Chapter Three Techonlogy Snatch!
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Chapter 3. Technology Snatch

Meanwhile back at where Astrotrain was, it was starting to get dark and the wind had picked up, giving a chill to the air.

“We are close by gals. Be sure to be ready.” Came from Astrotrain’s internal speakers.

Prizm tried to plead with Juci “Please... Oh dear God please be on your best behavior Juci. I know they trashed your car but at least pretend you love them or something.” She was nearly sure that Juci was going to blow it and they'd all be dead.

“You know that’s impossible for her to do.” Idol said with a sarcastic attitude. After what happened when she kicked Jazz Idol didn't have much faith in what was going to happen either, she could only hold up her part and try her best to get what Megatron asked for.

“Yeah ... But if I told her to just "like them" she wouldn't treat them as well.”

“Hmmm, but that wouldn't work on her. Here I'll show you how to persuade her.” Idol turned to Juci “You better behave yourself. If you blow our cover... we will say it's your fault and never be your friends again.”

“Yeah ... and ... um...... Megatron will blow you up.” Prizm felt like she needed to add something.

“Umm... Prizm... That didn't sound right.” Idol said to Prizm turning her red as she looked back at Juci.

“Ok ok I take that back. He will just kill you.” Yeah she knew that didn’t sound right either but that is what Megatron and Soundwave had both said.

Astrotrain landed in a bunch of scrubs and bushes near by to the Autobot base. The females all got out and looked around taking a minute to get their directions then Idol and Prizm start for the base, while Juci lagged trying to swallow her pride.

From behind her the Decepticon spoke “You know your friend is right. If you don't accomplish this mission you're a goner.”

“Let me ask you this would you kiss an Autobots' ass if Megatron order you to do so?”

Astrotrain stayed quiet. While to save his own metal plated hide, he might, but he wouldn’t like it at all.

“I thought so...” Juci finished then caught up to her buddies.

Prizm stepped through a bush then started talking to Idol. “I hate doing this...” As much as they had spoken they knew they had been more like Decepticons at heart then they would ever be Autobots. The difference was they new how to deal with society

“I know... It feels so unnatural to fake.”

“It's like you're lying to yourself, but these guys got to pay for what they have done.” Juci injected as she fell into step with them.

“I don't know why you are so upset over a car.” Prizm said as Juci began to walk in front of them.

Idol leaned over to Prizm whispering “It's more than just the car... her parents were in it when it happened.”

Not realizing what had happened before Prizm was a little shocked. “She lost her parents?”

“They were in the middle of a shoot out and well... They got blown away.” Idol explained.

“But I thought that car was sat on not blown up.”

“That’s just her way with coping with the issue. The Autobots got more to worry about than just a little virus in their computer ... they got to worry about our friends' wrath.” Idol could feel Juci’s irritation with the entire situation, she thought about what it was Juci might do trying to see if her telepathy might pick an idea out of Juci’s mind.

“Well if Juci has an agenda other than the one given to her, so do I.”

“I agree...”

They entered into Autobot territory... it was only a little obvious as the alarms started going off. The Autobots guarding the entrance to their base were up in arms checking out what or who triggered the alarm. When they saw it was just three female humans they backed up.

“False alarm... Just a couple of girls.” Ironhide reported. He was actually rather disappointed that it wasn’t a Decepticon attack, from his point of view Megatron had been laying too low recently and it made him on edge.

“What the hell are you females doing out here anyways?” Brawn asked.

“Let me handle this ... I know how to sweet talk to boys.” Juci whispered then stepped forward while her friends laughed.

“Yeah right...She sure showed her sweet talk with Starscream.” Prizm pointed out.

Idol snickered a little but put a finger over her lips to indicate to Prizm to stop making jokes that would blow their cover.

Juci approached Brawn “Oh we're just a couple of gals down from the south... and we sort of got lost in the desert. Our car broke down and well we walked all day to get some help.” Her accent was really rather good, as was her lying.

Prizm couldn't help but to laugh at Juci’s interpretation of a southern girl. Idol held in her laugh and elbowed Prizm to stop laughing. Luckily for them Autobots are nave they thought it was common for girls to giggle like that; which was sort of true. The two Autobots allowed them into the based anyway telling them to remain in the room while they went to inform Optimus Prime what was going on. The room was huge, and it took a second for them to realize where they had been; the two Autobots let them alone in the room with Teletran-one in it. They’re eyes centered on the main computer in the room as they began to approach it.

Juci whispered very softly “God are they really that stupid?”

“Let’s not discuss that now. We have an important mission to finish. You two be my look out gals.” Juci and Prizm looked around making sure no Autobots were within the distance of knowing what Idol was doing to their computer. They started to hear footsteps approach

“Idol dear... you better hurry... They're about to come our direction.” Prizm said still trying to keep quiet.

“I'm almost finished.”

Starting to panic Juci urged “There is no time to erase the program just release the virus. That thing will do the rest.”

“Yeah but I don't want them to know it was me. Ah there the virus is doing its thing and now for the eraser.”

“Come on... hurry up!” Prizm began to worry.

Just before the Autobots come in the room, the computer caught the virus but no trace of where it had came from. Juci and Prizm smiled at Idol after she sat neared them. They stopped smiling when the Autobots came into the room and looked at the computer crashing. Their little friend Spike was with them.

“What happened?” The man asked.

All three of them shrugged their shoulders acting as if they hadn’t a clue.

“It's probably an old model.” Prizm started.

Idol decided to go with that. “Yeah ... you know how ancient computers are now a days.”

Thinking that it was funny Juci decided to add something. “It's a Macintosh.” Making her friends laugh. “Those things always have glitches in them.”

Spike looked at Juci annoyed and turned to look at what the Autobots were doing to fix the problem. Juci stuck her tongue out at Spike when he wasn't looking.

“Hey is there like a bathroom around here? The girls and I need to go use the little girls’ room.” Prizm looked around noticing that there were very few human sized things.

Spike could only sigh. “Bumblebee would you show the girls where the restroom is.”

Bumblebee took the females to the restroom, while on the why his curiosity got the best of him. “So where did you gals come from.”

“Oh from down south.” Prizm attempted a southern accent.

“Yeah our car broke down and we had to walk to find some help and found this place.” Idol acted as well.

Juci didn't say anything. Prizm leaned over to her. “You know Bee isn't like the other Autobots... Even the Decepticons love him. At least be nice to him.”

“Ok but if he looks at me funny I'm going to have to punch him in the face. He is well known for getting into human females panties.” Juci sighed.

Prizm couldn’t help but joke again. “But isn't that what you always wanted?”

“Okay... Are you going to confess to me about something Prizm?” They finally got to where the bathroom was.

Juci’s voice darkened a little “Did you see the way that asshole Spike looked at me? I swear I better get some big fat award for all this ass kissing I'm doing.”

“You will... we all will. Just be patient.” Idol corrected. Soundwave had been in silent contact with her constantly. He was giving her tips and ideas on how to manipulate the bots and get what they needed. As well as taking the information of what they wanted for their modes.

“Yeah don't get your panties up in a bunch. Soon you'll get to see your precious Shockie.” Prizm laughed.

From out side they could hear Bumblebee knocking “Is everything ok in there? You sure take long.”

“We're females! We are supposed to take an eternity in the bathroom...!” under her breath Juci said. “You ass muncher.”

Idol laughed loudly. “Oh boy... if Juci wasn't with us I think this mission would've been quite dull, wouldn't you say Prizm?”

“Yeah!” came from the stall.

“Are you ok in there? Are you taking a dump?” Juci knocked on the stall. Idol couldn’t hold in her laughter.

“No....... I got my ... thing.”

“God ... That ought to suck. I know if I got my thing today I would've told off them Autobots to go fuck themselves.”

“Girl you would tell them to go fuck themselves even without your thing.” Prizm said.

Bumblebee walked in which triggered Juci’s pissed off mode. “You fucking mother fucker pervert! Get the fuck out of here!”

“I'm sorry you guys were taking so long. I didn't know.” The Autobot back peddled through the door as Juci neared him.

Juci chased Bee out of the restroom just as Prizm finished; she came out and only stared at the noise that was now coming from out side of the door. “Did I miss something?”

“Bumblebee was suspicious of us taking too long in the bathroom and walked in. You know how she hates males walking into female restrooms.”

“Oh I see.” Prizm walked over to a sink and washed her hands she turned to look at Idol while drying her hands with the towel. “So what now? We have placed the virus and the eraser inside of the computer.”

“We wait till they're all asleep then sneak out and find Astrotrain to fly out of here.”

“Yeah the poor guy is probably waiting out there for us for ages already.” Prizm and Idol both walked out of the restroom passing by Juci punching Bumblebee.

“That ought to hurt wouldn't it?”

“Naaa... Juci had five and half years of taking Karate and has fought a lot of boys while growing up. Her fists should be as hard as that of metal and could do some dents on Bees' face like that. Besides her anger nubs the pain.”

“Wouldn't the other Autobots be suspicious though?”

“They can't do anything to us. We would just say that Bee walked into the bathroom while we were still using it. They would see it only natural for a gal to slap a pervert and gain back some dignity. But what Juci is doing... is a bit far fetched.” Idol admitted.

Idol neared Juci watching out she didn’t get hit in the process then tapped her on the shoulder. Juci only growled. Idol didn’t want to get involved and stepped away she’d never seen Juci act that way before.

Juci realized what she had done and calmed; then apologized “Sorry Idol... I didn't mean to startle you like that... I just get lost in my rage.” Juci got off Bumblebee who shown many dings and dents from Juci’s fists. Juci herself was slightly bloody.

“Girl you're going to end up bleeding to death due to all the fighting that you do.” Prizm looked over all the cuts on Juci’s knuckles.

“It's well worth it. It'll only make me stronger.”

“You got to train me for that.”

“For that what?”

“That ability you have of channeling all the pain away during your rage out burst. You seem to feel no pain when you get angry.” Prizm explained.

“It's no special ability Prizm. All living things have it. When you’re really mad you don't feel any pain. You get numb from all the hormones that are release in your body.”

“Yeah but still you take it to a whole another level with your punches.”

“I don't need the training...” Idol injected. “I'll stick with using my brain to deflect my enemies.” Having said that they headed back to the main lobby or I supposed they could have called it a control room of sorts.

"Well how are we going to get out of here?" Prizm looked at the amounting Autobot activity caused by the virus.

"Don't be stupid." Idol whispered. "They are so busy with their computer we can just walk out. Easier then even waiting till they are recharging. Well they are Autobots; I doubt that they would even care if we left. Besides we are supposed to have a car broken remember?" Idol started slowly to the door that led outside.

"Yeah these Autobot fools don't have a clue. Let’s get out of here." Juci started to walk quickly wanting to leave as soon as possible.

The small group walked quietly to the mouth of the cave; where they found Hound on guard duty. "Where are you ladies off to?"

"Its none of your." Prizm covered Juci's mouth.

"We got some supplies and are going back to our car." She smiled.

"Alright just be careful it can be dangerous." The Jeep turned back to his duty.

Down the path and away from the Autobot base Prizm stopped. "Juci what is a matter with you? Do you want to be caught? That must be it!"

"Prizm lets just keep going; we need to make it back to our ride." Idol kept moving.

"NO! For your information I don't want to get caught but they need to pay for what they did!" Juci grew frustrated.

"Right and you in this little human body is going to be the one to do it?" Prizm spat. “What do you think you can do like this? Beating up on Bumblebee is one thing, but taking care of the whole of the Autobots just isn’t going to happen.”

"I don't care how I do it." Juci stormed ahead of the group and found Astrotrain. Her temper was still heated from the bathroom incident.

Idol looked at Prizm who just stood silently. "Once we get back we can sort this out."

"How are we supposed to deal with that?" Prizm asked slowly joining Idol.

"Look if Megatron keeps his word then she will have a better chance at it as a transformer. AND... We can help her." Idol left Prizm standing there. She boarded Astrotrain and buckled up; Prizm then following in silence.

Prizm sat down in the seat and buckled up, after some silence she asked "So what do you think this will be like, I mean the transfer?"

"I don't know." Idol said.

"I don't care just as long as I get to see my Shockie." Juci answered.

"Yes we know." Prizm said. Then they laughed.

"Just don't let him hear you call him that in front of anybody well besides Astrotrain anyway." Idol said the shuttle shook as Astrotrain laughed.

"Well," Juci huffed. "Just don't let Megatron hear you call him Meggie."

“I would never call him that! It's stupid and I would call him either Megs or Tron but never that." Prizm said

"Sure." Idol said

"What have you ever heard me call him that?" Prizm asked.

"No." Idol said

"I rest my case." Prizm said.

"What the hell is taking so long?" Juci said suddenly. "You got a burn out or what?"

"No." he answered. "Have to fly low so we don't get picked up by radar."

They sat in silence the rest of the way there. Prizm leaned on her hand almost asleep. Juci leaned back in her chair, with her mouth hanging open asleep; mean while Idol sat leaning on her palm starting out the window. Prizm snapped awake when she felt the lurch of Astrotrain landing.

"Juci wake up we're here." Idol shook her friend alert.

Juci yawned, "It’s about time this flying stuff is boring."

"Do you think it will be boring when you are the pilot?" Prizm asked,

“I guess that depends on how much you like to fly." Idol released her seat belt and stood ready to exit. "Come on Megatron is waiting."

"Let him wait; I am still sleepy." Juci tried to turn over in her chair.

"Come on!" Prizm grabbed Juci by the shirt and undid her belt. "I am not getting killed for your beauty sleep."

All three exited and Astrotrain transformed behind them. Megatron and Soundwave stood in front.

"Soundwave has told me you have completed your mission. Excellent. Soundwave see they are taken care of." Megatron motioned to them with a sweep of his hand then left.

"Astrotrain, bring them." Soundwave said then walked to the elevator.

Astrotrain had a disgusted look on his face. "What do I look like a chauffeur? Take them here carry them there." He sighed though he didn't need to then kneeled down putting his hand on the ground for the females to get on.

"Shut up and obey." Juci yelled kicking Astrotrain's thumb.

"Hey, I didn't do anything!" Astrotrain said as he stood, then joined Soundwave.

"Where do you suppose we are going?" Prizm asked.

"Don't be silly, to his lab of course." Idol said.

"I wonder if it’s going to hurt." Juci asked really more talking to herself.

"You won't care about the pain anyway." Prizm elbowed Juci lightly.

"True." Juci answered.

Chapter 3 Technology Snatch
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