In the Dark

Thundertron's Resue

It was dark, only a new wall light bother to show the shadows that hid the frames of the passer bys, that and the bright blue glow of their optics. For the last few weeks Thundertron had hardly bothered to light his own red optics to see whom it was that had walked passed. He and his two-team mates had been caught on a routine flight checking on the sensors that coved the boarder between Autobot territory and Decepticon domain. He did not want to move nor did he bother, the energon brought to him was a waste, it seemed to consume more energy to process it that it was worth. For the most part he was sitting starving to death. He could not totally comprehend the actions taken by the Autobots. Ones that were supposed to be noble, and caring for all creatures, yet he and his faced a slow painful death.

When he was caught, it was as it should have been. He stood at the bars demanding to be released his teammates chanting along side him. Then as the days wore on Warper’s voice diminished then had not been heard for sometime. He had called to the seeker, but there was no answer. The Autobot jailor came in and pulled the bleached chassis from the cell, though Thundertron could not see it he knew that Warper had given up his spark. It was not too much longer when Skycrasher had done the same. Now he sat there alone, left only with his thoughts.

It was only a routine mission, how could I have been so dense to not see the trap?’ He replayed the scene in his mind again.

It should have been so obvious! These Autobots haven’t a clue what is in store for them.’ He let it wonder to how he would manage to kill each Autobot he could find before destroying the structure itself.

No, I cannot think that way it will only make things worse.’

The Autobots he had seen were none that he had known of, most young and still in training. He thanked Shockwave on more than one occasion for not building him a matching chassis to his brother Megatron. Had they known really whom it was they had they would have surly tortured him until deactivation. For the moment he was content with them believing he was nothing but a scout to check the sensors.

I have to find a way out. If nothing happens soon I shall starve as well.’ The low energy warning came on in his optic view every time he powered them up.

The building shook violently, then alarms started to sound from everywhere.

Had Shockwave finally came to get me. Ridiculous, it would be a waste of resources.’ Thundertron was unsure even if it had been laser fire or just some explosion in the building.

“What the hell was that?” A voice to his left screamed.

“It’s a huge dinosaur!?!” His counter part questioned.

Decepticons had come.” He did not know who or what they had wanted.


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