Hot Rods
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Chapter 6 Hot Rods.

Shockwave pushed her off of him. "Don't you think you should tell me your name first?"

"It's Juci." she said a bit annoyed.

"Well you obviously know who I am." he said getting up and helping her up. "Not that I don't want to do this with you but I'd like to know a bit about you first." Juci smiled and he seemed to smile.

The Insecticons hissed when Shockwave pushed Juci off of him. “You better not hurt our Queen or we'll do you like what we did to Starscream earlier... earlier.”

“Yea.” Kickback added.

Shockwave walked up to them towering over them. They were only half his size. Kickback got a bit intimidated and hid behind Shrapnel, who stood his ground.

“I wasn't hurting your Queen nor was I going to.” The purple Decepticon said in his calm voice. Shockwave sounded like he might crack up laughing at the whole concept; Juci sensed his humor behind the whole ordeal.

“What's so funny?” She asked.

He raised his hand. “I wasn't laughing at you dear... Just that I never knew that the femme who loves me so much is of royalty.” He let a snicker slid out.

Bombshell came near to her and he spoke in a whisper. “You poor thing, He can't please you the way we do.”

Shockwave overheard him and growled a bit but calmed down. Jealously wasn’t in his system. He walked up to Bombshell and picked him up, walked over to the exit and dropped him off. When Shockwave walked back in Bombshell was left outside alone. Shockwave came back to where Juci was at. “Now... where were we... ahhh yes? I want to know more about you other than the extra males around you.”

“That I can explain.” Juci offered.

Shockwave placed his hand up “No need... I already know. I know how these insects work as... their strictly for business from the way I see it. You're good at sneaking around and gathering up energon for the cause. You and your friends have done excellent job at helping restoring Cybertron back its lost energon. Of course the process would have been faster if Megatron didn't treat the Insecticons like trash. They sense energon much quicker and more efficient than our own technology, though I don't want to disrespect my brother’s technological advances; nothing beats the sense of smell from creatures that were evolved into detecting things from afar. It was actually wise of you to partner with them. Of course... if I sense in anyway that they'll deplete Cybertron of it's energon I will terminate them like the bugs they are.”

“I see.” Juci nodded.

“That’s what our plan is.. is.” Shrapnel got closer to Shockwave. “We only want to gather more It's just that we're stupid without someone to command”

“That’s what Megatron is for.” Shockwave said.

“Please, he is self centered and only cares for the Decepticon cause. .......cause. If it weren't for you, he would leave Cybertron dead and make Earth the new Cybertronian home... ... home. He definitely doesn't care for Who work for long days gathering energon to be sent to your home We only want a fair share...share.”

“Preach it brother!” Kickback piped up, then hid again.

“But Megatron have done so much for us. He freed us from the old counsels who forced us to be their slaves and entertainment. How dare you speak against him like that.” Shockwave knew his history well; having been there for most of it.

“He didn't help Our ancestors did...did. Our ancestors got on a ship and left that crazy planet of yours...yours. They wanted to wipe us out...out. When they crash on this was a gold mine...mine. Of course with passing time, our programs have changed...changed. We lost our true leaders...our Queens . . Queens. A Queen we can trust not Megatron... Megatron. Our Queen will make sure we get shared profits... profits.”

“Hmm.... Now I can see why Megatron thinks you’re so stupid. You have been exposed on this planet far too long.” Shockwave said with decision.

“Come on Shockie... we both know that Megatron wouldn't give at least a fair amount for their hard work. I have seen them; they collect more energon than them damn seekers Megatron always talk good about. He credits them too much for being the best fighters the Universe have ever seen. T’ch from the way I see it they're the worse. Me and my friends never had practice with our flying skills yet we master it in only a few hours and have accomplished two missions. We did more in just a week than what them seekers have done how many years on this planet? Sometimes Megatron doesn't know what he is talking about. Just early today I could’ve been punished severely for not following orders and go with my friends to get the Data from the humans at some lab, but I gone to the Autobot headquarters to retrieve The Heart of Cybertron and have gotten awarded for it. My friends retrieved the Data, if I gone back at the base without any mentioning of my name in Prizm’s report I could've been killed by Megatron’s wrath. I figure I go to the Autobot base to steal something better and advance than some human technology. I was once human I know what my people are capable of and to steal something from a being in which Megatron calls puny and pathetic is just plain irrational and you know it.”

Shockwave was surprised at Juci’s explanation and story. “You've figured out a loop hole my darling. Yet you are quite more intelligent than I assumed before. Quite right too, I just can't figure out why Megatron would team up with humans, but I can see now. Hmm based on experience, I guess the male of your species are the ones who don't know their place in the Universe and are the dumb ones who have failed our missions so many times. No wonder Megatron changed his tactics and gone with teaming up with the females of the species.” He looked down at Shrapnel “I can see now why you want a Queen to lead you... you have chosen wisely to choose Juci.”

“Speaking of male’s the one at Cybertron?”

“Primus... please don’t remind me. All he does is bitch like a housewife who never gets hers. I swear I sometimes want to do everyone a favor and kill Starscream.”

“Tell me about it. You should have killed him especially after I told you he kissed me. Yuck. I could still taste that shit head’s tongue in my mouth.” Juci spat again.

“If you want ... I could get rid of that for you.”

Juci looked over at Shockwave and raised a brow. “You're kidding right.” A devilish smile came across her face. “I thought that wasn't your style?”

“I was built to please.” He affirmed his head slight cocked to one side. “But of course I like to take my time.”

“Sure you do.” She walked closer to Shockwave, still smiling. She placed her fingers onto his chest and follows her fingers along the lines of his chest and walked her fingers lower, but he stopped her.

“When I said I like to take my time. I was being serious.”

“Can I at least try to seduce you... or am I penalized for that?”

The remaining Insecticons watched over. Shrapnel drooling, while Kickback humped Shrapnel’s leg that turned and looked disgusted by what he sees. “Damn you... you! How many times do I have to tell you…you. I'm not like Bombshell...Bombshell. I don't swing that way… way. Gesh…..Gesssh”

“But it's for the good of the colony.” Kickback whined, and then gave a sad puppy look on his face. Shrapnel ignored him and walked up to Juci and stood next to her. Kickback drug himself across the floor to where they were. “PLEASE!” he looked over at Shockwave and crawled towards him. He rubbed himself onto Shockwave’s ankles like a cat does and purrs. “Please...... finish meeeeee.” He hugged on Shockwave’s leg and cried.

Shockwave looked at him. “Boy you guys are primitives.” He shook Kickback off of his foot. “Get away from me and behave yourself or you'll get kicked out like your friend.”

“Yea Kickback, behave....behave. I don't want to be kicked out because of you you. I want to stick around for the show show...”

Shockwave’s head snapped down at Shrapnel “What show?”

“I was joking joking... Hehehe” the insect said nervously.

“Come on Shockie he means no harm.” She neared Shockwave and hugged him, this time he hugged her back. Surprisingly his circuits have never felt so relaxed before. No wonder Megatron ordered for him to urgently come by. Poor Kickback was still on the ground, horny as ever. Shockwave looked down at him again. “You could use a pillow you know, that always helps.”

Juci stared at him with her mouth open.

“What? Listen you try being surrounded by the opposite sex for million of years without getting all wired up.”

Juci couldn’t contain a laugh, which annoyed Shockwave. “That’s not very funny.”

Juci stifled the rest of her laugh and cleared her throat. “Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm here.”

Juci wrapped her arms around Shockwave’s body. Kickback got up and tried humping on Shockwave’s feet again. This time Shockwave was too concentrated on Juci to care. He took her to the recharge bed and sets her there, walked over to his desk and opened up one of the drawers. He unhooked his gun on his left arm placed it inside. He replaced it with a spare hand that was in the drawer. Then with both hands he unclipped his mask and pulled it off, at the same time smoke came out to indicate pressure had been released from the tightness of the mask. As smoke arose so did his head revealing a head quite like that like the other transformers, only that his eyes are yellow like the one eye on his mask. He still had his ears on the side of his head, but they were practically covered by silver and lavender hair. Shockwave placed his mask on the table and rejoined Juci. He sat next to her, tilted his head, leaned over and kissed her. Meanwhile Shrapnel got a bit mad over Shockwave kissing his Queen. Kickback notices Shrapnel’s anger and reminds him of what they were discussing earlier.

“Come on ... you know the deal. Juci is Shockwave’s gal. To us she is strictly just business.”

“Don't sit there and tell me what the deal... deal is. He wouldn't care for her as much as we will... will. He wouldn't over look her as a precious gem as we do... do.”

Kickback looks at Shockwave passionately kissing Juci and rubbing his hands over her body. He smiled still watching “I don't know... I trust him. He got a sense of humble-ness to him. Plus he doesn't care for Megatron, like his brother Soundwave. In a way Shockwave is so much like us. He only cares for what is good for his colony.”

“You are right...right.” Shrapnel agreed starting to calm down. “He does only cares for Cybertron, he cares nothing what Megatron does to the rest of the Universe... Universe. Of course I do care what Megatron does...does. He will destroy our home...home.”

“Earth? Our home?” Kickback asked confused.

“Face it we belong We grew too accustom to leave”

“You're right.” The grasshopper said nodding.

Shockwave stopped kissing Juci, but continued to rub his hands all over her body. He looked over at where the Insecticons were standing. “Sorry to have interrupted your fun with your Queen.” Shockwave looked over Juci. “I wouldn't mind sharing you, you know, but I don't think they want to do the same.”

“Well Bombshell and Kickback don't seem too bothered by sharing; they know you'll always be number one in my heart. Shrapnel on the other hand he is the jealous type. I'm guessing because he is head of the Insecticon group and well he is just more protective of his Queen than the others. It's a male drone instinct.”

“I see.” Shockwave’s optics looked to Shrapnel. “Don’t worry Shrapnel. You'll still have your time with the Queen.”

Still not liking the idea Shrapnel hissed, but taking it in it didn’t bother Kickback and he calmed down.

“I'm guessing it'll take awhile for him to like me.” Shockwave looked back to Juci.

“Don't worry once he sees how much fun Kickback is having with us he'll join in as well.”

“Well I always did want to know how formicophilia feels like.” Shockwave said.

Juci giggled then licked under Shockwave’s chin and neck and nibbled at his neck. She slowly took a piece of his armor off at a time until both of them had no armor left. The entire time the conversed on little things likes dislikes and more. The Insecticons only watched while Juci got down and began to suck on Shockwave's already hard pole. It was interesting to them how she could make the logical Shockwave do a few illogical things. She licked along the base then the underside waiting for him to make a noise of any sort. Kickback started to rub Shrapnel’s back, in Insecticon language that’s getting ones mate to get into the mood, but Shrapnel wasn’t having it.

Outside Bombshell was waiting; Thundercracker was strolling along and saw Bombshell sitting on the floor with his hands on his face looking so gloomy. The seeker had no interest in Insecticons especially not with Bombshell who had been known to have his mind-controlled slaves kill themselves, but he couldn't help himself. Thundercracker had to ask. “So what's eating you?”

“Oh nothing except my friends are in there having poontang and I'm out here staring at the floor.”

“So why not go inside and join them.”

“I can't....”

“Why not?”

“Shockwave kicked me out.”

“You must have done something really bad to piss him off like that. Normally Shockwave wouldn't mind sharing. So how long you've been waiting?” Thundercracker snickered then held the laugh in as he sat next to Bombshell.

“I think an hour ... hour half... who knows.”

“You could try sneaking in.”

Bombshell looked over at Thundercracker as if he were crazy. “You're kidding me. As to one scientist to another, I know how Shockwave’s mind works, if he is anything like what I heard about him. He is properly still chatting with her. He isn’t like you seekers just plug n play. He likes to get into the mood.”

The thought of that made Thundercracker laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Bombshell put his hands on his hip joints starting to get up set as Thundercracker still laughed.

“Sorry, sorry didn't mean to disrespect. It's just that.” He looked at Bombshell and motioned for him to come closer. “I'm like that too. I don't know why.”

“Well there is nothing wrong with that... you want to get to know the being before you know... poontang with her or...him.”

“Yea but like you said... I'm a seeker.... we're suppose to do things fast and rough not nice and easy.” His mood suddenly dropping to a somber slowness.

“Blah... the best ones are the ones you work hard for and take really long time.”

“Well you can get away with that because lets face it you're a bug. Bugs have strange courtship and have a long processed ritual.”

“True.” Bombshell agreed letting out a long sigh. “They're probably having a good time inside just about now.”

“I bet. I still say you should go inside and at least check what is going on.”

“But what if Shockwave sees me?”

“You've had a really long time out and whatever you did he forgives ya. That's the beauty of Shockwave. He forgives his own kind easily.”

“You do have a point there.”

Juci stopped listening to the Insecticon and put her full attention on Shockwave. She used her hand to grasp at the base of Shockwave’s rod as she motions her head in a rhythmic pattern of up and down motion while her tongue tickled the head of the shaft. Shockwave couldn't hold back, he was silent for a long time but his circuits couldn't take it anymore he had to at least let out some sound making Juci smile. Shrapnel on the other hand was being dry humped by Kickback who couldn't control himself anymore. The grasshopper’s insect instinct kicked in and he started to massage Shrapnel, who pushed him off. He landed on his butt, and then crawled on his hands and knees back to where Shrapnel was at. Shrapnel wasn't having it though; he was sick of using his brethrens to get his and walked to where Juci is at. He came up behind her and started to massage Juci’s' shoulders and back while kissing and caressing her neck with his lips. Shockwave tried to look over but with Juci working so well with his member he couldn't hold himself up that well to look at what Shrapnel was up to.

Tried of waiting Bombshell snuck in quietly into Shockwave’s chambers, he made sure to be careful where he walked at so he wouldn't make a sound which would alarm Shockwave. But based on the commotion that was going on in the room Bombshell didn't worry too much about the little random insect noise he made. ‘Just by seeing her in my mind I get all primitive.’ The weevil thought. Bombshell turned right into Shockwave’s recharge room, instantly noticing Juci playing Shockwave’s rod with her tongue and Shrapnel courting her from behind. Then he saw Kickback just rolling around the floor desperate and crawling up to Shrapnel and rubbing himself up against Shrapnel from behind, but Shrapnel hissed and pushed Kickback off. Bombshell walked up to them. Kickback got to his knees and crawled where Bombshell was at. Kickback speaks in an ancient Insecticon language.

“Wow you're really horny. Well since you really want to play with me fine than.” Bombshell gave in. He smiled under his faceplate while removing his codpiece and allowing Kickback to basically suck him off. Kickback started to kiss and nibble his way up to Bombshell’s stomach and chest then caressing Bombshell’s neck and nibbling at it a bit while rubbing his hands all over Bombshell’s body like he would towards a mate. Bombshell slowly removed his faceplate and motions for Kickback to passionately kiss him. While doing so they rub onto one another while making insect noises.

Interested Shockwave tries to push himself up to have a better view at things... curios at the noises the Insecticons were making. “I don't know ... whose more primitive... you Insecticons or the humans.”

Juci stopped what she was doing and looked at Shockie annoyance. “Stop talking and more coming.” Juci placed the rod back into her mouth and paced herself more, which made Shockwave relax and collapse back to his lying down on his back position. Juci moved back letting Shockwave’s rod slide out of her mouth then she slowly moved back down on him.

On the floor, Kickback and Bombshell couldn't help themselves, they went over where Shrapnel is, who at the time was probing into Juci’s' port, but when Kickback and Bombshell got close Shrapnel hissed at them. His instinct kicked in, clearly he saw himself as a dominate male. Kickback and Bombshell looked at him with shock then at each other then back at Shrapnel.

“Don't make me put a Cerebro-shell into you.”

“Yea sharing is caring. Besides we just want to pound into you not her...”

“Not now anyways.”

Shrapnel got off of Juci and powered up his electricity while growling. Kickback hid behind Bombshell, who scoffed at Shrapnel silliness and spit a Cerebro-shell directly at Shrapnel. The cell got in, controlled his mind which calmed him down. Bombshell walked over to Shrapnel, pulled him up and kissed him. Shrapnel became submissive to the action, so then Bombshell pulled out of the embrace. “Much better.”

They walked back to where Juci and Shockwave are at. Shockwave got up, gently picked Juci off the floor and onto his lap. Shockwave kissed her while rubbing her back this got Juci excited in a rather relaxing way. The Insecticons walked over and climb onto the bed they surrounded Juci and Shockwave. Shrapnel and Kickback start rubbing, caressing and passionately licking and kissing Juci’s back while Bombshell passionately caresses and kisses Shockwave’s back. Shockwave was at first spooked by Bombshell’s advances towards him but sees there is no harm coming from the ordeal.

Shockwave stopped for a moment. “There is something I must tell you.”

Coming out of her haze Juci looked at him. “What?”

“I have to return to Cybertron.”

She knew that before he had even come. “When?”

“As soon as I am finished here.” He looked at her intensely his yellow optics unfaltering. “I want you to come with me.”

Shock took over on the Insecticons faces, they had just found someone to be their queen and not she might leave them.

“What about my team? Prizm and Raider?” Thinking about it for a moment.

“With the spacebridge you will be able to come and go easily.” Shockwave confirmed.

She thought about it a little longer. “Alright. I would love to go.”

A bit of depression took over the Insecticons and their mood broke. The stayed were they were just staring as if in awe.

Shockwave cradled Juci in his arms and kissed her this time with must more passion that he had before.

Weeks went by and turned into months as time passed. Relationships grew steady and things progressed.

Raider spied Soundwave as he worked, she always thought him doing something... Anything the more complicated the better and it was always extremely sexy. She approached Soundwave looking over what he handled curious at what he is doing. When she over looked she saw the data that she and Prizm had retrieved that day. Clearly Soundwave is trying to translate the latest data so the computer can use it. He easily sensed Raider and turned around. She smiled at him, he smiled back, but it was hidden under his mouth piece. Seeing that he had moved she walked to him and sat down on the table beside where he had been working. He watched her, and then got back to decoding the data. She looked around his lab, and then felt something tickling her leg. She looked down nothing. She looked around again. She felt something more firmly on her leg she looked down she saw his arm move. She smiled

"I see you can't seem to keep your mind on your work." Raider said.

Soundwave didn't reply as he moved his hands over Raiders leg. He never felt anything so wonderful in his life. He tried to continue his work but Raider's presence distracted him a lot. He couldn't help it; he pulled Raider into his lap. It's been too long. He and his Cassetticon children were on Earth so long, they have eyed on human females from time to time, but none were worthy to be his until he saw Raider. One look at her and he knew she was perfect, in every way. He didn't know how to react, he was so use to being quite and following orders he didn't know how to approach her. Now he could see how much easier it was. He did get some tips from his older brother and from side research. Now he had her attention and on his lap, he was a bit stuck. Raider over looked at the rest of the Data that needed to be translated.

“I see you're nearly done.” She smiled.

Soundwave nodded. He wanted to kiss her but didn't want to be viewed as being coming on too fast. Though Raider was now a Decepticon, her spirit is still of that of a female human. Human females from what he read are gentle when it comes to the affairs of the heart and can be easily hurt, so he wanted to take it as nice and slow as he possibly can, which was no trouble for him. He is after all part of the "Wave" family, who are well know for their patience. She leaned over and kissed him over his mouth piece, making him blush. Laserbeak nearby cawed a bit.

“I don't what to be rude, but is there a place where he can stay at and we have some time alone?”

Soundwave nodded and told Laserbeak telepathically to go where Rumble and Frenzy where staying. Laserbeak flew off understanding the situation, leaving them alone in the room.

"Do you ever get bored of all the paper work that you do?" Raider watched as Soundwave finished logging in the energon intake for the day, then going back to deciphering the data.

"Report necessary. Others incompetent." Soundwave replied shutting the computer off.

"I know and really I wouldn't trust most of them either. Still it doesn't seem like the best job around here." Soundwave motioned for her to come closer. Her telepathy was strengthened from the transfer though still quite weak compared to Soundwave's. He could speak to her threw it but she could only sense his feelings.

'I do what I must to maintain order.'

"I know but you seem like you can so much more." She already sitting on him she leaned her head against his chest.

'Megatron is aware of my capabilities.'

"I know that too. Yeah and before you get to it, the only other ones that do much else productive around her are the Constructicons. I just---" before she could finish the door opened and Astrotrain entered smiling. She got up and Soundwave then did the same. She became a little shy as the triple changer approached them.

"We will go to my quarters now then." Soundwave said aloud.

"We?" She questioned, she could also sense the excitement from both mechs.

"I have invited him to join us." Soundwave admitted.

"If you don't want me I can leave." Astrotrain offered. His mind wondered and he didn't want to mess up his chance even if he would have to wait for it.

Raider looked at Soundwave, who only brightened his visor in a smile. "Alright. We can give it a try." She smiled then lead Astrotrain to the door Soundwave following. She took Astrotrain to the quarters that she and Soundwave shared. Still a little timid about what was going to happen she figured she better start with ‘Train so he didn't feel left out. She pulled him to the recharge bed and sat him down then sat on his lap. He was a little surprised at her taking control, though at the same time a little happy about it. She sat there facing him only a moment when Soundwave came up behind her and stroked her wings ever so lightly, the touch made her arch her back and lean in to ‘Train with a shiver. Soundwave’s hands moved to her sides and she knew he was feeling for the latches. She let her head fall back as he pulled the latches. His hands cupped her breasts after he removed her breastplate. Then she felt Astrotrain’s mouth on her neck. She breathed in threw her air intakes to cool her systems that were starting to heat up. She sighed again the hands and now lips that moved about her chassis was overwhelming as her ports started to seep a trickle of fluid. She gasped she was about to be overwhelmed but she knew she could handle this, what a dream come true for her. She had told Prizm of this very thing once years ago. Well reality was a whole lot better than her dream. She moaned as Soundwave’s hands moved down her body to caress her thoroughly and Astrotrain moved down to her breasts and licked around each nipple. Raider's chassis shivered, she didn't know how much more she could handle. Astrotrain had been better at licking her near everywhere than she had thought that he would be, that combined with Soundwave's oh-so-light touch made lubricating fluid start to drip from her port that seemed to now beg for attention. She gasped as she felt Soundwave unlatch the latches to her sodpiece. She moaned as a small lake of fluid escaped from her. Then she felt his fingers bush her ever so slightly. She gasped again and moved her hips so as to try to feel him touching her. Raider's attention seemed solely on Soundwave for and instance till she was lifted and a piece of armor hit the ground. Astrotrain had taken the liberty of removing his own codpiece and lying against her outer sensor letting it pulse there with the rabid beat of his energon pump. He continued his joined assault on her with his tongue. Soundwave smiled to himself feeling the enjoyment come from Raider. He removed his own armor that had become restrictive a while back. Raider panted and moved her body against him as she felt Soundwave’s hands move down her back between her wings again, then he pressed into her back she could feel all of his body against her she arched her back as she felt his hands move to her port and rub along the opening as Astrotrain’s rod that was already rubbing her sensor. Soundwave pressed against Raider's back again, his rod passing against her exhaust port with each movement. Astrotrain was in heaven as his rod was slowly entering her port, her natural lubricant had covered his rod and it slid easily though the angle didn't allow him to thrust enough to fill her. Raider flexed a little lifting herself up finally making room for Astrotrain to thrust then she relaxed sitting on him and burying his rod within her to its base. Soundwave stepped near to her as she got comfortable on Astrotrain then continued to press against her and stroke her wings. Raider panted harder as she felt Soundwave slowly enter her so as not to hurt her. She gasped at the incredible sensation that this caused. He grasped her wings she tensed but he lifted her a bit and then let her back down but on the way back down he pushed into her, Raider moaned at having double the feeling.

There was no where to go, Astrotrain in front of her and Soundwave behind her she was pinned in between. Raider wasn’t about to leave if her life depended on it. Only a few moments in she has decided that Soundwave has tuned his telepathy in to her as well as Astrotrain, keeping in perfect time with the triple changer. Her breaths came in short hot pulses as she nearly clawed at Astrotrain’s chest in pleasure. The whole idea was over whelming and her first burst of orgasm took hold of her quickly. Astrotrain followed her unable to fight her pulsing cables that tugged as his rod coaxing him to spurt his searing juice in to her. Soundwave however wasn’t ready to stop and continued were he was he knew that his motion with Astrotrain still within Raider should entice the triple changer to regain his firmness and go on for a second try.

Raider held her breath as she started to feel Astrotrain start to become hard again her body still felt a bit sensitive as Soundwave continued to move with in her.

The idea in itself was a turn on but having it come true was overwhelming and exciting. She moaned as the two pound into her. She nearly was reaching so close to the peak of her climax for a second time. She tried to make the feeling last by not thinking too much of it, but it was no use, how can anyone control themselves with such hotness going on all around. Astrotrain’s smiled knowing that she had her satisfaction before he did, having a feeling of accomplishment. Raider held on to Astrotrain as she rode out her pleasure for the second time, the attention made Astrotrain want her more. Soundwave grinned; he knew that Astrotrain would want to hold off as long as Soundwave could this time. Soundwave however wasn't about to let Astrotrain have all the fun. He removed himself, and moved around Raider's side. She saw him move through her half lit optics and pulled herself from Astrotrain to look up at Soundwave. She smiled, taking his rod in to her hand; she slid her had over it feeling its firm pulse. It didn’t matter to her, if she was tired the feel of him right there with her made her want more. She slid her hand up and down his rod a few times as her sensors came online fully and her port started to produce lube once more. He had opened the link and shared his pleasure with her, even if she had only stroked him till he had climaxed she would have been right there with him, but that isn’t what she wanted. She knew what she wanted and she pushed that thought to the front of her processor and back through the link he had with her what he got was to have his chassis over her and his rod filling her. He moved slowly as his pole slid from her grasp and he pushed her back onto the recharge birth. His hands brushed across her metallic skin over her midsection and around her breasts as he moved his knees in between hers. She arched up to his touch yearning for more, lifting her thighs to rest on his as his rod moved over her port touching the outer sensor. Her cables and systems seemed to ache for his regardless of what had happened only moments ago. Her vocalizer came on line with non comprehensible sounds of pleasure. She could feel within the link his happiness at her responses to him. Soundwave let is rod slowly fill the gap that was her port. His rod was attacked by her cables that first tired to bar entry then as it was welcomed and nearly held hostage her pulse unrelenting and trying to hold him there is if it were a part of her now. He pulled back, nearly half way out and then pushed back in starting a pace that seemed slow. Her hands reached for him pulling him down to her as if asking him for more, while her vocalizer was unable to make sufficient syllables. The link pulsed in time with him as he gained speed, his intakes of air finally becoming pants. Her whole chassis tingled with little points of pleasure; her mind lost some where between his mind, and her own feelings. She pushed up as he thrust in, he filled her completely and within a few strokes a sudden burst of sizzling gratification swelled up from within her. It was all she could do to take in enough cooling air to keep her systems online. Soundwave kept his pace his own orgasm so close, he sent the enjoyment to her as he felt the blistering fluid start to become restless within him. She screamed out, unable to contain herself as she peaked again from the overwhelming peak that he sent to her. He held himself there fully inserted her cables holding him and coaxing him to shoot more of is seed into her. She caught her breath as everything seemed to stand still he rested on her his head on her breast his own breaths still in pants. She didn’t care he wasn’t as heavy as she had thought, even had he been it didn’t matter she loved him laying on her. Still low on energon she let her optics shut down and slipped into recharge.

Hot Rods
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