hands up her back bringing her forward dragging his tongue along from her nipple to her neck. Prizm breathed, she tried to keep her hips still, she could feel some lubricant leak out. She hoped it didn't have to strong a scent she didn't really want him to know just this little bit of foreplay was affecting her so much. Megatron could feel his own rod starting to lengthen in his codpiece; soon it would have to be released before it started to hurt. He slid his hands back down her back as he nibbled lightly on her neck, down around her waist he started to feel for the clamps to the rest of her armor. Prizm gasped again, as she felt his hands on her waist. There was no way she could hide her bodies, reaction to him if he removed it. It really wasn't that big a deal but Raider had warned her about giving in to easy. She put her hands on his arms and pushed a bit, trying to remove his hands.

“Going to make this a little bit hard are you?" Megatron grabbed her a little harder and pulled her forward. "Alright two can play."

Prizm grunted as she tried to get away, she didn't mean to make him mad. "Alright alright."

He let her go, Megatron had told her once that he had wanted to release stress, not cause more. He walked to the recharge bed and sat. He removed his armor, then sat back against the wall his now hard rod staring at the ceiling. He took one hand and stroked it slowly. Prizm nearly fainted when she watched what he did, her mind quit working.

Megatron saw Prizm stop cold. He stroked it again then massaged it on the tip a little as some of his own juice glistened at its opening. "Prizm."

Prizm got her thoughts back, and smiled a sly smile. "What? Need some help with that?"

"It is always better when one doesn’t have to do it himself." Megatron gave it on last stroke then waited. Prizm walked over to the end of the bed and she slowly crawled up the bed to him. She then kissed each one of his thighs. Megatron watched refusing to show his anticipation on the situation, however he couldn't control the reaction his rod had as Prizm kissed his thigh. She ran her hands up his thighs and continued to kiss her way up his thigh, and then she slowly wrapped her hand around his rod.

Megatron watched. His rod betraying how he really felt. It stiffened to its max and throbbed there anxiously. Prizm breathed in to cool her heated systems. She then smiled an evil smile. Then she ran her tongue up the entire length of his rod. Stopping when she got to the tip to take another cooling breath, her body was in an extreme state of arousal. Her sodpiece was starting to bother her. Why hadn't she let him take it off? she thought, then she tentatively licked the crown of his big head. Megatron suppressed the want to take his hand and force her mouth down on him. The urge for pleasure hadn't forced him to feel the need to do it just yet. Much longer though and he would do it. Prizm took a deep breath; she popped the entire head into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She began to suck slowly. Megatron let some of his systems relax as she worked what seemed like a bit of magic. The feeling she produced on him instantly heated his systems.

She suckled and bobbed until her mouth ached; she then released him and kissed her way up his body. She stopped when she got to his mouth. Megatron held back his urge yet again. He knew there would be more to do just as Prizm stopped. Her wet kisses helped to relieve the stress of his daily activities forcing him to calm slowly. When she reached his mouth he kissed her, parting his lips slightly allowing him to taste her. Prizm breathed in as she kissed him back, she loved the taste of him. Megatron brought his arms around her pulling her slowly on to his chest. Her warmth added to heighten his senses and intensify his touch. Prizm breathed in, she loved being in his arms.

She felt some extra weight on her hips then she realized that she still had on her sodpiece. She had nearly forgotten about it. While they were kissing she felt for the latches to his chestplate. Megatron felt her fingers searching, he had, had his fingers on her sodpiece latches since he had pulled her closer. He took that moment to pull them free and slid her armor out just as she did the same to him, creating a space between them only for an instant. Prizm pushed his armor out of her way and then kissed his neck. She hoped she wasn't creating a small lake of lubricant on him. Megatron kissed Prizm back feeling her bare aft and finding it slightly damp. He inwardly chuckled at it thinking it was going to be much easier to slide his rod within her due to that fact. They had been together a few times now, and her systems were finally becoming accustomed to his size making it a lot less painful than it was in the beginning. Prizm continued to kiss his neck and chest. She felt his hands on her aft; she couldn't help the movement of her hips, which him an idea; he could just reach her port from this distance. He slid his index finger along her outer sensor then slid it in as she moved toward his hand. Megatron heard her breathe in sharply not expecting it. Prizm gasped as she felt his finger enter her body, his hands were a bit cool making her jump all the more. She nearly sank her fingers into his shoulder.

Megatron's optics narrowed he liked how she would dig into his metallic skin when she liked something, it was slightly painful, but yet exotic. So far she had been the only femme willing to dare do it. He pulled her close his finger sliding easily in and out. His rod underneath getting covered in her juices, he held his rod in his other hand pulling against her outer port as she rose and fell.

"MMM..." Prizm breathed, she knew it wasn't going to be long before she came. The friction was madding every time her hips fell her sensor would rub against his rod. Her breathing increased, she tensed as she felt really close. She gasped again then sank her fingers into his shoulder, but only with one hand, she moved her hand down his body and put her hand on his hand holding his rod.

Raider broke out in a laughing fit. "I told you we'd have to tell her to get off him" She laughed some more holding herself like she still had a stomach. It took her a good minute to calm down enough to remember what Soundwave had said. "Our quarters? Alright" she nodded then took his hand. He led her down the hallway to their quarters. He stopped to put the code in to open the door. It opened for them. He then led her in the door shutting behind them.

"Have you something in mind?" Raider asked Soundwave watching his movements.

He pulled her to him. "We have something to finish." with that he removed his mask and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist lifting her off the ground. Nearly like butter Raider just sort of let herself melt right into Soundwave's grasp. To her there was nothing better. He stopped kissing her for a moment, and then carried her to their recharge bed. He sat her down on it then reached for the latches to her breastplate. It was good. She let him move as he wanted even leaning to allow him better access. She knew he knew where they were having had such a hand in the building of her frame. Soundwave pulled both latches having knowing exactly where they were, after having removed her plate. He ran his hand up her stomach and cupped her breasts running his thumb over both peaks. Raider put her head back; she loved how he could be so cold to everyone else but then he could be so warm to her. The mystery of it all was great and only added to her pleasure. He kissed her neck, as his hands went for her sodpiece, he hoped he wasn't rushing her but he wanted to touch her everywhere. Raider sat closer to the edge allowing Soundwave to reach all the way around her. She leaned into him searching for his latches, she liked his chest armor and its window, as he really didn't take it off often due to the complexity, and she didn't bother with it finding the latches for his codpiece.

He removed her sodpiece, and set it aside. Then he helped her with his codpiece because of the electronics in it. After it was removed he pushed her back on the bed and proceeded to kiss up her leg, he trailed his tongue up her thigh stopping to nibble the metallic skin of her thigh. Lying back onto the bed Raider relaxed, her senses were going crazy, and she knew the slightest touch would start building into orgasm, but that is how it always was. Soundwave knew that, he would take his time and work her through that first one then they could both work on her second. He trailed a hand up her other thigh, as he continued to lay soft, damp kisses until his hands and his mouth met her port. He suckled her lips and slipped a finger into her. Twisting, raking his knuckle on her inner wall. Raider couldn't handle it any farther her first orgasm came as his finger felt into her. She tensed and held what she could reach of him till she could take in short gasps of cooling air. Soundwave stopped when he felt her inner muscle cables contract, he wasn't expecting her to come that fast. He kissed her easing her feeling of coming down. He squeezed her hips. Raider sighed heavily, then took in a deep cooling breath letting it out slowly with an "mmmmmm" She knew now that that had passed the anticipation would drop and it would be Soundwave's turn. She pulled him up onto her, using one hand to pull and the other hand to guide his now hard rod to her port. Soundwave followed her lead, stopping to kiss her, then he made her let go of him only so he could rub his rod against her port knowing she loved it.

"You tease, you." Raider said through her grin as Soundwave tempted her with his rod. She knew he was sneaking into her thoughts and picking out some that would help him to please her. She could feel his presence in her processor; it was a very pleasurable feeling when he could convey his feelings without words. Soundwave projected his pleasure into Raider’s processor. Then he took both her hands and put them above her head, and then he ran his hands down her body. He kissed her, his hands found her hips, he guided her legs to around his waist, and she seemed to rather want to skip the foreplay. Foreplay wasn't a particular thing Raider liked, sure it was fun and exciting, only she couldn't help wanting to get down to it. She sighed, and turned her optics off just relaxing in his grasp, as well as his thoughts. She was plenty wet enough it seemed she was always ready. He slowly slid into her and held still so as to enjoy the feeling of her body around him. He slowly moved within her and projected what he was feeling into her mind as well reading her feelings. It definitely enhanced the feeling. Of all the things that could have came to mind Raider let Soundwave lead her mind on. However he felt was mirrored within her thoughts and instinctively done. The whole feeling was too much for her, and her system went into overdrive already having heated and ready receptors his thrusts sent her in to orgasm again. She held her breath still her systems threatened to overheat, then took in several sharp deep breaths.

Soundwave felt the pulses of her inner muscle cables he wasn't really all that surprised that she had an orgasm already. He waited until she was finished before he began to move again. He pulled back and pushed back in a bit harder than before. Breathing steadily Raider took a second to cool as Soundwave held there. Once she was ready she only need think it and he would know exactly what to do. Soundwave concentrated on her thoughts. It was starting to get harder to read them through the pleasure he was feeling. She stopped trying to think about Soundwave her mind clouded with her own feelings, as her cables began to tighten again. She knew this would be her last one; her energon would be nearly gone. Soundwave moved faster feeling her cables tighten around him, and he was getting close, as her cables seemed to pull him in a keep him there within her. Small whimpers of happiness came from her as she let Soundwave drive her over the edge and into bliss, He had a way of doing things that she couldn't comprehend but loved it just the same. He felt her cables clench and release in a series, He knew she had came he felt extremely close as her cables squeezed his rod.

She couldn't hold it in anymore "aaaahhh" she let out. Raider panted. She could feel his coming as he projected it to her. She wanted it to last but her frame was sinking as her cables gave way to relaxation.

Megatron thrust a little keeping time with Prizm's movements. His rod pulsed and heated with the turn of his energon pump as he let her guide his hand. Prizm moaned into his audio, she couldn't hold back any longer. She felt as though someone had hit her in the chest as she panted and her orgasm came over her body. Megatron pushed a little harder, he had hoped to intensify the feelings Prizm was going through. His rod was starting to pass her port entrance not just her sensor; he could feel it on his finger as the two of them moved. He would wait till her orgasm was over before guiding his pole into her completely.

Prizm grasped as his rod passed her port. Her orgasm was finished she breathed into his neck. His own longing taking over Megatron took his rod from Prizm's grip and pressed it slowly into her port, he could feel the cables pulsating, clamping and then releasing allowing him to slide in. Prizm gasped threw tightly clenched dental plates he could have waited until her muscle cables had stopped altogether. He held there a moment as the pulsing on his rod massaged and excited him. The breath that Prizm had taken alerted him to pain. It wasn't really in his persona to care about someone else, but in the pit of his energon reservoir he could feel something not right. It had made him stop and wait till Prizm's expression had passed before continuing, He would have to research more on this it wasn't like him to have any sort of guilty or remorse. He decided it was neither, that it had to be he cared more for this particular femme that forced him to have this odd feeling. All that passed through is processor lighting quick as the pressure on his rod and the expression on Prizm's face softened. He pulled back then thrust forward again this time sliding much more smoothly. Prizm realized that she was still on top of him. She slowly moved her legs so that they were on either side of his hips. She moved so that she was sitting up, making his rod slide further into her body. In a more comfortable position, Megatron followed her waist with his hands then helped her move, then lowered her down onto him fully. His optics dimmed slightly with pleasure as a slight smirk came to his lip. Prizm gasped but not in pain this was the sexiest thing she could think of at this moment; seeing his body under hers. She ran her hands down his body along his waist, slowly moving her hips. Megatron thrust up into her holding her in place as he did. A slight smirk came to the corner of his lip.

"Ahh" Prizm breathed as she thrust her hips down as he moved, and then let her head fall back. He held her there allowing her to move with him watching letting her motions drive him farther, there was something about it that was just erotic that he crave and there for made the feeling within multiply as well as re-enforce the pulse of his rod within her. Prizm breathed in she felt the pulse of his rod every time she moved down on him her external sensor rubbed against him, she knew she wouldn't be lasting that much longer before her orgasm took over. Megatron started to move a little faster feeling Prizm's cables becoming taunt grasping him. He used his hands to help move her watching himself disappear within. It wouldn't be much longer till he reached his on peak.

Prizm felt her cables tighten on him. "ooh." she breathed she started to pant. Her cables tightened suddenly and powerfully, she held still, her hands gripped his arms panting and breathed out his name. He thrust harder driving himself to peak feeling her cables hold his pole. A few more thrusts and he would join her, her panting his name only hurried his actions. His optics dimmed as he felt his hot juice start to flow into her. Prizm pushed herself down on him as far as she could, when she felt him come as another smaller climax gripped her. Megatron exhaled quickly, not expecting Prizm to have moved like that. It forced an extra little spurt of fluid out along with a shutter that vibrated through his frame.

She breathed as she felt a shutter run through his body. She leaned over him putting her hands on either side of his body and kissed him. He was spent. The daily activities had left him a little low this little session was taking a toll as well. He did so love her soft touch though. He waited till she was finished with what she wanted in her kiss then helped to lift her off of him.

"This time I will require a short recharge. It would be nice if you could join me." He nearly stumbled over the words, he hadn't been used to asking for anything, much less be nice about it. He didn't bother to replace his armor as he made himself comfortable on the bed. Prizm smiled and lay next to him resting her head on his shoulder. She smiled and looked at him, she started to think about what Raider had said earlier, and she laughed a bit thinking it was funny.

Soundwave pumped into her a few more times as he felt her cables relax then pushed into her as far as he could as he came. Her breaths came in short spurts as she felt him cum; Raider sank further down smiling. In a few moments she would lay next to Soundwave and fall into a sweet recharge, she only hoped she wasn't called for duty till her recharge was complete. He panted then took some cooling breaths; he looked down at Raider she was smiling. He leaned down a kissed her. Raider kissed him back as she started to back pedal on to the bed in a more comfortable recharging position, her internal clock told her she should have just enough time to get a full charge in. She patted the bed next to her, and motioned for him to lie down too. He moved up the bed where she was at. He really should do some more work but taking a rest with her wouldn't be so bad. Hopefully Prizm was keeping Megatron busy so they could get a quick recharge in. Raider placed one leg over him and leaned in to him one arm also over his chest. She loved that spot. Quickly she was into recharge. He put his hand on her arm and looked at her she was out already. What could it hurt if he recharged with her. He shut down and went into recharge as well.

Finishing Things Off

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