Chapter Four Insecticon Games
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Chapter 4 Insecticon Games.

The elevator seemed to take quite a while when the doors opened finally. Soundwave led Astrotrain down a series of halls till he stopped at a large door. The door opened with an unseen communication. In side there were many items that hung neatly on the walls as well as could almost be spare parts labeled and in nice stacks on tables.

"I guess Megatron is going to keep his word." Juci said surprised. Sometimes it was rather hard to believe Decepticons.

"I knew he would, Soundwave told me." Idol said without looking at her.

“I gotta say ... I'm quite impressed with the interior of the lab.”

“You're just saying that.” Prizm said.

“No really it is... Normally such labs are messy.” Juci had seen plenty of labs.

“Well they're more superior to our own kind are...” Prizm interrupted.

Juci laughed and pointed at Starscream who had been in the room when they entered. “You consider that thing! Superior? Ha! Don't make me laugh.”

“Ok so only some of them are superior than that of our own kind.” Prizm conceded to Juci.

“I would spit in his face if I weren't so short.” Juci added. All the research her and her friends had done on the Decepticons wasn’t wasted. She knew what the idiot jet was capable of and that deep down over all she thought Starscream was a coward.

“I don't want to bother your little chat but here is your chance now.” Their attention was turned to the center of the room where they could see three chassis to which they would be transferred to.

Juci got close to her friends and whispered between them. “I bet after being transferred into them new bodies Astrotrain here would want to be our chauffeur all day and night long.”

It registered to Idol what Juci was saying instantly. “JUCI! That’s enough!”

“Yeah... You know Idol got a thing for train-boy.” Prizm smiled.

“Oh tell me about it... I hear she wanna have a ménage-a-trio with Soundwave and... Unfff” Her voice got cut off by Idol’s elbow in her ribs just before she could say it loud enough for Astrotrain to hear. As he looked them over they just stare back at him with innocent grins. “Nothings happening here continue on what you were doing.” Juci calmed her voice and turned to her friends again. “He is just lucky he ain't butt ugly.”

Idol got a bit angry. “You leave Astrotrain alone!”

“Shoot I wouldn't mind fucking his circuits out either.” Prizm put in playing; they both started laughing while Idol stood there annoyed at their antics. Astrotrain stands up slightly straighter having heard bits and pieces of the conversation, only to get a laugh out of Starscream for his primitive behavior.

“I can't believe you're falling for such retards.” The Air Commander finally said.

“Shut up!”

“Yeah mind your own business. No one wants you so you get all mad and jealous over someone getting more attention than you are.” Juci added

“You watch it fleshie! Soon will be following my directions.”

“Following you? Ha! I rather take orders from Ravage than from you.” Juci spat back, Idol and Prizm covered up Juci’s mouth again.

Idol shook her head. “Okay that’s enough.”

“Yeah no need to diss the guy out.” Prizm said as they both let go of Juci.

Juci huffed as the turned to her friends. “But it's true; we're not going to take orders from him... only from Megatron.”

“Yeah but still he is second in command.” Prizm was aware of this.

“Command of what? The shit I took last night? Oh yeah! What a commander.” Juci couldn’t help the sarcasm that flowed out of her.

“No need for jokes or sarcasms, Juci. Just try to play along who knows in time Prizm will take his place.” Idol winked at her.

“I will?”

“Yeah think about it!”

“Girl now look has a dirty mind.” Prizm said.

“Yeah really... even I wouldn't go that low, even though it’s mostly true.”


“What!? There is nothing to be ashamed about; getting into a higher position by doing the nasty. Besides with you being second in command Starscream will really be that piece of shit I did last night.” Juci started laughing as did Idol.

Finally they came to the table and waited for instructions.

"Now," Idol starts. "Soundwave says we have to strip our clothes off."

"What?!" Prizm and Juci shout.

"Only kidding." Idol said "Na we just have to stand under the tubes." she said

"How come you know so much?" Juci asked

"Mental." Idol said

"What does that mean your crazy?" Juci asked

"No it means he told her though their mental link." Prizm said

"I knew that." Juci said

"Sure." Prizm said.

Then they walked over to the tubes and stood on the platforms Prizm and Idol breathed in and out trying to relax.

"Alright Ladies relax." Astrotrain said. They all looked at him. Then he helped Soundwave move the tubes over them. Prizm looked at Idol who had her eyes shut. Prizm leaned on the glass to make sure she was ok. Juci was in heaven she was ready for this transfer. Prizm looked up at the top of the tube no going back now. And slowly smoke filled the tubes. Prizm felt lightheaded she took a quick glance at Idol she was starting to sway. Suddenly everything was dark. Prizm focused on a small beam of light. Something flashed in her vision, power 50% and it slowly went up until her vision was clear. She could see a dark figure and a light figure. She focused on them and as her vision came on completely. She smiled as she saw Soundwave and Megatron, who she was hoping to see.

Idol tried to open her eyes, but it was different they didn’t just slide open like they had, now it had a power base that dimmed on for a second as there was a slight drain of power than slowly light came threw. The ceiling started to become clear. Small lettering in her lower right vision told her the process had been complete. She attempted to move, though everything felt heavy.

“Do not move.” The voice was unmistakable and a lot louder than she had remembered. Question to why arose in her processor. “You will become hebetate your new structure promptly. Rest.” She stopped trying and felt her new systems going threw start up procedures. Her mind wondered again though this time Soundwave didn’t interrupt.

Juci woke up, already in her new body. So like a Juci that she is...she falls off the recharge bed she woke up on with a loud “Umf...” she pulled in air to the new intakes making a sigh sound. “No matter what body I'm in I always find a way to hurt myself. Damn!” She got off the floor rubbing her aft. “Luckily it was only my butt.” She walked around taking in the room and looking for her friends but they were gone. She walked out the door and into the next room then out the second door that let to the hall. As she wondered around the base she saw that a map was going on in her vision telling her where she had been. She walked around longer still and figured she wouldn’t find them like this. She started opening doors. “All these rooms are the same... Haven't these guys ever heard of decorating their home?” Something bumped her as she came out of one room.

“Hey! Get out of the way would ya.”

“Huh?” Juci turned around to see who bumped into her. It was Kickback sneaking away with an Energon cube in his insect mode mouth.

Kickback dropped the cube to see who was in his way and saw Juci. His insect instinct kicked in. “Oh sorry. Didn't mean to be rude to you, I just thought you were one of them seekers. After all my vision is limited and all I saw was your dark wings sticking out to the sides of the cube.”

“I see... did Megatron allow you to take that?” Juci asked.

“Yes... he told me I could take one.” Kickback lied. He tried to hold back his laughing but Juci could tell he was lying; she didn’t care though and stepped aside to let him go on.

“Well then, since the boss allowed you to take it than I think you should be on your way back to your colony and feed the babies then.”

The grasshopper seemed confused. “You're one of the new females right?”

She nodded to him.

“I thought so... I have never seen a female Decepticon in thousands of years.. In fact never have we Insecticons have seen a live female Decepticon before. You know if I were Megatron I should've just let you be stuck in your human bodies, you’re more useful that way. Particularly for missions of getting into Autobot base, but that’s just me.”

“I think we can go back into our human bodies when the time is needed. But I guess we are now in these bodies for some other reason. It's easier to mate in this body than for them to shrink to human size.” She hadn’t really thought about it.

“I like you already. You're funny.”

Heavy steps were approaching; Juci recognized the steps from when she was human. “If I were you I get going... the so-called air commander is on his way through this hall way.”

“How do you know?”

“Come on everyone should know the noise that fucker makes. He isn't exactly a stealthy jet. He wants everyone to know where he is at.”

“Ok...well see ya later.” Kickback put the cube back into his insect mode mouth and runs off as quickly as possible.

By the time Starscream arrived Kickback was no where in sight. Starscream looked over at Juci who is just two thirds his size, perfect for her stealth mode. “Who told you, you could freely walk around the base?”

“I was just looking for my friends and to answer your question... your boss did.” Juci lied but she always been a good liar, especially things like this and with Starscream being as gullible as he is this was easy.

Starscream grumbled at himself. “Damn that Megatron... now he is taking my job as well.”
“Your job? Ummm ain't he the top boss and your just his bitch?”

Starscream looks at Juci like he had daggers in his eyes “You shut up woman! He might be big boss but I'm above your rank, so show some respect.”

Juci starts laughing her head off, she tries to hold herself up by leading against the wall with her hands, but it's no use she falls on the floor laughing. Starscream stares at her annoyed. “Primus...I really fucking hate this female. Would you get off the fucking floor? That wasn't that funny.”

“Yes it was.” She kept laughing. “You’re funny.” Nearby Skywarp and Thundercracker try to stay hidden but can't help themselves to laugh along with Juci.

“Would you two come out of your hiding place... you're pathetic at sneaking around.” Starscream growled.

“Hey! I resent that! I'm pretty good at creeping you out.” Skywarp said.

Still laughing Thundercracker added. “Megatron’s bitch! What a classic.”

“Shut up!”

Skywarp looked over Starscream to get a view at Juci. “So where are the others? There were supposed to be three of them?”

“I have no interest in the other two. This one on the other hand needs some private lessons on respecting those who are of a higher rank than she is.”

“Yea surrrrreee.... What you think we are a bunch of Insecticons? We're not that stupid.” Thundercracker said.

“Yeah Screamer. We know your evil intent. Shame on you.”

“She still needs to be taught a lesson on respect.”

“I respect higher ranking officials... I just have no respect for losers like you!” Juci said as a matter-of-factly. Both seekers start laughing a new at that comment.

“I like her already.” Skywarp nodded.

“Anyone who makes Starscream look like a fool is a friend of mine.” Thundercracker agreed.

“Now if you'll excuse me I have to look for my friends and since you're not interested in helping me out I'm going to look for them myself.” Juci moved so she could have a clear path.

“Awww come on TC and I would help you out.” Skywarp offered elbowing Thundercracker.

“Yeah we will...”

Juci started to walk off Skywarp followed...Thundercracker smiled and waved bye at Starscream while following along. The three of them looked around for about an hour.

“I don't know how you guys find your way around this place without getting lost?”

“ sort of get use to the area and find bits of pieces that can give out clues to where you’re at. And of course there is that little map in the side of your optics.”

“So where was the last time you saw your friends at?” Thundercracker asked.

“Well my friends and I were at the control room, later we were inside these tubes to transfer our souls into these bodies and the next thing I know I woke up in someone’s bed chamber. I think?”

“That pig! Starscream probably thought you were still unconscious and was trying to take advantage of you.” Skywarp looked disgusted.

“That was his chamber!? Ewwwww... I need a bath now. Who knows what was the last time he ...did his thing or in that matter the last time he cleaned his bed. Yuck! The more I think about it the dirtier I feel and not the good kind of dirty either. How disgusting and degrading; now Shockwave will never want me.”

“Ummm... don't want to be rude but ummm.... aren't we supposed to look for your friends.” Thundercracker reminded.

“Huh? Oh yes let's look for them then after that find the bathroom I need a shower.”

“Well since you said the control room that’s the first place we should look for them.”

They arrive at the control room, where Prizm and Idol lay down on the tables in their new bodies. They were left undisturbed. Juci sat on a chair nearby. Skywarp and Thundercracker were shocked.

“Ummm... you shouldn't be sitting on Megatron’s chair.” Skywarp had his optic ridges up.

“Yeah you better sit on Screamers' chair.” Thundercracker agreed.

“Are you fucking crazy? God only knows what he did to that chair too.”

“She’s got a point there.” Thundercracker smiled.

“It doesn't matter... remember when Starscream sat on Megatron’s chair ... I will never forget the way Megatron reacted to that...” Skywarp started to laugh.

“He sat on this chair too? Ewwww” Juci got up quickly. “Is there anything in this base that isn't tainted by that thing?”

“Well there is Soundwave’s' chair.” Thundercracker said.

“I don't think he would mind. He is after all Shockie's brother. He is rational and would think that after walking around in the base for four hours looking for one’s friends that it's only logical to sit down and relax.”

Skywarp looked a little surprised. “Shockie?”

“I think she met Shockwave. She gave him a pet name.” Thundercracker giggled.

“Oh I see...” Warp joins the giggles. “Shockie... Who knew that weirdo had a secret admirer.”

“Hey! He isn't a weirdo!”

“Sorry I didn't mean to put it that way... It just slipped out.” Skywarp apologized.

It didn’t take but a minute for Juci to relax and fall asleep in the chair.

“We should let her, and her friends sleep now.” Thundercracker told Skywarp.

“No... We should stay here and guard them... who knows when Starscream will be back and try to take one of them out again.”

“But he is only interested in her, not the other two.” He motioned to Juci.

“It doesn't matter... we both know Screamer he would fuck, an Autobot if he is desperate enough. Besides either one of them could be Megatron’s girl so we can't assume anything. It's best to protect all of them just in case.” Skywarp and Thundercracker both sat on the floor and guarded or at least waited.

Prizm's optics flashed online. Her recharge cycle was complete. She sat up and seen Juci recharging in a chair and she looked over to Idol her optics were slowly powering up. Prizm got off the table and tripped over something, and then fell down with a bit of a crash waking up Idol and Juci. "What are you two doing in here?" she asked the males.

"Nothing we just helped your friend find you and to keep watch over you so you weren’t disturbed." Thundercracker said.

"Oh, ok." Prizm said

He stood up and helped her up. "I'm Thundercracker and this is Skywarp." he said

"Yes I know who you are." Prizm said "And I'm Prizm and this is Idol and that is Juci the one you've already met."

Idol was sitting up on the bed.

"Hey Idol I see your awake now have any nice dreams?" Prizm asked.

"No stop that."


"So when do I get to meet Shockwave." Juci asked

"How should I know?" Prizm said

"Well you’re supposed to be Megatron’s femme you’re supposed to know this stuff." Juci said

"I am not! Well I hope so, but I haven't even really met him yet so how am I supposed to know?" Prizm said. It wasn’t that Prizm didn’t want to be Megatron’s female, but how was she even supposed to know if that was what they were there for?

Later in the central control room Soundwave was at one of the terminals typing in commands. He had tracked down the females after they had left the transformation chamber.

"Did you find those femmes yet?" Megatron yelled at Thundercracker and Skywarp.

"Yes, we brought them down." Thundercracker said

"Where is Prizm here I want to speak with her."

Prizm felt a little nervous but stepped out from behind Skywarp. “I am here.”

“Don’t want to sound too straight up and forward but when will I see Shockwave.” Juci was starting to get impatient and stepped up before Megatron could speak again.

“Juci! Why can't you just be patient and wait for awhile.” Prizm snapped.

“Come on... I had to kiss up and be friends with Autobot asses all day yesterday. I want my prize now!” she whined

“You'll see him as soon as Megatron contacts him. Gesh...” Prizm said.

Idol knew a way to get her to hold up a little longer. “Reminds you a lot of Starscream doesn't she?”

“Tell me about it.”

“Hey I'm nothing like that pathetic good for nothing loser.”

Laughing quietly to himself Megatron decides to interrupt. “Don't want to bust your bubbles ladies but it was Starscream who did most of the work on your chassis’ as well as helped out building your new bodies.”

“The only decent thing that piece of shit will ever do right in his whole life.” Juci scoffed.

“You've said it.” Prizm added.

“Does that mean he laid his hands on me?” Idol asked.

“Yep! He touched us all. Disgusting ain't it?” Juci said.

An odd moan came from Idol. “Yuck! I think before we do anything we should all take a bath first.”

“Hear hear...” Juci agreed.

Prizm was still staring at them but this time with her mouth wide open in shock over Megatron would allow Starscream to touch her. She thought for a second that maybe she wasn’t meant to be with Megatron then.

“Don't worry Prizm I think Megatron would give you his bathroom for you to bathe in before you get in the sack with him. Then again who knows how many times Megatron has touched Starscream before he met you.”

Everyone had there jaws on the floor, they couldn't believe she just said that about Megatron and Starscream.

“Shut up! I don't want to hear about that. Megatron will bathe with me to get that entire gunk off our bodies. After being with me, he will never have to put up with that loser ever again.” Prizm was surprised that she had said that out loud right in front of Megatron.

“I really hope so... No one has to put up with that piece of reject parts.” Juci mumbled. Skywarp and Thundercracker laughed. Meanwhile Starscream walked in wondering what’s with all the laughing. “Oh speaking of the piece of shit here he comes.” She added.

“Shut up bitch! I don't need to take crap from a bottom feeder like you.” He snarled. While Starscream walked up to where Megatron and Soundwave were at; Juci made funny faces behind Starscream’s' back. Prizm and Idol giggled softly.

"Alright Juci." Idol prodded. Starscream stood behind Megatron and looked over his shoulder.

"Alright. Stop this foolishness." Megatron demanded. "There isn't enough room for everyone to have their own quarters. In fact we are pressed for more space now that the Stunticons and Combaticons have had their bases destroyed. Juci, you can have Shockwave's until he comes back I am sure you won't mind. Idol."

Soundwave interrupted. "Raider."

"Is that so? Well it sounds a lot better than Idol anyway. RAIDER, you won't mind staying with Soundwave then. As for you Prizm." Megatron looked her over as she stood there just in front of him. "I have room in my quarters, unless you prefer to stay with Starscream?"

"No that is quite alright. I don't want anywhere near that seeker." Prizm answered disgusted. Starscream's optics squinted as he looked at the new femme jets. He knew they were going to be trouble specially that one named Juci.

"Well then there are various refreshers in the quarters if you insist on cleansing yourself of Starscream's oil done so now. After which you will report back here for further orders." Megatron began to walk to his office.

"HEY!" Juci yelled.

Megatron turned and approached her; he seemed to tower over her by about two heads. "If you are not happy with this arrangement your chassis can be discarded just as easily."

"No, I want to stay in Shockwave's room I just prefer to have him in it." Juci stood her ground.

"Interesting. Soundwave send for Shockwave. We have business here anyway." Megatron didn't say anything else then walked in to his office.

"I don't want your ridiculous fleshie habits in my quarters anyway!" Starscream started to walk to the hall.

Juci caught him quick. "Listen good you. I have no respect for your idiotic comments. Megatron I can respect though I may not agree. You I would rather just put you out of the Decepticon misery forever! God knows we might beat the Autobots then!" Juci stood only inches from him.

"You and your little ex-fleshie friends think you can best me? HA! I am Starsc--"

Juci punched the seeker just under the cock pit. "Shut up!" Prizm and Raider ran over and held Juci back. Soundwave ejected Rumble and Frenzy, and instructed them to carry the seeker to his quarters.

"Sorry about that." Prizm told Soundwave.

Raider started to giggle. "Soundwave has wanted to do that for a long time."

Soundwave looked at Raider his optic brow low. "Sorry, it was too funny to hold in." she answered his glare. "Alright. Come on Soundwave has to scan our signatures to the doors to our rooms.”

"Our Quarters okay Raider." Prizm said "and I'm sure you don't mind do you Juci? Sharing quarters with Shockwave and all."

"Nope not at all."

Raider smiled at them as she sat down for Soundwave to scan her, he scanned her signature then her optic pattern. Then she moved out of the way for Juci and he scanned her signature and optic pattern. "That's it?"

"Apparently." Raider answered.

Juci got up and Prizm took her place. He scanned her signature and then her optic pattern then he told her to put her hand on this metal ball. The ball burned her fingers.

“Ahh, that hurts! What the hell?" she yelled and looked at her hand it was a bit scorched on the tips of her fingers. Juci and Raider laughed.

"What it's not funny."

"Yes it is." Juci said "You should have known it wouldn't have been that easy for you to get into Megatron's quarters."

"Yeah I know." Prizm said looking at her burnt fingers again rubbing them together to see what the feeling would be like.

"Well anyway so how long do we have before we have to be back here?" Prizm asked Soundwave.

"Twelve thousand astro-seconds, which is equivalent to three hours."

Each of them took in the time frame and recorded it for future reference. "Ok directions."

He gave them all the directions that they need to find out where they were going.

Juci went on her way to Shockwave’s quarters; along the way in the hallway she passed by a door that’s normally closed but this time it's open. Juci’s' curiosity needed to be full filled so she entered the room. Little that she knows it was the storing area of where the Decepticons stash away the Energon cubes. When she turned around a figure knocked her over, leaving her unconscious for a moment.

Time passed…..though none of them realized just how fast time would pass as they explored their new home and their abilities.

Mean while Prizm and Raider found themselves walking thru the hallway looking for Juci. The computers indicated she wasn't in her quarters. They needed to find her since they were given another mission. Not a big mission like the first one but still. They needed the stealth fighter’s help.

“God I hate it when she wonders off and because she is so fucked up in the head I can't read her mind from afar.” Raider confessed.

“You're telepathy has limits?”

“Well all powers have a limit. Mine is more of a problem of reading minds that are too far away to read, now either due to that crazy gal being too far or the fact that someone is tapping into her mind that’s preventing me from entering.”

“Hmmm, I hope she is okay. You know how she gets into sticky situations.” They continued searching.

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