Third Sparkling to Starscream and Windcon. August 17, 2011.

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"The Rain isn’t going to let up so why should I?"

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 4
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 5
Endurance: 4
Rank: 1
Courage: 6
Firepower: 3
Skill: 2

Parental Units:
Starscream, Windcon.
Origin location: Decepticon Fortress Earth.
Starcon, Streamchaser, Windstorm, and Windraker.
Spark Date: August 17, 2011
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Vornling Study Halls.
Direct officer:
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As the youngest girl no one really listens to Cloudburst. For that she has became rather introverted and doesn’t bother to go with the others when they go on outings. She doesn’t dislike them for it; in fact when alone with her siblings she talks to them rather often. Cloudburst loves puzzles, doesn’t matter what kind, she is interested in figuring things out. This makes her interested in history and finding out facts. She has taken to studying a lot of Earth history since much of Cybertron’s history is still lost.

She prefers to stay on Earth where she can practice her name sakes ability and causing clouds to suddenly burst with rain. Her power chip is connected within her turbines and produces a vibration that causes the molecules of water to coagulate and a sudden down pour to start.

Cloudburst likes to study history and is a big traveler on the space bridge since she likes Earth. Her studies are transferred down to the Decepticon base.

Silvers and Red cover this little seeker, in the classic F-15 alt mode she shares with her siblings and parents.

The only sparkling to actually have a permanent residence on Earth Shockwave has allowed this to a degree of grades should she begin to falter he will request her residency be moved to Cybertron.

The same thing that gives her the special ability also can cause her turbines to burn out if left on for a prolonged time resulting in her falling out of the air.

General characteristics
Crew: 1 (Not needed)
Length: 63 ft 9 in (19.43 m)
• Wingspan: 42 ft 10 in (13.05 m)
• Height: 18 ft 6 in (5.63 m)
• Wing area: 608 ft (56.5 m)
• Airfoil: NACA 64A006.6 root, NACA 64A203 tip
• Empty weight: 32,000 lb
• Loaded weight: 44,500 lb (20,200 kg)
• Max takeoff weight: 68,000 lb (30,845 kg)
• Powerplant: 2 Pratt & Whitney F100-100, -220 or -229 afterburning turbofans
o Dry thrust: 17,450 lbf (77.62 kN) each
o Thrust with afterburner: 25,000 lbf for -220; 29,000 lbf for -229 (111.2 kN for -220; 129.0 kN for -229) each
• Maximum speed:
o High altitude: Mach 2.5+ (1,650+ mph, 2,660+ km/h)
o Low altitude: Mach 1.2 (900 mph, 1,450 km/h)
• Combat radius: 1,061 nmi (1,222 mi, 1,967 km) for interdiction mission
• Ferry range: 3,450 mi (3,000 nmi, 5,550 km) with conformal fuel tanks and three external fuel tanks
• Service ceiling: 65,000 ft (20,000 m)
• Rate of climb: >50,000 ft/min (254 m/s)
• Wing loading: 73.1 lb/ft (358 kg/m)
• Thrust/weight: 1.12 (-220), 1.30 (-229)
• Guns: 1 internally mounted 20 mm (0.787 in) M61A1 gatling gun, 940 rounds
• Hardpoints: four wing, four fuselage, two wing stations, centerline station, optional fuselage pylons with a capacity of 16,000 lb (7,300 kg),
• Missiles:
o AIM-7 Sparrow
o AIM-9 Sidewinders
• Radar:
o Raytheon AN/APG-63 or AN/APG-70 or
 Although several F-15C aircraft were produced with APG-70 radar, all have been retrofitted to the AN/APG-63(V)1 configuration
o Raytheon AN/APG-63(V)1 or
o Raytheon AN/APG-63(V)2 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) or
o Raytheon AN/APG-63(V)3 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)
 Both active AF and ANG F-15Cs will receive another (up to) 48 V3 units between 2009-2015, over the existing 19 aircraft.[75]
• Countermeasures:
o AN/APX-76 or AN/APX-119 Identify Friend/Foe (IFF) interrogator
o Magnavox AN/ALQ-128 Electronic Warfare Warning Set (EWWS) -part of Tactical Electronic Warfare Systems (TEWS)
o Loral AN/ALR-56 Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)-part of Tactical Electronic Warfare Systems (TEWS)
o Northrop ALQ-135 Internal Countermeasures System (ICS) - part of Tactical Electronic Warfare Systems (TEWS)
o AN/ALE-45 chaff/flare dispensers
• Others:
o Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System[75]
o MXU-648 Cargo/Travel Pod - to carry personal belongings, and small pieces of maintenance equipment.[49]

More will be added as she progresses.

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