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1) Prologue: Cybertrons Darkness.

Cybertron has been starved to death. The endless war, draining her of all resources, left the Transformers weakened, wounded and worse. Enemies it didn’t even know it had had begun to pick their time to strike, and the most dangerous of all were those you could not predict.

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Megatron, having been captured by an alternate reality Galvatron, was enslaved. His unhinged captor forcibly ripping the anti-matter generation power directly from his spark, in order to power an EMP transmitter which had already devastated the Autobots and paralysed the Decepticons allowing Glavatron to stand on the brink of conquest whilst his captive and former self could only look on in fury.

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The Maximals and Predacons, unwittingly shielded by their biologically enhanced modifications had united under the leadership of an unknown Autobot, called Deathwish; He was unique in his ability to shield himself in antimatter and effectively hide himself away from the universe, so named because of his most dangerous of powers and his reluctance to use it, even to save his own life. Under the pretence of ending the insane menace but with a secret agenda to seize the planet for themselves, the Predacons led the attack spearheaded by Deathwish, and began to assault Axiom Minor, using the reluctant Maximals as a vital supporting role.

Galvatron, finding himself rocked and under siege from the Beast Era machines, his EMP weapon useless against their Beast Warriors organic shielding, knew he had to move fast. Deftly he modified his control device, boosted up the antimatter charge ignoring the safety protocols and in a calculated move placed both himself and the very planet he stood upon on the brink of a singulatity. With a final look and a maniacal grin that proved he cared not for the consequences, only the victory, Galvatron slammed the switch, laughing at the horrified expressions of the combined Beast Wars forces. They knew they were too late.

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In a desperate attempt to save his home and all those upon it, and as the explosion began to rip a chunk out if the Axiom sky itself, Deathwish took his shot…

2) Cold Fusion

The fallout was catastrophic. A destructive wave of antimatter supercollided instantly and the resulting explosion propelled a devastating EMP pulse planet-wide.

It swept uncontrolled and unfettered across the metallic orb obliterating everything in its path, stripping the bio-matter shells from the Best Era warriors, fusing everything with so much as a trace of active power, rendering it lifeless.

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Slowly, as the last nacell of energy was shorted out, the few remaining survivors lucky enough to be powered-down at the time of the explosion were left open mouthed staring and without hope at a desolate husk, devoid of fuel or any alternate source of energy, and were eventually forced into stasis to conserve what power remains, for how long they could not possibly know.

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All that remained was darkness and silence as Cybertron drifted, dead and alone, through space.

3) Solar Eclipse
It was a mere 3 decades later and the brief serenity of the darkened orb was once again shattered as a new light was cast upon it. The sun; the star at the core of the Sol system that the deactivated transformers knew well in their prime, bore its daylight upon the metal ground.

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Some say it was the Matrix, Primus or even Fate herself that had intervened to guide her, but Cybertron has travelled far and now bathed its darkened spires in the suns energy, allowing it to reawaken. As the healing light spilled onto the surface and flooded across the ruins of Axiom, pinpricks of optical light were re-opened and the few survivors awoke from their self induced torpor.

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Slowly, as the furthest planet of the sol system cleared its orbit, the war-torn world of the transformers bathed in the full energizing glow of the sun and began to feed like a ravenous sharkticon. Cybertron had found her saviour…

4) Decayed Flesh
But not all of Cybertron was so lucky. The few to recover first were the remnants of the Autobots and Decepticons – survivors of Galvatrons psychotic assault, who quickly began the search for their allies in an effort to rebuild, the ancient war ingrained so deep into their circuits that their first thoughts were of defence and tactics over peace and healing and the respective sides fled to find to their former strongholds.

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Many were never heard from again. Tragically, this cataclysm was more catastrophic for some and those formatted from the Beast War era had not been so lucky – the antimatter explosion had obliterated the organic upgrades that they needed to survive and many simply could not be resuscitated, others simply chose death over the shame of retrofitting back to the days of the first robots and even those of the archaic generation reliant upon more advanced technology could not be awoken.

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These advances would all need to be rediscovered and re-imagined over the coming years. The era of the Maximals and Predacons was over; only the oldest of the first generation had returned.

5) How The Mighty Fall
Only one task remained. Brought back to life and returned to power, the Autobots greatest leader set about searching out and destroying once and for all what was left of Galvatron and his prisoner before the Decepticons could rebuild them and use the technology for themselves, but they were too late.

[image - prime looking shocked]

Soundwave, Megatrons most loyal servant, had already arrived and the furious Decepticon leader was not only alive and well but foaming with rage. Waving the Prime into a stunned silence, Megatron vented his fury, tearing the chamber that has been his prison apart without a thought to the equipments value and berating the solidified from of Galvatron, crazed with anger.

[image - Galvatron killed]

Inactive, the petrifying effect of the matter/antimatter collision turning him into pure carbon, Galvatron could only return a dead mocking stare. With a single decisive strike of his clenched fist the Decepticons supreme leader executed the petrified remains of Galvatron and shattered him into millions of fragments which blew away in the silent air.

Finally, as he rounded on the very weapon that had nearly obliterated their entire race he paused… chuckled to himself as if he could see an irony no one else could understand, and fired.

6) Epilogue: Ashes to Ashes
Laughing maniacally, Megatron pulled himself from the wreckage of the Axiom chamber and turned to the prone Prime, but made no action. Red eyes glowing against the darkness of the destroyed cavern, he threw something casually at Optimus’ feet. It sparked as it bounced along the floor towards him and the Prime scooped it up, not taking his eye off his ancient enemy but instantly recognising the helmet of his soldier.

[Image - Deathwish's head]

He placed a chip in the back of the head and downloaded Deathwish’s final memories; how he had led the organics agaisnt Galvatron knowing he was going to his death, and in his final attempt to stop Galvatron using Megatrons own power combined with his own to overload and destroy the Antimatter EMP weapon. Deathwish had saved the planet and its people, but by doing so he had saved Megatron, condemning Cybertron to further millennia of war. Optimus Prime bowed his head and knew it was the same choice that he would have made. Upon the chips removal, the severed head demonstrated the faintest glimmer of light in his eyes and gingerly he handed the heroic soldiers remains to a nearby soldier, the faintest trace of life miraculously still showing.

[image - gigantic explosion]

Megatron took one last look at the ruined remains of his prison, glanced at his Autobot savior’s skull one last time in a way that for anyone else would be classed as respect, pointed his fusion cannon toward the ground and motioned for Prime to leave the warped chambers remnants. Prime knew he had no choice. Outnumbered and outgunned, this was not the day to end the war. Prime was just clear of the blast zone when Megatron fired his final shot, destroying the last of the antimatter in the chamber. The resulting explosion nearly rocked the planet for a second time, but left a streak across the sky that remains. To this day, that tear is known only as ‘The Rift’.

A new age had begun, a planet had to be rediscovered - its people recovered but the war would still be the same.

[Image - cybertron + rift]

There would always be the eternal battle between good and evil.
The Heavy Metal War.
Deathwish’s Legacy.

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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara