YAY! Fanficion section is up and running, Nothing new has been really added but the page is up and links are all hot and ready.


Feb 9 2013.
Time seams to fly and there is never enough hours in the day. Let's hope I can get some good updates in.

Sept 10 2011.
Alright got things moved to the new place, and high speed net rolling. Here we go!

March 9 2011.
Another update. The HMW pages have gotten a few new links, and an XP upgrade. The rest of the commissions should up up and posted ASAP. And perhaps even some of my own art. Stay tuned.

Jan 24 11
Ah a new year has some, and what lies a head for the Decepticon Empire? Total domination! Of course, what else would there be? A new page of Dominance has been entered as art has been created. The Commissions page is up and running seeing as there are actually pictures to diplay.  Go have a look see who it is that is fighing against the Autobots in the war and who will bring home the glory.
March 9. 10.
Those of you who wish to, may come and join the forum,
The link is also in the side navigation bar, if you have something you'd like to post on the site, it can be done, or have requests for MTMTE pages, and sigs you can also request them there.
February 22.10
Lots of stuff up and improved, still working on a few things but its coming along to back where it was at least.
Nov. 27. 09.
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, my confessions I worked. Oh well right?
The sigs pages are coming along though I should warn they are pick heavy and will lag on dial up.
Nov. 15. 09.
Work goes slow as energy is down. Its a big pain in the aft to work on something that off and on took years to have it just wiped. So at least one section is ready now enjoy. Fanfiction!
Tripod changed the engine, I must confess that the new one is much harder than I can handle by mistake I deleted it. I suppose it happens, I am no real coder so at first I thought it was going to be gone poof forever.
Luckily they have decided to go with both allowing me to rebuild it with the old engine, and at least all the uploads are still there so it won't take half as much time. Problem is though that there were LOTS of pages HMW took up a big chunk! I think I will start with my current things and work backword.
Please bare with me as I put the Constructicons to work!

March 22 2021

And here we are again. A pandemic has now gripped the world. Imagine what the Decepticons would think of how human handled it? Probably get a laugh out of it til someone reminded them of the cosmic rust.

August 5 2014.

I really wish that I had more time, But bills won't allow just staying at home to write, and work on the site. Not to mention a few games have got under my skin. So anyway. Doing a little work today. Hopefully the site will have corrected links and updates.

May 9, 2013
Moved out of state, working on getting a job so time has freed up a little. Let's see what we can do.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara