A Chronicles Story.All the hanger lights had been turned on, and the landing strip had its lights on, as the five young Decepticons took hand brushes, and mops to the strip. Lenear rocked back and forth laying down the first layer of solvent and fluid, while Audioslave and Alero were down on hands and knees scrubbing off the scorch marks near the back on the take-off catapult. Syndication however held a small brush and pan at one end of the strip; her part of it was to clear all debris from the entire hanger, by far the most slow, tedious and boring part of the entire duty.

“Next time Syn says something I am going to tell her leave me out of it.” Lenear said to Audioslave.

“Me too, I wasn’t even there!” Alero agreed.

“She’s MY sibling and sometimes I don’t even want to be there.” Audioslave said.

“I heard that BROTHER!” Syndication yelled.

“Slaggit, she’s going to get me in trouble again I know it!” Audioslave shook his head.

“Hey if you guys had just bothered to ask how I knew I’d have told you and she’d be in here on her own.” Augmentation told them she was the youngest of her siblings Audio, and Syndication.

“You didn’t know.” Syndication called.

“I told you I did and now you know and you still fight the fact I already knew!” Augmentation was irritated by the fact that her siblings didn’t trust her telepathic power. “Every time you scheme something up I tell you it’s not going to work and every time we or you and someone else ends up with some sort of duty. This time just so happens we all got suckered into it.”

Syndication brushed the small particles of rubber and other slag in to her pan then got up to put it into the bucket. “Look, the academy is boring what else am I supposed to do?”

“Maybe just take the courses and learn something?” Lenear spat.

“Yeah and maybe stop teasing Deltron all the time?” Alero added.

“Okay now you’re talking slag, as if I could ever deprive myself of one of my favorite games?” Syndication laughed.

“Look if you wanted to play games with him why don’t you just go and ask him to be your boyfriend or whatever they are calling it these days?” Augmentation spoke up, her telepathy had told her a long time ago that Syndication had affections for the younger Deltron despite the fact that she teased him each chance she got.

“You know what Aug? You can take that slag and stick it right up your aft!” Syndication refused to admit that she cared for Deltron in front of his siblings that might tell him.

“Primus, seriously?” Lenear asked stopping in her tracks.

“Maybe it was love at first sight?” Alero laughed.

Onium stepped into the hanger quietly listening to what was going on, instantly Augmentation had welcomed her in with a telepathic hello, as did Audioslave, but the others had yet to notice her. She headed over to near where Augmentation was and leaned against the wall content to watch for now.

Syndication gave Alero optics of death. “Quiet your vocalizer.” She warned.

“Or what Syn? You going to do something else? I am already here.” Alero shot back.

The brush in Syndication’s hand swept faster with irritation. “Look it was all in fun okay?”

“Relax Syn, we’re a bit of a team we watch out for each other you know that. It’d just be easier for us if you didn’t tease Deltron so much. It’s like a squabble within the team structure.” Lenear had to bring some sense into it.

Onium nodded, right in time with Augmentation. It was interesting how the structure of the group worked. When Deltron was around he took his role seriously and made sure that everyone knew he was the leader. While he was gone Alero seemed to be the spokes person although he would take council with Lenear and Audioslave. Syndication liked to conspire, she often went on her own to think then come back with full fledged layouts for various plans and to top that off she would only talk to those she needed to complete her plans. Onium wasn’t sure if she actually fit in with the group but it was obvious they had considered her part of them. Augmentation’s quiet bit of an outcast nature had appealed to her easily and the telepathic communications they had served her much easier then the spoken ones. She watched a little longer.

“When I am ready I’ll stop but not until then.” Syndication said.

"Maybe she has a thing for dad?" Alero wanted to push the issue.

"Megatron?" Augmentation questioned.

"Sure, Deltron looks just like him maybe she picks on Del because she knows she can't have dad." Alero kept scrubbing the floor but glanced up to see if there was a reaction from Syndication.

"I can't imagine her with father." Lenear smiled. "Not only does he have our mother, but he's so much bigger than her, they couldn't even hold hands or anything he could just pick her up in his palm."

Augmentation burst out laughing. "She could always just perch on his shoulder like Laserbeak!"

"I know what you guys are trying to do." Syndication failed to contain the fury in her vocalizer. "It's not going to work."

"Lying is not working Syndication we know better." Audioslave answered.

"I don't like Megatron, and I don't like Deltron for that matter either." Syndication got up from her hands and knees staring at the rest of them her hands on her hips.

"Look if you just leave him alone we can avoid all of this." Alero sat back and put his brush to the side.

"You might think you’re the leader but you can't control me, you can't even control Deltron. What makes you think that I'd even bother to listen to you?" Syndication couldn't hold it back any longer.

Alero got up; he walked over to Syndication his sheer size towering over her. “You need to cut this slag out.”

“You’re trying to be intimidating?” Syndication just kept her broom sweeping as if Alero hadn’t approached.

“Well I could just give you a nudge.” He picked up his foot and pushed her slightly.

Syndication got up off the ground and looked at Alero. “And I can just smack you now.”

Lenear dropped her broom and came over stepping between the two. “We’re never going to finish this if you two are going to be fooling around.”

Syndication lit her jets and hovered just at optic level with Lenear. “You two started it.”

“No you did Syndication; you started all of this with your plotting and teasing.” Lenear didn’t back away from the Cassetticon in front of her.

Floating there a little longer Syndication let her dentals grind. She hated to take responsibility for a scheme gone wrong. “If you had only listened to me in the first place this wouldn’t have happened.” She let her burners die out and landed back on the landing strip.

“I believe that is my line.” Augmentation said with a smirk.

“You! You and Audio are some help; my own sibling won’t even defend me.” Syndication was starting to get frustrated.

“I tried,” Augmentation corrected as she came to the location that now most of them were standing around. “You didn’t want to listen.”

The door slid open and silence took over as Soundwave entered. He stood there for a moment as the sparklings disbursed back to their duties under his glare.

“I didn’t..” Syndication didn’t even get the words out when Soundwave looked directly at her his visor flashing right crimson. She froze instantly and then began to clean again.

Soundwave waited a moment to make sure that everyone was going to stay on task, then he turned and left leaving a lingering telepathic message of ’Stay on task.’

In one quick movement each sparking began to clean again with a bit more haste. Lenear shook her head at the whole thought of it, here she was what Earth parents would consider an adult being punished like a child because of the acts of her youngest sibling and his little rivalry. She looked over at Audioslave then back down at the mop.

Her best friend Audioslave stared at his sister, he too was sick of her little pranks and irritating teasing, only he didn't know what to do about it. Audioslave knew that she might not grow out of it much like Rumble and Frenzy who were both much older then all of them still had the persona of a twelve year old.

Augmentation perked up as if she heard something. "Hey Syn, I think your boyfriend is on his way."

"Shut up! I told you I don't like him." the small Cassetticon spat.

"It’s about time Deltron came to help, it was his idea to do this one anyway." Alero nodded to himself.

Lenear nodded as well, "If he hadn't been pushed though he wouldn't have needed us."

Just about that time Deltron came through the door and stopped, his right hand hanging down at his side the other at his hip a firm smirk placed on his face.

Irritated and mad at herself mostly, Syndication had not noticed that the others had stopped working and joined Deltron at the door until she heard them speaking. She looked over at them only they seemed to block her view. She threw the brush down and stood up again. "You guys were the ones that said we'd never finish!" she yelled.

Deltron took a step between Alero and Audioslave into Syndication's full view, he stood there just as he had when he had walked in allowing her to see that the fuss what actually about. Her optics widened in surprise. There on his right arm was the mini-cannon. "Dad says I've learned enough control that I can keep it on trial basis." he seemed to stand up straighter.

Syndication couldn't resist. "It’s about time."

Deltron grinned further, "Oh and dad says that we can all go. Syndication can finish the rest of it." he turned on his heal and headed for the door. Lenear and Alero shook their heads while Audioslave, Augmentation and Onium headed straight for the door.

In few a moments the room was silent save for the clicking of Syndication's fans to cool her systems. Finding herself alone Syndication thought about Deltron and his new sense of pride over his accomplishment. She smiled and thought about it a little longer and it finally dawned on her that she did like him just like they had teased her she just didn't realize how much.
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