Commencement 2

Accidents Happen.

Chapter 2

Scrapper entered looking around for the larger purple mech that should have greeted him. “Hook where is Shockwave?” he asked. Hook looked up from what he was doing only for an instant to look in to the dark corner of the room, Scrapper followed his glance. He knew the dark indigo robot but had yet to deal with him personally. Soundwave stepped out of the shadow as Scavenger came from behind him; he walked to the table and watched over Hook’s progress.

“I thought Shockwave was going to insert the spark.” The smaller green robot said.

“Procedure, intermittent. Assignment must persist.”

The three looked at him in slight awe hearing the younger brother speak for the first time. Soundwave’s voice was unlike anything else they had ever heard; while sounding rather monotone in nature it was in fact a blend of tones and harmonies.

“Understood.” Scrapper said managing to break the silence.

“Scavenger, bring me the electro chamber” Hook ordered.

The miner scrambled to Scrapper for the container. Scrapper handed the chamber to him; he scrambled around the table hitting the corner in the process. The container fell hitting the ground and came open. Soundwave moved faster than they expected scooped up the loose spark and the container. He examined the spark and placed it back in to the container, suddenly he stopped and noticed a fracture, and then the motion of him replacing the spark caused it to split. He looked at Hook who immediately grabbed another chamber and held it out as Soundwave came around the table.

“Shockwave will not be pleased.” Hook said holding the chamber steady.

“I will notify him.” Soundwave answered. He held the spark shard out and placed it in the new chamber. “Hook take it and see that it does not extinguish.” He finished in a minor harmonic.

Hook took it to the counter and connected it to monitors and other sensors. Soundwave worked on the larger spark inserting into the robot that lay on the table. The spark slid in easily and Soundwave powered up the basic systems to support it. The spark glowed enthusiastically as it took hold of the new surroundings. Soundwave fed the spark more Energon; and it took hold closing it’s casing and trying functions.

Through the door stormed a large purple mech. “Unintelligent discussions there is no explanation for me to be in attendance. Do they not comprehend I am required elsewhere?” He said, and then suddenly stopped. He looked at the table and the slight movement of the hands. “Soundwave, the instructions were not to activate it until I had returned. What have you done?”

“Subject activated self.” Soundwave answered.

“Correct.” Hook added.

“I understand, has it said anything?”

“No I have not.”

Everyone turned as the Silver robot sat up. He swung his legs over the table, and information scrolled through his optics. Shockwave and Soundwave both stood in front of him waiting. The robot looked at both of them then raised an optic brow.

“Who is in charge here?” He asked.

“I am.” Shockwave answered.

“What is your title?”

“Hardware Ambassador.”

“No. We shall be called Decepticons, and I Megatron shall lead us.” He stood up and walked through the brothers and out to the hall. Shockwave following.

Soundwave walked to the counter were Hook still worked on the small spark.

“It is thriving.” The smaller ‘Con said.

“Affirmative.” Came in a bright harmony. Soundwave then left to catch up to his brother and the newly activated Megatron.

Hook looked at the spark, he had never seen this happen. A piece sheer off so small had a probability of 0 survival, and yet here it was doing fine. Bonecrusher and Scrapper had been chosen to get the spark for Scrapper’s skill and engineering, and Bonecrusher’s skill at breaking in. Hook stared at the spark there was only one explanation for this. The original spark itself was abnormally strong. He had just finished rescanning it when Shockwave returned.

“I want to see it.” He demanded. Hook moved and Shockwave over looked the entire area. Scrapper and Scavenger stood by, Scavenger slightly behind Scrapper.

Shockwave looked at Hook “Just as I suspected. Keep this silent or I shall annihilate you all.” He turned and looked at each in turn. “That includes the additional three in the main room.” He put the support machine on an automatic setting. “Take the others you are dismissed for now.” He said then left through the hall again.

“Bonecrusher is not going to like this.” Scavenger broke the silence.

“I do not like this.” Hook answered angrily.

“Let me get the others I am sure we can arrange something,” Scrapper said as he walked to the hall.

Soundwave did as told; he walked in to the domicile that he dwelled in while not at work. To him it was nothing more than a resting place though it housed his younger brother and sister. His elder brother had left the residence while he was quite young still and to this point did not recognize the set of twins as a relation to him. It was quiet as he walked through it and to his own quarters. Their creators hardly came around and Soundwave had taken the initiative to look after the twins. He himself rarely returned since the projects start, his duties as the counsels record keeper and translator was dull, for that he searched out his elder brother. He opened the door and walked in, the twins sat on his recharge birth.

“We were just thinking about you.” The female said. She looked nearly like Soundwave’s twin than the others, near the same build but much more feminine and sleeker, as well as a dark purple.

“Syphonic knew you would come today.” The mech spoke up. He was a rougher look, also with a chest door, but most hidden by armor. His dark green armor against the gray door stood out like emerald.

Soundwave nodded as he sat down to the desk and turned on the computer.

“Well how did it go?” She asked approaching. Soundwave glanced to her as if to ask her what.

“She hacked your pc bro.”

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