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Inferno: The Conquest of Cybertron
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Pax Cybertronia, or The Peace of Cybertron was, Established by the time of the Beast Wars. The Pax Cybertronia established the end of hostilities in the great wars, limited Decepticon and Autobot expansion and provided for the arrest of war criminals such as Galvatron. The Pax Cybertronia was the instrument referred to by Ravage during the beast wars to arrest and detain Megatron, before they teamed up to further Megatron's own agenda. The Pax Cybertronia came to an end three hundred years after its initiation, as Megatron's takeover of Cybertron with his Vehicon armies removed the sparks of all but a few other residents of Cybertron.

... Now it rebuilds and the Conquest of Cybertron begins anew

Faction Elements Updated/03Jan08
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  1. Autobot/li>
  2. Deceoticon
  3. Maximal
  4. Predacon
  5. Blendtron
  6. Quintesson
  7. Earth Defense Command
  8. S.N.A.K.E
  9. in addition, each class has its own specific Weapons and CyberKey Upgrades.
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