Chronicles of the Sparklings

Ties that Bind

Audioslave got up off the floor, his room had been made so that he could reach things he needed or wanted like the information computer, while the recharge birth that he slept in was raised enough he needed help to get up into it. He slowly wondered though the hall his bright red visor lighting it up as he moved one hand on the wall that kept his balance. As he neared the common room of his parent’s quarters he saw that no one was in it. He didn’t have to search for his parents like some sparklings; he could easily feel where they were with his telepathy. What he wanted though didn’t seem to be within his parent’s quarters that meant he had to go out. He headed to the door, and looked at it for a second, taking the time to find the remote frequency that he needed to get it to open. He jumped back quickly as the door opened without warning when he had found the correct frequency. He didn’t look back or even down as he took a step forward. Something seemed to call to him and needed him wanted him Audioslave couldn’t help but follow it.

In the hall the ambient light came on as he entered each section and then off again after he passed though it. Normally the little mech didn’t wonder alone much, ether one of his elder siblings or Raider herself would walk with him. Often he would b allowed to walk like this to permit him to learn the lay out of the base by site instead of map. His destination this time he had memorized, he and his mother Raider had come this way many times. He stopped checking the hall for others, he wasn’t afraid of being found but didn’t really want to be interrupted either. Seeing it was clear he walked the rest of the distance to Megatron’s quarters.

The door was closed but Audioslave also knew the frequency that would open it. He neared the door and it opened, he smiled behind his visor it hadn’t even been locked. He walked in a unable to see if anyone was at the desk and waited there, no one said anything and he was busy with his telepathy so far he hadn’t been able to divide his attention while using it yet. Satisfied that no one stopped him he continued into the hall passing one door with one left to go. He peeked though the open door way fully expecting Prizm to be inside.

Prizm was surprised that she didn’t see anyone when the door opened she waited a bit to see if maybe Ravage came around the desk every once in a while he would do that when brining her or Megatron reports. When the door closed and no one came she stood up just in time to see Audioslave disappear into Lenear’s room. She moved around the desk and quietly followed him.

Audioslave smiled again he made it. He stared up at the bed where Lenear was supposed to be recharging. The smaller Decepticon looked over the edge at him her optics wet with solvent. He cocked his head to the side silently as if to ask ‘What?’

Lenear’s optics flickered but she didn’t answer, Audioslave took that as permission to go ahead and find out for himself. He slowly increase the telelpathy he had already been using within her mind, that allowed him to feel her recovering from a bit of fear. He probed farther and caught the memory of a dream. He pulled the file and viewed it. There a familiar transformation sound then a loud crash, then the dream went dark, Audioslave figured that had been when she had woken. He shook his head, basically she had a nightmare of leaning to fly.

’You know what will not happen.’ the little mech started to climb up onto the bed with her.

’It felt real,’ Lenear answered.

To help calm her farther he brightly lit his visor and scanned her over. ’You have no damage.’

The small jet sighed as if relived. ’Stay.’

’I cannot.’ he shook his head.

’I want you to stay,’ Lenear grabbed and held him.

’I will be in trouble, if I do,’ he said putting one hand around her the other stroking the back of her helm.

’You are always telling me that your job is to protect me, so do it now.’

There was a bit of a silence as Audioslave considered it. ’Alright.’ he answered finally.

Finally Lenear relaxed her optics turned off and she slowly let go of Audioslave to lay down. He lay next to her and slid over but Lenear kept a hand on him securing the knowledge that he was still right there with her.

Prizm stepped away from the door and went back to the desk as she opened the com link to Raider.

“Prizm to Raider.”

“Raider here.”

“Audio is going to stay here tonight I think.” She wasn’t exactly sure what had happened since the whole thing happened in silence.

“He told me,” Raider’s telepathy had just been connected to Audioslave. “Lenear had called to him, she had a dreamed of crashing.”

Prizm shook her head, she knew that from the second the two kids had met before Lenear was born they knew there would be some bond between them, and no one knew just how strong it really was.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara