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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
CHAPTER 21 Sorting Leftovers

Powering up the engines and preparing for takeoff Raider tuned to the monitor and focused it on the gangway.

In only a few moments Megatron landed and started up the lowered walkway Soundwave following him. He made his way into the bridge of the ship. “Let’s get off this mud ball.”

Pushing the throttle up the ship lurched forward and the scenery began to pass and slide into a blur as the bright blue sky turned into the blackness of space.

“You are really going to leave Starscream in charge down there?” Raider questioned.

“Are you questioning my orders?” Megatron wasn’t in the mood.

“Not exactly, but you know how he is and there is a lot of power there.”

“I have told Shockwave to reawaken more the Decepticons that have been in emergency stasis. Among them are many females one specifically that he knows. He will calm down. I very seriously thing that I will have such problems with him.”

“There is still much to do on Cybertron what of Astrotrain and the Constructicons?” She pushed her luck.

He looked at her with burning optics. “They will join us once the city is repaired.”

With that she smiled and started paying more attention to the ship. Prizm looked at her as if she was slightly out of her processor, but then it came to her. “What are we going to do? I mean I know what the plans are, but the official down fall of the Autobots has to mark something.”

“Ah yes. That human in you wants to have a party.” He smiled slightly. “Yes, it is a time for celebration.” He sat back and thought about how things would go now that his adversary was out of the way.

With the arrival, of Astrotrain that meant that the clean up on Earth done, some Decepticons were dispatched back to replace those returning though one extra came that had not been counted on. Audioslave and Lenear watched as the shuttle landed, their time spent on Cybertron with Shockwave having forced them to buckle down on their studying, and having near finished their basics they had much more time to experience the world around them.

“Speed?” Lenear asked.

“Got it.”


“Got it.”


“I’ll have to ask shouldn’t be hard though.” Audioslave waited till the occupants of the shuttle exited and Astrotrain transformed before saying anything else. “How much reverse thrust did you apply during re-entry?”

Caught by surprise Astrotrain paused but answered. “980 square pounds per inch.”

Lenear smiled, and started to walk off.

“Thank you.” Audioslave finished and caught up to her.

“Re-entry on our own shouldn’t be that hard.” She told him. They disappeared into the fort.

The stronghold seemed empty only because most were congregated in one area. Music played, and drinks flowed over what was easily the single most important accomplishment the Decepticons have had ever. Juci had made sure that everyone had known about it. While Prizm sat next to Raider watching as Megatron made his customary rounds. Soundwave had already set things up with Blaster who had been taken to Shockwave, there the eldest of the brothers had managed to reactivate more of his memories and his old Decepticon name was restored Sythonic. He swayed with the head phones on listing and mixing things as it played. Shockwave stood near the energon bar, it seemed illogical to make oneself over energized over the situation but it was also illogical not to take part in the festivities, Juci kept hold of his arm.

Raider looked at Prizm. “He’s changed.”

Confused Prizm gave her a raised optic brow. “Who’s what?”

“Megatron I know you’ve been watching him he’s changed can’t you see it?”

Looking over at the leader she watched him, this time taking notes of more that just his looks. His posture was more open, his expressions slightly less harsh. “He is different.” She agreed

Megatron himself would have not known the difference other than the feeling that welled up inside him. He hadn’t had much feeling like this in many years, it was something he used to get back in the days when he was a gladiator and had taken on a major title match. If you had to put a name on it you might call it accomplishment. His confidence on display easily, his movements more reassured than ever. He seemingly even stood taller. Most of the Decepticons that had been to that battle that day shared many of those traits but couldn’t match the same symbolism that came from the War Lord himself. He looked over at Prizm and nodded, he hadn’t forgotten about her.

Soundwave having finished his tour came and sat by Raider his hand on her thigh. She placed her hand on his and kept her comments to him through their telepathic link. “Do you know what I am going to do to you later? I am going to take you and make you scream my name for a change.”

His visor brightened with his own ideas of what he wanted. “It will take more than you think for that love. And we will not be alone.” She looked back at him slightly stunned at his answer.

Soon the crowd started to dissipate many having had more energon than they should have stumbled to their out the door and to their respective quarters. That was the queue that there no longer need be idle conversation or need for leadership. Shockwave having logically stayed just long enough had lead Juci to who knows where, no, reverse that Juci had lead Shockwave to have her way with him to which most had hoped was behind closed doors. Skywarp was also not to be found. Soundwave stayed seated content to wait until Megatron had taken his leave before going off on his own. Megatron had one last cube of the light pink fluid in his ebony hand and let the rest of its contents flow sweetly into his internal containment chamber. The cube dissipated into nothingness as he turned walk to where Prizm was sitting. He reached his hand out to her she took it and stood as he lightly pulled her.

“It is time to take this home.” He spoke softly as he moved her in front of himself his hands coming to rest at her hip.

“It was all worth the wait.” She whispered her hand pulling his in a bit of a hug.

He freed her from his grasp and let her begin to walk he gave Soundwave a nod of thanks for staying and caught up to her. “Things will be much easier and move much more smoother now.” As usual his processor on his work.

“Yes.” She wasn’t annoyed but yet she wanted to take his mind of work for now. She slid her hand over his back and down to his aft leaving it there as she walked.

Instantly he knew what she had in mind and truth be told he had been thinking much of the same thing. Even now the state of his rod caused it to press against his armor. Not much else was said, as actions spoke louder than words. His own large hand slid around her back up over her sensitive wing couplings and then down the middle of her back. She arched with the tingles he sent though she moved her head back in compliance with her chassis he moved down stopping her from her forward motion and met her lips with his.

She didn’t care who had seen at this point. The sparklings were out and anyone else on this particular floor wouldn’t have cared. She let him push her back against the wall the rose on her toes to better meet him. His fingers lightly stroked and caressed at her now hypersensitive joints and panels. This caused her to release a gasp and as another shiver was sent through out her. He ran his hand up her side to where the clasps held her breast plate in place. She heard the familiar click and held his arm at the wrist. “Inside” she breathed. He held the armor in place but finished unlatching it, then pulled her to him picking her up. He neared the door, which slid open as soon as he was within range, it auto-locked as it closed. Her armor hit the ground before the door was completely shut. His lips descended down her neck and then down her shoulder has he let her side from his hands back down to the floor. She stood, but only for a moment he moved in closer to her his fingers quickly removing his offending armor that was now in the lower area quite uncomfortable. She was the only thing on his mind at the moment. His processor stopped thinking about that he was going to do and started thinking in the present. He had wanted her from the moment she became a Decepticon. The sleek design though something she wanted in and altmode, was more his design in Robot form. He knew every spot, and every joint. He kissed them slowly the electromagnetic field he put out made it sizzle slightly with anticipation of the next one. His tongue though smooth met the sensors with a feather touch forcing her to sigh and once in a bit giggle.

She wanted to live there right in that moment, everything and anything else forgotten. He took control over her and had decided to show her exactly what he could do. Her processor had only semi coherent thoughts of excitement, joy and lust. Her own hand refusing to stay at rest reached for his throbbing rod that rested lightly on her thigh. The heat that came from it made it seems as if everything else were frozen. She lifted it a little getting a better gasp on it then let her hand slide down the silver pole to its base.

Unintentionally he bucked softly wanting more his senses a live with the motions and stimuli. He wanted her now. He pulled back away from her pulling her with him into another kiss his rod not even slipping from her hand. He pressed into her moving her back while she slowly stroked his full length. They neared the recharge bed and he slowed still she stood the backs of her legs touching it.

At the tip of is rod a bead of lube had made its way out. As he pulled way from her she caught site of it and slowly bent down lapping it then straightened her tongue licking the corner of her lip. She visibly watched him shutter as the feeling of her mouth on his pole finally registered.

His optics had dimmed down with the pleasure but came on brightly with his next intent. Megatron took hold of his rod and stroked it once more forcing out another little trickle of lube. He looked at her and raised an optic brow. Prizm smiled at him and repeated the process this time taking in the large head and sucking down what she could. His hand fell away from his rod and he wavered a little as his processor grasped at the pleasure. She stood back up and waited for his optics to power back up then gave him the devilish smile and licked her lips again. He had enough of this little bit of cat and mouse that while fun didn’t soothe the ache and need to release. He pressed slowly into her, making her sit down on the edge his rod now brushing the side of her face. She wasted no time in maneuvering to her lips around it again. He wanted it, but he wanted more. As she released the suction and moved away from him he pulled farther way but kept his hand on her shoulder seeing that she would lay back. It was his turn. He kneeled at the end and ran his hands over her midsection and down to her port, just as his tongue passed over her sensor. He brought one hand down and slid it up her leg bathing it in the lube that had managed to leak from her during their little bit of foreplay. He kept steady on her outer sensor and slowly slid his finger into her wanting cavity. Instantaneously she responded vocally, and he pushed into her again. He could feel the pulse of her energon pump in her taunt cables. She was close; he let her motions guide him to the pace she wanted. He lapped up the flow of lube that came out with every other pull of his hand. The sticky sweet fluid was pleasant. He pressed his tongue back onto her sensor sending her into the first orgasm he smiled as she rode it out. He let her calm only a moment his tongue still caressing her sensor as he withdrew his finger.

Her breaths were hot and fast as she attempted to bring her core temperatures down to normal ranges as he got up. He lifted her legs and put them onto the bed keeping her knees a part so he could have access. He slowly on his hand and knees came up to meet her gaze optic to optic. His rod easily finding is way to her port and staying stationary at the opening. The pulse of his energon pump made his rod rise and fall as it seemed to pat her processor teasing her outer sensor, it made her pull her hip up to meet him. She wanted it in her optics he was perfect.

He leaned down and as his lips met hers his pole pushed into her port. He pressed in slowly letting her cables adjust to him as he did. She tried to catch more air around his lips but was forced to use her intakes. As he filled her his knees slid out under her thighs and he pushed up lifting her aft off the bed slightly until his rod was completely within her. Her optics turned off as she felt the heat reradiate from him and into her, the void now full and content. Her mind buzzed, this was what she longed for most of the time. Though it didn’t have to come down to this particular act, him there with her no one else, nothing else mattered for that moment they were close. He pulled slight out reminding her of the reality then forcefully pushed back in. His strength made her rise again with the pressure.

“Oh.” Came from her open mouth.

He coved her mouth with his lips again as he came up to meet her. He felt wrapped within her, as her cables beat around him. After a few more moments he could feel the tension start to release and he began a steady rhythm. Each thrust forced a warm feeling through him, as pressures rose, along with their coinciding systems. Things seemed much clearer now, as he inched forward putting more force into his movements.

Another sound escaped her vocal processor. “Ahh...”

Her hands wondered over what she could reach, his arms the cables, and hydraulics made is metallic skin move and pull tight. His shoulders the confident motions betraying their hidden force, over the chest as each thrust caused it to tense then relax. She loved him, for all of it. The thoughts and sighs went from her processor straight to her cables as the contracted around his rod and as she was swept into a second blissful orgasm.


He increased the length of the stroke without slowing down, he knew he was hitting the inner sensor as she grasped onto him and started to leave imprints of her fingers on his forearms. He could feel the cables pulling him wanting him to stay stuffed down to his hilt in her, but he was not ready to oblige them just yet. The tip of his rod rubbed the sensor repeatedly and he felt her start to contract again.

“Oh...ohh OHHH AHH.” The power of the inner sensor was much more intense than the outer one. Her optics turned off for a bit as she writhed under him. She fought to pant and cool her systems between her shivers of enchantment. One moment her intakes cut off by her vocal processors, then a quick breath before he covered her lips with his again.

Megatron could feel her cables now each pulse on his rod asking him to finish her once again, it stroked his ego. He pushed into her again his pace starting to pick up. He himself was starting to get read outs of systems that were approaching over heat. If he kept up this way he would drive himself into his own gratification, but he had something else in mind.

She could not think anymore, her processor had enough simple systems were starting to shut down when it hit. She could not compare it to anything else like it. Her frame felt like it had warm fluid going threw it though it solid state would forbid it. It came to a climax as her motor systems crashed and her movement was lost there was nothing left to feel but the fulfillment. Her vocals still on line she called out his name “MEGATRON”

He laughed roughly through his own breaths one part of him trying to keep his composure the other part of him wanting to force her into another. He thrust a few more simple times letting her ride out what was left of the dissipating orgasm, and then held himself into her as he waited for her systems to reboot.

Across her vision the reports made themselves known then whine of power dipping came on and up as her motor systems resynchronized themselves. Prizm lifted her hands and pulled back a little just enough to allow her some room to move her legs testing them for motion. It caused a second ripple to run through her like an aftershock. Megatron sat up, slowly sliding back taking his rod from the tight grasp of her port.
She took her time sitting up many of her systems still offline. Megatron took the time to sit next to her, his back against the wall one hand behind his head the other slowly stroking his rod from base to tip each time a little more fluid trickled down the side. Prizm’s optics watched as he did it, though she had not yet moved. Finally with what seemed like a click she leaned forward and got onto her hands and knees. She moved over between his legs and up to him. He stroked his rod down at her she extended her tongue and caught the new liquid that came out smiling.

It stood out in front of her, looking like it was calling to her, she took it by the base and pulled gently as he let go and her lips bushed the tip. He relaxed a little given a long exhale as he felt her go to work. Each time she stroked him up she licked the fluid off and let it brush her lips again, just a little more, until she was taking the entire head in. She could feel him flex a little as it slid past her dental plates and rubbed the roof of her mouth.

The sensitive circuits that made his rod up already hyper simulated causing him to let out an “AHH”.

She took to licking the pole itself, cleaning the fluid that had dripped down as he was stroking earlier. She could taste that as well as her self the mix was actually very sweet yet with a bit of a tang to it. Only for a moment she thought to herself. ‘We taste good together.’ Which sent a smile across her face, that done she focused back the task at hand she pulled it down to meet her lips this time taking in the head as far as it would go then engaging her systems to simulate the suction, it caused him to buck up at her for a second, she instantly caught the gaze of his optics as she heard his quick short breaths. He tried to hold back his excitement but the rod in her mouth told a different story. It pulsed hard with his energon pump the bit of lube that had been seeping out had now flowed slightly more freely. She kept her optics on him and tightened her throat as she swallowed, it incased his rod in her mouth then engaged the suction again.

Megatron forced himself to take longer deeper cooling breaths his systems were losing the fight against her. It was the fight that he loved though it seemed to make the release all that much better. One thing he had not counted on was just how sensitive he would be.

Releasing to take in her own air, she let her hand slid up and down the rod a little faster. It was all too obvious as he relaxed again now that she had stopped. This gave her an evil thought. She pulled it down into her mouth again and added the suction but this time let it slid over the roof of her mouth.

“OHAAHH.” He could not contain it.

That was exactly what she hoped for, make him struggle watch him jerk and jump like he likes to do to her. Prizm repeated this time adding the tightening of the swallowing, his abdomen tensed tightly when his cable pulled him up and forward.

He caught a breath quickly before she did it again his reflexes had taken on a mind of their own.

Down the side of his rod her tongue went again and he moved back relaxing once more. She smiled knowing at that moment she had some sort of control on him. As she came up she didn’t pause, down she went combining the suction as well as the swallow. He pushed into her forcing her back just a little his fingers grasping the recharge bed indenting into it. She let her hands slid faster though only attempting to swallow every other motion. He inched up each time.

“More.” His voice was low and raspy with want.

Prizm couldn’t help smile again as she took his rod a little deeper into her mouth letting more of the sensitive circuits slide across her lips, and the roof of her mouth. He tensed right back up and pushed forward again, this time she could hear the air whistling between his clenched dental plates. She let him tense harder until she thought for sure he was about to let go, and backed off even slowed her hands.

“Prizm...” he spoke quietly through ragged breaths, his voice nothing but a whisper. “Please.”

Prizm thought had something else in mind at the moment. She let him relax a little farther until his aft was all the way down. The pulled up closer to him and began to lick at the base while stroking the end. He arched a bit here and there as she crossed the circuits that connected his rod to his chassis.

“Prizm.” He hissed. She didn’t pause from her task this time. “I need you. I want it.” He waited a moment and she crossed the sensitive spot again, he was very nearly angry. “Please.”

She could feel the heat coming off him and finally decided she had better oblige him for two reasons. One, he would get mad, and two it can’t be good for his systems to be prolonged that long. She retuned back to her original spots then took his rod back into he mouth and began to tighten her grip as she let her hand slide, while sucking and sliding using her tongue to add pressure to the circuits on the roof of her mouth.

Instantly he gasped and clawed the bed his cables forcing him up wanting to go deeper, it only took moments. She tightened her grip again and swallowed; his rod throbbed hard, and seemed to take on its own bit of life. He ground his dental plates, and then exhaled sharply, his entire muscular system pulled as he finally let loose his release. He shuttered hard as the first bit of his solution sped its way from his rod into Prizm’s mouth.

She took all he had to offer and swallowed it done greedily his actions had awakened her own want for more. When she had sucked out the last drop she looked up at him locking optics even though his were dim. She crawled up over him like with feline movements, her lips brushing his metallic skin here and there, his optic powered up suddenly as a bit of a shiver ran through him. To his neck she went kissing and lightly nudging his head he shifted to look down at her, Prizm pulled away then coved his still gaping mouth with hers. She lay into him with by his standards would be an Earth style kiss her tongue crossed his dental plates easily and caressed his own with a passion he had not been accustomed to. He mirrored what he was receiving, only she had pushed him back slightly not give him much room to move. Her hands swept across his neck and down his chest, as she came to rest suspending her over the area that his rod had vacated.

He was a bit surprised she was so very nearly off lined only moments ago she now acted as if they had only just begun. He would have to make a decision, if he allowed himself to be aroused again it would bring him very near depletion and could possibly force him into recharge, which was something he did not want. Still here she was plainly asking for more. He thought about it for a moment, he took her by the wrists and sat up making her sit up with him. He took her at the waist and made her slide to his side on the bed, her port left a slight streak of her lube that had begun to flow a new on his thigh. He tried to ignore it, but his rod could not. Megatron however knew how to ignore it he let her lay on the recharge bed next to him. He placed himself over her and kissed her. This time he could tease the residue, he did not mind it. Slowly he broke the kiss and drew down, crossing her breasts, then back down to her port. The lube there had already begun to puddle. He lapped at the cavity to her immediate upward motion. It was very obvious that her actions on him had made her want more, he took note of that to use for a later time. He lapped again and placed his finger at the opening it slid easily in and made her move farther on to it with a light moan. He kept his tongue slowly passing over her outer sensor as he moved his hand forcing his finger in and out. She seemed to purr. He let his hand and tongue keep pace and speed up together, as she arched and bucked at him. It wouldn’t take her long her cables already beat around his finger. He steadily increased speed until her vocals were mere parts of syllables. He drug his tongue’s length over her sensor and pushed his finger in making her finally hit her peak.

Grasping for something anything to hold on to Prizm crossed the threshold into orgasm with a silent scream. This one however was powerful, but not enough to force her systems offline, she gasped for more cooling air as warnings started to scroll over her vision again.

Both of them finally satisfied Megatron removed his hand from her and returned to the spot where had sat previously, and then moved down into a laying position. Prizm was very nearly there already. He placed a hand on her and pulled her gently to him and placed one hand under her head as she fell into recharge in his arms.

The occupants of the cargo bay to which the festival of Domination had nearly been empty when Megatron had left, Soundwave had waited a little longer despite the fact that Raider was sending him mental images of what she wanted. He had planed beforehand what he wanted done and at the moment the signal that he received told him that his invitee was nearly ready. They could start heading to their quarters, he called to her through their telepathic link as he finished putting the last little things away.

‘It is time we can go, and you can do with me what you want.’ The flare in his optic band told her he had some of his own ideas as well.

‘Don’t think for a moment you’re going to be sneaky with me.’ She shot back at him grasping his hand and walking with him through the door. As she walked she held the clasp of his chest armor in her fingers, it held there but one last tug and it would free it to be removed. He moved easily as if nearly ignoring her only that was far from true. He took to her mind games and sent her an image, of his rod within her as well as how it made him feel. She shuttered nearly letting go of his clasp. He laughed just a moment then kept walking. They neared the door and she sent him another image, this time her view of his rod, while she licked it from base to tip then sucked it down. He stopped in his tracks right before the door and looked at her. To a passerby if there had been one it would have looked like the two were having a staring contest of sorts. He turned to the door and entered the lights dimming on half way, she followed him having pulled the clasp and let his armor fall to the floor, a few steps later her own armor hit the floor as well.

Free from only half of his armor Soundwave planned to use that to his advantage he blocked the opening to the recharge room facing Raider. His hands moving with memorized movements as he pulled the rest of her armor off. His rod hit his armor and was pressing against it, for now he ignored it, his mind was busy taking in his mate and her smooth metallic skin. He leaned down to her his face plate already gone and kissed her pulling her to him. She let him pull her while she felt for the locks that would loosen his codpiece so the slide locks could be twisted and the sensitive electronic panel could then be removed. He pulled closer by her aft, making it impossible for her to do as she planned. She feigned pushing him a way, but sent him another image of her sitting on top of him, his rod within, as she grated his chest with her finger tips, this time she also sent the feeling that came with it. He paused contemplating just letting her do it, then kept her close taking one step back with her in his arms entering the recharge room. The motion broke the kiss and she looked to see if she could see the one he had mentioned before. He was deliberately blocking her view. A quick sweep of sensors told him where his visitor was. He let her go and headed over to the bed and sat down near the edge.

“Well? I thought you had invited someone in?” She looked slyly around as she walked to him.

“Yes.” The voice came from behind her.

Naturally she had expected to see Astrotrain step out of the shadows, only the shadow didn’t move at first as if unsure. She watched slightly surprised, then thought about it. It must have had to have gotten out from Juci at the very least that she had thought he was cute or even that she had liked him in the first place. Soundwave naturally knew from the start whom exactly had caught her attention and with that even those she couldn’t stand. He did not mind that she had interests in others it had been a natural human habit to look at many before settling on one. In this case though he knew she preferred him to the others in fact if knew that if he had made any mention of dislike of her doing so she would cut all her ties with the other mechs completely. It was enough reassurance to him that he could bring others in and in this case surprising her.

The shape in the shadow finally moved as if signaled, which really he was, by Soundwave, coming into the light his colors giving away who he was before she could fully see him. The green on his shoulders and purple chest stepped into the light as the visor brightened to its natural red. She looked him over then smiled.

“Nice to see you could make it.” She told him.

Hook smiled slightly his normal harsh attitude broke buy the fact the rumor was true. He said nothing but came within reaching distance to her. His mind raced a bit, thoughts of what to do and how, he finally decided to settle on things he knew best, locations of sensors, and relays and other sensitive circuits.

Soundwave nodded then lay back on to the bed finally exposing his codpiece for removal. Raider took her queue, and unlocked the latch and with two hands twisted the whole front piece a bit of a hiss was released as it was pushed up into her hands by his quickly growing rod. Soft steady finger tips started at her shoulders then worked their way with skill down her back and over her hip sending a shiver through her. She didn’t know what to do with him, for all his expertise he knew every inch of her yet she knew near nothing of him. Not wanting to make him feel unwelcome Raider turned to Hook and ran her own fingers over him mimicking what he had done. He smiled and moved her hands to what she looked for. The purple frontal armor came off in a large section, as he helped set it to the side. His smaller codpiece thereafter was much easier to snap off.

The lime green armor that covered most of him did not reflect his metallic skin’s natural color. The purple rod that had got her attention came to life as she took it in her hand. A bit of surprise covered Hook’s features, he had agreed to come simply because it was Soundwave who had asked if it had been anyone else he had shrugged it off as some foul joke. Here he was though and just as Soundwave had said she was showing quite an interest in him and it had a profound effect on his rod.

She knelt down in front of him taking his rod in her mouth, as it reached its full length. He trembled slightly but retained his composure it would not be right for him to lose his overall standoff-ish attitude, something that he had heard was what she liked. There wasn’t much she was sure of with Hook, other than he had the guts to come. She had not outwardly, at least to Hook shown him any special treatment as she had Astrotrain. It had never even crossed her mind that Soundwave would bring him here like this mentally she shrugged it off, and let her telepathy slowly climb into Hook’s processor.

Instantly he knew what she was doing, the mind augmentation of Devastator was very similar, only this was much easier for him to understand, a single second mind. He had already a few barriers in place as most everyone did in this close proximity to Soundwave though he conceded to himself that he would be a slightly more trusting of the stoic communications officer. He looked over at Soundwave who had moved to the head of the recharge bed he was leaning against the wall one foot on the bed, his elbow resting on his knee as he watched as he slowly stroked his own rod. Surprisingly Hook was not affected by being watched, must be the gestalt thing and lack of privacy again he thought. He looked down at what was happening to him as the sensations from his rod started to make him intake air quickly. His mouth drew open looking for the extra cooling breaths that seemed like they didn’t want to be drawn. His hands rested on her shoulders unmoving, his optics darted over her as if in any moment she would disappear and he would wake up in his own recharge birth. He calmed himself, and concentrated on the bit of her that had come to his mind. Pictures of what could be, and or in few moments would be doing flashed in his processor and a bit of a smug grin came over his face.

Raider let the rod slip from her mouth and gave the Constructicon a bit of an optic blink like a wink then turned and joined Soundwave. Her hands slid up the length of his thighs as she crawled on to the bed over him at his rod she took over stroking alternating a stroke with licking as she leaned over him. Looking back at Hook she gave him a bit of a head nod to bring him over sending him a mental image of what she wanted, which she also sent to Soundwave. She turned back to her mate and let her tongue once again do the work for her. She kneeled on bed, and leaned over him, her hands on each side of his legs as she went down on him. From behind her she felt Hook coming closer, and while she expected his rod that is not what she got, instead a warm slightly wet tongue swept over her opening touching the sensor briefly. She nearly choked on her own digestive solvents making her cough as well as letting the hard pole in front of her slip out of her mouth.

Hook pulled back, not wanting her to have issues, but once she was over the shock and had continued to lick Soundwave up and down he decided it was time for him to continue as well. He neared her port lapping at her again this time she didn’t cough or sputter. He leaned in little farther starting at the farthest part under her and making his way up, touching her sensor and inserting his tongue into her gap. He could feel the shiver that it sent through her and repeated. It forced a bit of her lube to seep out and he greedily lapped it up and did it again savoring the flavor. His rod pulsed hard wanting attention he shifted his weight enough so he could keep up is bit of lapping and stroke his rod.

The want of release make Raider arch her back so that Hook could reach her sensor better. It sent another shiver through her she broadcasted it to both her partners as it happened. She felt Hook move as he involuntarily thrust at it, while Soundwave’s rod just pulsed harder. Through the link she could feel the wanting coming from Hook she sat up slowly and turned around sliding now soaked port down on to Soundwave’s rod. He let out a long sigh and thrust up into her. Once she hit his base she rested a moment letting her cables adjust to his width. She pulled Hook to her and had him stand in front of her his rod positioned at her mouth.

Putting his hands on her waist Soundwave slowly lifted her till he could see the ridge of his rod’s tip then let her down again. He could see the purple rod disappearing into her mouth he brought the feelings of just previously and let them run though him at the same time it was a bit of manipulation to send it to both Hook and Raider.

Hook’s optics opened wide with surprise at the feeling he was receiving he could feel his own rod want to force its way all the way down into her, at the same time it was like he had also been within her. His hip thrust forward bucking as his hands grasped onto her shoulders for balance as his systems seemed to instantly spike in temperature and his peak over took him.

She smiled slightly as the hot fluid ran down the back of her throat in to her reservoir she knew what Soundwave had done. She sucked him into her and let his overly sensitive rod brush on the roof of her mouth causing him to shoot a smaller bit into her. As she was lifted she let the rod slip from her mouth and exhaled loudly her own systems starting to build heat. With Hook done and panting front of her she leaned back her hands finding Soundwave’s shoulders as she arched over him. She knew he was close.

Soundwave strengthened the link he was using with Hook sending everything he felt at saw knowing it would drive the Constructicon into wanting more. Above him he heard Raider’s vocalizer start to hum with bits and pieces of moans. He liked it. His hands began to work her faster, as he lifted and let her come down her head back nearly touch his chest each time.

“Oh yes,” she breathed, as the angle of his pole pressed against her inner sensor. At the moment there was no other place she would rather be that right her with him. Quickly things escalated, and her outer sensor was now being teased with green finger. A slight rock of her hips and her mind was thrown into a passionate ecstasy Soundwave following her filling her with his fluid.

The Constructicon sat back on the bed panting having came on himself from the feelings and images that were sent to him he leaned on one hand as he took in long cooling gulps of air. His optics were still a bit wide but his calm assured demeanor had returned to him even if he wasn’t sure what he should be doing next. He sat back a little farther as Raider sat up and began to move.

She had to flicker her optics a time or two before moving to help clear her mind the haze of orgasm that hard had left her gyros slightly askew, however she liked it. She sat still on Soundwave perched there for a moment or two then smiled at Hook seeing that he had bathed himself in his own solution. She let Soundwave’s hand guide her up and off of his slowly retracting pole as soon as he was clear he pulled himself back and sat back farther giving her more room. She looked to her mate then back at Hook, it was obvious he was uncomfortable with the situation. She took a breath to help calm her vocalizer. “If you need to recharge you can stay, the refresher is in that way.” She pointed to the open door near the back of the room. He thought for a moment then got up and slowly walked to the refresher. She got to her hands and knees and moved up to the top of the bed near the wall then let her chassis fall with a bit of a sigh. Soundwave put his hand on her as she looked at him. She already knew that he wasn’t going to recharge, he was going to go over to the desk and do his reports as usual. She let her optics turn off and drifted into recharge.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara