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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 22

With the defeat of the Autobots, and Earth basically in his grasp Megatron had a great deal of things to think about. He was now officially Ruler of Cybertron, Energon intake was a higher peak than it had been in any other point in the history of Cybertron. Rebuilding was the first thing on the list. Kaon was done his Capital City state would be bustling with activity as each sector was brought back online fully not just its occupants awakened. He sat in his office looking at his world on the holographic map. The small sector of Altihex the deep space research facilities would be a great asset to moving on to new worlds. His mind jumped from one thing to another, his sparkling Lenear was now two Earth years old and by all standards she acted very much more like an adult. Her counter part Audioslave was a mirror image of Soundwave right down to his speech patterns, despite the fact that his Cassetticon brethren tried to get him to “cut loose”. Starscream should be about to ring his office buzzer with a full report from the new Earth base, which they had yet to give a designation to. Still he gazed at the map and the highlighted area that the Constructicons no occupied cleaning up the debris and making way to rebuild the Astrology center, and its outer lying deep space foundation.

Just as expected the door chimed, “Enter”.

Starscream came in and stood before the desk his optics slightly squinted. “I could have just sent it to you.” His tone was low and irritated.

“There are other reasons I summoned you Starscream.” Megatron gestured to the map. “I believe you are familiar with this area.”

The seekers mood instantly changed. “Yes,” he brightened up. “I lived there and learned there that is where Skyfire and I learned and reported on our space explorations.”

“Just as I thought.”

“What about it.” Starscream became suspicious again.

“The Constructicons are there now clearing the area for a new facility.” A bit of silence came over the room. “You are currently the only one that has had any experience in this field.” Megatron finished.

The corner of Starscream’s lip pulled up slowly until he wore a grin. “I am to be head of this establishment?” he questioned.

“If you are interested.”

Another silence. “I want to over see its construction.”

“Scrapper has been told to cooperate fully.”

With a bit of giddy eagerness the seeker turned to the door. “I will report the progress myself.”

“See that you do.” The seeker was nearly gone before he could finish saying it. The door closed and he sat back he didn’t need to manipulate Starscream that much when it came to things the seeker had liked. That left the Earth base without a figure head, something he would have to rectify before too long and one of his more opportunistic officers attempted to take it that could wait half a solar cycle for now. He got up from his chair and headed out the door into the command room he neared Prizm who was taking sensor readings of the atmosphere across from her was Raider watching the communications channels. For the most part things were quiet.

The door that let out into the fortress opened and Lenear came in running at full speed followed by Audioslave. “I am warning you. Leave us alone!” she called. Laughing ensued from the outer corridor just as she ran into her father’s leg. “Whoa” squeaked out just as Audioslave landed on top of her. Quickly she pushed her counter part off her and straightened up seeing it was Megatron she had run into.

“What is going on here?”

“Rumble and Frenzy they.”

“Are mischievous I know.” He started to shake his head.

“They use their abilities to knock us off balance then they take Dio here and make him play music for them to dance to.”

“Did it ever occur to you to use your jets to lift off the ground? It won’t affect you if you are not standing on it.” He told her.

Audioslave instantly lit his jets for a second and hovered there thinking about it. Lenear copied him then a smile crossed her face as she took off back into the corridor yelling at the door opened. “You two are in for it now!” she stopped mid run and looked back. “Thanks Dad.” Then was gone Audioslave on hear heals.

Flying out over the site where the Constructicons were, Starscream observed the entire area. He noticed that the other Constructicons were congregating on a spot where Scavenger was. He Transformed and landed walking casually to where they were standing.

“There is a building here, its buried pretty good, but it is there.” Scavenger was explaining to his gestalt mates.

“What is it? Can we just destroy it?” Bonecrusher asked.

“No, according to the old maps it should contain information.” Scrapper stated.

Starscream walked. On inspection of the new site he had investigated an old part of the ruins which contained many historical data chips. One had caught his optic instantly, and after booting up the data he had many questions, he walked through the halls of Darkmount from the landing pad to the office where he knew Megatron was oblivious to everything around him his processor buzzing. The door slid open and he stepped into the office the chip between his thumb and finger. He stood there silently baffled.

"What is it Starscream?" Megatron questioned. Still unsure if he wanted to Starscream said nothing but handed the chip over to Megatron.

The leader booted it up on the screen and read it over himself. "Where did you find this?" he asked coldly.

"Scavenger found part of the old observatory." he paused; his optics seemed holo as if his processor had been in some other location. "Who was she? She still held the chip when we found her."

Megatron sat back watching Prizm for reaction. "Before the war, she believed in me, believed in the change that I wanted."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Starscream's voice seemed like he was pleading. Next to him, in the chair closest to the desk Prizm sat her jaw visibly open as she took in all the information that was being passed.

"She told me. But there was never any proof. Then she was gone I never saw her."

"All this time, you knew my mother, and knew it was possible that you were my father but didn't tell me? WHY?" his voice raised in volume and pitch

"How would it have been if I had told you and this chip had said other wise?" Megatron looked at Prizm seeing her shock.

She had closed her mouth and he could see the hurt and bits of anger that came through. It was an aggravation over the fact that he didn’t even bother to tell her it was possible. But all the pieces seemed to come together now.

"You could have told me I would have understood. All these years all the fighting all the plotting the scheming ALL OF IT!" The jet didn't know if it was guilt or pain, or finally freedom of knowing why things happened as they did, his chassis shook with visible vibrations.

"Why do you think I pushed you? Why do you think I forced you to become better? More than what you were as just a scientist? I couldn't let the possibility slide." He leaned forward.

"You." the jet stammered. "You threatened me, shot me, exiled me, but never killed me. And it was all because of this." He pointed at the monitor.


It was too much. “Give me back the chip.”

Megatron down loaded a copy of it into his PC so he could look into what else was there then pulled it out and handed it to Starscream. “What will you do with it?”

For once he was speechless, his memories of his mother were very few, and this particular chip had many of her own journals, as well as the certificate of his creation. “I need time to …” he couldn’t finish it. He turned on his heel and fled out the door.

The office was silent for a long while, Megatron tapped slowly at the computer as he went through the file. Prizm sat there her optics averted, deep in thought. Prizm finally settled on a thought and looked at Megatron she mouthed the words a few times before the sound finally came out. “Why did you not tell me?”

He caught her gaze, “For the same reasons I didn’t tell him.”

“You could have told me it was a possibility. It would have made more sense.” She remained calm even though her processor was computing at peak velocity.

“It would not have changed things. I do however understand your dissatisfaction.” He sat back and shook his head. “I should have told you of the probability.”

She had her hands gripping the arms of the chairs her finger tips starting to leave imprints it. It hurt. It was as if he had mistrusted her causing her to begin to anger. She stood up quickly and rounded the desk in what seemed like one step. He turned to face her as she did her face stone cold hard, with the pain it all caused. Her fingers curled into the palms of her hands then farther causing them to imprint themselves in her palm. He stood up just as she raised her fist to land it on his chest.

“You could have told me.”

He caught her hand.

“You could have told me.” She tried to pull it free.

He forced her hand down.

“You could have told me.” Her vocalizer wavered as she bit her lip trying to hold back the solvent tears.

He slid his hand down her other arm and pulled her close wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I should have.” He agreed unable to actually apologize.

She let her systems cycle and cool before emotion could take over completely. Knowing that he conceded the point of having had told her made her feel slightly better. He holding her and attempting to consol her was actually surprising. Still she didn’t have to like it. She pulled away from him and looked directly at him. “Someone is going to have to tell Lenear.”

Starscream walked with vigor, all he wanted was to go back to his quarters and go through the chip. Find out all the little details that all this time he had felt he was missing. He grew up on his own, learned what he could, then when the war came he sided with the power it just seemed to call to him. Even then though he never any real family regardless of the fact that he basically thought of Thundercracker and Skywarp as brothers not just wing mates. His attention was deep within thought when he came to an abrupt halt nearly falling over Lenear. He stumbled slightly then got his balance prepared to yell at Rumble or Frenzy. He stopped as if suddenly turned to stone when he noticed who it was.

“What is your problem?” Lenear looked Starscream over her hands resting on her hips in fists. She didn’t like Starscream much based in his history, though she never really came into much contact with him.

He didn’t say anything though his mouth fell open as if he had something he was going to try to say.

“Well? I haven’t got all day.” She audibly sighed as if urging the Air Commander to talk. Audioslave had joined her by her side, though Rumble and Frenzy had not come back yet. She turned to Audioslave with a look of ’Do you know what is problem is?’ the young mech only shrugged his shoulders.

Finally Starscream spoke. “You know you shouldn’t give me that type of attitude. You can learn a lot from me.”

“Why would I want to?”

“Families rely on older siblings to teach the younger ones.”

“I don’t have any siblings.” Lenear said mater of factly.

“Oh no dear sister you have one now.” Starscream smiled a slight evil smile.

Lenear was anything but stupid his sarcasm wasn’t lost. “You? Starscream? My brother, I don’t think so.”

“Why don’t you go ask daddy then?”

Rumble and Frenzy came back just in time to hear the last part. “EEwwww you’re related to this hunk of scrap?” Rumble pointed at Starscream.

“We’ll see about that.” Lenear turned and headed right to her father’s office.

Prizm had taken her time thinking things through and though she was prepared to tell Lenear, when the door opened and Lenear stormed in. Prizm backed away from the door just enough to let Lenear through. “I guess she’s already heard.” She said mostly to herself.

“What in the universe is Starscream talking about?” Not taking the time for pleasantries Lenear stood in front of her father as tall as she could. She was demanding information and knew he would not take kindly of it.

The war lord looked at her it pained him slightly to see his offspring like this. He stood up and looked her over, he admired what she was doing, and in fact it actually made him proud. “It is true.”

“You can’t be serious.” Her face changed from anger to shock.

“As I have told him, and your mother, I have not said anything because there was never any verification.”

Lenear looked to see her mother standing there, it was visible she was still not happy with it, “And today out of nowhere you have proof?” it seemed a bit silly that millions of years had passed and not it came to light.

“The old observatory was destroyed, but parts of the labs remained. There is where Scavenger found the evidence.”

It all became clear to Lenear as she quickly put the pieces together. “Well he can think again if he is going to try to order me around. I won’t fly with him,” she paused for a moment then looked at Prizm. “Mom can I fly with you and your team instead?”

That made Prizm smile. “Yes of course.”

Megatron shook his head. “There are many teams that are forming the main force of the Decepticon Empire is back online. The Energon shortage is over. I urge you to learn what you can and find wing mates of your own.”

“That is fine, for now I’ll learn with mom and her team.” Lenear turned to leave.

“I doubt that Starscream will have many issues with you.” Megatron said.

“Still it is going to have to take some getting used to.”

Audioslave as usual said nothing, but all the data he had learned was instantly transmitted to Soundwave as the door closed behind him. Rumble and Frenzy waited watching.

“It is true, wow.”

“Rumor had it way back when it was the only reason that Starscream made air commander, but no one could ever prove it.” Frenzy rambled.

“Yeah well apparently I have a brother now, even if he is only a half brother.”

“Don’t mind him Starscream will have to adjust too.” Rumble said.

“I don’t really care if he does or not.” Lenear couldn’t help be still be irritated.

“You might, if something ever happens to Megatron, then Starscream will be leader.” Frenzy answered

In the heat of things she hadn’t thought about that. “I don’t know. I don’t really want it, but I am sure I could handle it.”

“You have a lot to learn, and Starscream has lots of experience.” Audioslave finally spoke.

“Well I’ll talk to Dad when I am in a better mood. For now I have some twins to kill.” She lit her jets and took off aiming for Rumble and Frenzy.

Starscream entered his room he sat down at the computer and loaded up the chip that contained his mother’s files. He read them over slowly, carefully choosing not to download them for the instant knowledge. Bits of pieces started to fall together and the fact that she was actually in route to talk to Megatron when it all happened closed the door on his anger over it. He sighed hard and changed it, he had a long list of names to go through and assign to his sub commanders making viable teams that can not only work together, but one’s strength can cover another’s weakness. He clicked here and there reading stats and adding names to lists by commander.

A select few on the list had enough stats they could be sub commanders in their own right, which meant composing a separate list of those he would actually personally interview. The first name on his list was Windcon.

In the hall Raider waited for Prizm to come out, Soundwave had told her about the news with Starscream. Finally Prizm came out. “So how you feeling?”

“You should know.” Prizm didn’t snap but she knew her friend well enough to know when she was being probed with her telepathy.

“Yeah but that doesn’t help to talk about it. It’s an ice breaker.” Raider confessed.

“Well I was mad, but it sort of makes sense, I mean Megs never new the truth and rather that let someone use it against him, while still keeping him close enough to watch over him.” Prizm’s mind still didn’t grasp it all, but it finally made sense.

“What are we going to do about it? Do you think that Starscream is going to want to be the heir?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t think Megatron wants him in that position.”

“He is different since he was on Earth.” Raider said.

“Yeah I know but I doubt that most of us will get over what he used to be that easily. Though I don’t think he wants it.”

“Guess we’ll just have to see.” Raider and Prizm headed to the battle simulator.

In the study hall of what would soon be the new academy, Lenear sat down across from Audioslave. “What am I going to do?”

“About what?”

“Starscream, I know he’s wanted to take over the empire for more years that dad would want to think, but now that he is actually related that gives him a claim.”

“I don’t think your dad is going at allow that, or he’d have told Starscream long ago that it he was going to do it.”

“I don’t think so either, but I don’t want dad to think I am not capable of handling it.” Lenear opened a file and downloaded the historic file to her banks. “What I need is the experience.”

“The battle simulator.” Audioslave didn’t even want to think she meant live combat.

“Yes and no. The battle sim can only do so much. I need someone to fight against.”

Sure that he was going to get his aft kicked Audioslave uploaded a combat file and then finally answered. “I’ll spar with you.”

“That will help, only you don’t have the experience either.” She looked at him directly into his optics.

“We could ask my dad, even your mom.”

“Your dad would help, and though mom is good she hasn’t been around long enough either. I’ve made up my processor, though I’d like it if you were there.”

“Going right to your dad then?” it was pretty simple to see where she was going with this.

“Yes, but I know I am not ready for that so lets get to work, there is a room in the back we can spar there.” She got up from the table, and headed off Audioslave going with her.

At his desk in his office Megatron sat thinking; the news of being Starscream’s father sat on him much like a lead weight. Their bit of bickering and fighting peaked less and less now, and having the seeker on Earth helped due to the distance between them. Though this particular thing had nothing to do with that, Lenear had come to him seeking some sparing and for lack of a better word experience; though he could tell she didn’t particularly want to take over, which at this point left him with out an heir, again.

Things were progressing however and his first female offspring was starting gain speed in their meetings. The Constructicons had nearly finished the new observatory, and the academy had reopened. There hadn’t been a peep from Starscream in the eight months since the news had finally surfaced. It rolled through his processor a few times if he didn’t have an heir what would happen and now that the females could produce new sparklings. He stopped mid thought got up and began to look for Prizm.

In his solitude of building the air force from the mech seekers Starscream studied many of the files of his new officers. He had both lists and eventually he would have to meet with Prizm to find a balance between the mechs and the femmes, it would be best to have them work together than apart. He looked over the femme list one in particular caught his optic when he met with her. He had started spending more time with him as he was reviewing files and histories. She countered him quite well, and without actually making him mad. He liked it. One of the promising femmes he had known before, back in the days. They hadn’t got to spend much time together, but that wasn’t the issue, they enjoyed on another’s company easily and got along very well. That was before his ambition had got the better of him. He took the time in creating the schedules and arranged it so that he and she would meet every so often.

So far she had seemed to come full circle right back to where they had been previously, but did that mean that he had as well? Sure there were no more fights with Megatron and sure he had been doing as told but at this point he actually liked his work and he knew for a fact that his officers were going to have a direct impact on the wars to come.

Her name came to him at night many times when he was lonely, it was like a faint whisper laying heavily on his mind even forcing him to close out his files and force his processor into recharge. Some times when it came his lips would mouth it a long with the passing thought, jarring him from what ever task it was he had at hand. He was going to have to do more than just work and talk with her, perhaps she would take him for a mate. He decided right then and there in the blackness of the night. If he had come around and had managed to clean himself up from the disruptive seeker he had been then she would be able to take him back as she had in the first place all those many years ago. A bit of a smile had crossed his lips, and then he turned his optics of and shut down.

“Lenear!” Rumble ran into the simulator that she and Audioslave were sparing again.

“Now what do you want?”

“Hehe, try this.” Rumble and Frenzy transformed their arms into the pile drivers and started thundering the floor.

Instantly the two younger ones lit their thrusters lifting them off the ground. Frenzy then smiled evilly and let out a shriek with his high frequency causing them to both fall and cover their audios. The two cassettes started to laugh then took off running.

“Dio, I want to kill your brothers.” Lenear told him as she got up.

“Sometimes so do I” he answered.

In the lab Raider sat next to Soundwave as he put together a sample piece of nero-circuits. He slowly worked and explained how the tiny electronics interacted and laced together. She was fascinated by it, only one other person knew as much about this as Soundwave did and that was Hook even then this part of it might even be above him. She smiled and concentrated on the bits of circuits in her hands mimicking his movements. She had also started spending more time with Hook though his attitude was still very presumptuous, he did take the time to explain things to her. To his surprise she caught on very quickly.

The computer lit the room where Prizm reviewed files she was looking over the progress which Lenear had been progressing in the air. Her turns quick her maneuvers sharp it seemed like a natural, though she was a bit more like Juci, then herself, she figured it was something that most younger ones would go through. The door opened jarring her from the screen. Megatron walked in quite relaxed, as he walked to where she sat and looked a bit over her shoulder.

“Ah yes Lenear is doing very well.”

“She’s a bit reckless, but I think she’ll grow out of it.” Prizm answered.

“Yes and our sparing as told me she has adapted my own quick responses, but she doesn’t have the spark for leadership I had hoped for.” Megatron seemed disappointed.

“She isn’t going to be heir, I know. What about Starscream?”

“He isn’t suited for it. He can lead I know, but it is in small bursts he is best at and he has shown that with his work on Earth and now the organization of the seekers. He lacks ability to plan futuristically. Though I can admit that many things have changed since the information has come to light he will be a great general. So that leaves us with out an heir again.” Megatron smiled.

Prizm smiled not really thinking about what he said and looking at the stats again.

Megatron waited just a moment then started again. "There is a way to correct that problem."

"What do you mean us? Don't you mean you?" she said knowing what he said but wanting to tease him a bit.

He looked at her amused, “I can't do it alone." he rested his hand on her shoulder.

“Well I don't know how to fix that problem" she said with a smile.

"I know how to fix it, but sitting here is not part of the answer.” He took her hand and stepped back giving her room to get up.

"Well what about this work you want me to do?" Prizm said

"I see it does not have to be instantly, I have a few things I should attend to. I'll let you to your work then"

"Well it doesn’t mean it's going to happen right anyway"

"Yes, I realize. Trying will help." The smile he had seemed borne of evil.

Prizm smiled she was feeling a bit embarrassed even after everything it was just one of those thing that did happen to embarrass her.

"As I understand it, the more relaxed you are the higher the chances are." he said repeating what Soundwave had told him when they had first found out that Raider was going to have a sparkling

"Yes." Prizm said still fidgeting a bit.

Megatron smiled again, his hand sliding up her arm from her hand. "The reports can wait."

Prizm smiled he could talk her into anything "Alright" Megatron couldn't help but feel a bit smug he slid his hand down again and tugged lightly for her to follow him. Prizm saved where she was and got up grasping and taking his hand as she did. “You don’t expect me to conceive a sparkling right now do you?”

“As much as I would like to I do not expect it.” Megatron said. He pulled her to the bed and sat her down taking time to remove her armor slowly.

“Taking your time?”


Prizm took a deep breath and tried to let go of the nervousness. She let her optics turn off as his hands slid over her creating a warm sensation. It was really relaxing.

He came up face to face with her then tilted his head, he kissed her softly his lips just barley brushing hers, then a little harder letting his tongue slide out slowly as she too opened to him. His hands rounded her back and came up under hear arms his fingers working the cables of her back, slowly each time he moved his hands to cover another section of cables he pressed a little more into her increasing the intensity of the kiss. Megatron had many thoughts on how to get her to relax and making her feel good was at the top of the list. He broke the lip contact, and pulled her closer his strong hands still working her but they had dropped to the lower back now. His shoulders nearly touched hers as he kissed her neck, over one side around the back of her audio sensor, and then run his tongue slowly over it. His right hand moved around to her thigh as he lowered himself kissing her neck then her collar down to her breast where he paused taking in the nipple between his lips while his hand pulled her thighs open give him more room to get closer. He grasped the now hard nipple with his lips then sucked it in softly. She sighed hard, her head falling back. Megatron knew he was getting to her not only was he making her want it, but she was relaxed as well. He sucked a little long her, his left hand removing his armor then found her knee sliding it from the knee to her hip. He then traced her hip down to her front and then to the inner thigh, and over to her sensor. She shivered as he passed over it, making him smile. He kissed his way down her chest and over her middle until he sank between her knees. He licked the sensor then slowly slid his tongue over the sensor from the base to the tip. He felt her tense. A little bit of her own natural lube eased out, Megatron lapped it up easily. She squirmed and let out a bit of a moan as he licked her a little more quickly, he liked it, it as if he had control over her. He licked again this time sliding one finger into her. Below him his rod pulsed hard with his energon pump, he wanted her. She moaned again making his rod ache a little; he licked again then stood up. He took her hand and lifted her then let her sit back on to the bed a little farther kneeling on to the bed with her. He lifted her knees over his thighs as his rod started to rub on her port in the motion. His own natural lube had started to seep out the tip sliding it over her and the opening. He pressed into her slowly but powerfully as he sunk down to the hilt and his rod disappeared completely. On his knees he pulls her hip on to him and started a quick steady pattern. He wanted to hold back but his own systems were begging for release. He stepped up a little faster, but leveled out. Sure she was relaxed but it she released before him it would take the chance down.

His hard rod filled her, touching her sensor each time he thrusted. It caused her to moan and breathe heavily. Little bits of “nngg” “Ahh” and “mmm” came from her vocalizer with out her knowledge, she didn’t care all she knew was his powerful hands pulling her on to the hard rod that gave her such pleasure. She could feel the build up of energy within her for her pending release.

On his rod he felt her cables start to clench down on him her moans and breaths getting shorter each time he pushed into her. Soon she would hit her peak. He sped up even more urging her to come with him. She moaned loudly let her release be known, her hands digging into anything she could grasp. He let himself go his fluid flooding her as he thrust into her hard a few more last time as he came.

In the battle simulator Lenear waited, she knew better than to be late because then her father would be much harder on her in their sparing. Still it was like him to be late. “Dio, do you know where my dad is?”

“I haven’t seen or heard no.”

“Computer locate my father Megatron.” She commanded.

The computer voice came from what seemed like everywhere and nowhere “Megatron located in his quarters.”

“I wonder why he’s there. He’s usually working.” Something told her to ask something else. “Computer locate my mother Prizm.”

Again the computer voice spoke. “Prizm is located in her quarters.”

“HA! I knew it.” She laughed.

“You’re going to get another sibling.”

“I think so. Dad told me I wouldn’t get the thrown and nor will Starscream I’d imagine they are working on one that will”

“You don’t want the Empire?”

“Not really it is all good to be a warrior and I like to fight, but it is quite another thing to lead and I just don’t feel it in my spark.”

“I can understand that. My father has been like that for a long time. Sure he can lead but has no real interest it in it. Nor do I really.”

“At least there is time for them to create another sparkling.” Lenear thought about it, it made her curious if she would have a brother or a sister.

“What about Starscream we all know he wanted it.”

“He’s different. Dad says it is part of letting him actually look at the situation from an outsider’s point of view which is why he gave mom the Air Commander Position, Dad said that he has really came around.”

“He’s been quiet for a while.”

“He has lots of work.” Lenear nodded.
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