Dawning of the Decepticon Age Chapter 9 Winning Over the Army.
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Chapter 9 Winning Over the Army.

Something woke Raider from her recharge; in her mind she heard it. She checked the time. Then sighed; time for training... again. She wasn't sure why they had kept it up; after all they proved they were better than the male seekers. She got up and stretched then made sure her armor was in place. Soundwave sent her a telepathic message to get up he made sure it wasn't too strong, so as not to give her too big a shock. He was in the control room already.

Megatron turned his optics on as he woke. Prizm was still recharging, but he liked it that way; he paused a second to watch her then moved slowly not to alert his mate. Once off the bed he collected his armor and took it to the refresher with him as part of his daily routine was the solvent shower in the morning. Prizm’s optics slowly powered up, she had heard something. She sat up and stretched though she didn’t need it; she got up and wondered over to the door. She leaned on the door frame and watched him she knew it wouldn't take him long to notice she was there. Megatron felt her optics on him, making him smile slyly to himself. He turned to see her not bothering to cover himself the suds slowly sliding down his chest.

Prizm smiled and walked closer to the refresher. "May I join you?" she asked

Megatron took a step back into the solvent; the warm liquid started over his shoulders and washed the suds from his metallic body, leaving him glittering. "By all means." He spoke softly. He held his black hand out to welcome her. He knew that Soundwave would start the daily activities though no real plans were made. Prizm admired what that liquid had done to his body, then smiled and walked into the refresher with him. Megatron pulled her under the solution spray twisting her around so she had her back to him. He slid his hands down her arm then added the second at the shoulder letting then both go down in unison tracing her curve and pulling her tight against him at the hip. "I am through washing." he said softly in her audio then kissed her neck lightly.

Prizm smiled slyly, reached down and clasped his thighs. "I haven't washed yet, do you want to help me?" she said leaning back against him.

Her metallic skin took on a smooth feeling from the little bit of water that ran between them. "Wash you? Where shall I start?" Megatron asked.

Prizm smiled not really expecting him to agree to that. "Anywhere."

Megatron reached for the cleansing pad, and then placed it on the front of her thigh; slowly he started to make circles allowing the suds to build then started moving it up a little higher repeating the process. He found the entire thing extremely sensual, and it heightened his sensors starting to make his rod stiffen. He moved himself just slightly letting his rod slide onto her and up passed her exhaust. He smiled to himself knowing where this soon would be heading. Prizm was in heaven, she leaned back against him feeling his body against hers letting out a sigh. She just hoped that he would finish washing her this slowly; she loved his hands on her body. His hand moved lightly with the suds moving from her leg to her abdomen still keeping the same circular motions. He moved his free hand from her hip to her shoulder laying his fore arm across her collar plating. He pulled slowly letting her lean back onto him and kissed her. She kissed him back, she slowly pushed his hand that was on her abdomen down to her port, she couldn't help it his touch was so intoxicating. Megatron let her, then took the soapy cloth and placed it back in the shelf. He brought his fingers back to explore her port and find her sensor, and then he moved his other hand to her breast lightly cupping it then circling the nipple.

"Mmmm." Prizm breathed softly her hips moving in pleasure, her arms down by her sides reaching his thighs.

Megatron's finger found her outer sensor and began to stroke it with the length if his finger. He whispered in her audio. “Do you like it?" Then rubbed it a little faster, letting the solvent act as lubricant.

"Oh yes." she breathed leaning back on him. Megatron figured she would like that, not sure why but it felt right perhaps it was his experience from years past. He continued to stroke her with his finger while kissing her neck and nibbling it softly. Prizm leaned her head over to the side enjoying the feeling. She was starting to want more than this; the feeling of his body against hers was starting to make her insane. Megatron moved his finger a little faster feeling her pressure against him; he licked her and kissed her some more, then put both hands around her waist, he pushed and twisted then pulled her closer again making them face to face. He leaned back against the wall his legs between hers lifting her up and letting her slide down on to his pole. Prizm gasped from the intense pleasure, as he held her there. He could feel her cables grasping him and wanting more, only it was too soon; he liked the anticipation of a little waiting. Prizm clenched her dental plates together; she loved the feeling of him inside her. She moved her hips slightly and gasped at the pleasure it caused. She moved one of her hands between her legs and gently rubbed her sensor. Megatron held her weight easily, and lifted her as the solvent ran between them, the entire thing had his sensors heightened and he would have to hold himself back from spilling his fluid before he could make her hit her peak. Prizm gasped when he moved her. It wasn't going to be long before she came with the way he was driving her.

The heat of the shower didn’t help their systems as they moved, breaths started to come in short raspy tones as he began to speed his pace up. She braced her hand against the wall behind his head; each time he thrust his power lifted her off the ground filling her completely. Suddenly in unison their vocalizers came on with little moans and unintelligible sounds of pleasure. Her fingers slid to his shoulders and grasp them tightly this forced him to ram a little harder and in return sent her into climax her head leaning forward and down, her forehead nearly touching his chest as her fingers dug down into his shoulders. His rod hit home and her clenching cables and finger tips pushing him to his peak pulling a long exasperated gasp from him as he held her down on him. The spray ran over the both of them as the held their position regaining their composure. Prizm smiled and brought her gaze to meet his, he leaned in and kissed her pulling his legs taunt and forcing her to rise to meet him. She stood on her own allowing him to move and stand as well breaking the kiss. Megatron turned the spray off.

“Soundwave is ready at the simulator, we are late.” This would be the first time he was late in a very long time. His habit of coming in early had been broken with the femmes arrival, but he to most others knowledge had not been late to duty or training.

“Great, she’ll never let me forget this.” Prizm said as she attempted to reattach her armor

Raider walked out to the control room and waited for Prizm; it was starting to get common to meet there and find out if Megatron had something on his processor then go on and do what it was their team was needed for; or in this case go on to the training. She moved through the hall and found Astrotrain.

“Hey," she said slightly smiling.

Astrotrain looked puzzled for a moment then answered "Oh hi." He thought perhaps he should say something else but then figured she would if she needed to.

For the time being though Raider didn’t have the time to stop, or well risk being late and then having Megatron angry over that, which was not something she wanted; she kept going and entered the control room she looked around taking notice that Megatron nor Prizm were there.

Soundwave acknowledged her entrance; he was in the middle of checking to see if Shockwave had fixed the space bridge. Soundwave knew not to wait for Megatron; there wasn't a whole lot for him to do, they couldn't really do much until the space bridge was fixed. His hands clicked over the keys as he did his checks.

"Did you rest well?" he asked Raider

"I did, I always do." Raider said nudging him slightly. "Thank you." She looked around to see what he was doing noticing more work on the spacebridge was going on. "Do you need help?"

"Negative." he said checking on the progress again. He liked her want of knowledge.

"Well alright, but I am going to watch while I wait I can still learn from you." She answered. He looked at her and brightened his visor, then turned back to the computer. She watched intensely making note of his actions. Her mind though was wondering about Juci. She figured it had taken this long because she was making Shockwave distracted, as much as she knew that Shockwave wasn’t the type to ignore duties; Juci just seemed to have a way to get him to do things, and teach it to her while he was at it. Soundwave didn't say anything after that knowing he needed to make a report of how the repairs were going. He was glad to have Raider around, her constant studying of what he was doing was relaxing to him; something he wouldn't usually do but he knew she would have as the human slang would say his back. Raider watched committing his actions to memory if there were any reason he was unable to do the task she would be able to step in and fix it. She only hoped that he would be close enough to advise her if she found a problem.

"Would you like to try the computer now?" Soundwave asked her.

"Umm alright, but let me know if I am doing it right, I want to learn it, not mess it up. Okay?" she moved from her spot next him as he moved. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a little smile.

"I will." he said looking at her.

Raider smiled. "Okay." Soundwave moved back to let her take over the computer. She sat in his seat and took over and ran through the diagnostics as he had, watching closely to each fingers stroke. She thought to herself, it was nice to have a supervisor that would allow her to try and not just yell and then expect results. Soundwave was content to sit back and watch her. It was better for her to learn this way if she started to mess up too much he could help her repair it. Raider worked at the computer and read the results then worked a little more being cautious as she did, then looked at the data pad that Soundwave had of its last diagnostic. So far so good, she was doing it right. Soundwave was able to finish his report while Raider worked; he was glad that Prizm was around to distract Megatron for a while. He glanced at Raider on the computer she was quite a fast learner.

The door finally opened, Megatron stepped in followed by Prizm. Raider moved from the console and let Soundwave finish. “The program is set in the simulator.” Soundwave informed.

“Excellent.” Megatron glanced over the report and headed back out the door.

As soon as the door closed Raider piped up. “You made him late! I know what you were doing don’t deny it.”

“It isn’t my entire fault. If he didn’t want to be late he wouldn’t have.” Prizm defended.

“Sure it isn’t, come on before he gets all huffy.” Raider headed out the door just as Astrotrain was entering. “Hey ‘Train I want to talk to you later.”

He looked at her but didn’t have time to respond.

Prizm shook her head, to think that her wing mate was teasing her about being late and her she is making a bit of a play date for later. She laughed a little but kept up.

The simulator doors opened, Megatron came out with a bit of a smirk on his face; the training was progressing faster than he had anticipated. This put him in somewhat of a good mood. “Score this time was much better than the last.” It was a complement. “I want you to see Hook about a holster; I’d like to see it integrated into the side of your thigh, should be fairly simple.” He looked her over. “I have reports to attend to.” He pivoted and headed back to the control room.

“Well he is right I didn’t get burnt this time.” Raider spoke first.

“You should have got that upgrade to your lasers like you were supposed to.”

“I didn’t have the time, besides you have to see Hook now too, let’s just both go, he’ll give us less attitude that way.”

“You just want to go see him.” Prizm joked.

“If that were the case I would have got this done in the first place.” Raider started walking down the hall toward the Constructicons station.

“I suppose, but you can’t hide the fact that you like Hook. And then look what you’ve done to Astrotrain.” Prizm knew from several conversations whom exactly Raider had optics for.

“It isn’t like I planned that, Soundwave brought him.”

“You could have said no.” Prizm smiled.

“But he’s so cute, and Soundwave didn’t seem to mind.”

“And if Soundwave brings Hook to you next?”


“See, just as I thought.”

“Even so Hook doesn’t need to know any of that.” They came to the door and Raider knocked.

“I bet Soundwave already does.”

Just as Raider was going to respond Hook opened the door. “What do you want?” his usual snobbish attitude presenting itself.

“Megatron sent us down for some slight alterations.” Prizm answered.

Hook looked them over then opened the door completely allowing the females through, “I told him those laser rifles were going to need them.”

“Yeah that is what I need. These ones barely scorched the targets.”

“I already prepared the alterations come sit here.” Hook indicated a table that had a few tools on a tray. As soon as she sat he grabbed her elbow and removed the outer panel to the laser.

“You don’t have to be all rough about it.” She pulled her arm out of his grip, “Here take it.” She took it off and handed it to him.

Hook looked at her in surprise. None of the other Decepticons would have allowed him little lone ask him if he could take it off to work on it; particularly weapons.

“What? You wanted to work on it.”

“Most of my… shall I say patients do not like to have their weapons removed for any reason.”

“Yeah well don’t compare us to them. Besides we have more respect for your talents” Raider told him. His mouth nearly hung open as his skilled hands slowed as if in thought. “Do you want the other one?” She removed it and handed it to him. Hook took the weapon and headed over to a table with many more tools.

Prizm stifled a giggle. “I think you blew his mind.”

“Why? I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have done any other time.”

“Right, that is just it, we aren’t like they are, oh sure Decepticons, but not like the guys.”

Raider took a breath, “We are going to have to get along with him, and the other Constructicons; might as well start off on the right foot.”

“That isn’t all you want to start off on.” Prizm laughed.

Raider gave Prizm the look of ’I will kill you for that later,’ but didn’t say it when she noticed he was coming back. “Hush here he comes.”

“I’ve made major upgrades to them you’ll be fine now. As soon as they resynchronize they will download the new data; no need to learn to use them.” Hook said confidently. “What is the next task?” His attitude had changed just slightly.

“Megatron asked if I could have a holster installed into my thigh.” Prizm answered.

Hook moved around and looked at her then brought up a datapad accessing her schematic. “Something Starscream wasn’t thinking about I see.” He looked at her hands. “You still have a few human traits don’t you?”

“Um, well, probably, why?” she wondered why he cared about that.

“Transformers don’t have separate hemispheres in their processor like human brains so we don’t favor one hand over the other.” He lifted her hand and looked at her palm then looked at her right hand. “Here though you’ve carried over that, you grasp his gun mode with your right hand.” He pointed to her palm. “His recoil has left a little bit of a print here.”

Prizm looked her at hand, just along the bottom there was indeed a few little light lines. “I guess I do.”

“The holster then should be on the right, you can teach yourself to ignore the instinct, but it’s easier not to.”

Prizm just shrugged it sounded good.

“I am going to need you to lie on the table so I can do this, it shouldn’t take but a few moments.”

Prizm did as asked first hopping up and then lying back on the table.

Hook tapped at her thigh and it split down the side as it opened. “I’ve had one for a while, he never wanted it installed though, and I guess he’s finally found someone he trusts.”

Prizm smiled but turned away, Hook worked silently for a few more moments while Raider watched. Then finally spoke again “Feel that?” he pressed a button and the panel closed.


“You do it.” He demanded.

She thought for a second and triggered the release opening her thigh and the holster came out.

“You’ll need to practice until you do it without having to think about it, or make it a sub primary program.” He explained.

“Sub primary program…” Prizm echoed.

Thinking for a second, debating on whether he wanted to explain Hook took a breath, “Access the Auto-program file KA0054. Add the file that just loaded.” In her optic band Prizm did as asked. “Now execute.” Her armor flexed once then closed on its own.

“Oh I found that much easier” She nodded.

“Is there anything else Megatron demands?” Hook’s optics seemed to roll.

“No, luckily we don’t get into trouble like the mechs do.” Raider waited for Prizm to hop down off the table then started for the door. Just before she reached it she turned around. “Thanks.”

Hook spun around slightly shocked, not once had he ever been thanked for any of the work he’d done. He nodded his head as he finally agreed with them. They are different. “Just a moment.” Hook stopped them.

“What is something wrong?” Raider asked.

“No, I just wanted to look over Prizm’s shoulders, those new systems they are unlike anything else we’ve done.”

“Soundwave told me they were a bit more complicated.” Raider nodded.

Prizm held still while Hook looked over her shoulders raising one hand then the other then down at the elbows. “To keep her look and make her jet altmode still transformable we had to devise a way to keep the systems small but more powerful.” He bent her arms then rotated each wrist.

Prizm looked at her self, “I was offline for it so I didn’t even notice, when I woke up the systems had already synchronized, though I did notice that I had to be more careful with things so I didn’t break them.”

“That was to be expected,” Hook nodded. “Everything is working perfectly.”

“It would be if you did the work Hook.” Raider smiled.

Hook’s optic brow rose as he stepped away from Prizm and headed to the back of the lab. “I am finished.” He called back.

The two femmes stepped through the door just as the door slid shut Prizm started to laugh. “You like him.”

Scoffing Raider shook her head. “You’ve known for years that I’ve liked him, but that doesn’t mean I am going to do anything.”

“Look what happened with Astrotrain.” Prizm said yet again.

“I didn’t ask for that.” She was starting to think that Prizm wasn’t going to ever forget that.

“You didn’t deny it either.” Prizm was still giggling.

“It still wasn’t my idea.” Raider’s voice trailed off, “Speaking of, don’t we have to round him up for whatever thing Megatron has planned for our little seeker competition?”

“Yeah, it would probably be best to let him know what is going on before we go.”

“I told him I wanted to talk to him; anyway; I don’t want to lead him on about some relationship he might think we have, I mean, I love my Soundwave and that is end of story.”

“That is probably a good idea, maybe you should have told Hook that too.” Prizm burst out laughing.

“Ka’tch alright already, I admit I was thinking it, but I didn’t act on it I didn’t make an appointment to get my gears tweaked or anything, shall I tell all the mechs that I even find remotely attractive all at the same time?”

“It might help.”

“I don’t think so. Anyway, I already told ‘Train that I wanted to talk to him.”

“Yeah I was there I’ll go see when Megatron wants to set this thing up then.” Prizm smiled, “don’t get too carried away.”

Consulting her locator she looked for Astrotrain, he was in the common room. She headed in that direction. Prizm on the other hand didn’t have to guess Megatron would only be in one of three places, his office, their quarters, or the simulator. Having left him in the simulator, that crossed that off, the time of day pretty much canceled their quarters, so to his office she started. Not that she would admit to it but the whole idea of having a competition with the mechs over team status was a bit nerve racking, her team even with Astrotrain as a substitute lacked a lot of the experience that the mechs had. The training was only subliminal, had it been Cybertron they would have been put through a much more harsh training with more realistic grounds. Prizm though didn’t discount the luck it was much better to be lucky than it was to be in the med bay. She turned down the walk and into the control room. Standard procedures were going as normal, Motormaster and Dragstrip manned the sensors, Soundwave was at the back of a panel working on some wiring.

The door to the common room opened and it drew the attention to the new entry. Raider looked around, three of the Stunticons sat at a table, while Bonecrusher and Long Haul sat at the one next to them. Dirge, and Ramjet leaned against the back wall as Astrotrain talked to them. Rumble and Frenzy though hopped up out of their seats to greet her.

“Hey there, we don’t see you here often.” Rumble spoke first.

“Yeah like never.”

“Came to talk to Astrotrain.” She told them.

The triplechanger heard her say his name, cut his conversation and started walking over.

“No big deal. Come on Frenzy let’s get back to our game.” Rumble pulled Frenzy’s shoulder a little. The two found their seats as Astrotrain reached her spot.

He looked around, not sure what to say, his optics looked her over, he liked her; that much he was sure of.

“Come one lets walk.” She pointed at the door with her head and then turned to leave.

‘Train’s optic brow lowered slightly as he followed. “Is this about the other night?”

“Slightly,” she walked a little slower.

His posture told her he wasn’t happy, “I knew I shouldn’t have come the second time.” He mumbled.

“No that isn’t it at all I just don’t want you to think that we can have some great relationship.”

“Oh. Heh Soundwave told me all about that.” He perked up to some extent.

She stopped in thought, “I’d like to be friends, and I mean I do like you, I can’t deny it now.” She smiled. “As long as you know where I stand with Soundwave.”

“He told me, and trust me I’d rather not have him mad at me.” ‘Train felt better.

“One other thing, Megatron has this thing about a competition against Starscream, and we’ve chosen you to cover for Juci, because we need a third. I don’t think we’re going to get any flight time before hand.”

“You want me because I’ve flown with you before?” Train asked.

“Exactly. You know how we do things, and you’ll be more of a help than anyone else.” Raider said.

“Alright.” Astrotrain nodded. “I can do that.”

Sometime later after some preparation.

The door opened and Prizm stepped in to the office, “So what all is going to happen on this thing?”

Megatron looked up from the screen, “It should be fairly simple, a standard raid, but the solar power station in this case doesn’t create as much energy as is needed to make a quota, both you and Starscream will know this, and how you handle it, as well as what you do bring back; will give me the answer.”

“That isn’t fair. Starscream is a scientist, he has the advantage.”

“I have designed it that way, I expect them to fail. When they do and you do not it will humble them.”

“You expect them to fail and us to pull it off? Raider is good but she doesn’t have Starscream’s database.”

“No she has better. She has Soundwave to help her.” Megatron paused. “I know their telepathy is linked. You will get through this.”

“Alright.” Prizm started to think about it, even with Astrotrain it was still going to be a bit rough and knowing that the Autobots were going to show up at some point was just going to make it worse.

“I want you to be ready in about an hour.”

His voice got her attention. “Right, an hour.” She took the data pad of the assignment and headed out.

Raider’s com crackle to life.

“Prizm to Raider.”

“Yeah I am here.”

“You talk to Astrotrain? We got work to do.”

“Yeah I did we’re ready.”

“Good I am on my way to the tower meet me there.” Prizm cut the communication and read over the data pad as she walked. She hoped that between them they would think of something.

In the tower Raider and Astrotrain waited, it was only a moment before Prizm joined them. She took the data pad and read it over. Her processor instantly picked out the flaws. “We are expected to actually do this?”

“He expects you to use Soundwave and your telepathy.”

“Well in that case it is like permission, and it is smart to use all our resources right?”


Prizm looked at Astrotrain. “Let’s go do this then.” She pushed the button on the console and the huge door began to open.

Winning Over the Army
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara