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"Poor and quick judgment will always lead one run straight into the walls of failure."

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 3
Endurance: 2
Rank: 1
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

Parental Units: Shockwave, Juci, and Skywarp.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron
Siblings Cation.
Spark date:. March 3 2010.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Kaon, Citadel Station.
Direct officer: Shockwave
Signature:user posted image

When it comes to this sparkling, everyone looks at her as the next computer on legs, particularly when the discussion of Shockwave comes up. She constantly keeps everything to herself, which makes the other sparklings wary of her. Though Augmentation seems to take her under her wing, so to speak, since she likes her silent and secretive nature much like she is.

She suffers from bipolar disorder; though not apparent as a toddler it became more noticeable as she aged. She wants to be kind, but her inner trickster tells her otherwise. She can be quiet heartless and ruthless when pissed and some say, unlike her mother, who would instantly blow up her enemies, Onium would rather drag the bodies of her enemies into the lab to experiment upon while still conscious. Some blame Shockwave for this psychopathic nature of slowly killing ones enemies in the name of Science, but Shockwave doesn't help to dispelled any of this. He prefers that his daughter learns, masters and some day over power his own abilities (though secretively Shockwave thinks that his daughter is the reincarnation of his father; who was infamous for disembodying Autobots and Decepticons to create monstrosities for the war). Her other side is that of a joker, though she rather keep it to herself in fear of being called a typical seeker. She is extremely smart considering that she is the latest addition into the Decepticon team and was capable of reading, writing and speaking three different ancient languages before she could even walk. The other Decepticons view her as the female Shockwave and show the same kind of respect and fear even though, by TF standards, she is still a young child. She can seem cold because of her antisocial appearance, but she does show interest in others. She particularly fond of Augmentation, because she can be as quiet and has a secret child-like crush on Deltron, but prefers to keep it to herself. Knowing that logic dictates she isn't his type.

Though she has two parents who are seekers she has Shockwave's heavy metal and some say she is by far the heaviest sparkling to ever been born. Of course this is an over-exaggeration of those who spread rumors about Shockwave and those closest to him. Onium's body appears to be light, since she was born with her mothers' seeker body, but her weight indicated that she had Shockwave's metal body type. This hinders her from flying as fast as the other sparklings, also forcing her to take flight at a much older age, as well as being extremely clumsy at the art of teleportation. In the mean time, however, her intelligence rose above others and mastering the skills of blowing things up.

Onium did a number on her mother while growing inside of her. The combination of a heavy metal body and over usage of Energon made a lot of Deceptions think that the mother and child wouldn't survive at the end of the pregnancy and even gotten Skywarp worried about Juci's possible death and begged Shockwave to terminate the whole thing, but Shockwave saved Juci and the child by experimenting with Energon and made a stronger version of the stuff. Even after giving birth to Onium Juci’s body is still recovering from one would call nightmare pregnancy. Some say this incident made Onium hard, cold-hearted and messed up in the head.

She has her mothers' looks in the sense of shape and her hatred towards Autobots. She also has her fathers' (Shockwave) curious nature and love of academics, as well as the artillery weapon of making things disappear. As from her other father (Skywarp), she has the ability of teleporting (though has trouble with it, due to weight issues), trickster nature (mixed with her other personality she is quiet feared), and color scheme. She looks up to Shockwave more than Skywarp and is found in Shockwave's lab from time to time. Juci does wish that Onium would spend equal amount of time with both fathers and constantly reminds Onium were she got her teleportation skill and color scheme from. Onium’s excuse is that Shockwave thinks more, therefore can understand her more, whereas Skywarp prefers to teleport into buildings and playing games on others, which is her way of saying that Skywarp is mentally retard.

She is double winged, meaning wings on her legs and on her back. She also has yellow eyes. Her color scheme is like that of Skywarp. Her head has Elvin ears like Shockwave's father Acrid Ainhum and like her grandfather she tend not to wear a helmet, letting her lavender silver hair flow wild. She does wear a helmet from time to time, but prefers to show off her father side's (Shockwave) good looks.

She is capable of teleporting but only in a few feet so far. This may get better with time, but some say this gift could be lost if she doesn't uses it. Her armor is by far extremely powerful and she will use it to shield her weaker armored friends. She has twin laser cannons that pop out of her arms and has the ability to make things disappear when it is hit with the laser. Her mother side of destruction is strong, but Onium prefers to keep her enemies alive for experimentation. Her first try was with a young Autobot who was part of a resistance in which Onium caught him, dragged him into her fathers' lab and then was never heard of again until Shockwave found remains of the Autobot in his closet. When Shockwave asked Onium about the mess she explained, with a devious smile, that he died of shock when he saw his insides exposed out in the open. Rather than upset Shockwave showed her the place to dump the body the next time she has an "accidental" death in the lab.

Unlike the other sparklings, Onium has a heart for humans and is curious of how something so weak and soft could have survived for so long. When on Earth she helps humans who help her and the other Decepticons. Thinking that one will earn more allies with kindness then with threats. She also has tendencies to have a lot of confidence towards other Decepticons and their contributions to the cause. If only she can do the same for herself, since she at times underestimates and limits her own powers and talents. She tends to view herself below others, even when in fact she has superior armor and artillery compare to theirs. This causes her to hold back her fire power, which upsets her mother a lot. Her humble and noble nature can cause her to lose missions. She is also too smart for her own good. The other sparklings view her as the nerdy big sister, even though she is the youngest. However, after an incident in which Onium dragged and butchered an enemy Autobot in her fathers' lab the other sparklings let her tag along in their mini adventures, but due to fear rather than amazement.

Alt. Form:

Jet form: YF - 23

Gun mode: Cybertronian triple artillery cannon. and

This information may see changes over time, due to character development and growth.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara