Spot Fix
Cyclonus elects to help his leader once more.

The blast from the cannon lit up the landscape, but with each one it pulled more and more from his power reserve. Watch this Cyclonus know he was going to have to pull his leader Galvatron out of battle soon. The Autobots had been able to scrap most of the sweeps and had stated closing in on their location.

So far Galvatron himself had taken six shots to his chest armor where it had now weakened and cracked. Cyclonus could not believe the luck he was having, on top of all of that his own blast had ricocheted off a nearby structure and found its way right into the crack. With each movement and swing of the cannon a new gush of energon flowed out. It would only be a matter of minutes before Cyclonus would have to take shelter and stem the leak himself.

Again the cannon lit up the area and Cyclonus caught sight of the Autobots that now were too close for his comfort. Behind them was a building that had been hollowed and now just four walls shown an outline of what it used to be. Cyclonus left his place behind the bolder and approached Galvatron.

“Mighty one we must stop this leak.”

“Shut up Cyclonus, I am busy! Don’t just stand there kill THE AUTOBOTS!” Galvatron swung his cannon up again and aimed where Rodimus Prime had just been.

Cyclonus saw the energon flow again through the crack, as Galvatron blasted away the rubble where the Autobot leader was hiding. “Lord Galvatron, we must take shelter.” He fired a few blasts in the ‘bots direction.

“NO! I will not leave while the Autobots gain ground!” Galvatron felt the crack his armor. “This is nothing LEAVE ME BE!”

Shooting of another few rounds Cyclonus looked over Galvatron again this time he could see the energon on his leader’s hand. “Might Galvatron look at your hand.”

The leader looked down at his hand then again at the crack that now more noticeably gushed his own fluids. “I don’t care I am too close to deal with that now.” Galvatron started shooting wildly.

It was time Cyclonus didn’t have much more choice if he let Galvatron stay he would only succeed in his own termination either by fire or bleed to death. He grabbed the back of the futuristic cannon and yanked pulling Galvatron off balance and to the ground. He then grabbed his shoulders and pulled him by force behind the wall he had seen previously. Galvatron was certainly not pleased he kicked and screamed not really making much of any words but continued to shoot at the direction of the Autobots. Cyclonus got them both behind the wall at which Galvatron stood and turn facing him.

“What is the meaning of this!” he screamed. “Why did you interrupt me?”

Cyclonus didn’t answer right away; he took his micro welder from his subspace pocket. He pushed Galvatron down while the leader yelled. He pressed his finger into the secret spot that slid his chest armor open. Four of the major fuel lines that came from the fuel pump itself had leaks and one had been severed. Working quickly before Galvatron could toss him off he pinched off the severed one and welded it back together, over all that had caused the most energon loss.

“CYCLONUS GET OFF ME!” the armor at Galvatron’s command attempted to close on his fingers.

He pressed again forcing it open, he spot welded the other three but didn’t finish before a cannon came across his face knocking him off and to the ground. “Might Galvatron I merely wanted to extend the time you would have to fight the Autobots.” Cyclonus lied. The ground rumbled around them.

Galvatron scowled at his second but noticed the difference. “Never mind that call the Decepticons back we shall take the Autobots on better ground.”

“Understood mighty one.” Cyclonus called through his comlink to the Decepticon masses, “We are done her for now, back to Charr.”

Galvatron as usual took off flying off into the air Cyclonus on his heals.


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