Prizm and Megatron's Second Sparkling and Trained as an Heir  June 3, 2007. 
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”Silence is golden, but action is deadly.”

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 3
Endurance: 2
Rank: 2
Courage: 5
Firepower: 3
Skill: 5

Parental Units: Megatron, and Prizm.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron
Siblings Lenear, and Deltron.
Spark date:. June 3 2007.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Sparkling Study Halls.
Direct officer: Shockwave
Signature: user posted image

Taken to having to co-leading their little brigade of sparklings he and Lenear some times debate on what should be done. Their natural leadership skills clash and give off the appearance of an argument, but when asked, Alero is the one to tell what is going on even if it is Lenear’s plan he’s agreed to. This sight is common and most have learned that it isn’t a fight at all but most often an educated date once all the information has been laid out. When Deltron the youngest of Alero’s siblings came into the picture this for the most part stopped as Deltron took control over the leadership.

A small bit of jealousy runs through Alero when he sees his father Megatron working with Deltron. He knew that he would not be the heir that Megatron wished him to be, and when Deltron picked up that place Alero stepped back and kept his olfactory sensors in his books. One thing he does wish is that his father helps him to master his own cannon like he has with Deltron. The difference in Alero’s cannon from Deltron’s is the fact that it isn’t a fusion blast like their father Megatron’s it is much more like the power charges that his mother Prizm produces.

The group of sparklings that Alero has found himself in has its own share of trouble makers. He dislikes that he is brought into it for his abilities, and then be pointed at when it comes time to take the blame. He has confronted Syndication on this more than once with no progress, and he already knows that once Deltron has made his mind up there is no talking him out of it. For these reasons he has resigned himself into a watcher, and keeper of sorts. He will do what is necessary to keep the others from becoming injured or damaged if at all possible.

Alero has a passion for pleasing his father, taking orders well and making sure they get done regardless of the consequences. He feels he is a soldier nothing more.

A heavy military tank clad in near all black Alero possesses his father’s strength and dense armor. His weight though is countered by a higher than normal speed due to his mother’s capabilities.

Second offspring to Prizm and Megatron more his mother than his father Alero is strong willed yet quiet he has an evil streak for pulling jokes and forcing smaller mechs to spring traps. He does wish to be a warrior but has not the passion to lead.

He has taken lots of lessons attempting to catch up with his older sibling and her best friend. He still will not stop his independent studies until he has reached the point he has joined the Decepticon ranks with his own insignia.

Megatron watches over this sparkling with a critical optic, the young one has many qualities to make a great leader, though he feels that Alero would be better off as a general. The sparkling’s tank mode combined with his teleport makes him a very deadly foe once all is said and done. At this point only time will tell the Warlord what he needs to know.

Special abilities:
Alero's cannon is capable of various forums of discharge, from simple shelling to concentrated fusion blasts his special ability with it however gives him the power to super charge balls of plasma within it and discharge them as a mortar, that explode on impact with concussive force controlled by the charge given to it.

Something else has manifested within Alero, while caring his spark his Prizm had got hold of Skywarp’s power chip, this has caused him to have short bursts of teleportation. It is unknown how far or how well Alero will be able to teleport but gives him a great advantage when he can hid his size and drop in on opponents.

The turret is loosely fitted due to the fact the nanites make that section grow last. His transformation is hindered by the speed that he uses to take care that it does not become dislodged.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara