The Dare. 

The Dare

“Thank the maker this class is over.” Syndication stepped out of the room. The academy had taken on a rather large number of sparklings since opening and was finally starting to resemble something of a school.

“Hey Syndication this crap is boring like some old library or something we should liven it up.” The smaller Decepticon looked around the expression on his face that of boredom.

“Oh sure just blow something up as usual and send your dad down here to scream at us again. No thanks!” Syndication would have rolled her optics if she could but it was best to not tease Deltron when he was like this.

“We don’t have to, but come on.” Deltron had already made up his mind he was going to do something.

“Well I suppose we can do something stupid, at least it would be funny,” as if Syndication needed coaxed into anything.

“What do you mean?”

There was a bit of a pause while Syndication thought about it. “I know, take off your armor.”

“What?” Deltron was shocked.

“Take off your armor and run outside with out it.” Syndication smiled.


“Well you said something fun and it would be fun for me to watch you.” Fire burned in Syndication’s optics.

“No way am I not going to do it unless you do.” Del thought he was smart and was going to talk Syndication into it.

“I am a femme we don’t streak.” Syndication said turning her nose up.

“Well I don't care if you think I am going out there alone you've lost your processor.” Del crossed his arms over his chest and huffed.

That irritated Syndication she wanted to watch him get in trouble. “FINE, I’ll stay here and watch your armor, then we’ll switch.”

Deltron smirked he had thought for sure he had got her, he started removing his armor and left it in a pile near Syndication’s feet. He opened the door and slowly peered out, to check to see if anyone was around. In a flash of silver he flung the door open and ran out. Syndication slid over to the window and watched giggling and shaking her head.

In only a few moments Deltron heard incoming thrusters, as did Syndication. She went to the door and locked it.

The future Emperor ran to the door hitting it hard expecting it to open as he neared it he fell down on his aft with a loud grunt. He scrambled then to his feet and began to bang on the door. “SIN let me in!”

The sound of the thrusters came nearer, and the voice of Deltron’s mother Prizm came floating down, “Deltron!”

BAM BAM BAM Deltron pounded on the door. “SYN open the door right now! SIN-DIE-K-shon! OPEN IT!” his fists were making indents on the door.

The Air Commander landed behind her youngest son, “Deltron, what is going on?”

The small gun former could hear her walking up to him. He rested his head on the door there was absolutely no way to get out of it now. “Syndication’s idea she was going to do it after me.”

“Where is she now?”

“She was inside, but she locked me out and my armor inside.” He stood there bare to the world not bothering to cover himself.

“Syndication told me to do it; she said she'd do it after I did.” He repeated.

“And you believed her.” Prizm cocked her head to the side.

“We just wanted to liven this place up; it’s so boring here.”

“Its school, it’s not going to be fun all the time.” Prizm explained.

“Does dad know?” Deltron hoped that Megatron didn’t.

“Of course he does.” Prizm answered.

Deltron’s optics hit the ground and his posture slumped. “Slag. Well can you get Syndication to open the door so I can get my armor?”

Prizm looked through the window, “Syndication?”

There was an audible crunch and then she answered. “Yes?” She had to push herself up from the floor; she had leaned against the wall and slipped.

“Syndication, open the door.”

Knowing there was no reason to argue she did as asked and the door opened allowing Deltron to fall in. “Ugh, that’s twice Syndication; I’ll get you for this.” He said under his breath.

Syndication hid against the back wall as Deltron got up

“It was like a bet, if she didn't she'd owe me!” His optics had and evil glint in them.

His mother only looked at him.

Deltron’s optics darted around in the dark searching for Syndication, “You didn’t have to lock me out.”

“Yes I did, I didn’t want you in here running around while I was.. Nevermind. I didn’t get a chance to do it.”

The young mech began to attach his armor then he looked up at where the voice had come from, “That’s right. You OWE me one now.”

“Syndication I don't owe you anything i just didn't get to take my turn and it’s not like your mom is going to let me.” The smaller cassette argued.

“I WILL think of something and you'll have to do it.” He finished replacing his armor and crossed his arms.

“Sure say that right here where your mom can here you'll get in trouble too when ever you think of something she will know it was you.” Syndication came out of the dark slowly.

“I am smarter than that, you just wait.” Deltron taunted her.

“Del.” Prizm reminded him she was still there.


“Stop it.” Prizm told him sternly.

Deltron didn’t say anything else but looked to Syndication with a smirk on is face that betrayed his thoughts. 'I'll figure something out' he silently vowed.

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