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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 18.

Time seemingly passed fast on Cybertron.

Raider was resting in her quarters thinking about things that were coming up so fast. It was interesting how the Cybertron time passed so much slower. That had made it feel like her sparkling would be born much more sooner. Which in truth it was, on Cybertron one year is equal to eighty-three Earth years, so in that respect less time has passed while the development of the sparkling is standard. Within her she could feel him moving about and stretching though there was not much space to do it. Her cables and inner workings were pulled taunt to make space as it was. Soundwave had told her it would only really be a matter of days till the sparkling’s on power core would come fully online, then there would be feed back and that would cause pain as well as some interference. Luckily though it was nothing like an Earthling birth. In his case the feed back would cause a specialized panel to open and split allowing the sparking to be removed. She lay there on the bed thinking about what will happen and if things will change but still glad that she would be able to take back to the skies. Raider missed flying. She had always kept an Earth time counter, she felt that it would make her feel better knowing her home time, one of those keepsakes she supposed. After all this time though so far one Earth year has passed, which as she had thought before meant the sparkling was very nearly ready.

Something else came to mind though, just in the time on Cybertron her own telepathic abilities had been gaining ground like wild fire, Soundwave had explained that Cybertron was much calmer than Earth over all, and that there were not others interfering as much, making it much easier to concentrate and learn. She thought about that for another second then looked down at herself. She thought about the sparkling, Audioslave, and concentrated a little. She sent warm comforting feelings to its consciousness, and he sent back the same. She attempted something different.

‘Are you ready to meet the rest of the world?’ she wondered if he had been able to think in words not just feelings. She was almost sure he could due to the attention that Soundwave was sending him constantly.

‘Father said it will be a day or so more.’

The answer surprised her, ‘How do you feel?’

‘I am ready.’ He sent happiness to her.

She smiled and placed a hand over her middle, this was going to be interesting. Soundwave had come to he and told her she had an appointment with Hook the next evening, she could only assume that Soundwave would reassure Audioslave to start the power core and it would be time.

Prizm had also been spending a lot of time in her quarters, her sparkling had been taking more energy from her that she was prepared for. Time as a way of passing faster when one is at rest or asleep. Other than a few visits from Raider, and Juci and like wise visiting them she had been content to stay in bed while Megatron worked at the desk right out side the hall, if she were to lay on his side and look out she could see him, which she did most of the time, so much so that he had started recharging on her side. Megatron did not seem to mind, though she noticed his hand would wind up on or near her middle where he knew the sparkling was. Of course she didn’t mind it he could touch her anywhere and it would feel like home.

Particularly Prizm liked having Raider over, it gave her some time to communicate with her own sparkling, and get to know her. Naturally great things were going to be expected of Lenear, though Prizm tried to assure her she’d help her when possible, after all to Prizm kids still had to be kids. One thing that she really liked was the ability to teach them, the telepathic link allowed Raider to down load a few files here and there right into their core processor.

Raider had radioed her and told her about the appointment she figured she’d just go Megatron wouldn’t say anything about it, and if anything were happen what better place to be than in the med bay? Besides being as close as they are now, wouldn’t stop her, Prizm and her wing mates were very nearly sisters, only not. Prizm didn’t really like walking through the base, the others looked at her oddly, in a scared type way. Ever since she had gone to Hook, and the conformation of her sparkling nearly everyone had acted different. The other Seekers wouldn’t even say anything they would just move, no more smart remarks, nothing. At first Prizm thought perhaps Megatron might have warned them, but on his word he said he had not. She figured she knew that if anything happened they’d all be killed, still that didn’t make her feel good as she walked and they all stared. Part of the reason she was content to stay and stare at Megatron. Sometimes he’d notice and she’d smile, other times he would see her fall into recharge and come move her into a more comfortable position. He could tell she was content just to have him near.

During this time Juci found herself learning enormous amounts of information from Shockwave, there was no real fighting going on, no distractions from we wing mates, though once Skywarp came up he had started his bit of pranking, though that didn’t last long when Juci pulled her own leaving the Black and Purple seeker standing the common room with no armor. Megatron had even laughed about that. Still it seemed a bit boring to her, she asked about the female Autobots that had been causing trouble, but Shockwave told her they had retreated to an uncharted section of Cybertron’s underground it would be a waste of resources to search them out. To here that didn’t matter much it meant that she could spend most of her time with him. She was after all much more used to finding things to do. Really she wasn’t around much at all, that didn’t stop her from visiting and finding out that Raider was going to have her sparkling.

Juci chimed Raider’s door, it was time to go see Hook, and Soundwave was already waiting. “Come on aren’t you ready yet?”

“Yeah, I guess, I donno.” Raider could be heard behind the door.

“What’s the matter?”

The door slid open with its comment whoosh sound. “I guess I cam kind of scared.”

“I can’t blame you there.” Juci nodded. “Still Soundwave and Hook won’t let anything happen to you, I’m sure Astrotrain will be there too.” Juci accented Astrotrain in tease.

“I know he is,” Raider smiled, she saw Astrotrain coming up the hall behind Juci. “Here he comes, heh, my escort.”

“Yeah I bet here he comes is right.” Juci smiled evilly.

“Not for some time Juci and with Audioslave around I doubt we’ll be doing that anytime soon.”

“Then why does he bother?” Juci didn’t understand it.

“We’re friends not just for that you know?”

Juci nodded. “I got to go tell Shockie, I’ll be right back.”

“Hey ‘Train come to help me down to the med bay?” Raider called to him.

Astrotrain perked up at her voice. “Hey, yeah I was, Soundwave told me it was time.”

“Guess I can’t avoid it then. Let’s go.” Raider stepped out letting the door close behind her.

The walk wasn’t long and there was a slight uneasy feeling as they rode the lift in silence, still it was something that hadn’t happened in so many years this would be sort of a historical thing. The door slid open; Hook, Soundwave, Prizm and even Megatron were waiting.

“Maybe it is a bigger deal that I had thought.” Raider said slightly surprised.

“Come over here I’ve prepared this table.” Hook was standing near an empty table with a tray of tools next to it.

Soundwave nodded to her and walked around the table. Raider could feel the calm coming from him in what seemed mass waves; he must have figured she would be feeling afraid. She came to the table, and lay on top.

“Do I have to be alert for this?” She didn’t want to feel anything.

“It is best you do, incase something were to happens.” Hook stated flatly.

“It can’t be that bad” Prizm added.

“We’ll find out.” Raider finished.

Soundwave hooked up a few monitors and sat down next to the table looking over Raider. Hook pulled the tray over and examined the tools once more, and then nodded to Soundwave.

“It will be as quick as possible.” Soundwave announced.

Hook turned to her and nodded. “It won’t take long at all.”

There was a buzzing, it sounded like snow on a TV that doesn’t have a signal. Raider wondered what it was until there was a slight discomfort that became a certain pain, then it was gone.

Hook had raised a sonic admitter above her, what seemed to be an invisible seam separated he used a small grasper to start the lift. Soundwave put his hands just under it as he was able. By this time the small one had used all the space that had been available and the hit was extremely tight. Once clear of the opening the familiar transformation sound was heard, and the sparking came completely online in his root mode. That transformation would be deleted from his banks, just like it was for all Transformers brought online in this manor. The seam instantly pulled together with another impulse of Hook’s sonic admitter, and was again invisible.

There was a bit of silence as the sparkling looked around. He was receiving messages through the telepathic link from Soundwave as well as feelings form Raider. The things that had been sent to him from his parents had informed him on who was what. His optics glanced to Hook then to Prizm he knew her easily from all the time Raider had spent with her, then finally he raised his head to Megatron. This would be his commander he knew he would have to earn his place and his Decepticon heritage his hand rose instinctively to the blank area on his chest where his symbol would be noticing he lacked the bold marking that stood out on Megatron. His face changed to a somewhat disappointed looked.

“There will be plenty of time for you to earn that.” Megatron spoke softly.

Audioslave looked up again and gave a slight smile then his attention was changed to that of Raider as she sat up reaching for him. Soundwave let him slide into her arms he was bigger than she thought he’d be, but then that first transformation was new to her too. She smiled at him watching him commit to his memory core what commands made what motions. He hadn’t realized he’d been moving before and had absently make the commands, this time he was confident as each joint moved exactly where he thought it should be. Fingers, wrists, elbows, neck, head, optics, shoulders it seemed he had started from the top down and just progressed. His feet kicked and the hidden jets that gave all Decepticons flight fired. He leaped up with a bit of squeal, but Soundwave caught him instantly.

Most of the others laughed a little watching him, Soundwave only concentrated and begin to teach him to open his mind to the others, leaning to tune into each ones patterns. Something he had learned already but the control was limited, now Audio didn’t have to deal with the limitations he was free to feel around on his own.

Hook finished putting his tools away, then instantly looked up. “Don’t start that with me. Trust me you don’t want to know what goes on in here.” He meant the left over echoes of the other Constructicons from Devastators mind melding.

The sparkling looked at Soundwave who only shook his head as if to say don’t worry about it. Prizm giggled watching them, Soundwave could feel what she wanted so he handed Audioslave to her. The sparking smiled quietly then got an expression of confusion. He moved in her arms not wanting to get a way but making a distance between him and her then rubbed her middle softly.

“Yes,” Prizm confirmed. “Another sparkling like you.”

He rubbed it again then found Prizm’s pattern. ‘Not like me’

Prizm didn’t realize he hadn’t spoken out loud and just answered him aloud. “A young one.”

‘One like you.’ He affirmed meaning a female.

Prizm laughed. “Yes. A female. Her name is Lenear.”

Behind his mask Soundwave smiled Audioslave had caught on to the telepathy very quick and was showing a great deal of control already. Megatron knew the little one would have abilities, but he was still slightly surprised at how much the little one could do so fast.

The little one’s attention was caught by the prominent pattern he had felt question him before. He honed in on it and heard only for a second Megatron make note to himself that Audioslave was going to be quite the telepath, and just as quickly it was gone. The expression on Megatron’s face however alerted Soundwave what had happened as well as Prizm, both just pretended not to notice. Megatron did not like it, he knew immediately he’d have to keep better track of his mental defenses.

“Well now that the show is over, I have work to attend to, and Prizm you need that second amount of natal nanites.” Megatron half smiled.

Prizm handed Audioslave back to Raider then looked at Megatron. “Really Megatron you are impossible sometimes.”

Hook took his queue, and came with the nanite injector, Prizm simply opened her forearm armor and he inserted it. Silence came until the installments was done, then suddenly a quiet voice broke it.

“Medicine.” The sparkling wondered this time allowed the word coming out slowly and carefully.

“No.” Soundwave answered. “Nourishment.”

“Spark. Growing?” His volume this time a little louder having found how to activate them.


The door opened and Juci ran in. “Oh shit. Dammit, I missed it. You couldn’t have waited two more minutes?!?” she strode over to where they were gathered.

“You weren’t scheduled back, and I know you won’t drop your work.” Raider tried to explain.

“OH please. I told Shockie that this was going on he told me he’d take care of it till I got back, but NOOOO you couldn’t wait.” She scowled over at Hook knowing he was the one that did it. He pretended not to notice but it sent shivers through him regardless. “Well just KNOW” she accented the ‘know’ for Hook. “That I won’t miss the next one Prizm.”

Prizm half smiled and thought about it, it wouldn’t be much longer till she would trade places with Raider on the table and Megatron would have an heir. “Yeah,” she said quietly.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared?” Juci looked a little surprised.

Prizm elbowed her. “After seeing Audioslave, here I don’t think so, it seemed very easy.”

“Well that is good. I won’t have to stand here and have you break my hand while you scream.” Juci chided.

“Heh, no.”

Audioslave looked at Juci in confusion he didn’t understand what was going on. He knew her just as he knew the others and once he caught her optics she smiled. The sparkling reached for her; she took him in her arms. “He looks just like Soundwave.”

Soundwave seemingly stood a little taller.

“He’s going to have his hands full with his brothers though.” Prizm added.

Juci thought about it as Audioslave looked at her. “You’ll handle them won’t you?” she asked.

“I fear not. Rumble or Frenzy.” He said. Soundwave reached for Audioslave, Juci gave him up easily.

“It is time for rest.” He said plainly.

Hook came back and held his hand to Raider, “Your gyros need to re-sync again.” He said.

Raider let her feet drop to the floor, and then stood up holding on to Hook. “It isn’t near half as bad as coming through the space bridge that first time.” She chuckled, “Are there any recovery orders?”

Hook shook his head. “You’ll be back to normal by tomorrow, in fact you can resume duties at that time, however you won’t be scheduled any until it can be made possible that Audioslave is under observation.”

“The Cassettes will have duties.” Soundwave said.

“In that case I am sure Soundwave will also tell you when you return.” Hook finished letting his grasp loosen on her hand even though she held on to him a little longer.

Raider felt a little confused. So many things had happened so quickly, it was emotionally taxing, yet at the same time it was professional to not let it show. Of course she had Prizm and Juci to confide in, but this was different. Hook was always there and even through the rough exterior of his ‘I am the best’ attitude, he was always willing to help her. She kissed him lightly not caring who saw, and simply said. “Thank you.”

Hook just turned and went about his business thinking to himself trying to hide that his face had turned an odd color red.

Soundwave didn’t even flinch but Prizm and Juci knew she had like them and both teased with a loud “oooOOOOOooo”

Nearing the door Soundwave turned to see Raider just nearly ready to join him. It was time to show Audioslave his room. They left together.

Megatron stood there standing next Prizm; he was pretty lost in thought. Juci was over trying to get Hook’s attention to tease him. Prizm was about to take a step, but then noticed she was being held ever so lightly at the waist. She looked down to see his ebony hands holding her at the hip. Turning to see what was going on she shook him out of his thoughts and he absently let go. She didn’t let his hands fall but twist to face him as she held them there.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, there are many things to plan.” He answered.

She looked him over, just as he pulled her up to him gently. He had told her that soon after there sparkling arrived things would be in place to strike against the Autobots, and render their new ‘Autobot City’ a thing of the past. Shockwave had reactivated nearly all the dormant Decepticons on Cybertron and in that had forced all the Autobots on to the two moons that orbited their home world. She had seen the plans that Soundwave and Ravage had managed to steal from the database. It was massive and if it were to get operation it would mean a severe disadvantage for the Decepticons. It was then that Prizm took time to talk to Megatron about what would come to Earth once he had control. In that she was actually amazed at what he had outlined for her. A base of operations at the old site which was now putting out more Energon than any place he could be bothered to raid. Any government that refused would be torn apart and the people asked to choose a new one that would obey. Once they established that a percent of the energy in a country would be sent to the Decepticon cause after that it was pretty self motivating, new technologies would be given, and innocents would be spared for the most part. It really gave her thoughts to how Earth’s own history had something very similar to that when the Roman Empire took most of Europe. Naturally that is if they could capture the planet. There were a lot of contingencies and one was her team being in peak performance a long with knowing that Optimus Prime would come searching for Megatron. Prizm gave herself a bit of a vow that no matter what she wouldn’t allow Prime to get the best of Megatron. She herself would see to that.

This and a little more ran through her processor in the click of an instant. She couldn’t exactly imagine what he was thinking that would cause him to stop what he was doing. It was true though there was a lot to be done. Something felt different; it was a slight feel of fear. She couldn’t put her finger on it, and she was near certain it wasn’t her own fear. She thought about it for a moment longer then rested her head on Megatron’s chest while he held her. She knew he wasn’t afraid, this would be a pivotal moment; he would do his danmedest to make sure that things would go his way and secure things for him and his offspring.

Again his grasp changed and it alerted her to his movements, she was quiet happy with how she had learned to read him. She kept hold of his hand and followed him to the door without a word. She pulled him once the door opened. He paused a moment then turned to her.

“I am going to stay here for a bit longer.”

He nodded to her and called to Hook. “See you take care of them.” Then with that he walked out.

Prizm shook her head she knew where he was going; she learned really quickly what it meant when he got into this mood. He would call Soundwave, Shockwave, and Starscream into the war room and start planning. She’d go to, but right now he had excused her due to the sparkling. She know every well that when she returned to active duties she would be informed of all that was to happen. The door closed.

“Juci, leave him alone.”

Hook was leaning back against one of the tables Juci making kissing faces at him. “You know you liked it, you’d like to do it again. I bet you’d like more.” She teased.

Hook shook his head and persisted. “I don’t have the time for that, and she has her mech.”

“Do you think that has stopped her?” Juci smiled largely. “Soundwave didn’t seem to mind Astrotrain sharing.” She nearly laughed at Hook’s face as first the shock then the thought of possibility ran through his processor. “You thought about it didn’t you?”

“I am sure that Soundwave had a reason for it.”

“Oh yeah threesome is always a good reason.”

“It’s not like that.” Hook defended trying to slide to his left toward where Prizm was.

“Don’t give that to me I know how all you mechs are. You’d jump on her if you could.”

“I don’t need that.” He insisted farther.

“You know I bet if you talked to her more she’d let you. She’s nice like that, and I already know she likes you.”

Hook’s face changed at the conformation of rumor.

“Juci, come on leave him alone can’t you tell he doesn’t want her?”

“Yeah right, just like Raider denied she liked Astrotrain we all know how that ended up.”

“That doesn’t matter Soundwave invited ‘Train in she didn’t.” Prizm said. Hook listened intently.

“So what little ole Hook here should talk to Soundwave then?” Juci looked Hook over.

“No, come on she just had a sparkling like she has time for a fling?” Prizm smiled.

“Fling nothing, Astrotrain still hangs out and nearly does everything for her.” Juci finally left Hook where he stood and came to Prizm’s side. “I was just trying to get him to talk to her. I mean he might not act so prissy if he got laid once in a while.”

“Let’s just go Juci sheesh.” Prizm pushed Juci toward the door.

The door closed separating them from the now traumatized Hook. Prizm stood shaking her head Juci would never change. “You busy? You have to go back to working with Shockwave?” she asked.

“No, I have sometime why?”

“Come on we’re going back to my quarters, I want to patch into the war room we’ll see what the next step is going to be.”

As usual Juci got excited, “Shockie said we were going to plan some thing big, let’s go.”

Hook stayed and pondered for a moment, things had been going a long well. And Raider had been in to see and talk to him few times for no real reason. Most of the time she had come alone, other times Astrotrain had came with her. He stood there and thought about it, and then dismissed it. He didn’t really have time for that even if he really could do it.

When Megatron entered the war room he sat down at the right hand seat, the one that Soundwave normally sat at. He pulled up the holo of the new Autobot city, and stared at it in thought. He found the place he wanted to be, the central power inductor panel, that is where he wanted to disable the beast before they could get it operation completely. Now how to get there? He reversed direction and plotted a course out of it. It was simple on the holo he thought. He scanned the area, a launch cannon on the right, he’d need Devastator to get though the outer plating, that and he would be the only one that could take an it from the cannon. He started to make a list of those that he would want to take. First the Constructicons, Devastator would be part of the key, he looked around the image again, a satellite, strike that a communications center. He added Soundwave to the list. Outer cannons, Prizm. No, he removed that and added Starscream. He reread the notes that Soundwave had left him. Prime was on what the ‘Bots were calling moon base one. Someone would have be left, if any communications came through Prime would hop a shuttle and come to the preverbal rescue. Not this time he smirked. He moved down the data pad and put in, on high alert for re-enforcements Prizm. He sat there and looked it over again. It needed refining, time to call his officers.

The interior com came to life. “Soundwave, Starscream, Shockwave. To the war room.”

Sitting down in the desk chair Prizm instantly went about working on getting the feeds in from the war room. One large window popped up as the background then four more popped up as if cameras had been trained on each of them. Another few key strokes and the audio came on.

“If we are to keep our grasp on Cybertron we will require much more Energon that has been brought.” Megatron started. “We will need a firm grasp on Earth, Soundwave the reports.”

“Laserbeak confirms information regarding construction of Autobot City.” Soundwave keyed the com and brought up footage of the construction site. “Plans indicate this to also be an Autobot.”

“Amazing, I can’t believe the Autobots even have that sort of technology. The specifications on it must be unlike any thing else. I mean look at it! It will be larger than even Omega Supreme.” Starscream commented.

“This must not come to pass Megatron. With a defense system like this, it will be near impossible to take over Earth.” Shockwave looked over the lay out.

“They don’t have much done on it as of yet. That will give us time.” Starscream injected.

“Prime is not on Earth. He has left that command to Ultra Magnus. This leaves it vulnerable. He sits on our moon bases and attempt to keep track of us, while we will sneak in right under his olfactory receptors. I have already made my list, for this we will leave the femme seekers here to watch Prime.” Megatron smiled. “There mission will be follow and report his movements, I want to know if he comes to aide them.”

The list came up on the vid-projector, along with each one’s particular assignment. Starscream smiled to himself seeing he would be leading. As expected Soundwave and Shockwave said nothing, they looked it over and committed it to memory.

Juci leaned back. “We’re on baby sitting duty? That doesn’t sound fun.”

“Oh hush, we can’t go and fight every time.”

“Yeah I can, I don’t have sparklings to worry about.” Juci smiled.

“Don’t start with me about that. I am sure Megatron doesn’t mean to keep me here to watch Prime and think I will just let Prime go. I mean he hasn’t set a date for the attack yet.” Prizm hoped it wouldn’t be soon.

“Yeah, what would be the point? Can’t chase after him like this.”


“Soundwave what at the shuttle dispatch schedules?” Megatron looked at his communications officer.

A moment later times and dates of the Autobot shuttles appeared taking place of the list. “Shuttle incoming are consistent. Leaving are sporadic.”

“Why don’t we just use the spacebridge?” Starscream asked.

“That will not get us into the defense of that station. Even when not fully operational it will be a formidable fortress.”

“We could just take over one of their own shuttles.” Prizm murmured.

Juci looked at her, “Well that would solve the problem and no one would even expect it.”

Prizm took a breath and opened her com, she wasn’t sure if he would like them listening in on the meeting. “Prizm to Megatron.”

Megatron’s optic brow lowered. “Megatron here.”

“Hijack and out going Autobot shuttle.”

Megatron paused for a moment. It would be easy. “Megatron out.” He stood there a moment irritated for the interruption but still proud in a way, a leader would always want to know what is going on he conceded to himself. “Soundwave when is the next out going ship?”

Soundwave highlighted the date and time of the next scheduled dispatch. The room was silent as it flashed, adding to the suspense.

Shockwave finally cut the silence. “Taking that ship will leave little room for error the city will be nearly finished.”

“There will be no error I shall lead this myself, destruction will be essential.” Megatron got up and paced a little. He had more to think about now. “I will be in my office.” He finished and walked out.

Starscream looked at the map and back to the listing. “There are very few on this list.” He finally said.

“Laserbeak will obtain Autobot numbers.” Soundwave said nodding.

“Indeed it will help to know what we will be up against other than the fortress itself.”

Shockwave nodded. “I will keep in contact here.”
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