First Times for Everything
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Chapter 5 First Times for Everything.

Back at the room Juci is in... Juci woke up still laying on the ground; it didn’t seem that much time had passed. She saw shadows but they were hazy and her optics adjusted then come into focus. It was the Insecticons. They were taking their share or rather stealing the Energon they collected. Since the Autobots helped the humans, the Insecticons were forced to live at the base.

“Why did you hit me?”

“Sorry for that... Shrapnel can be a bit of an idiot.” Bombshell explained smacking the back of Shrapnel’s head making Juci burst into laughter.

“Oh boy!” Juci got up and suddenly she felt her audio sensor irritated and as if itchy. “Damn why my ears itch?”

“Oh it's nothing.” Kickback couldn’t help a bit of a smile making Juci suspicious and making her think. She looked over at Bombshell, who became nervous from the look on her face plate.

“Tech,” Juci scoffed. “You think your pathetic little toy could get into my head? You fucking pervert.” She took out a tool from her side and pulled out the cerebro-shell that Bombshell placed into her audio sensor. For a few moments she stared at the chip then to Bombshell. The Insecticon gulped, he was crossing everything he could think of hoping she wouldn’t smash the shell. She smiled some more, then let the chip drop from her hand on to the floor at her feet. With another quick glance at the Weevil she lifted one foot and crushed it like a roach. Bombshell’s hand immediately grabbed his helm, and he fell to his knee joints with a loud scream caused by the pain of the feed back. Shrapnel and Kickback laugh at first, but as the time went on and their fellow Insecticon’s screams began to get even louder, they began to worry watching as Juci continued to torture Bombshell by continuously squishing the chip with her foot.

“Come on that’s enough... enough”

Juci’s attention was caught by the way Shrapnel’s speech had an echo, it made her pause for a second.

“Yea leave him alone you bully. He learned his lesson.”

“Has he now?” she asked then gave a devilish smile. “I think not.” She continued to rub into the chip with her foot. Bombshell on the other hand rolled around the floor in pain but his screaming had stopped he was very nearly numb with pain. Finally Juci stopped seeing that she had enough with messing around with a bunch of bugs and walked away. Shrapnel and Kickback look at her with fear, yet admire her power. They look over at Bombshell who is curled up like a baby (fetus position), traumatized by the experience. Shrapnel and Kickback had never seen Bombshell in such a state before; they stared after her in amazement.

“She ain't no ex-fleshie as Starscream says.”

Juci stopped from heading out the door mid stride and turned, walking back over to Bombshell and kneeling down to his level. “Remember my friend. That fucking so-called second in command is a big pile of reject shity parts. Got that? His CPU is so up in his ass he doesn't know how to even order himself. So whatever he said about me is total bullshit! He is just jealous that I might take his sorry ass place.” Just before getting up she winked at him then got up and headed out the door. The Insecticons gathered together and watching her leave.

Still in shock Bombshell found his vocals. “Fellas I believe we have found our queen.” The two others nodded, but Shrapnel cocked his head a little.

“But what about Shockwave... Shockwave?”

“I know Shockwave. He wouldn't care. As long as she contributes more energy into Cybertron, Shockwave wouldn't care what she does when he ain't around.” Bombshell added.

Juci walked down the hallway and bumped into Prizm and Raider finally.

“Hey where were you girl?” Prizm asked.

“I had a little run in with a few bugs.”

“You and your fascination with Entomology.” Raider said.

Juci didn't pay any attention to Raider’s comment. “So what ya need from me?”

“Megatron has given us another mission.” Prizm said. “This one we are actually going to fly; it will be good to test our weapons and get a feel for combat scenarios.”

“Ok so what is it?” Juci asked, she had wondered how well the preprogrammed battle data was going to work.

“Oh you know the typical go into some human lab and collect special data and bring it here.” Prizm smiled.

“How nice.” Juci shook her head.

“No need for that.” Raider told them.

“Yes I do.... These guys always talk shit about humans, yet they need human technology to beat up Autobots, who got way more advance technology than any human special data or formula and shit. I say we bust into Autobot base and steal their shit!”

“But Megatron’s orders....”

Juci cut her off. “Listen you want to go ahead and steal crappie human technology...fine ... go, but I rather have real fun and steal Autobot technology.”

Raider thought about it for a moment. “You know she’s got a point there. Even so that is quite a lot for a first time. You think you can handle it?”

“All the training, automated or not plus what I got from Shockie should be a breeze.” Juci smiled.

“Alright then Prizm and I should still do the task at hand last thing we need is Megatron with his panties in a bunch.” Raider nudged Prizm.

“You got a good point there.”

“She does?”

“Yeah we can act as decoys and steal the laboratory data for Megatron while Juci sneaks into the Autobot base and steal a few of technologies from Wheeljack’s lab. It's brilliant. Megatron will award us for it.” Raider explained. It was true; Megatron would be rather picky about what had happened sometimes. If they completed the mission it would be fine if they had actually got more then what hey were supposed to it would be even better.

“Then it's agreed. You'll get the human crappy stuff, while getting them Auto-turds busy while I burglarize the Auto-turds base.” Juci smiled.

They split up. Juci went back to the storage area where the Insecticons were recovering. “I just found out some good use of you guys after all. I need your help with something.” She told them of her and her friends’ plans. They followed her out of the base. Prizm and Raider had already flown out to their destination. Meanwhile Starscream had followed where Juci and the Insecticons were going. He was curious as to why Juci didn't go with her friends to do the mission Megatron ordered her and her friends to do.

Juci transformed in front of the Autobot base and walked in, due to her stealth body the base can't detect her , even if it can it can't due to the computer crash Teletran One had from what she and her friends done to it. The Insecticons walked in but with caution. They had past experience with the base from past missions. They stay close to Juci.

Smiling Juci asks. “What’s wrong? I thought roaches were into dark creepy places.”
“We're not roaches. I'm a Grasshopper, Shrapnel is a beetle and Bombshell... he is uh...hmmm” He turned to Bombshell. “Hey what the hell are you?”

Bombshell starts to get annoyed. “I'm a weevil”

“Whatever... Let’s get going. The quicker I get the stuff the faster we'll leave.” Juci rolled her optics and scoffed.

“What are we looking for ....for?”

“I have no idea just something Megatron would be happy to have. Anything that looks dangerous and useful as a weapon I guess.” Juci explained.

Finding a tool box Bombshell stuffs it into his subspace pocket. “We could always use this around the base. Since we were kicked out of our natural home, I wasn't able to get my tools back.”

“Hey lookie what I found.” Kickback called, he was inside Wheeljack’s' lab and pulled out some shining bright thing.

With wide optics Juci had to ask. “Do you even know what that is?”

“I certainly have no fucking clue... and I study weird shit from this planet.” Bombshell confessed.

“Well if all you do is study Earth than of course you wouldn't know what that is. I thought that this was blown up, destroyed.” Juci genteelly took the glowing stone from Kickback. “This is my friend is or was the Heart of Cybertron..... Sorry Thee Heart of Cybertron. Few years’ back Megatron got it at this ancient Decepticon ship and used it to power up himself unfortunately this thing was so old that it went against Megatron’s system and he had to remove it or face explosion. I can't believe the Autobots had the audacity to go out into space and get all the pieces to put it together. I think it's only good that we return it to the former owner ... wouldn't you think?” she smiled at the Insecticons who are nodding. Just then they hear clapping, when they turn to look where the clapping was coming from, its Starscream leaning over at the door of the base.

“Very good. I thought you were being treacherous and hanging around with a bunch of bugs to go on your own like they do. But I see they follow your orders and have found a few useful things to bring to Megatron.” Starscream said.

“Please the only traitor around here is you. These Insecticons can't help it; they think what's best for the colony. They don't view Megatron the way we do, well I'll take that back... the way I view him anyways. But still they have a pretty good excuse to not follow orders unlike you. You’re just an ass. Now if you don't mind I have to return this to Megatron. I bet he misses his ancestors’ treasure.”

The red seeker blocked her way out. “I think not darling.”

Juci’s tone of voice turned dark and threatening. “If I were you I suggest you back off.”
The Insecticons could feel anxiety from Juci and they prepare to fight. They may not do the same for other Decepticons, but with Juci, it's different. They trigger an area of their psychology that hasn’t been active for billions of years of their species, the urge to protect their queen at all cost. Juci looks over at them and senses them as back up. Juci smiled at Starscream.

“Oh yea you better really back off my friend. The so-called bugs have gotten powers to which you have never seen before.”

“That’s the most stupid.....” the seeker started to say, but before he could finish the Insecticons jump on him in their insect modes and bite him basically trying to eat him alive. Juci ran out transforming as she hit the open air and flew off.

Meanwhile at the human laboratory, Prizm keeps the Autobots busy while Raider collects data from the computer. “Got it, lets get out of here. Pronto.” The both transform and head out to the Decepticon base.

Within the base Juci is exhausted from the mission she had in mind. Juci pulled out the Heart of Cybertron and stares at it. She sits on Megatron’s chair while staring at the glowing crystal. Prizm and Raider finally walk in.

“What the fuck? You know if Megatron catches you sitting on his chair..” Prizm said in shock.

“He is gonna wish he kissed me.” She got up out of the chair holding up her prize. Her two friend’s mouths hung wide open.

“Where in the hell did you get that from?” Raider asked.

“Well with a bit of help from the Insecticons I was able to get this baby out of the Autobot base.”

“Insecticons?!” Prizm echoed.

“Yep, ran into trouble though. Starscream had his nose where it didn't belong. He wanted this crystal but I wouldn't let him. When he threaten me though it was his biggest mistake. I must have triggered the Insecticons primitive urge.”

“How so?” Prizm asked.

“Well you know how drone bees protect their queen from invaders of the honey comb, same thing. Clearly the Insecticons view me as their queen and needed to protect me from Starscream. All I can say based on Starscream’s screams he wished that Megatron used his fusion cannon on him.”

“OH Primus!” Raider said, not realizing that she had switched over from calling god to the Transformer equivalent.

“What!? What's wrong Raider?” Prizm looked around.

“I saw the image in Juci’s mind. She is right Screamer would've liked Megatron to finish him off. No one deserves to be eaten alive, not like that.”

“Who cares... he gave us problems.”

“Yeah, but still even a jerk like him deserves a better more warrior death than that.”

“Anyways did you get the data?” Juci changed the subject.

“Did we ever. I thought we would be there forever.” Prizm said.

“Yeah human technology has gotten an upgrade. It takes time to learn the new system, that way next time I meet the same technology I will work quicker.” Raider explained.

“I really hope so I hate to meet Megatron empty handed because of your slowness.” Prizm finished.

They turned to see who was coming hearing footsteps. Raider smiled. “Speaking about Megatron, he is coming.”

“How you know?” Prizm asked, the door hadn’t even opened yet. Raider tapped on her head. “OH yeah telepathy.....sorry”

Megatron opened the door and the three femmes snapped to attention. He looked at them then moved around the desk to where Juci now stood. He sat down looking them over.

"Are you ready to leave?" he asked.

Prizm took a small step forward. "Megatron, we have returned with the information and something else."

He scowled at her a moment. Although he was surprised they had gone and come so quick it was a probability of failure due to the time frame. “Is that so? Let me see."

Raider placed the data pad on the desk as Prizm place her completed report. "Juci."

"Alright, alright." She put her hand out and held it there until Megatron reached out. She let the little crystal fall in to his hand. His optics widened at the soft glowing object. "I am impressed." He looked the femmes over with a quiet smile. "That bath you were talking about has been truly earned. You have 48 hours off. Spend it wisely."

"Yes, finally. I want to get this Starscream-ish feeling off of me." Raider turned and left. Prizm hesitated then followed. Juci looked at Megatron, her mind chanting to him to call Shockwave to earth for her. But then a chill ran threw her. Yes a shower or something to get those idiotic jet grubby hands off her would be nice. She walked slowly to the door and out.

Raider didn't bother to turn around, she started heading for Soundwave's quarters at a quick pace.

"Raider Wait!"

"Why? I want to get clean or at least feel clean."

"What am I going to do?" Prizm asked as Juci joined them.

"You know what to do. I am sure that Megatron has a good solvent shower." Juci elbowed Prizm just a bit.

"Go to his quarters by myself?"

"Yeah... It’s not like he is there." Raider answered back then started to walk again.

"I'll walk you, Shockwave isn't here either. BUT then I am going to scrub myself good." Juci and Prizm started walking at a slower pace.

Once at Megatron's door Prizm stopped. She looked at her fingers and then at the door. "What do I do?"

"I don't know... just touch it." Juci sort of shrugged.

Prizm touched the door just lightly and it slid open with a hiss. "That was easy."

"Well girl you're on your own. I’m outta here." Juci started to walk away.

Raider wondered down to Soundwave’s quarters. The door opened for her when she got to it and lights dimly flicked on. She walked in and was in a living room of sorts then there was a hall way she figured he had more room because of the cassettes it seemed cleaner that she had thought due to Rumble and Frenzy she had imagined some clutter, but then again Soundwave would probably see to it they keep things orderly. There was a door at the end of the hall she wondered where it went to. She found the refresher she walked in and it was quite small and her wingspread would be a bit cramped but she could deal with that as she stripped off her armor and turned on the hot spray she stood under it felt absolutely wonderful. Raider breathed a sigh of relief as she reattached her armor. She then went to find Soundwave. She walked to the door at the end of the hall she knew Soundwave’s habits enough to know that his lab would be close to his quarters. She wasn’t sure if the door would open like the quarters would so slowly neared it and then it opened for her. She looked around she was indeed in Soundwave’s lab.

Meanwhile Juci had found Shockwave’s quarters. She walked in. It was quite small; she figured that they were small because he was always on Cybertron it was nice though. A small desk and a recharge berth which she figured that they both would fit on. She saw a door she walked threw that door there was a tub and a shower. She turned on the solvent. Then stood under it at first with her armor on then took it off. Juci turned off her optics as the solvent washed over her.

"Ah that is so much better." Her next personal mission was to figure a way to get to Cybertron or have Megatron send for Shockwave despite knowing that Megatron had told Soundwave to call him. She looked over at a tub nearby and smiled. “I never knew Shockie was into baths ... just showers, and me being an idiot here standing.” She said to herself. She turned the shower and stepped closer, instantly the tub filled on its own. “Hmmm ... impressive.” When the tub filled up, Juci sat on the edge with her legs soaking into the tub, and then slowly sat inside of the tub. The water reached up to her chest, she placed her hands on the edge of the tub on either side of her body spread out. Her head leaned back; she closed her optics and relaxed. Then she heard a noise from the doors opening, Juci stopped relaxing and sat up, she had been alerted by the noise. When she looked over as the steps grew ever so close, she started to prepare herself. At first the idea that Shockwave must have came to visit her from Cybertron, but then she knew the timing was all wrong, it was too early for Shockie’s arrival. Then the idea that it must have been one of the perverted seekers who had snuck in, she got up, tied a item that resembles a lot like a towel around her nude body, and walked out of the tub to fetch a weapon, all she could find useful was an old antique Cybertronian gun in one of the drawers of Shockwave’s study desk. Juci approached to where the foot steps where at. When she turned to point the gun at the intruders, her towel substance fell off of her, exposing herself to who ever was there. The intruders were the Insecticons who were shocked to see her, especially without her armor.

“Oops.” Even with this mouth piece she could see him smile. “Sorry, didn't mean to take your time off from your bath…bath” Shrapnel said to Insecticon friends both rolled their optics.

“Yeah right. ... We're sorrier for not being Shockwave.” Kickback told Shrapnel. They both laughed then Shrapnel tired to hush Kickback only making him laugh more.

Juci placed her gun down and walked away from them. She didn't have time to be messing around with them. She had to finish preparing herself for the arrival of her lover and she definitely didn't want Starscream germs all over her when she meets with Shockie. She got back into the tub and scrubs all over her body. The Insecticons follow her to where the bathroom is at.

Bombshell walked over closer to where Juci is at, but Kickback holds him back. “Let’s turn around before it's too late.”

“It’s already too late wouldn't you think?”

Kickback looked at Bombshell with worry and stepped aside, then joined Shrapnel where he was standing. Bombshell approached where Juci was and knelt down to help her out with scrubbing her back. At first Juci jumped away, Bombshell having spooked her out, but she relaxed figuring out what’s the harm of being cleaned up while getting a free massage. Bombshell continued to rub her back with soapy hands and then washed the soap off with water. Shrapnel couldn't help but to join in. He then proceeded to where Bombshell was, knelt down and gave a helping hand. He helped out with washing her arms and hands, moving around Bombshell to do so. Juci moved up her front away from them a little bit to encourage them to get into the tub with her. It was a relatively large tub, considering its Shockwave’s. The two Insecticons followed Juci and get into the tub with her, continuing to scrub her. Kickback from afar couldn’t take it anymore he got into the tub to join in the fun. He rubbed her shoulders from the front and worked his hands down to her chest and her sides. Juci shivered but the feeling passed as the pleasure of being massaged by so many hands over powered her. Just then familiar steps were heard Juci shuddered from the noise.

“Damn him! Why the hell does he follow me?!” she said.

“I thought the clones finished him off.” Kickback said.

“Clearly they didn't.” Bombshell finished.

“We must protect our Queen ... Queen.”

“I'm with you.” Bombshell said getting out of the tub, with the others on his heels, they looked around then went into hiding. They worked best in an ambush.

Juci continued to wash herself as if nothing happened acting natural and normal. Starscream walked into the room and saw Juci in a vulnerable state. He smiled as he strolled closer.

Juci turned around and stared at him. “I knew I smelled a rat on board.”

Juci washed off the remaining soap off of her body and walked out of the tub to dry off. Starscream walked up to her, took the towel from her, grabbed her and forced her to kiss him. Juci struggled, breaking the hold he had on her and spit, disgusted at what Starscream just did. “You'll fucking pay for that.”

“Oh come on you know you enjoyed that.” He smiled.

Starscream felt water droplets on his shoulders when he wiped it to have a close inspection he noticed it was saliva, when he looked up he saw it had belonged to Bombshell and he was in his weevil mode. Bombshell snarled and jumped onto Starscream, attacking him. Kickback and Shrapnel followed behind and attack areas that were open. Juci stood there for awhile then walked where her armor was at and put it back on. When she walked back where Starscream was at she placed her heavy foot onto Starscream’s neck and stepped on it, choking him. Starscream placed his hands over Juci’s foot trying to loosen the weight it has on his neck.

“So what you got to say for yourself?”

“Sorry.” The raspy sound of his voice was made worse by her foot.

“What was that? I didn't hear you.”

His voice screeched in bit of a scream. “SORRY” she took her foot off of him and he gasped a few times for air. He coughed a few times. “You'll fucking pay for that.”

She looked at him while the Insecticons growled at him. “Do you really think that's a wise choice?”

Starscream could see that he was out numbered, plus he knew Juci was far more skilled than he will ever be, so he got up and walked backwards then away from the room. As he did he bumped into Shockwave, who finally was able to get to the base. Shockwave had an odd feeling about Starscream being in his quarters. Shockwave picked up Starscream by the throat. “Damn fucking seeker. Why are you in my chambers? I hope you haven’t done anything stupid in here.”

Shockwave walked around to see where the femme is at. Mean while still holding Starscream by the throat. He walked into the bathroom Juci was laying down on a fainting couch that is in the room. Juci smiled, she got off the couch and walked towards where Shockwave was at. She leaned over and kissed him. Shockwave looked over at her than at Starscream. “Could you explain to me why this thing is here?”

“T’ch Him? I have no idea, ever since I was brought into this base this piece of shit keep following me. He even forced me to kiss him. Yuck. Thank goodness with the help of the Insecticons I got him under control and he was about to leave me be.”

Shockwave squeezed Starscream’s neck more, nearly making Screamer unconscious. “So you force a femme onto you since you’re too pathetic to get one like a real warrior. You seekers make me sick, especially you.” He dropped Starscream on the floor and gave him a good kick. He was about to shoot Starscream but decided other wise. “I rather let Megatron have the honor of dealing with you. He has been a bit frustrated lately and he needs something to shoot at. Now get out of here.”

Starscream picked himself up and ran out of the quarters as quickly as possible. He knew what Shockwave’s gun was capable of and he rather face Megatron’s' cannon any day than being wiped out of sight forever.

Back in the room, Juci glomped Shockwave to the floor he genteelly pushes her off a bit. “Well aren't we energetic?”

“Shut up.” She smiled, and then kissed him over his single optic.

In Megatron’s rooms Prizm looked around slowly, as human she had a bit of an infatuation with him one of the reasons of course they she had been chosen along with her wing mates. She looked inside; the lights had come on when the door opened. It was neat, and only had sporadic items here and there; she entered and looked around a little more. Still it was one thing to read about and talk about all the things the Decepticon leader had done and the actually see them right up close. The first room was very office like desk, computer, and seemed extremely professional. The second was still dark. His office has a few scorch marks on the desk and the chair she figured that it was probably from Starscream’s failures. What was interesting were the array of weapons against the wall, they ranged from a small hand pistol to the fabled gladiatorial sword that graced the top. Each looked at if it had just come off the assembly line finely cleaned and polished. She stood and wondered a bit, ’I bet these are his trophies,’ she knew the sword was his most prized trophy easily what surprised her was it was here up on the wall and not with him. The door opened behind her but she was too lost in her own thoughts to notice. She took a step back to look at the entire wall stepping right back into him. She let out a bit of a squeak in alarm. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

He smiled to himself but said nothing as he looked at his wall. She took a quick gulp of air calming her, waiting for him to move or say something but he didn’t. Finally getting her wits about her she noticed there were some spots still open. “You carry some of them with you?” Her voice nearly failed her.

Instantly as if that were a queue, he moved to the said empty spots and brought the missing weapons out of subspace and placed them in the holders. “I favor some more than others yes.” As he replaced the last one he turned to her, “have you completed bathing yet?”

She had nearly forgotten what she had come for. “No I guess I got a little side tracked.” She felt completely stupid for an instant she was supposed to get that out of the way.

“The solvent shower is through there on the left.” He pointed down the hall. She headed the way he instructed the lights dimming on as she entered the recharge chamber. A large recharge birth sat against the middle of the back wall, and then another door way just to its left. She looked at the recharge birth as thoughts passed through her mind, then shook her head she wanted no needed to bathe. She walked past it in to the next room. Prizm stepped down in to a tiled floor that was surprisingly warm. The lights dimmed on and reviled a Shower in the corner it was separated by a rise in the floor, and in the middle of the room a tub with a fluid that undulated slightly as heated steam rose from it. She stepped over the rise in the floor that separated the two rooms in the door way as the lights came up she noticed no door, the rise was the only thing that kept the solvent in. she looked around the shower was near the back, then again to the tub in front of it already filled with heated solvent. She removed her armor and stepped into it letting it cover her totally for an instant then got the cloth and brush to begin the cleaning process.

Megatron finished going over the report and left his quarter’s office to check on Prizm’s progress. He figured that she would be finished cleaning by then. He entered the recharge room looked around, nothing... He entered his cleaning room. Prizm sat in his tub slowly wiping a leg she held up.

"I see you have made yourself at home."

Prizm turned startled by him again. "Um I was just finishing."

"No hurry," Megatron stepped in to the tub next to her and started to remove his own armor. "It is quite relaxing isn't it?"

Prizm was surprised he even joined her, but it was impossible to take her optics off of him as he moved. He rubbed some soap onto her body, helping out while kissing her neck elegantly. She was surprised how gentle and smooth he was with his hands on her body and his kisses to her neck. She tilted her head as Megatron’s lips moves from her neck to her shoulders; he then slowly licked her shoulders back to the back of her neck. She gave an erotic sigh, signaling to Megatron how much she is enjoying what he is doing to her.

“I see your enjoying this far too much.” He said in a whisper.

In truth she had not expected it, sure she knew he had suggested she stay with him for reasons and as Raider had explained she knew that Megatron was told by Soundwave about her feelings for him. Her human side told her that it was much too soon she hardly knew him but the side of her that was pure Decepticon told her it was right. She didn’t resist.

Prizm didn't reply only smiled as she wiped off the soap on her chest with the water. Megatron moved his hands slowly from the back, massaging a bit of her sides until he started to rub his hands over her breasts. One of his hands lowered even more and began to massage the outer area of her port. Prizm moaned softly, and then noticed he moved a bit farther away. Turning around she was unable to take her optics off of him while he removed his armor all but his codpiece. She felt her internal temperature rise a bit. She watched as he moved to the center of the tub were the solvent was up to his waist. She was nearly staring at him and then she suddenly snapped out of as she watched him remove his codpiece. With a clank it hit the tile. Her mind hazed slightly at what it was going on making her look away from him then back at him, he was now sitting across from her. Prizm felt a bit nervous as she looked at him, his cables seemed pulled tight making his metallic skin pull tight over his muscled frame. Her nerves were on edge even more when he leaned towards her and pulled her into his lap. She relaxed slowly as he rubbed her shoulders then down her arms.

Megatron explored more of Prizm’s' body, regardless of the fact that he had helped with design, and even specified some of her workings it was much different with her online and in his hands. He wanted to know the limits of what his femme can and can't handle and what was appropriate or not, though with each touch he seems to hit the right spot. Although this may not be his first time with a femme, it have been quite awhile since he had any contact with a female, over four million years to be exact so he might be a bit rusty on his skills with Prizm, who sank slowly in to the solution as Megatron’s hands wondered over and around her.

His grip was firm but not painful there was a confidence about him that was really turning her on. He held her at the midsection and pulled her against him, she could feel his rod pressing against her aft. Prizm leaned back in to him and he placed his arm around her waist then began to circle her outer sensor slowly. The surprise made her jump, all these new sensations were absolutely intoxicating, sure the human skin was a miracle of a sensory net work but this was so much better. She relaxed in to his grasp as her sensors seemed to tingle at his touch. He slowly moved his finger across her sensor letting the bath fluid flow around it and the wake of his finger tickle her farther. Prizm figured that the outer sensor to her port was basically like a clitoris, acted like one at least. Not really knowing if the standard femmes had that she figured the must have studied human physiology.

She gasped at the sensation, and ran her hand down his arm her fingers brushed his where he was touching her she grasped again, it so felt good. She started to move her hips. A little sound escaped Prizm as Megatron stayed on her sensor and moved his now hard rod in between her legs. He pulled it to make the tip put a little pressure on the out side of her port as it passed when he slowly thrusted. He wanted to make her want him enough to open her for his large pole. Prizm gasped, this was heaven she knew she had dreamed about this all the time but to actually remember it. She moved her hand down between her legs; she touched his rod as he moved. Her hand tightened around the tip of Megatron's rod letting it slide threw her grip just barley. The added stimulation made him sigh slightly. Prizm heard it and her systems warmed even more letting her inner cables relax and make room for him. His pace sped up just a little as his want for more increased. Prizm gasped she wondered what she would have to do to get him to make more sounds like that. She wondered what this transformation had done to her body would this hurt? Well what the hell was she thinking she knew that he would hurt a bit nevertheless. She reached behind her and ran her hands down his stomach the best she could. She felt his hard muscle cables has he still thrust in between her legs. She didn't realize for an instant that she had slightly drifted off in thought of what it would be like to have that throbbing pole with in her. Megatron pushed her shoulder gently and she leaned forward a little. His rod started to cross her opening more and he shortened his strokes. He let it explore at little sneaking in a little then withdrawing quickly, trying to gage if he was going to hurt her or not. It was attractive and made the pressure within her mount faster. She bit her lip as the pain subsided and pleasure started to take over. Megatron felt her systems heat as she brushed against him in their movement; he knew soon she would be unable to hold back any longer. Prizm gasped at the sensation her body was more than ready now. She felt his hands move down the front of her body. She gasped again as she felt his fingers touching her then she moaned as she felt him open her body with this fingers. The gritted her dental plates together as she felt him enter her body. She sunk her fingers into his arm and grasped in pain. She took a deep breath as Megatron waited for her cables to stretch. He felt her fingers lighten their grip them pulled back. She grasped him again, but didn't hold as tight or as long allowing him to thrust forward again sooner. She took a few more breaths and tried to gain control to permit him to start a pace. Just as she moved Megatron thrust again filling her then lifting her. Prizm made a light gasp as he thrust in to her is rod the tip pushing though the outer cable she braced herself by putting her hands on his shoulders. She thought to herself though that might be a mistake, but then pushed it a side. She could feel him moving in her grasp his muscular cables flexing and relaxing.

He pulled and thrust again feeling her loosen as he did. Prizm let a sigh out as the pain subsided then she pushed against him as if to say it was okay it for more. She moved her legs so they were on either side of his. So she could get all of him into her body; the pain was completely gone and all she wanted to do was feel his body within hers. She gasped but not in pain as he thrust hard and deep within her, gasping she wanted to hold back to make this last longer but she felt as though she was so close. His body against hers, his powerful strokes moving them together was too much Prizm reached her own climax of heaven, she felt at home.

Megatron smiled knowing he had finished his mission as a mate, but he wasn't through with Prizm yet. He continued on wanting to know if she can reach another soon or go insanely crazy on him with the one she is having now. He took slow deliberate strokes, letting Prizm feel the length of his rod. His motions were fluid, making it seem as if it were one long stroke. Her frame shuttered as her orgasm lingered and pulsed. She let the air escape her in time with his pumps. He gave a slight smile holding his own urge to just rip into her and fill his own need. He took a breath and thrust again this time speeding up slightly. Her moans and vocals urging him on as he pushed into her twice more and let his own orgasm spill into her. He gasped a breath then pulled her tight with a bit of an aftershock.

Slowly releasing her and letting his rod slide from her port he sat back in the tub taking in the heat and letting the bubbles work out even more tension. She did the same sitting next to him and letting her head rest on his chest. “You need to recharge.” He said softly.


“Come.” He pulled her hand up and stood up with her. She walked to the recharge birth slowly her processor still in awe. She lay down as she came up next to her comfortable with him so close. Instantly she was out. Megatron lay there silently, marveling at how fast he had let himself become attached, then leaned back and began his own recharge.

First Times For Everything
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara