First Sparkling to a New Generation. April 4, 2004.

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"You cannot help but listen."

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 5.
Intelligence: 6.
Speed: 4.
Endurance: 4.
Rank: 2.
Courage: 5.
Firepower: 3.
Skill: 6.

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Parental Units:
Soundwave, and Raider.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron.
Siblings Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw,
Syndication, and Augmentation.
Spark date: April 4 2004.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Cassetticons.
Direct officer:
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Audioslave considers himself to be a full member of the Decepticon army, and by all rights he is. Having earned his insignia his status as part of the ranks was finally established. With pride, Soundwave has brought him in with him to most of his duties teaching him most of his responsibilities regardless of the fact that Audioslave still is not fully grown.

Feeling that he is setting an example for the other sparklings Audioslave strives to mirror Soundwave as best as he can, as well as learn the complex multitasking his father seems to be infamous for.

Requesting his own duties Soundwave has given Audioslave the nightshift relieving Sideswipe. This has also created a communications net work, between Soundwave, Blaster, and Audioslave. A complete loop established has created the amount of information coming through to a higher level as well as cut down the loss of data through incomplete transmissions.

This young Decepticon has taken on the task of Cassette repair. Another thing his father has started to teach him. While Soundwave still feels Audioslave is too young for his own Cassette, he has allowed him to work with several of his half brothers to get a feel for what it is he will be working with.

He is a shorter version of Soundwave and now sports proudly Decepticon insignia that he has finally earned. He likes to keep his shoulder cannon in subspace insisting he needs not have it for what he does. He shows great loyalty to Megatron and his daughter Lenear as well as the other sparklings.

So far he shows very few human traits but he hasn’t been stressed to the point that he has shown more emotion than a smile.

Quiet and thoughtful much like Soundwave; Audioslave is basically Lenear’s right hand. He keeps up with her scholastically, and is always found at her side. He is quick to protect her when things become out of control even when facing her father Megatron.

Rarely speaking to anyone, he relies on his own telepathy to communicate with almost everyone he does however speak aloud to Megatron due to the fact that the Warlord does not like to be invaded with the telepathy.

Although more sparklings have come online the academy is not yet what it should be. Megatron as forgone the usual process and has tested the sparkling himself. Audioslave’s scholastics and self discipline have paid off and Audioslave was second to earn his Decepticon insignia.

Before he could talk he spoke his natural telepathic abilities made them selves known to Soundwave even before his mate knew she was with spark. Soundwave himself explained to Raider what exactly was going on and taught her to use the mental link to ‘speak’ to Audioslave.

This telepathic link came as a great resource for Audioslave as he used it to learn and gain an immense deal of knowledge before he was born. At birth, he didn’t realize there was vocalization in speaking and it took him a few moments before he could manage to vocalize properly.

Rumble and Frenzy were assigned to him and Lenear to teach them something more than studying. Raider and Prizm feel that they don’t act like kids. Though Megatron knows about it he watches will curious optics as to what Raider and Prizm think kids should act like.

Taking to more simulation training with all his ‘book work’ now out of the way Audioslave has mastered simple circuits, and has begun to alter and create small working models and other robotics. He spars with Lenear who has been taught by Megatron himself.

Audioslave finds himself trailing Lenear in his studies since he takes the time to go through things thoroughly to see how they operate and how he can improve them over her just learning how to work it.

First of a new generation of Decepticons; Audioslave is the spitting image if his male parent Soundwave. He is keen to pick up on telepathic links quickly and show a fast learning ability for a sparkling. Audioslave took it upon himself to learn how transform. While he had questioned Soundwave about the mass shift, and what it would do to his small frame, he refused to ask for help. Raider however caught him practicing one night while checking on him before her recharge cycle, instead of a little mech recharging on his birth, there was a very small micro-cassette recorder. She could sense that he was in recharge and let him be.

His small stature is weakened by growth some softer parts in the joins and places where growth is starting are easily ruptured and broken. While having the communications feed open Audioslave can be quickly drawn into to it, leaving him unaware of what is happening around him.

More will be added as he progresses.

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