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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 20 Taking Earth, and Turning the Tide

Preparations caused things to come quickly. And soon enough Soundwave’s harmonic voice rang out in the command room. “Autobot shuttle prepared to launch.”

“Come Decepticons!” Megatron announced. “Today we win the war!” He walked from the command room through the hall with his team selected and took to the dark Cybertronian sky.

They flew silently in space within Astrotrain to catch the Autobot shuttle that sped in the direction of Earth. As they neared Soundwave activated his systems as to not alert the Autobots, Megatron opened the hatch and brought up his ebony cannon to optic level as it charged. With the other Decepticons behind him he let loose a powerful blast that melted the metal and blew a hole in the side of the shuttle.

Smoke rose, and clouded the Autobot view of their intruders; it cleared and the first thing they saw was the large imposing form of Megatron removing the last few obstacles that blocked him from entering the ship.

“Megatron!” Brawn was the first out of his seat ready to defend his crew mates.

“DIE Autobots!” It wasn’t a warning, but an order, the Decepticon leader jumped backward into the air transforming. He was caught by Starscream who with an evil look put the power in his hand to its best use and aimed right for the smaller Autobot that now made a very large target. The seeker braced himself and pulled the trigger, recoil forced his hand to quiver, but he keep the gun level. The blast hit Brawn in the shoulder at a diagonal angle starting at his shoulder and exiting his lower back. In the process it clipped the spark chamber and his Energon regulator. The leaking fuel and the open camber caused a minor reaction, resulting in an internal combustion and extinguished the spark sending smoke out of the gaping holes. Brawn hit the ground with a resounding thud though with all that was going on no one else noticed when his optics fluttering then going out forever.

Prowl despised surprise, but had learned to work with it. He faked one side then got out of his pilots chair to the other taking aim and firing. The quick witted seeker ducked, out of the way. Prowl took aim again this time countering for the quick movements, his faulty battle computer however couldn’t handle it and delayed his reaction time allowing Scavenger to get a lock on him.

The Constructicon fired sending a scorching bolt into the Autobot. Starscream didn’t hesitate he fired at Prowl next, Megatron’s purple thunderous energy hit right on target, Scavenger’s same spot, already weakened it caved easily and allowed entry into the Autobot’s frame. Starscream fired again this hit striking home and causing the main Energon feed to the spark to erupt, spewing sparks and tainted smoke out. Without the means to sustain it the spark flickered and sputtered then vanished. Prowl’s face only reflected the surprise as smoke came out of his mouth and the world around darkened.

Starscream watched as Ratchet and Ironhide got up sending a hail of hot slag and screaming ions at them. His processor completed his thought quickly. First Ratchet would be of no help during repairs if it wasn’t there, his evil mind giggled. As for Ironhide, he’d been a thorn in the side of the Decepticon cause for years standing right next to Optimus for most of it, time for him to “retire”. Screamer let his own barrage of fire that left both Autobots on the floor, leaking various fluids and Megatron’s barrel smoking.

Releasing the weapon it shifted and reverted back to the ominous Decepticon leader. “This was almost too easy Starscream.” Megatron said with a quick survey of the scene. He made a note to himself that there was no captain’s chair. ‘It figures for Autobots’ he thought.

“Much easier all Mighty Megatron.” Starscream started to step forward. “Than attacking the real threat. The Autobot’s Moon base!”

Megatron peered out the monitor into space, the ship had not even wavered from its flight path, and everything had gone just as planned just right. “You’re an idiot Starscream.” He started down the bit of stairs and into what could be called the bridge closer to the consoles to check their readings. “When we slip by their early warning systems in their own shuttle and destroy Autobot City, the Autobots will be vanquished forever.”

Down on the floor Ironhide could hear the heavy foot falls passing him, his system read outs screamed at him for emergency stasis but hearing the speech if there was something he could be doing he would. He reached up at the towering Decepticon before him grasping at his leg. “Noooo!”

Scowling at the ridiculous sentiment from the Autobot and his vain attempt to stop him Megatron glanced down in disgust. “Such heroic nonsense.” The sound of his cannon charging then discharging drowned out anything else that might have been said. At point blank range what was left of Ironhide was left unidentifiable.

The Decepticons had over taken the ship each one knowing where he was to be stationed. Megatron waited as the entered the atmosphere and the monitors went white hot with reentry. When the picture resumed he finally explained what was going to happen to the rest of the battle ready Decepticons.

The ship jolted suddenly and the harmonic tones of Soundwave’s vocalizer came on. “Autobots are firing on us.” The ship rocked again as the shuttle took a hit and started to smoke, still some of the Decepticons fired down at their attacker.

“They know we’re here.” Megatron hissed. Altering the plan quickly, due to the fact that the shuttle had already sustained damage from his own blast and would crash no certainly he exited the way he came in through the hole he created. His voice loud and clear for all to hear. “DECEPTICONS ATTACK!”

Free falling for only moments then transforming the seekers took off aiming for anything and everything that moved. Megatron though was pissed, he aimed down at the mountain taking a two handed grip on his cannon to change mid flight using its recoil then he let loose on the platform that had ruined his plan and fired his cannon. The blast first struck the right side, and then the second hit the left freeing the platform that held the Autobot and his human from the mountain side and sending it crashing down.

Noticing the wreckage and always eager to add another Autobot to his list of claimed scalps Blitzwing flew over it spotting his prey. He transformed into his robot mode then into his tank mode to keep his cogs from seizing up. He took careful aim lining up his lock on systems. “Come on down Autobrat!” This Autobot even if he was a ‘Hot Rod’ would not get away. He fired his treads skidding back causing him to raise his own dust cloud. On top his turret he felt his cannon being pulled. ‘Too late’ he thought.

The super heated plasma bolt headed for Hot Rod while he was free falling. He attempted to twist around and shield his human friend Daniel from the blast but failed it hit him in his mid section on his left side tearing open his armor and forcing him to drop the boy.

Kup jumped off the transforming Decepticon just before Blitzwing finished transformation. He saw Hot Rod get hit and the body flew out and hit the cliff he himself transformed to see if there would be anything left of his little human friend. He was indeed too late the crumpled little mass was bloody and lay in a heap no heart beat or breathing signs. He then moved onto Hot Rod, who despite the damage was starting to pick himself up leaving a puddle of Energon, and more leaking as he moved.

“You alright lad?” the elder robot asked.

“I’ll live.” He looked in the direction of Autobot city. “We have to get back.”

“Can you transform?”

“Yeah.” With sparks flying and a resounding grinding noise Hot Rod transformed. Kup following suit, the then raced back. Round the corner at the end of the mountain trail the both slammed their breaks. Blitzwing stood in their path his sword in on hand and his gun in the other; he swung down with the sword and hit Hot Rod biting into the already open wound and entering the spark chamber, blue lightening coursed over the car as well as up and down the sword. Kup transformed pulling his own weapon taking aim. He pulled the trigger his shot hitting the determined Decepticon’s shoulder. He raised the other arm and shot back just as easily. Hitting Kup twice and knocking the Autobot into stasis.

Starscream watched Blitzwing claim the first ground kill and not wanting to be out done barrel rolled down to the barricade that Kup had been working on previously. This was his chance to make his name back and get some light back onto him. He open fired with lethal settings on his null rays, the ground and everything around the small valley lit on fire and smoke filled the air in quick turn about his trails cleared his view and he took aim again. Hound was able to get a shot off before falling, but Starscream’s experience and sharpened skills got him out of harms way. He left three expired Autobot chassis taking note to himself. ‘Hound, Huffer, and Smokscreen.’ He smiled inwardly it was time to head to the city itself.

His speed forcing him to claw his way in front of the others Starscream found the city commander Ultra Magnus, and his little bit of Autobot help conversing on what to do. He didn’t let them take the chance and flew in weapons blazing. He powered through and climbed back into the air sickened at him self for missing them as they dove for cover. By the time he got himself turned around for a second pass most of the Autobots were gone only Springer and Arcee ran working on the city transformation. He pulled around them and took aim as the surrounding started to take a new shape. He figured for a moment that he had them cornered. “Pathetic fools! There is no escape!” It was that instant the light from above him started to wane, part of the transformation was enclosing over head. He Transformed halting his forward progress and lit his jets to burn full throttle straight up. The sunlight becoming brighter as he neared the quickly closing gap pushed him farther. He had all but slipped through when it gasped his foot. Slightly panicked he looked around, a secondary shielding was going to cover the area he needed out of be killed. Knowing that he hadn’t any help, he aimed at his own appendage and shot. “Oh my foot!” He grunted pulling and even twisting against his joint’s protests of pain. The pressure gave way as he pulled his foot only slightly damaged. This wasn’t something he would be happy to report later.

Cannon blasts rang out from his position at every moment. Megatron watched as the city transformed before him. He took aim and attempted to prevent it but it failed. He glanced around at the Insecticons and made the order. “Breach their defenses!” He watched them swing around and land at the door, it was disgusting how they could devour just about anything. He turned his attention to joints and hinges that were not covered as well as the cannons and turrets that were beginning to spew defensive fire. He could see that the other Decepticons were taking their cues from him aiming for turrets and other mounted weapons, each one of them aloft in the air pressing the advantage. This is what made a real leader, not the orders, not the fear but the example Megatron lead by example. There was a commotion going on at one of the towers, it moved and swung around to take aim. Inside the structure he could see Blaster taking aim and making use of the cannon. It didn’t go unnoticed that there were satellites on it, and when the red Autobot transformed he knew what was coming next.

“Optimus Prime do you read me? The Decepticons area blitzing Autobot City, we’re really taking a pounding. Don’t know how much longer we can hold out.”

“Soundwave, jam that transmission!”

With anything there were always protocols, this was one Soundwave knew would happen yet he needed to hear the command before acting. Once Megatron had given it he knew more than what to do. The Autobot fortress would be much too powerful to him to jam the entire thing on his own. He faced the now unmoving turret and pressed the silver button on his shoulder.

“Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat. Eject Operation Interference.” From within each cassetticon’s came as called, and when released it transformed into the more familiar shapes.

“Optimus Prime do you read me? The Decepticons area blitzing Autobot City, we’re really taking a. .. ..”

The smaller ones flew up to the top of the station and removed the large satellite that had been broadcasting Blaster’s message. Looking through the glass they knew what was next, they would be responsible for seeing that Blaster would not be able to make any more transmissions. Rumble landed on the glass and watched as Blaster transformed. An evil little smile came across his face, as an Earth saying came to mind.

“First we crack the shell then we crack the nuts inside!” His arms transformed and became the pile drivers that he was more infamous for. The entire roof where he stood started to tremble and the whole turret followed. Under the constant driving pressure the plastisteel that resembled the glass began to crack, then with one hard step Rumble and his Cassetticon brethren came smashing into the Autobot communications room. Perceptor was the nearest thing to which they landed and started to cause havoc, even though they had one optic on Blaster whom they were going to attack next.

“Run Blaster save your self!” Perceptor was nearly over run by three of the four cassette invaders.

“No way two can play!” Blaster turned and kicked at the on coming Ravage. The cat’s quick reflexes severed him well as he twisted in the air and landed on his paws his claws digging into the floor until he ground to stop. The Autobot communicator put a finger to his own button that was near his right hand on the lower part of his chest and just growled. “Sick’em” Out came four Autobots that the Cassetticons knew nothing of Ramhorn, Rewind, Eject, and Steeljaw.

Rumble took charge of the situation and contacted Soundwave quickly to report the news of new Autobots, and then he transformed his arms again using his subsonic pulse to knock everyone else off their feet. He nodded at Frenzy whose ultrasonic waves then took over scrambling circuits. Rewind and Eject stood helplessly grasping at their head unable to override the signals. Ravage and Ratbat hit them in turn with rapid fire pulses knocking them easily into stasis lock. Ramhorn was first to figure out hot to stop them he aimed himself at Rumble and charged full speed. He hadn’t thought about the seismic waves that the pulse put out and was again knocked off his feet. Ravage having more experience with the way Rumble does things didn’t have much of an issue with it. He set his sights on Steeljaw, and leaped. The golden cat took the hit to the midsection and skidded across the floor with a howl, and then slowly tried to get up.

Blaster stood there watching as he gave Perceptor the nod of ‘He’d take care of this’ allowing the scientist to go help the others. So far two of his cassettes were now in stasis and the other two weren’t doing very well at all. He took a step forward intent on balancing things out only he was immediately cut off by the arrival of Soundwave.

Naturally Soundwave had kept in telepathic communications with his creations, that and his own highly developed optics always seemed to give him this eerie sense of perfect timing. He stood there impassive and unmovable as Ravage dealt Steeljaw another blow sending the Autobot cat sliding by his foot. His would be rival leaned from foot to foot trying to look around him to catch the action. It was for a moment a waiting game, the Decepticon waiting until Blaster couldn’t handle it any farther and made contact with Soundwave’s shoulder in an attempt to move him out of the way. Soundwave only grabbed his hand.

“Sythonic.” It was one word but it was clear as day. Blaster stopped cold his mind racing and his Energon felt as if it had run cold.

Behind his mask Soundwave smiled slightly, having physical contact increased the power of his telepathy 10 full. He waited till that single movement to attack Blaster where it would do the most damage, his processor. This wasn’t an ordinary attack there wasn’t any pain nor did he disable him, in fact it was an opening of a vault which gave the name he spoke meaning.

“Impossible.” The Autobot tried to pull away. His mind filled with memories and feelings that seemed much too familiar to be coming from Soundwave. He instigated his core systems check which came back as having more memory that he was used to. His face changed in horror, knowing without doubt that what he was remembering was his own memories, some how unlocked by his enemy. No, wait it wasn’t his enemy it was his brother.

Everything halted; Soundwave’s silent command was immediately followed. The Autobot cassettes look at each other in confusion then back at Blaster who now sank to his knees. Soundwave gauged the room the Autobot cassettes damaged but repairable his own in fine working order Blaster for the movement silenced, he let the Autobot go and had his cassettes return to him again pressing the shoulder button. His mission here was complete. What happens to Blaster now is up to the Autobot, after the battle is over his motives and more will be questioned. To the best of Soundwave’s knowledge unfortunately Blaster’s message did make it through.

The next stage of the plan was ready to begin, Soundwave left Blaster where he was a radio code that only he knew then left the way he came.

"Prizm, a shuttle is being readied on moon base 1." Raider scoured the sensors again. "Looks like Blaster made a transmission."

"Well you know what that means, it’s our job to keep our optics on Prime, let’s go" Prizm heads out to the small Decepticon shuttle once inside she arms the cloak. "Stand by for take off."

"Standing by" both femmes’ chime at once.

“Take off.” Prizm ordered. The shuttle jet clawed into the dark sky and pushed them toward Moon base 1.

Just as the got into the orbit the Autobot shuttle came into view speeding toward Earth.

“Follow them” Prizm said.

“On it.” Raider answered back.

Megatron had already slid into the next step of his plan as he ran from the high vantage point to the open windows of the hidden launchers, a place where he could forcibly make his way in. The little cove must have been a flaw in planning as the cannon around them spoke with hot breath but could not aim down at them. At a quick glance of who was where, it gave Megatron all the information he needed.

“Constructicons Merge for the KILL!” He thumbed at the building that was visibly shaken and cracked. It wouldn’t take much the bigger Devastator to rip it open and give Megatron what he need. The power to render the station inoperable.

The Constructicons did gleefully merge, each one taking his place as the magnetic links connected them. Out from the chest rose the large head. “Prepare for Extermination” His great purple hand already reaching for the near turret covering it in darkness before crushing it like it was a mere soda can. Then with in his simple nero-net something occurred to him. He raised both fists over his hand and banged down on the side of the fortress. The voices of the individual Constructicons in amusement at the comment that came through their link ‘Knock knock!’ He lifted his arms and repeated it as the metallic wall began to groan and creek leaving large dents and bent metal where it had been hit. Devastator heard it but had not the time to act the projectile came at him from his left and hit his shoulder. He did notice thought that it lacked the power to do much harm to him; even so it was his turn to strike back. The wall he had been working on had splintered just enough and he grasped it heaving it from its welds while a second and third black forced his smaller friends to scatter. He threw it at the place where the blasts were coming from to stop whatever it was that caused this disruption. It sliced through the window that Springer and Arcee were using, and into the launcher itself silencing it. On with the destruction Devastator went.

Megatron smiled in quiet delight. The Autobots seemed to have some gusto after all as they fiddled about and came out of hiding to shoot from behind blocks of rubble. A familiar tingle at the front of his processor told him he had a report from Soundwave. He disliked the invasion of his processor as such, but trusted Soundwave enough to let him into it for the report.

“Optimus Prime: approaching Earth. Femseekers: subsequent.” The tones of his voice were all but clouded out.

Megatron didn’t halt his barrage or even hesitate he sent back through the link. “Understood.” Surveying the area again he reserved himself to a bit of a sniper position much like what Starscream was doing he gave fire to anything that moved then blasted the object that they hid behind forcing them out into the hail of fire coming from the air. Not really his style, but with Prime on the way he would need his strength.

Time seemed to pass quickly even though the internal chronometers measured it evenly. Dusk settled, giving way to the night, still the battle raged. Smoke filled the skies causing the bright colored fire to illuminate the entire sky as it streaked across. The dull background finally sprung new light of his own dawning the morning. Yet the battle still waged on. At the first rays of the sun’s light striking the battle station the Autobots gave ground.

Juci watched the sensors as the neared the planet hot on the tail of Prime. “Entering Earth’s atmosphere.”

Prizm nodded as the screen blanked white with re-entry. “Keep up the sensor block they can’t know we’re coming.”

“I’ve put everything I can into it, I just hope that we’re close enough that the sonic boom the ship makes doesn’t alarm them.” Raider’s fingers held a dial in place as she watched the read outs blink in and out with reentry. The ship was small and much easier to hide and even if it were hit the femseekers wouldn’t have cared it served its purpose the difference was the surprise of attack.

“Their defenses are broken! Let the slaughter BEGIN!” It was something that Megatron longed to say over many years. As usual Optimus Prime had his perfect timing and the shuttle came out of the upper atmosphere to Megatron’s audio’s at full throttle. He listened a little more and faintly caught the sound of the following Decepticon shuttle behind it.

“Prizm! He’s let the Dinobots out!” in the monitor that had finally got its picture back five spots descended from the belly of the curser they chased.

“Evasive maneuvers we don’t need to keep ourselves secret anymore pick them off if you can.” Instantly the shuttle banked down and around pushing them back into the seats as Juci took the controls.

“Finally some fun.” Juci let out with a smile. The small targets grew in size as the closed in on them she fired the blasters and aimed for Snarl the closest one. In robot mode the Dinobots were not as near powerful the first blast leaving a gaping hole in Snarl’s back that billowed smoke. The other Dinobots heard his cry but were unable to give him any attention they were too close to the ground. Three more hot plasma bolts and the lagging Dinobot fell out of the sky in a bright explosion. The ship banked to the other side firing more often attempting to hit a few more before they hit the ground.

“Dinobots Transform.” Grimlock growled. He knew that their alternate forms would protect them from most laser fire. That and he had Devastator in his view he was going to follow the order that Prime had given and destroy the Devastator. For once he wouldn’t have to hold back.

Devastator didn’t pay attention to the falling Autobots his hands pried open the wall that would admit his leader into the structure. It for the most part was over now. Now that he had opened the door he turned to face the Dinobots head on. With a swift kick he knocked Grimlock out of the air and into the ruins of Autobot City. Sludge came at a run, but a back breaking downward double fisted hit stopped him in his tracks. Devastator was happy. He lifted the Brontosaur into the air over his head and threw him in the direction that Grimlock had headed. Slag put his head down meaning to ram Devastator which actually connected, the sheer power pushed Devastator into a sitting position against the fortress. Slag took off wanting to get another running start while Swoop lived up to his coming down on Devastator his weapons primed. The building already damaged from the impact Devastator reached up and let the roof fall, crashing down on the Autobot flyer. With four out of five of the Dinobots out of commission Devastator decided to look for Slag himself.

The bulk of the Decepticon force followed Megatron through the gaps and deeper into the structure of the Autobot fortress, some peeling off here and their securing the area.

Landing on the runway not to far from the Autobot shuttle Prizm opened the hatch and took flight, her wing mates following behind her. They just managed to make the air before the Autobots who remained at the shuttle sent a hail of fire at them. Which really only helped to piss them off.

“Come on! I want to really let loose on those idiots. We haven’t done anything and they shot first!” Juci’s voice over the communicator was loud and insistent.

“As if we were going to let them get away with it.” Prizm answered. “We just have to make it quick Prime is already heading in. Raider don’t let that Autobot out of your sensors.”

“This place is too small I can find him just about anywhere, but I’ll let you know if he gets too far a head.”

The triad streaked through the ski coming down nearly on top of the offending Autobots, Juci’s firepower forcing them back up the ramp and into the shuttle. Raider blew the ramp out then in another round about sweep they collaborated and caused the side of the shuttle to explode effectively caging the Autobots within.

“I wanted some blood shed!” Juci would have stomped her foot of she had been in robot mode.

“We don’t have the time for that.” Prizm countered.

“Right, Prime is starting to near Megatron’s position.” Raider changed her course and headed down to the crack where she knew he had gone in.

Once inside it did not take Megatron long to find what he wanted. He pulled out the motor relays and crushed them in his hands. This station would be now stuck with out major repairs and new parts. Perfect. He could hear out side the sound of blaster fire and the fall of his own warriors. Apparently Prime had arrived. Sure enough as he turned to look the red and blue Autobot came in.

“Prime!” his voice nearly a whisper.

“One shall stand one shall fall” the Autobot issued his challenge.

“Why throw away your live so recklessly?”

“That’s a question you should ask yourself Megatron.”

Irritated by Prime, Megatron put down his cannon; he knew he had saved part of himself for this battle. This would be it. “No, I’ll crush you with my bare hands!” he pushed fuel into his heels and lit the jets pushing himself forward at Prime his arms out stretched ready to grasp him. The force knocked them both down to the ground as lightening riddled over them from Prime’s shocked systems. His chest heaved by his enemy Megatron was pushed back into a wall, with very light damaged done. The Autobot stood there while he looked him over, what he needed was an entry point. Next to him a shard of sharp metal lay it seemed to look like a giant splinter. He heaved it up and threw it tip forward at Prime. He smiled Optimus luck had finally ran out, just as he got up to come to Megatron the metal shard stuck him on the right side opening a whole in his armor just below his window plates. Taking every advantage Megatron leveled his cannon at him and let go a large burst. Not taking his optics off Megatron, the Autobot avoided the blast. Prime kept up his charge and just before Megatron could let go another blast the Autobot’s right hand impacted him in the jaw sending him into another wall the cannon fire streaking into the ground. The force knocked the heavy cannon from Megatron’s right arm and the resounding falling debris covered it up. Now without his wits Megatron collected the first weapon that he found, a beam saber. Prime did the same thing only he had a weapon within him he yanked and pulled until the shard came free, regardless of the Energon that now flowed freely out.

Not allowing Prime the advantage Megatron pressed the button his igniting the saber and tearing into the already open crevice of Prime’s side. It festered, and lit with Energon and sparks of electricity, but still far from fatal. Grasping it to protect it Prime backed away.

His resolve to end this pushing him even farther Megatron powered into the air and into the bright sun holding the saber above him. Below the Autobot prepared shooting up his fist once more knocking Megatron back and away. The Autobot jumped as Megatron attempted to a sweep kick. He pulled back fast on his back and with knees together he waited for the Autobot to come down, as soon as the Prime hit the ground he let his cables pull hitting the Autobot square in the chest. As his enemy back pedaled Megatron got up, the two met in a bit of a wrestling match. Megatron’s fingers reaching for Prime’s face.

“I’ll rip out your optics.”

Prime took a second and grabbed Megaton under one arm and lifted him into the air throwing him head first toward the edge of the platform. Slowly the Decepticon leader got to his feel seeing the Autobot who still stood in one spot his fuel leaking out onto his fingers. Megatron’s hands balled into fists and began to run at the open wound, until Energon coved his hands now as well. He shattered Prime’s chest windows and dug his fingers in Prime stumbling slowly back with each hit.

Prime’s systems were seemingly in slow motion his readouts telling him he had lost too much energon. He tried to hold off the offending Decepticon, but Megatron’s will was too much he fell down read outs blinking red.

“Ultra Magnus is attempting to join Prime.” Raider spoke.

“We’ve got to cut him off.” Prizm answered back.

“He won’t become a Decepticon.” Juci said.

“No I know he won’t we will use lethal force.” Prizm announced.

Juci powered her thrusters just little more, this would be fun. The trio landed in front of the car carrier just far enough to keep from getting hit. The City Commander transformed and took cover. Juci didn’t care she walked up to his hiding place despite his shots at her. She set her lasers to their highest setting and fired on him. The City commander held his own but her alternate bombs that shot out from around her wings over powered him in only moments it was over. Prizm came to her side watching as did Raider.

“Dang Juci. You could have let us have some fun.” Raider poked her.

“Hey I missed out on most of the stuff going on here. I had to at least claim one kill.”

“If you say so.” Leaving the Autobot where he was the trio took off head to where they could now see Megatron fighting with Prime.

Megatron smiled, he walked over to Prime and gave him a hard kick. Content that the Autobot was immobile for the moment he went back to the rubble that contained his cannon and retrieved it. He went back to where Prime attempted to get to his knees his systems audibility making noises and complaints. For good measure and those looking on he pulled the Autobot to his feet despite of the fact that he could no longer stand straight.

“I would have waited an eternity for this. It’s over Prime.”

Gathering around most of the Decepticons were watching Prime including the femseekers. The blue optics widened in surprise as the cannon met his chest and the sound of fire rang in his audios. His smoking chassis fell to the ground his optics flickered then went out.

Megatron visibly straightened noticing the slack in the jaws of the Autobots that had come onto the scene. “Your leader’s spark is extinguished. Lay down your weapons or suffer his fate.” Most did while others ran but the turning point had come and it was in the favor of the Decepticons, “Let them run for now, we will deal with them as we come across them. Gather the rest of the Decepticons there are a lot of things to do. Soundwave tell Shockwave to send more Decepticons to clean up this mess. Starscream, this is in your command for now, if the humans come to interfere kill them.” Megatron went back inside looking at the readouts and scanners that had been tuned into the humans systems.

Rubble shifted as damaged Decepticons lifted it off them. Megatron stood near Prime’s chassis its bright colors now dark grays. It was over. The few Autobots that still managed to stand stood awestruck, their weapons on the ground at their feet. Springer stood there his blade loosely hanging from his hand. He grasped the hilt in his hand and raised it level with his arm. “You will not win Megatron. Those Autobots and even others will rise against your rule.” He called from the back of the surrounding area that Megatron stood in.

The Decepticon leader paid no mind the now approaching Autobot even as he raised his sword to come down on him. The triplechanger seemed to have tunnel vision as he brought the blade down and it clashed with another. “You die now Autobot.” Blitzwing pushed his blade up and with it forcing the Autobot back.

Springer shook his head, “I don’t care about you. This can’t happen.” He raised the blade again and started walking toward Megatron.

“Shut up.” It had not mattered to Blitzwing how or what Springer felt. Blitzwing had seen the Decepticon Empire was now rid of what had blocked them from destiny and he was not going to stand for his Emperor to be harmed now. He put his full weight into his thrust and hammered his blade down on Springer. Quickly the Autobot flattened his blade and held it to his other hand blocking the blow. His shoulders whined at the power that hit him. The strain of battle and previous fighting had taken its toll. He didn’t have the power to hold it off, his arms buckled and the blade came down to rest on his chest. There it stayed for a moment; Blitzwing pulled his own blaster and held it at the Autobot in point blank range. “Enough.” He shot Springer in the chest, causing the Autobot to go into stasis.

Arcee turned to Sideswipe covering her optics in his chest. “What are we going to do?” he could hear her mumbling to him.

“What can we do? There are too many of them and it is suicide to try to argue.” Sideswipe watched his energon near boiling levels, his anger and fear all rolled into one. All he could do was stand and watch, had he started to do anything else he could feel he’d be blinded by rage and be the next to be put down just like Springer.

“We remain and observe what Megatron has premeditated. We would be slag right currently if that was what he had intended in the first place.” Looking around Arcee and Sideswipe saw Perceptor dusting himself off. “Perhaps we have been looking at this from the wrong stand point?”

“I don’t like it.” Sideswipe answered.

“It appears we don’t have a choice.” Perceptor finished. The three Autobots stood just out side the circle of Decepticons that had gathered at Megatron’s position.

Starscream took the foreground having already been named in charge of the area. “Constructicons. Scrapper, Hook. I want the weapons on this station restored if possible. Soundwave the communications need to be put back in order. Thundercracker, Skywarp, Astrotrain patrol the border, word of the Autobot defeat will soon hit the human’s air waves. I want to know if they intend on any sort of assault. Prizm you and your team gather the remaining Autobots and see they are put in holding cells.” His voice was surprisingly polite when talking to the females; it would seem that his dealings with Juci had changed his out look on them.

Looking into where Prime had interrupted him Megatron walked back into the structure. He himself had managed to do some damage, but even this he could have repaired it himself. He looked over what else was there and then walked deeper into the complex. He was looking for Ultra Magnus’ office, Blitzwing following.

Prizm looked at Starscream for a moment then decided she’d do it. For once he hadn’t been acting like an idiot. “Come on, we can do that sounds pretty simple.”

There was a look of shock on Juci’s face. “You’re going to take orders from him?”

“Megatron said he was in charge, besides we won’t be here much longer we’re not the clean up.” Prizm started walking to where Perceptor stood.

“They aren’t going to be much trouble Juci, besides I always wanted to talk to Sideswipe.” Raider added.

Walking with her wingmates Juci shook her head. “You like an Autobot?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you want to talk to him? Just him none of the others?” Juci persisted.

“It’s not like that. I know you’ve seen him in battle he’s just like you crazy, he’ll jump on anything. It’s impressive.”

“You like him.” Prizm said. “I can’t believe you like an Autobot.”

“I do not.”

“Oh hush.” Prizm was now standing in front of Perceptor. “We’re going to take you three in to a holding cell.”

Preceptor looked around his hand on the back of his head. “We’ll come adequately.” Sideswipe and Arcee parted and separated. Each femcon took charge of an Autobot.

Taking Arcee by the shoulder Juci pushed her ahead. “And don’t think we’re going to put you in with the boys, we’re not going to have to having fun.”

“Let’s go.” Raider told Sideswipe. He nodded and started walking.

Inline they walked through the debris, Prizm following the mapping that Soundwave had transmitted to her of the schematic so she could find the holding cells. Juci just walked on Arcee’s heals seemingly having distaste for her. While Raider walked closely to Sideswipe talking to him.

“Ever thought about being a Decepticon?”

“Not really, I’ve always been an Autobot.”

“You know you have a lot of the same qualities that Decepticons have.”

“I’ve been told.”

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“I always thought it was for the greater good. I mean we were taught that all life is worth something. Yet we’re told to kill Decepticons.”

“Seems like publicity to me.”

“Why are you a Decepticon? Weren’t you human?”

“I hacked a computer and apparently my skill was good enough to draw attention, but honestly I can see how their point of view can work. Much like that of the Romans of Earth history.”

The walked in the dark halls until they came to the detention area, each placed their charge into a small rectangular cell then turned the energon shield on. Perceptor neared the barrier. “What does Megatron have planned for us?” he asked.

Raider came and faced him with all seriousness. “You will be given the chance to work, Sideswipe can join the ranks. Arcee’s fate is unknown it rests in your decision Perceptor.” He looked at her wondering then to the look of fear on Arcee. He returned the seat in the cell.

There were steps coming down the hall, three pair of feel came in slowly joking around and just causing noise. The door slid open and Ramjet came through followed by Thrust and Dirge, “We were told to guard these three.” Dirge spoke.

Juci gave a disgusted look at them, then turned around and headed out. Raider looked at Prizm. “What is with her?”

“I don’t know. I guess she doesn’t like being here because it was an Autobot place.”

“We will be going back to Cybertron soon so she’ll have her Shockie, she can handle it a little longer. You’d think she’d be happy she got to blow up lots of stuff.”

“HA!” Prizm laughed. “I don’t know she has weird moods some times you know.”

“Yeah.” The two followed their wingmate out. “Um where are we going?”

“I suppose we should see what Megatron really does have planned.” Prizm answered. “Why did you tell that to Perceptor anyway?”

“That is what Soundwave told me.”

“Oh. Hmm.” Prizm took point and headed to what used to be Ultra Magnus’ office.

When they reached the door it was already open, Megatron sat at the desk and was reading through the files on the computer. Starscream sat across from him his linkage hooked up to a terminal at the opposite end of the desk. Prizm looked in catching the attention of the Leader.

“Enter.” He spoke. The three entered the small office. “Juci, Shockwave requests that you return he has use of you. You may leave when you’re ready.” With a willing smile she tuned quickly and headed to the shuttle that the females had come in.

Silence filled the room for a moment then he spoke again. “What of the Autobots?”

“They are in working order. Light maintenance could be used.” Raider answered.

He looked at them for a moment. “And their sparks?” his optics narrowed.

“Perceptor is interested in what it is you want Sideswipe wants theory he is questioning the cause I think a little bit of coaxing and he’ll become a warrior for you. Arcee is convinced that someone is going to take advantage of her, and there are some still trapped in the shuttle.” Raider explained.

“That is more than I had hoped for. You will take the Autobot cruiser and take them to Cybertron they can be re-educated there. The Dinobots are in stasis in the cargo hold if Perceptor can be persuaded to work I want to get things from him. First I want him to upgrade the Dinobots nero-processors, if they are going to be capable warriors they are going to need to think like them, they will need loyalty as well don’t forget that. Second I want him to build another form for Arcee, I’d like to see her congregate with your team for now I now that regardless of how Juci feels about the Autobot, that she won’t allow the males to take advantage of her. If he refuses kill them both. As for Sideswipe, find someone that can persuade him with historic data tracks. They should speak for themselves.”

"I have already started talking to him about it he asked me why I decided to be a Decepticon." Raider half heartedly laughed.

"Good. As soon as Soundwave and I are done we will meet you at the shuttle." Megatron turned back to the computer.

Prizm hesitated, she thought to herself that couldn’t be it? All that work and just poof? No party no nothing? She stood there glaring at him for a moment, her hands in fists resting on her hips.

Megatron caught notice of her, and looked her over thoughtfully. “Once we get to Cybertron things will change.” He nodded.

“Whatever.” Prizm turned to Raider. “Let’s go.” She walked down the hall and headed back to the detention center. “He’s always doing that. He knows I was going to say something, I mean wouldn’t you think we should have some sort of celebration?”

“Well there is a lot to do, and we pretty much killed this place.”

Outside the dust had finally settled when the full reports of the damage came in. Scrapper scoffed even though they were the most competent team they had their limitations.

"One good thing at least." Scavenger blurted out as he hastily made his way to Scrapper.
"What are you talking about?" Hook asked.

"Their energon generators near the river are not damaged and are running at peak efficiency." The minor said happily.

“That will make our work much easier, still I want to get a few things from the undersea base, the computers here are lacking much in security to say little for their over all programming.” Scrapper said basically mumbling to himself. “I’ll talk to Megatron about getting Astrotrain to help us out.” He walked out of the bit of crowd that his gestalt mates caused.”

Prizm and her team came up to the circle of Constructicons with their Autobot prisoners in tow. The looked the Autobots up and down but said nothing as they parted enough to let them out of the base.

“Not many survivors were there?” Scavenger finally said.

“Doesn’t look that way just the ones in the shuttle we’ll get to them soon enough. Less to worry bout later though.” Long Haul added.

In silence they walked to the shuttle that had brought the Prime in and into the brig Prizm activated the energy bars and let out a cooling breath. “Well that wasn’t so bad.”

“They wanted her.”


“I could feel it in their group. The Constructicons wanted her.” Raider sat next to the command chair at the navigations console.

“Well unless she wants them you heard Megatron she’s not to be messed with.”

“I doubt that she wants them but if Perceptor agrees and she takes on the new form she might. I couldn’t tell with all their lust going on.”

“Hook too?” Prizm asked carefully.

Raider looked at Prizm. “Honestly I couldn’t tell they are so close that to me they seem as one unless I focus on one specifically.”

“Oh right.” Prizm looked over the controls as the communications lit up. “Prizm here.”

“Good. Soundwave and I are on our way out.” Megatron voice echoed though the room.

“We’re ready.” Prizm said, and then turned the switch off.
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