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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 19

Very little happened accept for preparations against Autobot city. Each day the calendar clicked one more down till it was time. More meetings had been made and concluded this time Megatron brought Prizm in even in her condition. The last one was made only hours before the newest Decepticon would arrive. It convened with all optics on Prizm as she walked out of the room and straight to the med bay. Juci, Raider and Audioslave were already waiting. Prizm smiled she had spent a lot of time with Audioslave preparing herself for her own. Audioslave however told her many things about Lenear that she would have never known. She liked that, it was as if the two sparklings had a link already. The door opened and Hook escorted her to a prepped table. Megatron followed behind her closely, he took a spot near the table and nodded to Hook, who got the sonic emitter and got to work quickly.

Just as Raider’s had, an invisible seam opened, and he used the grasper to help ease the small robot out of the tight spot. It was quiet and seemingly painless. Once clear of Prizm the small robot went through a transformation which Hook seemed to think as unique to offspring of Soundwave and now Megatron. Into his hands was now a small little femseeker. Hook handed her to Megatron as her optics searched the room. Hook made sure that the seam sealed itself again then starting putting his equipment away.

** Lenear’s thoughts.

The hands that held me were unfamiliar but the ones that I was passed too were. With Audioslave so close it was easy to familiarize myself with what was going despite the fact I had just common line. One thing I wasn't ready for was the conversion that took place, it was an automatic thing I couldn't control but it did bring all my systems online and for the first time I got to see what was going on

Finally her gaze settled on Audioslave, her head cocked to the side as if she was asking him something. Soundwave tuned in and Raider smiled. Audioslave only smiled. Most of them knowing there was communication going on.

‘What is the matter?’ Audioslave picked up her worry quickly.

‘Not like me’ she said.

‘Father, yes he is not like you.’

Lenear searched the room again this time she was able to catch sight of Prizm, who was now sitting up. ‘Like me’ she seemed to calm.

‘Yes.’ Audioslave confirmed.

First the bright light then the color came through as I looked from one person to another, some I had familiarity with as well but Audioslave caught my optics, it was as if I had seen him knowing full well I had not. I was used to his telepathy, and searched for that. He came though much easier now and answered my questions. The one that currently held me was my father.
He was very big, imposing even the one arm I sat in was sure and solid, and he was defiantly strong. It was comforting to know that I was safe there in his arms it drew me into him so I placed my head on his chest.

Soundwave had told Megatron that Lenear would not have any telepathy yet all her communications with Audioslave would make it appear that she did, and she might expect to think that others had it like him. It had its draw backs, but they were over ruled by the fact that Lenear had a head start in learning just like Audioslave had. Indeed it shown her quiet content meant, even to him. He was proud of his little heir, and cradled her as she slipped into recharge. He smiled, looking at Audioslave.

The blue sparkling was being held in Raider’s arms smiling, until he noticed Megatron staring at him.

“Do you want to start earning your Decepticon insignia?” Megatron said in a whisper.

The little one’s red optics lit up as he nodded quickly his hand returning to the glass plate on his chest that lacked the distinctive one his father had.

“Help teach her, and watch over her.” Megatron finished.

Soundwave smiled but no one would have seen it. Megatron would make Audioslave do all of his lessons faster to help Lenear get through them effectively making the whole process speed up. Raider shook her head, as if Audioslave needed any more reason to raid the libraries.

Lenear sat up looking around again. She reached out to Prizm her mouth moving only squeaks coming out.

“Mom” Prizm told her.

“Mom” Lenear repeated.

“Father.” Megatron said.

Lenear made a face, and then in a gruff lowest tone she could muster repeated. “Father.”

Juci laughed out loud and then covered her mouth.

Megatron shook his head, it finally dawned on him he would have his hands full.

Over all the base seemed quiet Megatron was constantly working on the orchestration of what he thought would be the battle that turned the tide. That kept Soundwave, Shockwave and even Starscream busy. Needless to say Prizm and Raider were busy working with their sparklings teaching them all manor of things as well as helping them study. Audioslave took his first task with major vigor. He took to studying all hours of the day and anything he could get his hands on. He even ventured to downloading things before he was told. He struggled to keep a head of Lenear’s learning pace.

There was a door chime. “It’s open.” Raider called.

Prizm walked through as soon as the door opened. “I got your call what is going on?”

“Come look at this.” Raider walked into Audio’s room their optics instantly adjusting to the dark only a dim glow from the screen that lay on the recharge birth.

“What is he doing?” Prizm asked.

“Well he’s trying to stay a head of Lenear. He’s just too into what makes things work for his own good. Lenear just wants to know what it does so she can use it. This has been the scene the last few nights. Watch this.” Raider placed a hand on Prizm’s shoulder and projected what Audio was dreaming. An image of books and logs, plans, weapons, transformations, historic documents, and then it was gone.

“He’s dreaming of working?”


“They need to get out more. Play or something.”

“We haven’t taught them to play yet.” Raider looked at her little one not yet one stellar cycle old and acting as if he were an adult.

“Yeah. What do you want to do about it?”

“I am calling in Rumble and Frenzy.”

“Oh slag. And I am supposed to subject Lenear to them as well?” Prizm sighed,

“Yes. If they can’t teach them then who can?” Raider removed the laptop from Audio’s grasp and laid him down so he could recharge properly. As soon as they cleared the room Raider opened her link to Soundwave and gave him her request. He replied affirmative. “They’ll be here in the morning you going to bring Lenear?”

“You know she’s only six months old.” Prizm wasn’t sure about this.

“She’s probably smarter than the two of them still.” Raider retorted.

Prizm giggled. “She got his quick learning ability didn’t she?”

Raider nodded. “Audioslave can’t keep up and he’s had a head start.”

“Alright, we’ll be here about eight or so.” Prizm smiled and headed to the door. “Does Megatron know about this?”

“He will I am sure Soundwave is telling him.”

Audioslave felt himself move, he was unaccustomed to being disturbed before his internal alarm had gone off. “What’s going on?”

“Well well little brother it’s about time you got outta bed.” Rumble smiled.

Audio’s optic lit up quickly. “Rumble, Frenzy. What are you two doing here?”

“We’re on assignment to bring some fun into the dull spark of yours.” Frenzy had an evil grin.

“Yeah, and Lenear’s too. She isn’t here yet?” Rumble looked around.

“I am here.” Lenear walked into the door. It was an odd sight. The two sparklings standing came up to Rumble’s shoulder.

“Alright time to get this party started.” Frenzy let out. “What’d we gonna do first?”

“Are you sure this isn’t some sort of mistake? I mean telling you to teach us to have fun is like handing over a go be bad card.” Lenear snorted.

“Hey you can thank our mom for that.” Rumble laughed.

“Yeah take it up with her.” Frenzy added.

“Fine, whatever but if you two fool around too much I’ll tell Dad.” Lenear crossed her arms.

“Don’t worry about that.” Rumble smirked.

“Alright I got one why don’t we start off with something simple?” Frenzy neared Lenear and tapped her on the shoulder. “YOU”RE IT” he yelled running out of the room.

Audioslave looked oddly at Rumble, “What?”

“Tag, she’s it she’s got to try to tag one of us; if she does they we’ll be it.” Rumble didn’t finish his sentence before he was out the door.

Lenear stood there thinking, Audio quickly turned into her. ’I have to chase after them and the have the entire living quarters to hide? Impossible.’

“Not impossible, you just have to start thinking like one of them, shouldn’t be too hard.’

‘Of course not, but why chase them when I can tag you.’ She reached out but he was no longer in her reach.

‘Heh, I won’t be that easily caught.’ With that he broke the link and from the hall she could hear his steps leading into the living area.

Prizm looked at Raider as if to ask if this was going to work. Raider just sort of shrugged her shoulders. “I just hope it works.” Raider said.

Each day passed and inched them closer to Megatron’s goal. Plans were made gone over and re-evaluated. Still there was time before the Autobot shuttle was scheduled for take off. Megatron was slightly anxious and wondered through the hall. Prizm caught him going around a corner and decided to see what was going on. She caught up to him quickly his usual long strides short steps as he walked deep in thought. She grasped his hand catching his attention. He walked bit farther, then stopped.

“Fly with me.” His tone of voice was light asking her.

“Anywhere.” She answered giving his hand a bit of a squeeze.

He walked with her by his side to the landing bay and took off into the air Prizm transforming and following behind. He noticed that she didn’t ask where they were going. He slowed slightly so that they would fly evenly together instead of her slightly behind.

“Have you been to my old Gladiator arena?”

Rather than lie she sighed knowing he’d probably be upset. “Yes, not to long after landing Juci, Raider and I came out.”

He nodded, Soundwave had told him they had left for the afternoon but he hadn’t bother to ask where to. He trusted Soundwave to keep them safe. His old habits came back and he rounded the stadium to where he used to land, right inside the gate on the champion side contrary to the side she had come to before.

“Stay close there are a lot of hidden passages and traps.” Megatron walked easily through and pointed out things for Prizm to watch out for. “Shockwave had them installed when word got out there was recruitment going on. The Autobots attempted to storm in a few times.” He hadn’t expected to tell her what had happened but if just sort of came out.

As she moved she’d step over this or that and look down walk ways at what he talked about. It was very different from the bit they had seen when Juci had brought her and Raider. The one entry walkway she remembered then he moved a panel and a door slid open. If her own navigation wasn’t on she’d easily be lost.

“This is much different on this side.” Prizm noted.

“Yes, many of the attendants never even knew about most of them. It was done out of necessity though. These passages assured Shockwave, Soundwave and I a way out each and every time the Autobots decided that the games were ‘too violent’.” He shook his head memories being awakened from the distant past. “There is more here than what you see naturally. This is not the original stadium.” They passed another corridor and he pressed in another panel. This time a wall slid back and a stair well appeared. He took a step down and looked back at her. “Night vision will be required.” Then turned and walked into the pitch dark.

She took a deep breath, she wasn’t afraid she did trust him, and if anyone knew their way around it would be him still. She didn’t know exactly what was going on. Exhaling sharply she clicked her night vision into place and found the first step.

Even with the night vision on there was only the outline of the wall where it met the stairs of the spiral staircase, and that of Megatron’s backside. Without realizing she had been counting they had passed 75 already and were nearing 93 when he paused and leveled out. She could see him forcibly shove the door open, and then walk in. The door was thick about as thick as the length of her forearm. She blinked her optics a few times, and her mouth happened to be slightly open at what power she knew Megatron would have to use to move that door. It made her grin slightly; one of the first things that she knew she would love about him was his power.

“This is where it started.” He started. Lights slowly dimmed on allowing both to click off the night vision. They had walked into a large room; there were a few tables left and some monitors that had been obviously out dated. What caught her optics was the table that was in the center of the room. It was a deep purple, and in graved like the Deception insignia. “Here is where the foundation of what is the Decepticon Empire was founded. Sure there had been Decepticons, but not like the ones you know.” He walked round the table his left index finger sliding over it leaving a streak of dust. He blew it off and then brushed his hands together, knocking off the rest of the dust off him. “Naturally, the plot had come about at the old stadium, and after careful planning we abandoned it only moments before the Autobots had raided it. We blamed them for the deaths caused that night.” He chuckled.

She looked at the table and smiled. “You had followers before this then.”

“Yes, Scrapper planned it out.” He sat down at a monitor and attempted to bring it up. “He boasted back then that the power source would last at least 16 million years. The computer beeped and the monitor lit up. “Remind me to tell Scrapper it worked.” He sat about clicking away looking through the old database, suddenly stopping. “Most of the database is deleted.” He smiled. “I doubt the Autobots even looked at it.” He rose from the chair and headed to the far wall. “We used this as a headquarters for about a thousand years. I even resided here.”

“You lived here?” Prizm asked evaluating the room again. She watched him open a door with a screeching slide of his metallic fingers on the metal door; it caused her to ground her teeth slightly, and reminded her of finger nails on the chalk board. “I am guessing in there?” She could see the light dim on as he entered. Curiosity got the best of here and she followed.

“Yes this was my quarters.” He looked over his old belongings and took note that everything was as it should. He toggled a few switches and the room’s self cleaning systems came online. It transformed from a mess of dust and settlement into a spot free inviting room in only a matter of moments. “That is better.” He sat down on the edge of the recharge bed and leaned back slightly. “There are going to be a lot of things that are going to happen when we strike Earth.” He thought for a moment trying to word what he had wanted to say. The time that they had spent together regardless of the fact that by Transformer standards was short they had started to bond. Even now though it wasn’t complete he could feel her nervousness through it. “I know that Prime will attempt to help them. This is why I’ve asked you to stay here. If he makes it to Earth I will be forced to rid him of his spark once and for all. However, he will be doing the same. This will be a peak in our war.” He stopped there to let what he had just stay stew within her processor.

She thought about it for a moment, and could see where it was going. He was right though, this would be a make or break point and life or rather sparks were at stake including his, as well as hers. Having been a human years since passed made everything seem so surreal, and almost like a dream, all be it a very vivid one. Things like sickness, and in abilities like needing glasses were all gone, so many faults of the human body gone it make her and she knew it would make her wing mates feel immortal. She knew that Megatron and Prime had faced off many of times, but something always came up, causing them to separate for what ever reason. This was different. She nodded in response not knowing really what to say.

He smiled slightly at her understanding, and then mentally he shook off the foreboding thoughts and decided to continue on to a different path. He reached out to her silently asking her to come to him. He had convened with Soundwave before asking her here to talk about the new things that he had found he was going through. Soundwave naturally knew what was going on from what he felt through Prizm. He had much more respect for Megatron to meddle with him unless asked. This particular time Megatron had asked, to which Soundwave had confirmed the two of them had started bonding. Not just some thing in passing but a solid link was starting to form, he biggest reason why Megatron had asked her there this night. If something were to happen to him she’d be stricken hurt as the bond broke putting her in danger for that instant before she could recover, the same would happen to him. He wanted to tell her, himself if she hadn’t already figured it out.

“Do you feel it?” Megatron asked as she grasped his hand and sat on his lap his on hand coming around her waist.

“What am I supposed to be feeling?” Prizm was only slightly puzzled. There had been changes within her that she had been talking to Raider about, but Raider was unfamiliar with why exactly she was getting them only that they resonated from within her from Megatron.

“Normally it takes much longer to start a bonding process.” He confessed. “There are a few cases that some pairs accelerated the process from their profound feelings for one another. I didn’t believe it at first. I even took council with Soundwave, whom explained it rather simply.”

“Soundwave explains everything simply” She half heartedly laughed.

Megatron smiled again just slightly. “I am sure you know there are very few that I truly trust. I did not get to be what I am by making good with backstabbers.” He looked at her then away. “Starscream is something else.” He clarified, and then went on. “I trust you. Apparently that was enough on my part to start the process.”

She could tell it was more complicated than that, but he was much more at ease to relay it in his own way. She straightened her back and kissed him lightly on the cheek. So far he’d been everything she wanted. He could even bring himself to tell her things. Something his usual persona wouldn’t allow. “My love filled in the other gaps.” She offered.

He held her there a little tighter. He put his fingers around her chin and lifted her optics back up to his, “I do love you.” Having said that he closed the distance between his lips and hers kissing her deeply taking her breath as he let his fingers wonder over her latches and pulled off her breast plate; he took a second to get a cooling breath then kissed her deeply with a bit more passion as his systems began to heat. He cupped at the round of her beast then slid his hands down around her waist down to her lower latches.
Prizm leaned in to him allowing him more access, and rocking herself just enough for him to remove the armor. She liked this, he had more fire about him, and she could feel it from within not just in his touch. Prizm had learned to recognize that faint feelings that were coming from there bond. She concentrated on it forcing her own back into what felt like a little space. She saw him smile then straightened his leg letting her slid off his leg and into a standing position. He refused to let her go his arm around her then once she stood so did he.

His senses seemed to open to her, he felt free in a manor of speaking. It was something he liked. His hand came up around her and rested at the base of her wings slowly and steadily rubbing the sensitive hinges, causing her to shiver. He could feel her fingers lightly over his own armor’s hinges as she pulled at them with a slight tug and his chest plating came off between them.

It took a little bit of effort to pull the armor free after all it was not meant to fall off there was a war going on. She stepped back only enough to let it slide between them and lowered it to the ground. As soon as it was out of her hand she pulled her hand back up to his chest and ran her hands over his metallic skin feeling the taunt cables under it as he held her. She traced the out line of the cables that made his stomach, taking time to let all her fingers move slowly over them. Next would be his codpiece, she had learned quickly that his middle armor had to be removed before that, something with the electronics, she found the hinge and pulled, it came up, her opposite hand doing the same then held his armor there for an second while she again moved back to permit its removal. As soon as it was out of the way she looked down to see his rod nearly half erect seeming to ask for her to touch it. Her free hand took hold of it and from the base out started to stroke it slowly.

Megatron moved his hands back down to her waist and picked her up easily, then turned to the bed and placed her there softly, and moved her back as he crawled on to the bed. His lips passed her abdomen brushing here and there, his hot exhale harming her as he did. He made his way to her breast licking and suckling on the nipple till he felt her shudder with anticipation beneath him.

She gave out a little squeak brought on by his sucking, instantly arching to meet his body with hers. Her hands wondered over his arms then to his back. She pulled him to her, her wants presenting themselves. She felt his rod respond and rub against her thigh smoothly. She arched again this time pulling her self up and his rod rubbed against her port sliding through the lubricant that had started to trickle out.

He felt her want and decided the wouldn’t deny her, he thrust slowly once feeling himself slide over her and then pulled back this time farther as the sensitive tip found its way along her outer sensor till it found the gap that would permit him to enter her. As soon as he felt it he pushed into her slowly but powerfully making his rod sink down to the hilt. She let out a soft soothing “Mmm” letting him know that was exactly what she had wanted.

Not realizing she arched again wanting all he could give her. His timing was near perfect she had let herself relax a little as he pulled back then she tensed again as he thrust into her. It was as if she came up to meet him each time, it forced quite a bit of pressure onto her inner sensor and caused her to take in short sharp breaths. I didn’t hurt but the pleasure that came from made it near impossible to verbally explicate how she felt.

Her cables clenched at him, it was a feeling he was much more familiar with. It signaled that she was going to climax, but this was slightly different they had got tight and held there instead of pulsing like he had become accustom to. It coaxed him to go faster and pulled at his need for more, he could feel the pressure within building faster.

Each thrust brushed her sensor sending trembles of pleasure through her. Her hands grasped for anything to hold onto, one found the head board the other what would be considered the night stand. Two thrusts later both had imprints of her finger tips as her vocalizer finally gave up interpreting what was going on in her mind and allowed her to finally get out some sound.

“AHhhhh” came out at each thrust. Each pitch was slightly higher than the other.

Megatron could now feel the pulse of the cables on him. They were much tighter than any time that he could remember. It was forcing thing much faster than he had planned for. He attempted to slow things down by skipping a beat, but it did nothing her pulses were strong enough it was as if he had thrusted anyway. He let it go, and started to keep up with her timing. The mounting pressure with in him needing very little now to set it off.

Nothing but the moment was on her mind, and even then it was the on coming climax that had her attention. She put more effort in pushing against him, and had him speed up twice. Heat indicators were going off everywhere, but she ignored them. Her energon pump thumping with each cycle. She heard him, it was slight but it was there his vocals were slight and short but the fact that she could make him do it was one of her biggest turn ons.


Another, it pushed her to the edge and into exploding orgasm. It took control of her, vocals and made him aware of what was going on as she screamed his name. “MEGATRON”

That was enough and he used more strength to force his rod through the strong hold of her cables to hit her sensor one last time as he injected his searing fluid into her with a low grunt. He stayed there a moment then pushed himself up into a sitting position. He kneeled onto the bed and away from her giving her more room to cool down. He himself was heated as well. He lay back on the bed next to her then turned onto his side watching her recover.

System lights stopped flashing as the cool air finally started to work; she took deep breaths as much as possible. The energy expended here was more than she thought her read out told her she was down to 63 percent. Not something she’d like to be caught off guard with, but still not low enough to cause her stasis lock. She noticed he was watching her and smiled.

“This will only cause our bonding to become stronger.” He affirmed.


“Should one of our sparks be extinguished in battle it will cause the other pain. It doesn’t last long, but the breaking of the bond can cause much anguish.”

She sighed and figured what he was getting at, if Prime did anything to him, she would know it instantly. She shook her head not really wanting to think about it. “Your Decepticons will win the day.”

“The Autobot shuttle marked for hijacking takes off in two days. Soundwave has arranged for Shockwave to mind the sparklings until the out come has been decided. When we arrive back your team needs to be reassembled and put on alert.” He got up and handed her a piece of her armor, then took a piece of his own starting to reattach it. “I need to get back soon. I had not planned to be absent for this length of time.”

Prizm liked that. It was spontaneous and quite vigorous. She nodded and like him began to reacquaint herself with her armor. “My wing mates and I will be right on Prime’s heels if he even tries to move.” She sounded firm.

After all the armor was back where it belonged he took he by the hand this time and lead her back out of what seemed to be the pit of the old Gladiatorial Stadium.
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