Chapter Seven Training.
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Chapter 7 Training.

The alarm went off, Raider didn't really want to get up, and she quickly looked around and saw Astrotrain was still there sleeping on her left. Soundwave sat at his desk giving her that slight smile. She giggled at herself having not thought that what had happened would ever happen, but Soundwave wasn't the average mind. She stretched out giving her wings a flick; soon her wing mate would be calling for their usual training session. They always seemed so annoying but Juci wasn't around to complete there structure and some extra learning of her responsibilities was needed so Prizm and Raider could still continue their raids without Juci. Megatron wouldn't have allowed Juci go if the other two couldn't pick up the slack. Juci on the other hand would have cause lots of trouble if left without her beloved Shockie for the times that he would leave.

It really didn't matter to her at the moment it was early, and she felt good. She got up off the recharger and attached her armor then walked to the desk.

“How long do you think we should let him sleep? We did sort of wear him out a little, do you think Megatron will notice?"

Soundwave’s Visor brightened at seeing her in such a good mood. "A few nanoclicks more, then wake him." he knew Megatron would demand to know where the triple changer was at. He didn't really want to explain where he was.

"Alright," Raider prepped her self some more, it seemed that Megatron liked to watch the training, and any little thing that was out of place he would make note of, it was just best to be in tip top shape. Finally she finished and stepped over to the recharge bed.

"Astrotrain." she waited a second. "ASTROTRAIN"

Astrotrain’s optics came online. He had not meant to fall in to recharge in here. He smiled seeing Raider she didn't seem upset that he had fallen sleep and was still here. Soundwave knew Raider was dreading the up coming training time. Maybe he would watch to help calm her nerve receptors.

"I don't want to get in trouble from Megatron for having you not report for duty." Raider told the triple changer. "I do have to go though. You and Soundwave play nice." She gave him a wink and started to the door, suddenly coming back kissing Soundwave lightly on his face plate.

Soundwave smiled under his face plate he never knew he and a thought occurred to him that he never used to smile this much. Raider was just like he was but she had other qualities that he liked, she had a quick wit about her that he like made things not so boring anymore. Astrotrain stretched and looked at Soundwave he was sure if he should say thanks or what. Soundwave nodded to him. Astrotrain headed to the door and left he didn't relish the thought of being late.

Prizm rubbed her optics something she really didn't need to do but old habits die hard. It was too early in the morning for her. She sat up and stretched. She could see Megatron looking rather angrily at his computer screen. She got up and walked over to him.

"What are you doing so early in the morning on there?" she asked with a smile.

"We have a rather large quantity of energon thanks to you and your wing mate, however since Shockwave has returned to Cybertron the spacebridge has malfunctioned. Until it is repaired there is no room to gather more energon here." Megatron hit the desk in frustration. "Shockwave has been warned. He assures that it will be fixed as soon as possible." He hated the fact he had to wait hated it with a passion. He wanted what he wanted right when he wanted it. Patience was not part of his strengths. He looked at Prizm from his screen. She seemed to calm him instantly. It was amazing how the process had worked out intelligence and looks was something hard to come by and it made it hard for him to be angry at her. "It doesn't matter, Starscream will take some Decepticons and do more information gathering and maybe a direct attack on those blasted Autobots and we should be back on schedule." he smiled an evil grin. "How are you this morning?"

Prizm smiled "Me, I'm doing just fine." She wasn't expecting him to ask her that, and after last night there was no way in the world that she wouldn't be doing just fine.
"I'd ask how you are but I think I already figured that out."

"Do not underestimate me Prizm. Are you ready for your training?" He stood up and walked toward the door. “Raider is supposed to meet you there correct?" He watched her walk expecting to see some favoritism to one side. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close. "I am going to join you this time. You need to learn to wield my power." he near whispered in her audio receptor.

Prizm gasped. What if she dropped him? That made a flutter of would be butterflies seem to beat their wings in her middle at a rapid speed, but she brushed it off. "Yes Raider is supposed to meet me here." She said looking at him.

"We must not be late." Megaton opened the door allowing Prizm to exit, him right behind her. It wasn't that far a walk to the training room, Megatron had the base built that way for him. He could go when he wished at take out some stress without having to worry about someone annoying him and finding the wrong end of his fusion cannon in the process. He put in the training program. "It’s a little bit more complicated than what you’re accustomed to the targets are smaller and will fire back. It will improve your reaction speeds and help your aim. I must warn you, I have a large amount of recoil; it will take some time to get used to."

Raider approached hearing Megatron speaking. "I am going to have to be on my toes then." she smiled and the imaginary butterflies beat harder.

After Astrotrain had left, Soundwave moved away from his desk. He left to go to the observation deck for the training room he could work on helping repair the spacebridge from there and watch Raider train.

Prizm smiled at her wing mate. "Yeah I dare say we both must then."

Megatron transformed, landing in the palm of Prizm's hand. "The program will start once you enter and the door closes.”

Raider looked at Prizm. "Better to remember it’s only an exorcize. I still wish Juci was here though. Oh well I am ready!" She walked through the door and looked around it looked more like a shooting gallery than a simulation, but it Megatron had programmed it, she knew enough not to assume anything. She found two odd things to pay attention to.

"I hope this thing is set on low or slow or whatever." Prizm remarked to Raider "Are you sure about this Megatron, what if I drop you?" she said to him. This was making her a bit nervous.

Soundwave resynchronized the program that started. Having had worked on getting out the all bugs out of the program. He hoped Megatron didn't over do it, even though he had an instinct that these femmes could handle it.

“Trust me." Megatron whispered. The moment the door closed a whirl started. Instantly there was fire from everywhere.

Raider only had her arm lasers, she watched then fired, watched again then fired, once more it was easy to see the sequences she topped out the power on her arm rifles, and fired again, it left a scorch mark on the target. She ducked then with a flick of her wings rolled forward to a kneeling position and fired again only her lasers still weren't strong enough. She powered them up to the highest setting she was able, yet they weren’t doing much to damage the targets. It then dawned on her that her lasers were not going to do much to anything that was meant for Megatron to hit. A plasma blast hit her wing and stung. "PRIZM! Aim were I have already fired. I can't damage it enough" She hoped that Megatron's power would be more than enough to break the sequence.

Megatron could see but his vision was limited to what was in his sight at that time. To a degree he could control his actions a small series of magnetic adjusters would pull him with in the person’s grip prompting them to aim as he wanted; and his aim was much better than Prizm's. This time he didn't use it. He wanted her to learn more than anything, her new skills with his accompaniment with his skill on the battle field would be much better than his alone. Another such advantage that he wanted over the Autobots. One of the many reasons he trusted Soundwave. She aimed then fired. The recoil was much more than she had thought and it sent her into the door behind her with a small thud.

"Look I’m sorry." Prizm shouted at Raider. Prizm's head buzzed after she hit the door, she shook it off her shoulder felt like it went through a metal shredder. Luckily it wasn't out of place at the time. ‘How the hell did she let him talk her into this?’ She nearly said it out loud as the thought came to her.

"Prizm, take a breath and aim with both hands; take and place one foot behind you for support" Megatron instructed.

Raider fired a few more times basically marking the targets for Prizm to pick out in the mess of things. "Don't apologize, just get back up and help!" Another Plasma blast caught Raider in the leg causing her to kneel the smell of hot metal filled her scent receptors. "Shit that’s hot! If I thought I could handle it I'd take him from you, fingers in his crotch or not." She nearly laughed.

Above Soundwave observed them all; they seem to be doing ok. Prizm couldn't seem to aim properly, but she would learn fast. Raider was pretty good with her arm lasers. Maybe he would create a weapon for her, maybe one a bit more powerful. He gave it a little more thought then set his concentration back on to the simulator.

Prizm laughed. "Shut up and you will not." She said she would show her what she could do and was determined to do just that. She did as he instructed. She hit every one of the targets that Raider hit.

The program shut down and Megatron transformed. "Now that wasn't as hard as you thought was it?" He smirked at her and watched as she held her right shoulder. "Have that checked out by Soundwave he knows what to look for. Nice work Raider you two make a good team." Megatron left to look at the report that he knew Soundwave would have taken of the simulation.

The door closed. "Well, at least it was short. If I hadn't seen the odd pieces to start with it would have taken me longer to find out where to aim." Raider exhaled fast.

"Yes, I'm glad you did." Prizm said "I seen your honey in the observation deck, he must have been watching us." she said with a smile.

Soundwave finished his report of the training today. He sat the data pad down and went back to checking to see if the space bridge could be repaired at this end.

"Yeah I knew he would go up there, even if it wasn't me he always wants to know how these go. It helps to plan the strategies. I am going to go see. Want to go?" Raider neared the door, and it opened slowly due to Prizm's impact to it.

Megatron sat at the controls in the observation deck of the training room. He looked over the report. "Raider is showing major improvements in strategies." He said. The only other Decepticon in there at the time was Soundwave. "Prizm still needs some self confidence, but she does well when angered." Megatron rubbed his chin. It was something he would have to take into account when having her on the field.

“Do I want to go to the observation deck? But of course." Prizm watched the door slowly open something else to fix. Hopefully Megatron wouldn't be to mad about that.

Soundwave listened to Megatron. He knew Raider was better at strategies he had been helping her a bit with that. Just then the doors to the deck opened. She had her own knack for picking out patterns since the beginning when he was looking at her computer work.

“Well that was fun." Raider said as she dusted off the spot on her wing, it stung a little but wasn’t worse for wear. Her hand passed over the one on her leg it still felt hot and actually ached compared to the one on her wing. "At least the program didn't have better aim. I'd been toast!" She walked to Soundwave and watched what he was doing.

"Don't get too happy with it. Each time you go through the training, they will get more difficult and more lethal." Megatron didn't look up he kept to the report. "Once you can assess the targets properly my dear Prizm we will make such a fine team." his optics near closed in thought.

Soundwave glanced at Raider, and then went back to his work.

Prizm tried not to smile, but he seemed more interested in that report than her at the moment. She expected that; after all he had a lot to think about adding her and her team mates to his ranks. She would love to be a team with him though; it just made her a bit nervous luckily it wasn’t in a bad way. She looked over at Raider. ‘Those two were so sweet together.’ She thought.

"Soooo it will get harder. I think we can handle that can't we Prizm" Raider came over to where Prizm was standing and nudged her a little bit. "Its not soon though is it?"

“No, I have to make adjustments to the program. It will be a few days." Megatron turned to Raider. “I want you to make adjustments to your weapons as well, have Hook look at them,” he looked up at her wing. “And those burns, we need be at peak performance. Prizm you and I are going to have to take more time just adjusting to cohesively working, that we can do now." Megatron got up and changed the training room to nothing but a targeting area. "Shall we?"

Prizm looked at Raider. "Yes, but I haven't had Soundwave look at my shoulder yet." Prizm started to walk towards Soundwave it didn’t really hurt much but she knew it wasn’t right either. She knew better than to go back in and attempt to use it with the power that Megatron’s recoil put out. Soundwave turned around in his chair. He didn't answer he waited for Megatron's reaction.

"It shouldn't be that bad, I wasn't at full power." Megatron scoffed and waited.

“Full power?” Prizm mumbled mostly to herself. She knew well enough that the gun that he was modeled after used the recoil for its automatic reload thus she assumed he would have a rather strong kick, but being a Transformer she didn’t realize until just now that it could be much worse. That made her even more nervous. ‘If that wasn’t full power then when he hits full power I won’t be able to handle it.’

“We’ll have to do more re-enforcement to your elbow and shoulder joints.” Megatron answered as if he knew what she had thought. He had already had some augmentations in her as it was but they had not been tested on a femme, he was sure now that she would need even more reinforcements.

Soundwave made a silent note to talk to Hook about what Megatron would want to do with Prizm’s needed work as he got up and approached Prizm.

Raider decided she better get his attention. “So how does this work?" she asked her leader drawing his attention from Prizm for a moment. Megatron raised an optic brow realizing Raider was a lot like Soundwave. He took the controls and started to explain, while Soundwave examined Prizm’s shoulder.

Looking at Prizm’s shoulder Soundwave could see her ball bearing joint was a bit misaligned. He put his hand on her arm then pushed her back. There was a loud pop and a metal on metal grind sound as it slid back in place. Prizm gritted her teeth that hurt, not to mention made her finger tips tingle. She then rotated her arm was still a bit sore but was feeling much better. She shook her hand at Raider for getting Megatron’s attention; it was only in play and she really did like her help.

"Megatron, Prizm is fixed, shoulder out of place." was all he said

"Very well, I wish not to prolong this any further. Come." Megatron strode from the computer and back out the door. Raider sat in the spot and watched at the room as it prepped some more. She had hoped that Soundwave would watch with her and make sure nothing too serious would happen. Prizm breathed out with a long sigh and then walked out the door following him.

A few moments later Soundwave walked up behind Raider. "Your wing mate will be fine do not concern yourself with it." He said nearly in her audio startling her, and then moved to sit beside her in the vacant seat and then he brought up the controls to the simulator. Watching Raider was assured by Soundwave, she knew he wouldn't allow either of them to really get hurt. "I know but that doesn't worry me as much as the two of them." She smiled at Soundwave then attentively watched. Soundwave smiled at her comment. She was right he had only observed them a bit but it was true.

"Is there going to be a mission today?" Raider asked Soundwave. She didn't think there would be, they usually weren’t two in the same day, and she knew about the spacebridge. Hopefully there would be some down time. Not to mention there wasn’t usually simulation training in the same day either.

“Negative, Megatron has not scheduled a mission for today." He answered

She took at breath and then sigh hearing that there would be no mission. "That’s good, I think I'll go out flying then, maybe Prizm will want to go," She thought about it then added. "If she can keep her fingers out of Megatron's crotch.

Megatron knew that Soundwave would watch the training and if need be he would alter it to fit the situation. There was a protocol for most things which is how most teams became teams watching each others training sessions. He waited for Prizm at the door and when she came close enough he transformed, allowing her to take hold of him again.

She smiled as she caught him then paused, the gun in her hand. She gave it a good look over, after all she had always wanted to be holding him just like this. It made her crack a smile as the light gleamed over it as she passed it from her left hand to the right, on the hilt inscribed was the Decepticon insignia. She smiled again just looking it over for a moment then the door slid open catching her attention she stepped forward and walked through the door. She was starting be a bit more comfortable with him in her hand but she knew it would take a while before she would get over it. Prizm hoped she did better this time then the last time. The room started to whirl to life, and the targets moved about.

Megatron paid attention though his sight as Prizm went though the motions of aiming. There was a little more self assuredness to her grip, along with a bit less shaking.

Prizm controlled her shaking. She hit several targets. She hoped that she could keep this up. It was harder to see what was going on without looking for the burn marks like the ones that Raider had left for her to find the first time.

It was satisfying to see Prizm's aim improve so drastically. He hadn't had to help at all. A few ideas passed through his processor, as to what to do with her next. He knew for sure Optimus Prime wouldn't be prepared for this. The system shut down and the room quieted. Megatron transformed back to his full height. "Impressive, much better than the last time." His smile indicated it was to his liking.

Prizm smiled looking up at him, "Thank you, Megatron."

"I want to see the full results." He said as he started to walk from the simulator. He pretty much knew what they were but wanted to clarify as well as find out if Soundwave had altered the program. Though he really hadn't planned to do much for the day the things he had planned were nearly finished. Some down time or "sulking" as Starscream would say would be nice.

"What's the matter now?" Prizm asked Megatron as she followed him up to the observation deck.

"Nothing actually, you did well, and I would like to see to it, it is filed." He took her hand gently, "Did it aggravate your shoulder?" he wanted to know if something in battle were to happen would she be able to disregard the pain, AND he did actually care.

"No, it's ok." She said absently rolling it in its socket, and then looked up to him; she hoped she wasn't bothering him to much.

Megatron thought it was interesting that she put up a slight front; he knew her shoulder hurt but she refused to let it show. He liked that. Anything that would help him achieve his status as ruler of Cybertron was worth working on. He started to the control room. "Take a few hours off."

Soundwave smiled and shut down the controls to the simulator. "Enjoy your flight." He said and pulled Raider close to him.

She rapped her arms around him instantly; it was something that the close contact had given her a habit of. Raider didn't care if Megatron saw or not, of all the femcons she did the best not to let the relationship get in the middle of work. Not that Soundwave would allow it.

Soundwave gave her a short hug. He knew Megatron would want his latest report and then he let go. A little show of affection here or there couldn't hurt, and of course no one was around either. She moved, he was always like that, but if there was no mission today she would find him later after her flight; and that would give him time to do whatever he needed to do as well as whatever Megatron wanted next and then have free time. He watched her a moment then finished the data report and filed it away in the computer system. Raider’s mind wondered a little when the door opened and Megatron sat at the computer, she knew the score of the exercise was 98%, It was only brought down, because the first target was missed. She waited for Prizm to follow him in like she knew she would.

"OK." Prizm replied as the doors open. She walked in behind him. She was hoping to spend time with him learning whatever she could.

Soundwave looked up from the computer. "Report of last training session filed." He said as Megatron entered. Megatron only nodded at Soundwave and started going over the report

"Hey Prizm you want to go out for a flight? This place tends to get cramped after a few hours." Raider asked.

"Um.. Yeah why not." Prizm answered. She took another look at Megatron, she couldn’t help it, and then she looked at Raider "Are you ready then?"

"Yeah I am ready, and it won't be long I just need a stretch." Raider led the way out and up to the docking tower. "I don't really want to go far, just a holding pattern of sorts. Do you think their monitor our transmissions? Well we'll be close enough we really don't have to transmit we can just talk.”

"Na I don't think they would monitor us; our signals yes but yeah we can just talk." Prizm said as the tower raised and the hatch opened. "Shall we?"

"Yeah. Alright.” The two of them leapt up with their thrusters and transforming as they rose into the air then hit their throttles as they sped through the no open docking tower. “Does something seem odd to you? I mean I know that Starscream failed again but there was no boom, no yelling, and no you know? Then Megatron wants you to take control of them? Is something up? Is it just me?" Raider stayed to Prizm's right while in flight, it was her natural position leaving the left open for Juci.

"You know that is a very good question, I didn't really think about that, but you’re right, I wonder what he is up to." Prizm said as they made a sharp turn, and flew back toward the tower. “Do you have plans out here?”

“I don't know, I don't think so, I think it's just that we have been getting things done and that's all. As for my plans I don't really have any I thought we were going to go around the tower and back again, you know just a bit of a stretch.”

“But if you’re ready to be done then that is fine, still we better find something else to do don't want to bother them too soon. If we stay out here too long Starscream will come out whining. ” Prizm said as she stood there on the hatch.

"I'm done I just needed a bit, and I didn't want to talk about him in front of him." She walked inside. “I think I'll find out what is on Soundwave's schedule, then find something to occupy the free time. Or maybe I'll get Hook to look at my weapons. You?"

"Well of course we can't talk about him in front of him. Well I hadn't thought about what I was going to do today. I know what I'd like to do but can't do that right now anyway. Humm is there another monitoring room around here some where?" Prizm asked.

"I donno. Why? Going to watch Megatron all day?" Raider giggled. "I am sure there is more than one, but I haven’t really looked, we could ask Soundwave, but Megatron still might be in there." They entered the tower landing inside and queuing the controller to re-close the door.

Prizm laughed "You know me too well, I can't Ask Soundwave he'll be in there and want to know why I need a monitoring room."

Soundwave shut down the screen he had downloaded where the other monitor rooms were as and sent it to her comlink.

"You worry too much, Here, Soundwave sent me the way to the other one, and I’ll take you there and then go see him to say thanks." Raider led the way then keyed the door. "See, my Soundwave rocks!"

"Yeah he does, but wait a minute! How did he know what we were talking about?" Prizm asked as she followed Raider.

"He has a link to me sort of, it’s like I always have him with me. I guess it is hard to explain. Anyway here we are, have fun SPYING!” Raider started to laugh.

Prizm laughed “I will, that you can count on, oh come on you know you want to spy on Soundwave." she said as she walked into the room.

"Even if I wanted to he would know I was and probably wouldn't do anything interesting." Raider started to walk away. "If Megatron asks where you are what should I tell him?"

"You know, never mind I'll just go with you and save you the trouble of you telling him where I am and I'll get to see him anyway." Prizm said and smiled.

"Alright, but try not to get in any trouble." Raider started to walk away again, Prizm keeping up with her. “Do you think he likes having your finger in his crotch?"

Prizm burst out laughing. "No I won't get into any trouble, and I don't know, you’re crazy." Prizm said still laughing. "Why don't you ask him if you want to know?"

"I don't have any trouble asking him. I'll even ask if your hands were COLD!" Raider looked at here hip. "Soundwave made this little magnet holder thing." she pressed a button and a holster unfolded. "He said because I was faster and more agile, it'd be best if I had a place to put him so I could still use my weapons and get away. I still think if feels funny to carry him around though."

Prizm smiled "See their warm." She grabbed her arm then let go. "And don’t you dare ask him that." she remarked about Raiders holder. "Hum but that is quite cool, I don't have one of those, and don't you dare open your big mouth and tell Megatron that."

"Well I am pretty sure that if you and Megatron are going to be going into battle together a lot that Soundwave will want to add one, or something since it would make sense." The arrived at the control room of the training room.

Prizm smiled "I'm sure he will." She looked at the door. " go first."

"It figures you'd chicken out, some commander you are." Raider elbowed Prizm lightly. The door opened and she stepped through. Megatron still sat at the controls not bothering to see who had entered.

"What sorry I can't help it, what more can I say." Prizm said.

"You love it and you know it.” she said with a laugh. Raider gave Prizm an ‘Uh-huh’ type of look then walked over to where Soundwave was sitting.

"What’s the matter can't get enough?" Prizm said with a smile she knew she was asking for it but oh well. She waited to see what Raiders retort would be.

"Never mind that." Megatron answered, he didn't care if the question was aimed at him or not. He got up from his spot and stood still processing the data that had been recorded. He took Prizm's hand and lightly pulled her closer raising it up into the air. "How does it feel?" He was meaning her shoulder.

"Oh it's alright, a little tender but its ok." She said with a smile. She probably smiled too much but she just couldn't help it.

Raider sat on the arm of Soundwave's chair not really paying attention to Prizm anymore; she knew Prizm would say something silly anyway. They had plenty of that from the days of the instant message systems, it just seemed natural now. She watched intently as Soundwave typed and imputed data into the console. "Got a lot to do today?" she asked resting her hand on his shoulder.

"Quite a few tasks to complete." he said glancing at her then looked at the computer.

"You may stay if Megatron has no other tasks for you today. I have installed your world’s internet on all the computers."

"OOOHHH the net!! Rock on! This will be fun." Raider sat down at the station next to Soundwave, starting to type away.

“Are you pleased?" Soundwave asked her.

"Oh yes this thing is loads of fun, not to mention the information it has. Now I can access it all and not forget anything." Raider smiled.

"Good." he said and turned back to his computer. He was still trying to figure out what was wrong with the spacebridge.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara