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Freeing the spark.

Commencement The start of some members of my HMW team as well as G1 makings.
Haunted Cassetticons Teach Rumble and Frenzy what ghosts are and then scare the crap outta them!
What If? Talking really late at night makes your mind wonder off...
Air Waves Boradcasting LIVE! News segments in a TF world.
Skywarp Started It  Skywarp just doesn't know when to stop!
Low Down Dirty Tricks  Soundwave knows how to get even with a prankster seeker.
Raining Fire  War is Hell, and Megatron knows just the way to bring hell right to the Autobots.
Sideswipe's Guilt  The red Autobot is in pain, that not even speed can help.
Lenear and the Seven Minicons! A TF bed time story.
Fatal Darkness  The last HMW tournament that I wrote.
Awakening Fury  What happened to Megatron's persona after he was changed to Galvatron?
Spot Fix Cyclonus elects to help Galvatron once more.
Fiction Windcon A work based on my HMW Character.
Old Style Battles  Valclaron thinks he can take on the Champion.
Playing with Fire  HMW Rival Fiction
Espionage Soundwave shot spots.
Defection Wars  HMW Tournament Texts
In the Dark Thundertron's Rescue
Choices Blaster has a Blast From his Past.
Knowing Better Soundwave Messes With Skywarp.
Desert Derby Seekers find Autobots in the desert. Written for a challenge.
The Fall of Starscream This Seeker has no trouble getting into Trouble.
Escape The Autobots finally capture Megatron.
Insecticon Winds Challenge done on weather.
Team Work Megatron and Starscream getting a long?
Does Soundwave Show Emotion? One time perhaps.
Scavenger Says No Watch out now!
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara