Commencement 3


Chapter 3

“I don’t see how this affects us. I don’t want to be here any longer.” Bonecrusher huffed and began to walk to the exit.

“We were brought here in secret to build the leader of the future. And there has been an accident with that spark. We have been dismissed for now, but if any one of us is to repeat what has happened here we all will be terminated.” Scrapper tried to explain.

“It’s true, and as much as I hate to admit it we have no choice.” Hook walked through the group arrogantly. “As I have heard it also means we have become codependent on each other, I believe that Shockwave has something planned for us.”

This irritated the entire group, but no one moved, they all knew of one another and what each was capable of accept on that same note, they didn’t want to trust any one of them either.

“I do have a plan for you.” Shockwave announce as a matter of factly. “It will ensure that none of you say one word to anyone about that has transpired.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Hook muttered.

“It is not for you to decide.” Shockwave spat.

“What is it?” Scrapper asked.

“IT, is a project that Soundwave and myself have been working on. He will explain it later.” Shockwave turned and left the room after checking in a drawer.

“Does does, wait what does that mean.” Mixmaster’s stammer gave a way his nervousness.

“I don’t know but Shockwave doesn’t sound happy about it.” Scavenger looked more serious that he normally ever was.

“I refuse; I won’t have any part in this.” Bonecrusher folded his arms across his chest.

Soundwave entered naturally hearing what was just said. “Megatron demands it.”

“What is it Soundwave?” Scrapper asked again.

“Combiner technology.”

“No. Last I read on that it wasn’t completed.” Hook injected.

“Incorrect, it is completed. It is not tested.” Soundwave stood there looking over the individuals that stood around him. “I have a potential print.” He cleared his chest window and displayed on himself what he had in mind.

Scrapper stood there in front of Soundwave studying the print. “This isn’t bad, but I don’t think Scavenger’s spade can handle the weight of it.”

“My place is fine.” Hook piped up, if it was something that he was going to have to do being the head couldn’t be as bad as anything else.

“Soundwave switch Scavenger and I,” the picture changed as he asked. “Does that compute better?”

“Correct, However re-enforcements will me made as well.” Soundwave answered.

“Enforcements huh?” Longhaul finally put a word in. “That would give us more power as well right?”


“This doesn’t seem so so so bad then. What is the risk?” Mixmaster asked.

“Possibility that the combination will be permanent.”

“And the mind melding? Has that been compensated for?” If anything Hook always read up on what the newest technologies were.

“Still present.” Soundwave answered.

“And if we don’t co-operate?” Bonecrusher asked.

“Termination of all.” The voice came from the door. Megatron himself had stepped in. “No one is to know of it.”

“Understood.” Scrapper’s head sank, though he and Scavenger had been friends for sometime he didn’t like being forced into making the others do something they didn’t want.

“Scrapper you will be named leader.” Megatron announced.

“Wait why?”

Megatron swiftly moved to Bonecrusher and thrust his hand out to his throat. “Do not question my authority”. Air hissed from the smaller Decepticon, as he nodded. “Then is decided. Soundwave make the arrangements and have Shockwave over see it.” The new leader stepped out and down the hall. Shockwave did as instructed and began to make preparations. Soundwave made no effort to move until Hook spoke.

“If it has to be done I will help, at least it will be done right.”


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