Prizm and Megatron's first Sparkling  October, 11 2004

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"My father’s rule is certain just bow before us now."

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 6.
Intelligence: 5.
Speed: 7.
Endurance: 5.
Rank: 2.
Courage: 7.
Firepower: 8.
Skill: 6.

Parental Units: Megatron, and Prizm.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron
Siblings Alero, and Deltron.
Spark date: : October 11 2004.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Sparkling Study Halls.
Direct officer: Prizm.
Signature: user posted image

Her first encounter with live enemies found her hesitant to respond. She took that as a hard learning stepping stone knowing that the fast actions of Raider pulled her from the grasp of deactivation. Taking that into her processor she vowed to herself to never let it happen again and to this point hasn’t. This would include those around her; she has stepped up to study with her best friend Audioslave to learn the other abilities of those around her so she will know the best way to handle any situation.

Accomplishing this has given her that natural leadership that Megatron possesses right into Lenear’s lap, she sees more things come together much more easily, but prefers to take council with Audioslave and Alero. Not to be confused with lacking competency Lenear just prefers to make sure all possibilities have been explored. That compounded with Alero’s same leadership abilities can make the two of them appear to argue over the best course of action. Alero has won her over to a point she steps back and allows him to speak for the group.

Now that Deltron has entered the picture Lenear feels he is the obvious leader to which Deltron claims easily. She hasn’t deviated from her studies, or her training, but takes time to make sure she keeps her sibling bonds tight. Lenear now realizes that Megatron has chosen Deltron to replace him if the need arises, but the question now comes to her that since Prizm is the new Air commander would that pass on to her if something should happen to her mother? That remains to be seen however the fact that any time someone is unable to take their place in her mother’s seeker triad Lenear is called to fill that gap.

Having been successful in her tests as well as her missions not to mention saving one of her fellow sparklings Megatron as awarded her with her Decepticon insignia; making her the first sparkling of her generation to receive one.

Though she has her mother’s jet mode and near basic look her color and natural paint is the exact same silver as Megatron’s. Her optics reflects that deep ruby like color of his as well.

One of the things she has done to make her different is the augmentation of her booster jets, Audioslave with the help of Soundwave have installed an isolated booster which is fed from her power chip. A little bit of testing on her armor was required and successfully resulted in the knowledge that she has inherited her father’s armor density, which has allowed the augmentation to work. This can boost her top speed by double this can only be done when moving in a linear fashion the stress that the speed causes nullifies the flaps and rudders for steering. Speed in straight short bust can pull her out of any pinch, though not fully grown yet she can out run even Starscream in these short bursts.

Weakness: Not the best at flying just yet Lenear has come too close to some of the other jets while in formation. Her proximity sensors have yet to come online. The new Augmentations have rendered her navigation void when they are activated if done at the wrong instant could cause a fatal crash.

Second of a new generation of Decepticons; Lenear is the near a perfect balance between her male parent Megatron and Female parent Prizm. She has demonstrated a spot on vision; nothing seems to sneak by her as well as a speed burst her jet mode even though smaller has been able to keep up with that of her mother. Under the watchful optic of Shockwave Lenear’s studies have increased, and has started to incorporate some of Earth’s history as well. Her determination keeps her in the study rooms for hours on end while her natural curiosity only feeds her want of knowledge. She has been known to plot things out and see them to the end, as well as draw up her plans before hand.

As time has passed Lenear had been first inline to take over the empire should something happen to her father Megatron; only now she has found out that Starscream is basically her elder half brother. This has pushed her to gain ground on her studies, as well as time in the battle simulator. She dislikes the Air Commander and refuses to fly with him adding herself to her mothers team for the time being. She become good friends with Audioslave and enjoys having him around making them a pair Audioslave is like her right hand. She does think she has stronger feelings for him though.

Temperament is something she inherited from her father this sparking is going to need to learn control. She can be easily angered and the emotional feelings that have carried over from her mother magnify them. This came out instantly when Starscream told her of their relation, but it also served to make her stubborn streak to out do the seeker.

Like Audioslave Rumble and Frenzy were assigned to her to teach her the art of play. While the two cassettes favored that of human pranks and tricks Lenear figured out why her mother would assign this to her. The ’play’ as they had called it served for instant on the spot plotting as well as instant cause an effect. It has served her right to out think them in an environment that was not war.

General characteristics

* Crew: 1 (not needed)
* Length: 37 ft 4 in
* Wingspan: 21ft 8 in
* Height: 10 ft 4 in
* Wing area: 146 ft (17.28 m)
* Airfoil: NACA 65A004.8 root, NACA 64A004.8 tip
* Weight: 11,047 lbs
* Max takeoff weight: 22,664 lb (11,187 kg)
* Powerplant: 2 General Electric J85-GE-21B turbojet
o Dry thrust: 3,500 lbf (15.5 kN) each
o Thrust with afterburner: 5,000 lbf (22.2 kN) each
* Zero-lift drag coefficient: 0.0200
* Drag area: 2.4 ft
* Aspect ratio: 2.96
* Internal fuel: 497 US gal
* External fuel: 275 US gal (1,040 L) per tank in up to 3 tanks


* Maximum speed: 815 mph, 1630, with specialized boosters engaged.
* Combat radius: 760 nmi (870 mi, 1,405 km)
* Ferry range: 2,010 nmi (2,310 mi, 3,720 km)
* Service ceiling 51,800 ft (15,800 m)
* Rate of climb: 34,400 ft/min (175 m/s)
* Lift-to-drag ratio: 10.0

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara