Not a Toy! 
Not a Toy

BAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!! The entire structure quaked as the dust rose out side, “What in the galaxy is going on?” Megatron leapt from his desk and headed out the corridor in the direction of the sound.

Rumble and Frenzy both backed up against the wall as the leader walked passed them “What ever happened we didn’t do it.” Frenzy said in a quiet voice. Megatron shot them a look before passing them completely.

Entering the landing area Megatron lit his thrusters and headed out into the center area where the education facilities were. Down on the flat below he could see a cluster of sparklings all gathered around, gliding over them he let the thrusters die out planting him firmly next to the group. He could see the massive hole in the building they were facing and by the trajectory it had come from the group.

“What is going on?” he demanded.

Lenear and Audioslave stepped up as if spoke persons for the smaller mechs. “It wasn’t meant to happen.”

“If it was meant to or not is not in question it did and I want an explanation immediately.” The cannon on his arm swung as he pointed then moved his hand back; he then took a step closer to them intimidating most of them.

“Setting miss judged” Audioslave explained.

Megatron’s optics became little slivers of ruby. “Settings on what?” his voice was low and dangerous.

“My cannon dad,” A smaller voice finally spoke from the center of the group.

“DELTRON!” the decibel of the sound made Audioslave, Syndication and Augmentation all flinch. “I told you, you need more time with this it is not a TOY!”

Soundwave, Raider, Shockwave, Prizm and Juci came from all directions they looked at the building that had sustained a huge crater that left the top section teetering on collapse. Strike that, Shockwave and Soundwave gathered in front of the group and pushed them back despite the hold Megatron had on Deltron as the top portion of the building starting to break a way and came down tumbling to their feet.

The danger out of the way Prizm turned to see Megatron holding Deltron at the collar by one hand and his hand firmly gripping the mini cannon in the other while in mid air. “Wait a second let’s find out what happened.”

Soundwave silently transmitted instructions to his three sparklings with Raider’s approval tacked on to the end. Juci stood there she was trying to hold her laughed in at just how much Deltron was like his father.

Augmentation, Audioslave and Syndication all stepped to one side, closer to Raider. “What happened?” She questioned them in low tones.

“Syndication dared him to do it.” Augmentation spoke first.

“Lenear and I arrived just before Megatron we didn’t catch many of the details.” Audioslave confirmed.

“I did not!” Syndication argued. “I just told him if he was going to be a real mech he is going to have to act like one.

“Oh yeah like that didn’t help,” Augmentation turned to Syndication. “You taunted him till he turned up the setting and let it go.”

“It’s not my fault he can’t handle a little teasing.” Syndication laughed.

“Stop it this instant.” Raider confronted Syndication. “You are confined to your quarters no training no music and no visitors. And you will go with Deltron to explain what you did to Scrapper if he has something he wants you to do you WILL help.”

Optics narrowed but down to the ground “Alright mom.” She glanced up at Soundwave who looked back at her unwaveringly she knew he was also upset.

“Dad let me down, it was an accident!” Deltron’s feet dangled moving back and forth as he wiggled within Megatron’s grip. “I just wanted to scare them by letting it charge up.”

“You’ve destroyed a building with your carelessness, “Megatron heard what Soundwave’s sparklings had said his one hand worked at trying to dislodge the mini cannon from Deltron’s arm.

Prizm placed her hand over Megatron’s then released the cannon. “You are going to rebuild it, and this cannon is going to be locked up.”

Megatron was not happy as Prizm released his fingers from Deltron’s armor; his fingers had left some pretty deep indents. “You will also have many other duties, once that is finished.” He subspaced the mini cannon so he know exactly where it was. Inside he was rather proud of his youngest sparkling.
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