Third Sparkling to Megatron and Prizm. May 12, 20180.

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"My power is great, my resolve greater."

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Endurance: 6
Rank: 2
Courage: 6
Firepower: 8**
Skill: 6

Parental Units:
Megatron, and Prizm.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron
Lenear, and Alero.
Spark date: May 12, 2018.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Study Halls
Direct officer:
Signature:user posted image

Megatron’s youngest sparkling and heir to the Empire, Deltron wants to be everything he can and more to prove he can handle the responsibilities. Deltron has a habit of being unable to turn down a challenge, which results in Megatron disciplining him. He does not get mad at this however and sees it as a learning experience. His siblings help and aid him in his studies which he tries to span ahead and work on their level despite the rather large age difference. With some frustration he tends to spend more time working on the hands on part of learning instead of the book work.

Just like his father Deltron lacks patients and is easily taunted by Syndication as well as Rumble and Frenzy. His physical power is unmatched for his size, and appears to carry over as he slowly grows. His sharp mind is also gaining grown quickly on his studies.

Determined to get a head of his siblings and specifically Syndication Deltron spends much of his time in study or in the simulator. Since the last time Syndication turned the simulator up on him Deltron has made sure that he doesn’t go alone, though the outcome of that incident there has been a rapid decline in Syndication’s antics.

Silver, Black with a few Red highlights Deltron is exactly like Megatron.

Wishing to prove he can has got him in trouble a few times and his cannon had been taken a way to prove a point. Megatron however is proud of Deltron for being able to deal with things with out the show of the cannon. And has taken it upon himself to train him in proper use of the cannon.

No known weakness

**= When he has his cannon.

More will be added as he progresses.
Dawning of the Decepticon Age 

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