First Sparkling to Astrotrain and Syphonic. November 15, 2007.

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"Power strength and creativity I can take them all."

Sparkling stats:
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 6
Endurance: 2
Rank: 1
Courage: 3
Firepower: 3
Skill: 6

Parental Units: Astrotrain, Sythonic.
Origin location: Kaon, Cybertron
Siblings Melody.
Spark date: November 15, 2007.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Vornling Study Halls.
Direct officer: Shockwave.
Signature: user posted image

With the first few insignias finally handed out and a new little sister to watch over Sytrain has decided she was going to download her school books this has helped her, while she still tends to struggle a little she has the reference right there in her head.

Sparing with Alero is much more common to her then others his tank and heavy armor make him a better match of her armored locomotive frame. He is still larger than she is but she doesn’t care and wants to learn what Megatron as taught him. She has noticed one thing, that if she stays working with Alero she is going to sooner or later get into some trouble he is strong enough to pin her down in the hand to hand combat classes.

Not one to initiate contact with others once Sytrain gets to know someone she can be very protective. She is this way with her sister, she has got in between a few others when her sister has provoked them.

Dark Blues and Grays with an underlying Black Sytrain is a Locomotive similar to Astrotrain’s

The first question asked when Sytrain came online was “Is she a triplechanger?” sadly no Sytrain did not attain that ability from her father though she feels she has to work harder to live up to him. Her locomotive mode is very powerful as well as well armored effectively making her near impossible to stop. She uses that to her advantage when things need to be done. Sytrain though likes to keep to herself reserved almost, but can be coaxed out by a good game.

Sytrain takes studying very seriously but lacks the knack for it. She seems to struggle with book work while she excels in hands on. Though more offspark have come to the academy Sytrain makes it a point not to get involved with what might be thought of as the popular sparklings.

The heavy dense armor can cause her to be slow and sometimes cause balance issues.

More will be added as she progresses.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara