Short thought on one of Soundwave's missions

Soundwave crouched behind the hole in the hold of the ship that had been made by Megatron, letting the fire hit it and not him. He silently relayed orders to Ravage then ejected the black cat to glide over the ship and in the other side of the massive hole. Soundwave sensed the Autobot leader wondering and stop firing he aimed around the corner and caught the Autobot shattering his window glass and giving Ravage the opportunity to enter unseen. Soundwave then backed up behind the hull and waited.

Ravage, stalked around to the computers main import he transformed and slid in, sending a silent communication to Soundwave. Soundwave in return came out and fried at Prime with full force. The Autobot took a step back then regained his notable composure and took aim at the infamous Decepticon. He fried a load of hot plasma the hit Soundwave dead center pushing him away from the Autobot cruiser and melting his cassette door.

Ravage down loaded the implanted virus, then self ejected from the main frame. He ran out headed straight for the Blue and Red Leader. Optimus' attention on Soundwave Ravage leaped at the throat and clamped down making him stop firing. Soundwave clutched at his chest for an instant his hate of Autobots renewed then called to Ravage to make their escape.

Prime knew the old Decepticon better than most, and headed straight for the computer. As he expected, there was a new heading and there was no way now to navigate a new destination, as well as the communications module destroyed. The ship and a two- hour flight till the effects of the black hole would start to affect it. He needed help and he needed it now.

The wind passed soundlessly under the wings of the metallic bird as it used its thrusters to propel itself. In its clutches it held a small part of cargo, his creator. Laserbeak searched the war drawn battlefield that smoked and spued fire looking for the spot that Soundwave had indicated for him to land. It was just like most of his missions assist his creator in infiltrating enemy lines and help bring down the communications from their foes the Autobots.

Finally, he saw it his momentum slowed as he let his thruster’s power down in preparation to land. A few feet above the ground he let his cargo go and before it could clank to the ground below it shifted and transformed into the much larger Soundwave.

Without hesitation Soundwave opened his chest cavity and allowed Laserbeak to transform and land within. The mech then stepped forward all his sensors alert and tuned in to his rival. Soon the two would have a chance to finish what was started and this time Soundwave was prepared.


These stories weren't ment to be added to as they are just bits of thought that I've joted down that feature Soundwave.


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