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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 23

Once Megatron had his plan finished for the academy he met with Shockwave to over the curriculum. The meeting didn’t last long as Shockwave had a plan in mind to start it was just the assigning of instructors that needed to be placed. Having that in place would give some more structure to the new applicants to the army as well as a place for the sparklings to go. He nodded to shockwave who kept the data pad with the listing on it the purple mech would have to seek out the Decepticons to inform them of their duties. As Megatron stepped to the door and it opened Prizm stood their leaning against the wall waiting.

“Got a minute?” she asked.

“Go on.” He answered.

“I’ve finished my duties today if you want to try some more.” She giggled.

Shaking his head Megatron laughed. “I’ve missed the last two of Lenear’s lessons.”

“She knows what is going on I am sure Audioslave has told her.”

“I am sure he has.” He grabbed her hand, “It’s got to be quick I don’t want to miss this lesson.”

Bored with waiting for Megatron to show up again Audioslave left the simulator and headed back to his parents quarters. Inside Raider was working on the computer as usual. “Hey mom?”


“I know that the cassettes are my brothers and stuff but they aren’t your offspring, are you and dad going to have a second offspring?”

“Perhaps.” She didn’t bother to look up or stop typing.

“You two are too work oriented” he commented. “I’ll bet Lenear has 4 siblings before I get another one.”

Raider stopped working and looked at him. “There are just things I feel I would like to do before being grounded again alright?” Her tone wasn’t harsh but stern. She had adjusted to thinking of Soundwave’s cassettes as her own children for some time and didn’t realize that Audioslave hadn’t quite made that connection yet.

“Yeah alright mom,” the smaller mech headed out the door to go back to where he knew Lenear would be.

She laughed to herself as Audioslave left, Prizm and Megatron both had been rather busy, quite often. She shook her head. She finished looking though one of the files of the femme seekers that had been put under Prizm’s command. They army had been bolstered to a more military operation than the small strike force which Megatron had led on Earth. Still there were things she needed her commanding officer to approve of the changes.

Raider sighed “Raider to Prizm” she waited but there was no answer. This had been going on for a bit now, and was starting to make the reports late. “Raider to Prizm.” She said a little louder, Prizm being the commander and Megatron’s mate could get away with such things but Raider had no real choice but to get Prizm to cooperate or face Megatron herself. Something she really didn’t want to do, especially if she had been interrupting their alone time. Still nothing she called again “Raider to Prizm I know what you’re doing”

“Yes yes not now, I’ll call you later.” Prizm finally answered.

The femme sighed she would have to wait until they finished… again. She placed the data pad on the desk and decided to walk.

The halls had Decepticons everywhere, even a few Autobots were wondering around. She found it much more pleasant then the old empty ones that she had first arrived to. Not really going anywhere, she walked nodding at some as they passed in acknowledgement. She didn’t notice that a certain Triplechanger following her. She only stopped suddenly when Astrotrain put his hand on her shoulder.

“We haven’t talked in a while,” He started.

She nodded, “I’ve been studying and learning a lot from Hook and Soundwave.”

‘Train stood there slightly nervously hearing Hook’s name. He knew some how something had happened. “Do you have time now?”

“Yeah sure, we can talk.” She followed him as he made his way though the hall and into his quarters.


Skywarp checked the grid again. “Yeah everything is up and running.”

“Good, I don’t want to have to whip you again.” Juci smiled.

“Enough. This is not the time or that place for that.” Shockwave entered.

“I know, but I have plans I got to tease him now.”

“You’re always a tease Juci.” Skywarp joked.

“You didn’t say that last night.”

“I couldn’t say anything you had me gagged.”

Shockwave stopped listening he nudged the seeker out of the way and continued to work at the computer. “Juci I shall see you later in our quarters.”

She nodded then looked at Skywarp evilly, “Are you sure you want to tease me. My time is free for the moment.”

The purple and black seeker had a half smile that tugged at one corner of his lip. “Always.” Then he was gone in a flash of fusia.

“DAMN Him.” She spat.

“You know where he is.” Shockwave told her.

“Yes, I know in our rooms waiting for me just like every other time.”

“See that he is gone before I get there I would like some time for just you and I.”

Juci’s optic brow rose, Shockwave knew how to share easily, but liked to have his moments where he knew she was his and his alone. “Alright” she answered and nearly skipped happily out of the citadel.

Astrotrain let Raider step in before him and the door slid shut behind him. He was at a loss for words he knew what he wanted but wasn’t sure what or how to get his point across. “I…”

“I know,” she stopped him saving him from some embarrassment. “You want more.”

His face turned a light shade of pink that seemed to highlight some of his purple features. “I can’t explain it.” He took a long cooling breath. “There were femmes back before but nothing like that.”

That was something that she hadn’t thought about. “I did something different?”

“It wasn’t really what you did but how you do it.” Another sigh escaped from him. “The others …. Lack passion they seem so plain.” His optics looked at hers as if he were searching for answers.

“You know we had this talk. I told you that we could play, but nothing could really happen. I have Soundwave.”

“I know I know and that isn’t what I want. That is part of it though you commit to it and see it through were others are just there to get it over and done with.” He struggled to find the right words.

He was starting to confuse her now it was her turn to take breath. “Alright wait.” She came closer to him and laid her hands on his shoulders. “Lemme see what you mean.” She let her optics dim until they were almost completely dark as her mind filtered out and concentrated on the triplechanger. His processor was indeed chaotic, but she had learned to deal with that. She called to him. ’Train? Can you hear me?

“Yes.” His voice was loud and nearly over powering.

’Good, but not so loud.’ his thoughts began to clear as she sifted though them looking as if looking for something. ’Show me what you mean.’ at the fore front of his processor a picture began to take image, he himself sitting at a table, Soundwave on one side with Raider and another femme, she didn’t know. She sat there quietly looking at those around her, it was obvious that she lacked rank and it made her nervous. She was much smaller than Astrotrain but she seemed to not care about that. Her color was a smoke with white highlights she was a seeker of the pyramid type, making her robot mode very sleek and thin. ’Who is that?’

“She is the one that wants me.”

His answer intrigued her. ’You don’t want her?

“I have tried.” She could feel him becoming embarrassed again.

’Then what is the problem?’

“She lacks so much.” The words robotic came to his mind.

’Teach her.’ She pulled her consciousness from his processor.

“I don’t know how.” He confessed.

“Yes you do. All that time you spent with me, while I was with spark, all the other times that you were there for me. Help her to learn be passionate. It will work.”

He couldn’t look her in the optics any longer. “It isn’t that I don’t like you.”

“Don’t worry about it you’ve kept up the deal we made and if you are ready to go on go for it. I am sure I can deal with it.” She smiled.

“Maybe you can talk to her? Get her to see the life that is within you?”

“Now now, don’t say that I don’t need another sparkling so soon.” She laughed. “If you like I can talk to her when I get a free moment sure. She looks familiar, she was probably on the report I did for Prizm.”

“Thank you.”

“No promises.” She chided. “I need to get back to the command room as our leader seems to vanish every five minutes I like to help Soundwave keep an optic on things you know how unruly Decepticons can get.”

As she left Astrotrain smiled he would try as she asked.

Raider re-entered the command room, and just as she suspected everything was in order, Thundercracker was at the console and Dirge stood next to him at the communications. She literally had nothing else to do until she could get the reports done from Prizm.

Not wanting to but duty having forcing her Raider attempted to raise Prizm on the com. “Raider to Prizm.” As usual nothing. “RAIDER TO PRIZM”

Irritated Megatron grabbed Prizm’s wrist and pulled it close enough for him to speak into it. “We ARE busy she will contact you later.” He closed the COM and cut the link.

’Dang’ she thought, she closed her com and continued to work what she could find.


The doors to the simulator were locked as Lenear transformed into her jet mode and let the simulator become the space around her. “Alright Dio engage the flight program”

“Simulation engaged.” Came over the loud speaker from the control room.

The antigravity suspended her there while the actions of her burners and flaps would move her with in the large room within the normal flight indicators. “Alright ready for the Advanced Multi-mission Operations System tests set the targets.”

Audioslave did as asked and four packs of jets appeared. They weren’t actual jets but targets masked as them. “Just remember this won’t support your boosters you have to remain with in Instrument Flight Rules” he reminded.

“Yes I know I knew that before you don’t have to keep telling me.” She stopped for a moment. “Alright executing Strategic Plan of Operation option one.”

“What is does the ASI(Airspeed indicator) say?”

“Same as it did when I transformed. 15 feet.” She banked left then right aiming and destroying the jets as they came closer.

“We are going to have to raise that to get this to work.” Audioslave typed at the computer, “Try that.”

A moment went by, and then Lenear answered. “Much better, 45 feet now.”

“That should be plenty for you to twist.”

The door slid open to the observation deck. “What are you two practicing now?” the triplechanger joked.

Audioslave shook his head. “As always flight training.”

Astrotrain looked over the controls. “This isn’t rated for space though.”

“I don’t have the clearance for those levels of training.” Audioslave admitted.

“Heh, as if you really need clearance?” ‘Train joked.

“I won’t go against instruction. And father has told me not to with out supervision.”

“Don’t worry about it I’ll supervise, here,” Astrotrain took over the console and mic. “Alright Lenear I am going to turn on the space sim,” he flipped a switch.

In an instant all her read outs changed, and her balance was thrown off. She listed and tilted trying to compensate for the changed but each movement was over compensation.

“Lenear, do not try so hard. You just need minor adjustments little things go a long way in space.”

If she could Lenear would have rolled her optics. Still she listened and barely flicked her flaps and rutters allowing her to level out and finally gain control.

“I can change it over to accept your boosters if you want to test them.” Astrotrain offered.

“Yes.” Lenear answered.

Again Astrotrain took over the computer tapping way for a few moments then stopped. “Be a ware that using it combined with the camber of your wings is going to force you to gain altitude. Here in space though it will not effect you, the same is with drag, but you will have extra drift.”

Audioslave watched learning the computer manipulations that Astrotrain used. He would from that point on know how to create the space simulator.


“It’s about time you got to do some work.” Raider finally caught up to Prizm.

“Believe me what I have been doing is work.” She laughed slightly.

“Yeah right, you know you like it.”

“I can’t help it, he gives me that look and it makes me want to just die.”

“Uh huh, so has it worked yet?” Raider knew exactly why it was going on so often.

“I don’t know I haven’t been to Hook or anyone to check in about it a week.”

“Well come on we’ll finish this work and I’ll see if I can check.”

They walked looking at a few data pads as they did. “These look fine.”

“I know.” Raider answered.

“Why the rush to get them done then?”

“I couldn’t get the assignments out until you approved.”

“And I didn’t think that I had much to do with the army as it is.” Prizm shook her head.

“You know you’ll have to meet with Starscream at some point over combining them.”

“Yes, I figured as much I just hope he stays as he is. So far he’s really perked up.”

They rounded the corner and entered Prizm’s quarters. “Well at least I can hand out the assignments and they can begin flight work.”

Prizm’s thoughts weren’t on the information any more. “Did you bring that sensor thing?”

“I don’t think I need it anymore I’ve been really working on my telepathy.”

The femme leader looked her over, “I guess we both have grown a bit.”

“Come on, I want to know.” Raider made her sit and then lean back over Megatron’s desk chair. She placed her hands over her friend and dimmed he optics again. She thought about what she was looking for and what she had felt the first time she had discovered a sparkling. She moved her hands slowly then brightened her optics again. “I can’t find anything.”

Prizm’s view looked down at the floor for a bit. “It’s not all that bad I mean at least I get to keep having fun.”

“Just try to keep up with the information, please?” Raider exhaled.

“I’ll try. Send them to my room I’ll be able to get to them faster.”

“Alright.” Their attention was drawn to the door as Megatron walked in.

“Is there any good news?”

Both shook their heads in a negative manor then Prizm spoke. “Looks like you’re going to have to try harder.” She teased.

“We shall see about that. Leave us please.” He jerked his head at the door to Raider.

“Okay, I’ll go find Soundwave.” She got up quickly and headed for the door.

As soon as the door closed Megatron closed the distance between him and Prizm. He pulled her closer to him the instant that he was able his cables tensing. “I can try harder.” He purred.

Prizm only giggled running her hands over his shoulders, she did one latch of his armor. “Not with this on.” She flicked her other hand and the other shoulder latch gave way. “Or this.”

Not wanting to be out done Megatron’s fingers slid silently over hear back to the edges of the armor, as he went along the side he disengaged the clasps two at time. “Indeed these will not due either.” Between the two of them the loose armor began to slide. Megatron took a step back and took both pieces then dropped them to the ground at his side. He bent at the knee slightly his hands on her hip, he came to her middle until he reached out and touched it with his tongue. His hands pulled her to him till his lips touched her leaving small kisses as he worked his way up between her breasts then back down. He removed the rest of her armor letting it join the pile while he led his kisses down farther. One knee was already between her calves, he moved it out forcing her to widen her stance, and it opened her up for him allowing him to kiss her all the way down to the outer sensor. His hands followed down around her hip again to her aft and as he reached to touch her sensor he pulled her forward again with a firm grip.

Prizm yelped slightly his motions pulling her off balance. She kept her hands on her shoulders to keep her balance, with each swipe of his tongue it shot hot bolts of pleasure to her very core forcing her chassis to quake. She felt his arms steady her and the cables in his shoulders harden.

With one long lap from the back of his tongue to the tip Megatron began to stand, on is way up he took in the hard nipple and rolled it between his lips. His hands rising then lifting her slightly effortlessly. He took a few steps forward then placed her at the edge of the recharge bed not bothering to release her breast. His tongue swirled over the peak as it rose even more ask if it asked him for more. He held her as he pushed her back slowly sitting her on the edge. He kissed it once more then began to kiss the valley between her breasts and down her abdomen, pushing her down making her lay back. He spread her knees as he came down to settle between them. He ran his hands down her sides and over her hip joint to the top of her thighs twisting his wrists so his fingers rested on her inner thighs lightly letting the tips of them touch her. He took a long lap from the bottom edge of her port to the top letting the tip swing around then over the outer sensor.

Her fluid came out in a little drop, and he eagerly sucked it off her the cavorting the sweet taste in his mouth. She was ready. He put his hands around her waist, lifting her and placing her back on the recharge birth, his hands slid up her sides and up over her chest again until his palms cupped her breast his hot breath traveled around her neck as he positioned himself and his rod tapped her outer sensor, and pushed past it coating it in her fluid. “Try harder you say?” He pulled back and pushed his rod entering her smoothly all the way down to the base. She held her breath but the instant he filled he it came out in a loud gasp. Pulling his hands down around her hips, he pulled her down on him until he couldn’t go any farther. A bit of a smirk came across his face, oh yes he would try harder, he pulled and thrusted again starting a hard quick rhythm, his hips meeting hers, with each stroke, pushing her up slightly. Indeed he would try harder, he could feel her pushing against him urging him for more but refused to give in keeping his steady pace.

Prizm couldn’t think each time she attempted to take a cooling breath he filled her again forcing it out of her in a rushing pant. His rod met with her inner sensor as if stroking it specifically. Each movement he made she countered bring her core temperature up as well as the volume of her vocals. Something seemed to settle her, other than the fact that she loved it.

Watching Prizm’s fingers dig into the recharger, and her optics flicker in pleasure made him smile all that much more. His name rang in his audios as she reached her peak, her cables, clutching on his pole. He let himself go grounding his hips on hers as his searing fluid sprayed its way into her. He held himself there, taking in a few deep breaths trying to cool his systems, before removing himself and lying down next to her. She smiled slightly before she let herself drift into recharge.

Raider walked through the halls, Soundwave hadn’t been in the control center like she had thought. She headed to his lab, she shielded him slightly, though he could have broken them but he wouldn’t bother with something so simple. At this point she just wanted to surprise him. She entered the door and looked around there he was sitting at one table in the back section of the lab. She walked over to him causally, and ran her finger over his back from one shoulder to the other.

Turning to meet her gaze, Soundwave brightened his visor it was pleasant to see her, his project normally wouldn’t be able to wait but there hadn’t been any real dead lines for things as long as the actual functions were getting done. Megatron had just been too busy. For a few moments he took her in his lap and held her there, it wasn’t much but they didn’t need much to solidify their relationship.

She kissed him lightly, to on lookers it just looked like a bit of a mushy scene but that was not at all it, through their telepathic link much more was going on it manifested in much more of contentment of the processor and spark than it did physically. The physical closeness only added to the heightened sensors. Her frame tingled as his fingers crisscrossed over her chest armor and down her thigh.

’You want to have a little fun in the lab? There is an empty table right over there.’ in her mind it was not much more than a whisper, but the image she added on to it lit up his mind. With a silent command Soundwave locked the lab doors. That was her only indication to what he wanted, she smiled she loved it when he was like that, and true it had been a while. She got up off of him and headed to the table, but before she could move too far he caught her hand and pulled her close to him as he stood up. His battle mask already removed he kissed her, his lips parting, hers doing the same instinctively. Standing there his hands stripped her of her armor, while his mind projected his passion and want of her.

Like a rehearsed dance she shifted to one side then the other allowing the armor to be taking from between them, and then she began to remove his. The twisting motion of codpiece and its hinge could be heard, but the pressure of his rod pressing against it made it pop forward and into her hands. Seeing his rod was something that had always sent her port into over drive causing it to produce her lube. She grasped the rod before her and stroked it from the base to the tip as they stood there lips still locked. Each time she stroked down to the base he would push forward and exhale.

’I have missed you. the link lit up with his thoughts of her.

’Maybe we should schedule some time alone?’ her thoughts were clouded with more than just lust even though that is what seemed to over power them.

Agreed. he set a note for himself to arrange a time where they would be together other than recharge, and the let his possessor get lost in the moment. His hand around her aft pulling her close enough she had to removed her hand from between him, but before she did she opened her stance just a little and let his rod slight up though her thighs.

She pulled away from him making him come closer until she sat on the edge of the empty table. Raider’s systems seemed in over drive, she pushed herself onto the table letting her knees slid apart and allowing him to step forward, his rod sliding up against her port again. Her sensors already overly charged it nearly sent her into orgasm. She took some long breaths to fight it off then looked up at him his visor gleamed back at her. Adjusting herself on the table so he would have access to her port she leaned back on the palms of her hands her head back exhaling again.

Soundwave put one finger on her outer sensor and watched her, she bucked slightly at the motion his finger created. He slid it down till it touched his rod, and then pulled it up with his rod teasing the sensor with the tip. A soft moan escaped her lips surprising her but she didn’t care. He edged the tip of his rod into her port letting it slide in slowly until it disappeared from view. She shivered with pleasure. He ran his hands from her shoulders down around her breasts, then around her back and up to her shoulders again pulling her to him while pushing his rod into her again.

She murmured something into his chest as she gripped his window. His thoughts of ecstasy over powered hers he sent so much at once it must have been building. The thoughts swirled and it was hard for Raider to grasp one and hang on to it. Warmth, love, passion, sexual urge, most of all want, want to have her there in his arms. That was what she gripped on that was something that she loved, he wanted her for who she was nothing more. It increased her drive and forced her into orgasm her fingers clutching at his window as she rode it out.

At the same time she hit her peak Soundwave grasped her tighter, pumping up into her twice more as he joined her in climax. His breath slightly ragged and quick he held her there. She panted with in his arms, not to mention it was late. He looked down at her, optics off; she was just letting him cradle her. Soundwave leaned back a little his rod receding and sliding out of her she blinked a moment then looked up at him smiling.

“Audioslave said that Lenear would have four siblings before he got even one.” She laughed at the thought.

“There will be more,” he reassured her. He let his grip loose, and allowed some space between them. “We require more time first.”

“I know it’s just frantic the way things are so busy around here.” She slid down off the table. “I should get back to work, all the reports that Prizm normally does I’ve taken over, I need to go brief her on the next set.” Taking a deep breath she stepped over and gathered her armor setting pieces on the table as she began to reattach them.

“Megatron will want them finished.” Soundwave said.

“Right, I am going to see if I can manage to get Prizm to come out for half a minute to go over them.” She finished attaching the armor and headed for the door. “Are you going to let me out love?” an evil smile crossed her face, the things she could do if he would keep her in there. She heard the mechanism open and she took a few more steps. “One day you might consider keeping me here.” she blinked an optic like a wink then stepped out the door.

She headed to the command center to where all the data pads and picked them up. Behind her Megatron entered. Good she thought then Prizm wouldn’t be busy. Taking a hand full she exited quickly before the Warlord could ask if they had been done. Making her way to Prizm’s quarters, she chimed the door. Nothing happened. She chimed the door again.

Barley alert enough to notice the door chime Prizm growled she didn’t want to get up Megatron had worn her out this time. She wondered over to the door, and press the first button that she found, the door hissed at the heavy duty lock engaged. Irritated and at the door though she knew it was her own fault, she pressed the button again then pressed the button above allowing the door to finally open.

Prizm looked at Raider then moved out of the door frame, “It’s only you,” she went inside and sat in the chair that was in front of what was usually Megatron’s work desk.

“I saw your mech in the command center and figured if he’s out and about then you’d have time to sign some of these reports.” Raider heaved the data pads up to draw her wing mate’s attention.

“Are you serious? Those all have to be done?” Prizm’s optics widened at the stack.

“No you’re lucky, I’ve done them all for the most part, and they just need approval. I can’t give it.”

Sighing with some relief, “Thank Primus for that.”

“No no thank me for that.” Raider teased. “Anyway here they are, most of them are just placement arrangements, and assignments. I systematically put ones together to compensate for others weaknesses. So they should be pretty good.” She laid them down on the desk. “You are taking a break from trying for a sparkling?”

Laughing Prizm took a breath then answered. “I didn’t have a choice. I nearly passed out this last time.”

“Have you been checked since the last time?” It had become almost standard for Raider to carry the scanner with her.

“It was,” Prizm consulted her internal clock. “Only two hours ago.”

“He really does have a lot of stamina doesn’t he?” Raider asked not really asking but it came out anyway. “So, then shall I just do it and get it over with?”

“Might as well, if you don’t then Megatron will send me down to see Hook.” Prizm leaned back a little giving Raider room.

Raider dimmed her optics and searched, her telepathy centered on Prizm. “I can’t tell.” She finally spoke up then pulled the scanner from her subspace pocket.

“I am getting so sick of seeing that damn machine, I want to just take it and smash it pieces!” Prizm looked at it and actually contemplated it, if it were not for the fact that she would have to go down to see Hook each time she and Megatron had a little fun she might have. “Yes, fine go ahead.”

Raider nearly rolled her optics, “You know you want more. You know you do. Lenear is doing very well and it’s been a few years.” She placed the scanner at the appropriate position and turned it on the smaller machine began to hum for a moment while both femmes watched it.

The hum stopped and Raider looked it over. “That is weird.”

“What?” Prizm sat up right.

“It says error,” Raider looked it over again and recalibrated it a little. “I’ve never seen it say that before.”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, but I changed it a little a more specific scan.” She placed it back on Prizm as she leaned back, and it began to hum again.

Another minute passed and Prizm’s fingers began to tap on the desk. “Is it done yet?”

“I set the scan for a stronger more highly sensitive beam it is going to take longer and if you are that would mean that it was within the last 24 hours.” Raider explained. She too was excited but since they had been tying for a while she wasn’t about to get too excited.

The hum stopped and the little machine beeped. Raider snatched it a way before Prizm could read it. “So, what do you want it to say?”

“What do you think I want it to say?” Prizm reached for the machine, “Well? Tell me so I can smash it!”

“Well either you’ve become a mech, or you’re having one.”

“No way!” Prizm sat back up excited.

Raider gave the scanner to Prizm so she could read it for herself. “Look it tells you right here.”

“Heh,” Prizm laughed it was true sure enough she was going to have another sparkling. “Alright let’s finish these up so I can take them to him so he won’t know what to say.”

“You want him to be surprised?”

“Well if I come to him with nothing he’ll know,” Prizm took a data pad in her hand. “If I have the reports, he’ll think I am there just for that.” She placed her finger on the pad giving it her electronic signature. “So in a sense yes.”

“What do you think he’s going to do?” Raider wondered.

“I don’t know but I want to see the look on his face.” Prizm laughed.

“Well then lets get these done the sooner you tell him the less Soundwave is going to pressure me to make you tell him.” Raider passed each report to her wing mate basically giving her the run down of what each one was finally she had handed over the last one, “There you going now?”

“Yeah I guess so,” Prizm lifted the reports; “he’s in his office isn’t he?” Raider nodded, Prizm knew that he would have told her via their link. “Alright let’s go.”

“So what are you going to name him?”

Prizm didn’t even think about it. “Alero.”

“Is Megatron going to be okay with that?”

Thinking for a moment, “I don’t know, I guess I am going to have to ask him.”

“Maybe, you should tell him he can name the next one?” Raider suggested as they walked through the hall nearing the control room.

“Next one?” Prizm was a little exasperated. “I haven’t even had this one.”

“Yeah well I know you, and until that apparatus is either turned off or removed, you’ll have another.” Raider giggled.

The door to the command room opened and they stepped inside heading to Megatron’s office door. “Thanks a lot.” Prizm chimed the door. “At least he won’t be too mad the reports are done even if they are late.”

“Too true, I’ll wait here make sure there aren’t any more reports coming in.” Raider moved a way from the door.

When the door slid open Prizm entered letting the stack of data pads land heavily on Megatron’s desk. “Well all the reports are up to date.”

“LATE, but I expected as much.” Megatron looked at her he hadn’t expected her to be out of bed for another four hours.

Taking a moment to stretch a little she locked optics with him, “My wing mate saw you up here and figured she’d come wake me to get some of this done. I almost didn’t answer it.”

“I saw her. She left rather quickly when I arrived.” He looked at the stack of reports. “At least you have a wing mate you can count on.” He lifted one up and looked it over. Noting that everything was in order, he put the pad down on top the others, “When was the last time you were scanned?”

Looking a way and shaking her head, “Are you still going on about that?” Prizm asked.

“If that is not the case then there would be no reason for these reports to be late. I give consideration to the fact that you and I have both been putting off some of our duties to create a sparkling. It is possible that it would my heir,” his temper climbed up a bit if she could not take it seriously he would be rather up set.

Hearing the anger in his vocalizer, “Earlier, I did earlier. I know how much it means.” Thinking for a moment Prizm almost decided not to tell Megatron. “I just get sick of having that thing tell me no, that I didn’t want to do it.”

“You will if you know what is best.” Megatron paused for a second.

“Know that is best?” she questioned with an evil smile, “what is best is that scanner finally told me something I wanted to hear. I swear it hadn’t I would have broken it into little pieces.”

Megatron’s attention was defiantly caught. “It said something you wanted to hear did it?” A smile started to cross his lips, he knew what that had meant, and he just wanted to hear her say it.

The smile on Prizm’s face grew wider “Yes, yes it did.”

“So what exactly did it say?” he questioned.

Rounding the desk she neared him leaning over to him brushing her lips against his softly. “It said that I was pregnant with your sparkling.” She leaned a little farther completing the small distance and kissed him.

He couldn’t help but smile and kiss her back it was the best news all day. Unfortunately he also had a lot of work to attend to. Megatron didn’t push her off, but waited long enough she had to pull away taking in a cooling breath. “The Empire demands my attention…. For now.”

“Can I watch?” She attempted to smile innocently.

He pulled her into his lap, for a moment. “They are just standard reports. It should not take too long.” He picked up the data pad and began to read it over a little more thoroughly this time.

Over looking the construction which was very nearly completed Starscream stood a little taller, his next report to Megatron was ahead of schedule and much more elaborate than the leader had first specified. The Astronomy, space port was all but finished minus the tarmac for the craft to land. To the best of his memories and that of the Constructicons that had helped with its design it was just as he remembered it. Now it was time to head back to his mate who waited for him back on Earth.

“Scrapper, lay down the tarmac and call it a day.” The red jet ordered.

Nodded Scrapper ran to Mixmaster. “Time to lay the tarmac and it shall be done” the rest of the team let out a bit of cheer accept for Hook who hadn’t much to do with the project at all other than calibrating the systems.

“Return to Kaon when it is done.” Transforming and pushing his thrusters Starscream headed back to the command center.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara