Cannon Troubles!
Cannon Troubles

What was left of the war was quiet. The Decepticons were becoming the primary force in the immediate galaxy and though war machines by nature, they would not let their guard down, they had begun to work on their home planet of Cybertron. This was also a time of building forces, on a scale of planetary invasion.

As a demo to his young sparklings Megatron had decided to set up a sparing session with Soundwave, (whose youngest ones were also watching), the young ones would watch from the observation deck. Soundwave of course would do as needed and give it an honest work out, which was exactly what Megatron had wanted.

As the simulation started the sparklings watched, sparks flew as Soundwave defended then flew again as he attacked and Megatron blocked. Only a few silent moments passed until one of Soundwave’s sparklings spoke up.

“I don’t get it, I mean I know he doesn’t intend to terminate Soundwave but he has that cannon why not use it?” Augmentation favored intelligence, she realize that there must be a reason why the Emperor took on a sword. The smaller female watched the batter with critical optics, her frame was thin and light watching her father avoid some potentially significant blows was very educational. She had inherited her mothers VTOL Earthen Harrier jet mode.

“I don’t understand it either, when I had mine I wanted to use it, and it was so easy to just BAM!” Deltron was Megatron’s youngest sparkling, who really looked like a smaller clone of the Decepticon Ruler.

“I wouldn’t worry about that much Deltron it’s not like you have your cannon anyway.” Syndication taunted. She was Raiders middle sparkling, the one to cause the most trouble. If it weren’t for Rumble and Frenzy some might not thing she was fathered by Soundwave.

Deltron glared at Syndication, it was her fault it had been taken in the first place. She wasn’t much bigger than he was now regardless of age, she would remain small due to the fact she was actually a Cassetticon. “Whose fault is that?” he asked.

“Not mine I didn’t tell you to go out and start shooting up the academy.” Syndication felt it was time for another round of her favorite game ‘Tease Deltron’.

“You might as well have!” Deltron countered.

“Doesn’t matter now even if you did have it you don’t even know what it can do.” Syndication liked to use facts when ever she could.

“I will learn to control it,” Deltron’s words held passion.

“Yeah right, watch out now Deltron is armed and dangerous!” Syndication giggled. “What are you going to do steal it?”

No longer glaring at Syndication Deltron watched his father in the simulator, “Yes.” There was an odd silence then he began again, “and you all are going to help me. I will take control of it show you and Dad I can handle it.”

Audioslave, Raider’s oldest Sparkling, and mirror copy of Soundwave shook his head, he could feel the determination coming from Deltron. He knew that when the small Decepticon was like this there was no way to talk him out if it. That meant trouble.

“Deltron are you sure about this? Can’t you wait till Dad takes you out?” Megatron’s oldest questioned.

“Yes, I can do this, if I wait I will be waiting forever, you know how he is.” Deltron looked at his elder sister, whom looked a lot like their mother.

“I guess that means your going to ask me to get it for you.” Alero piped up, he was Deltron’s older brother and though he tried to look out for Deltron the youngest one still seemed to find trouble.

“Yeah, I know where it is. But you’ll have to teleport in to get it.” Deltron still watched it was as if he was forming the plan. “Augmentation?”

“You really have to drag me into this?” Raider’s youngest sparkling retorted.

“I need you to keep your parents from tracking us. We’ll have to go out side the city so I can fire it without damaging anything.”

“If I do this you are going to owe me one.” She shot him a look.

“Fine.” The youngest one answered.

“I have to do it I need you to help me it isn’t going to work.” The small silver and red Decepticons optics flashed crimson as he spoke.


Silently walking through the hall Deltron had subspaced his cannon so they would not be questioned on their way out.

“Are you serious? You really want to try this?” Despite the fact that the female was old than he she was smaller.

“Augmentation, Syndication has taunted me over this since I got it. We all know the possibilities now it is time to put them to the test.”

“My sister is a spoiled brat, you know that Deltron.” Aug shook her head, “Are the others in on this?”

“Yes, Lenear is with my father now keeping him busy, Audio is trying to talk me out of it over comm link but I made up my processor.” Deltron held his cannon with both hands looking at the highly polished ebony surface he longed to have it with him at all times like his father.

“What about Syn?” Augmentation asked.

“She’s trying to catch up, and Audio is trying to talk her out of it, but I want to test it and work out what I can do with it, before she does. Now I need you to keep your parents from tracking us.”

She sighed out loud sometimes having her particular telepathic efficiency was a pain in the aft. “Fine, lets just hurry the less time this takes the less trouble we’ll be in.”

With an evil smirk Deltron nodded, “We’re just going to head out side the city wall. The North side hasn’t had much repair work done and no one will notice a few more structures missing.”

The two sparklings took to the air heading North.

Audioslave stood at a monitor looking over the day’s activities; he kept the channels clear allowing Deltron and his sister Augmentation quiet time to get out of the area, his link with Lenear telling him exactly how much time they have before Megatron is finished with Lenear’s lesson in the simulator. His telepathic link to his siblings kept each one of them informed of any slight change. He watched the scanners as his friend and sibling flew out of the city limit. Then noticed a third blip he instantly he contacted it,
“Syndication, what are you doing?”

“I can’t let them go alone they are out side the walls.”

“Deltron insisted he can’t do this with all of us there.”

“I don’t care.”
Syndication put up some of her mind’s barriers to keep Audio from using the link.

The mech sighed internally much like his father he didn’t care to show much emotion. He opened a comm link to Alero, “I need your help, Syndication has gone to catch Deltron, this is dangerous enough without her there can you see if you can talk some sense into her?”

The sparklings between Prizm and Raider had been raised closely together and had forged some strong bonds among them despite their competitiveness, and Syndication’s teasing. Four of them in fact had come rather close, first two were easily discovered. Lenear and Audioslave seemed linked before she could speak, once they here up and walking they were inseparable. Now it would seem Deltron, even though he was younger had a very similar pull to Syndication, though their relationship was much rougher with taunting and teasing and even a bit if hand to hand combat in contrast to that of their other sibling’s ability to get a long.

Alero simply shook his head, it was just like them to go and pull something like this now he was going to get dragged into it, he’d probably get into trouble right a long side them. As he saw it though they were a sort of team and he’d watch out for them just like they would for him. “Alright, but you know how she is.” He answered.

“Can you just teleport to her?” Audio was a study he knew each and everyone of his, his siblings and his friends abilities.

“I have enough trouble with my own mass, the teleport wasn’t met to move machinery like me, and to be honest I have yet to master it.” Not that he would admit to that to anyone else.

“Alright, do what you can.” Audio closed the comm.

Just then Lenear chimed into his telepathy,
’How are things coming?’

“Deltron and Augmentation are nearing the designated area, Syndication is tying to join them, Alero is attempting to talk her out of it.”
Audio said it slow and clear he knew it would be hard for her to concentrate given her fastidious situation.

Lenear’s response came back broken and he could feel her straining.
’I don’t know how much I can keep this up, he’s really testing me this time.’

‘Understood, Deltron and Augmentation are landing now, it shouldn’t take much longer now.’
Audioslave felt Lenear pull her attention away, so he sent an urgency to Augmentation to get things moving.

Pulling her combat sword across her chest Lenear blocked another strong blow from Megatron; his power pushed her back her feet digging into the metal as he forced her back.

“You will need to attack.” He told her pressing her again a few more feet and he’d have her pinned to the wall.

Lenear heard him but didn’t say anything, her smaller frame was much more agile than his but lacked the strength, what he had taught her was to be aware of her surroundings and the same wall he had planned to pin her against Lenear had planned on using it to push him away. Sensors alerted her of the distance, as he raised his sword to press her again she braced her foot against the wall and lit her thrusters. Keeping her blade flat she sped right into the silver metal chest of her father. She pulled her second foot up and kicked its thruster.

Megatron took a step back and braced himself keeping his balance, he had not expected that. It was good. Just as he was about to side step and let her go she powered down and drew the blade to one side threatening to slam it in to his left side. He countered it with his forearm, the blade biting into his armor.

“I will,” she affirmed pulling her blade free, the training continued.

“Deltron, Syn is on her way lets get started.”

The young mech held the cannon in his hand turning it over slowly and then slid it onto the socket slowly there were a few soft clicks as it locked into place, then a whine as it fed off his systems powering up. It seemed to feel right, as it if completed him.

“Del?” Augmentation had waited a few seconds before trying to get his attention again.

Her voice brought him back to the here and now and he scanned the area for a likely target. He selected one of the small buildings that’s lower level was still intact. He fired a short single blast at the lower setting. The power pushed his shoulder back with a jerk and what was left of the building was now rubble.

“Syndication let them go if you go we’re just going to get into more trouble.” Alero tried to convince her.

“He wouldn’t be out there if I didn’t tease him about it.” She said angrily.

“Let him work it out of his systems, he’s going to do it now even if you do catch him.”

“So you’d let your sibling hurt himself?” that stopped her in her flight.

“Syn he is just like father, nothing I could do would stop him and that is why Lenear is keeping father busy.”

“I want to be there,” she cut the comm link, and sped North.

Alero didn’t bother to open his comm he could feel Audio’s telepathy and the disappointment that followed. Deltron and Syndication out there with only Augmentation there to keep the peace wasn’t good. He headed out and started to fly North himself with any luck he’d teleport a few short distances and catch Aug, before she got there. He geared his stabilizers then teleported once.

“No,” Alero’s comm link came to life with Audioslave’s voice. The distance was much too far for him to relink his telepathy.

“You know how those two are,” Alero kept moving.

“Let them be.”

Frustrated Alero stopped he knew that Audio was right nothing he could do would help now. He just hoped they would make it back into city limits before the two of them went into full out combat.

Smoke and debris rained around Deltron and Augmentation as the second building he had fired out fell to the ground. The setting this time mid scale on the fusion blast only, it had pushed Deltron back into a pile of rubble that used to be a wall. He shook his head, and read the damage reports only minimal scrapes and scratches.

Augmentation got up off her aft brushing herself off, “Are we done now can we go?”

“Not just yet, I have two more I want to try.” He set the fusion at full power, and took aim at a four story building, one of the larger structures that still stood.

Syndication saw the smoke rising, and headed directly for it. As she neared a purple flash raced across the distance and into another building.

The building began to glow white hot then from the center burst out with a wave of backlash that emanated from the center. Flames, heated slag and smoke shot up into the atmosphere. Deltron slammed through the rubble he had stood in front of and then through a second wall hitting a third that groaned at the shockwave. Augmentation had taken cover behind a wall that had crumbled around her. Syndication was rocked and pushed back mid flight, she countered quickly and landed just outside where she had tracked the fusion blasts origin.

His read outs still within acceptable Deltron got up, his shoulder had been jarred much harder this time but it didn’t feel too bad. Naturally he had been built to deal with the cannon and his components adjusted, which is part of the reason he wanted to do this.

“Del that is enough,” Augmentation started.

“No, I have one more.” Deltron reset his stance and prepared to fire. He set the cannon for the lowest setting on the antimatter black hole. He leveled his arm at the last standing building and let the cannon whine as it powered up.

Syndication spotted Deltron’s silver frame and headed down to land. Her feet barely touched down when Deltron let the antimatter fly.

At first there was an eerie silence, the cannon began to hum is protocols engaging seriously for the first time. A blue haze seemed to cover it, then spread to Deltron and then around him in a sphere, he could feel the power draining from him as it powered the cannon and the door to the black hole’s energy was opened. In an instant there was a white-purple flash and then nothing.

Augmentation’s optics went offline, but she could feel the wave of power that over took her. She knelt down but was blasted back into a building and covered with rubble. Syndication didn’t hit the ground; the output of used power than came from the back side of the cannon came right at her, she could feel the heat but was hard-pressed back by it’s force before it reached her, and then knocked offline.

In the command center Prizm looked over some read outs before turning to Raider. “Did you feel that?”

“Come on we got to go,” Raider pulled Prizm at the elbow, “Delton’s in trouble.” She headed out the door Prizm behind her.

Megatron stopped mid swipe, allowing Lenear to hit him full force. He brushed it off and then glared down at his oldest child. “Where is Deltron?” he demanded.

Lenear’s face took a look of surprise, “he took the cannon to the North.” She knew better than to lie.

“You will go to your quarters until farther notice,” he stormed out of the simulation chamber and headed to the closest hanger.

“Trouble?” Prizm nearly stumbled with the speed that Raider pulled her. “What kind of trouble?”

“Aug has been blocking my telepathy, until just now I couldn’t pin point her,” Raider opened the hanger bay door. “He’s in stasis, Syn’s systems are rebooting, and Aug, is down as well.”

Soundwave shook his head he could feel Syndication’s worry, and Augmentation’s faint fury. He walked through the hall to the console where Audioslave was standing; the young mech held his head down his optic band unwilling to meet the cold stare of his father, with out a word he headed to his quarters.

Prizm transformed in unison with Raider and they both thrust out of the hanger at full speed heading North. Finally able to find Deltron’s signal Prizm spoke up, “How did he get into stasis?”

With out hesitation Raider had got the information from Soundwave who in turn had got it from Audioslave. “Deltron was testing his cannon.”

Readouts appeared in her optics before the came fully online as Syndication’s systems finally came back online. Damage was only superficial scratches, a few dents from the impact she had taken but not internal damage. Her optics came online and she forced them to struggle, she couldn’t see Augmentation at all, and Deltron’s prone from lay out just in front of her. She pushed herself up and crawled to him, he didn’t appear to have any physical damage, but his optics were dark and to her sensors his signal didn’t appear. She looked around, searching for Augmentation; she reached out to her siblings link and zeroed in on it. A pile of rubble covered where Aug’s signal came from. She began to dig.

Speeding across the cityscape Prizm internally shook her head, “Those kids are going to be in so much trouble.”

“I can’t believe how much they do as a team they are all involved, Lenear, Alero, and Audioslave too.” Raider sighed to herself.

Megatron hit the hanger bay he jumped up into the air and headed North.

Lenear sat on her recharge birth she knew whatever happened she would be in trouble. There was a tingle in her processor. ‘Dad knew’

‘I thought he might, he knows the signature of the blast.’

‘He’s on his way.’ Lenear sighed, she knew that Audioslave could tell how she felt.

’Our mothers are on the way as well.’

Not that it made her feel any better, but at least their mothers would see that her father wouldn’t make things worse.

Finally Syndication pulled Augmentation out of the ruins, just as she got her younger sibling sat up her dark red optics blinked to life. “I’ll kill him myself!”

“I need you to check him over as it is. I don’t get any readings from him.” Syndication pulled her sister up to her feet.”

Augmentation’s expression changed as she looked around Syndication to where she last remembered Deltron. “Where is he?”

Syn turned and lead her to the prone from. Augmentation looked him over her telepathy reaching out to him. There she found him, but he was even in recharge mode within his own mind. She took a breath and looked up at Syn. “he’s in stasis lock.”

Syn heard the familiar sounds of Raider’s jets. “We’re in so much trouble.”

The two females touched down once transformed. Raider checked over her two sparklings with critical optics then Deltron. “What made you come out here? Why didn’t you tell someone what you were doing?”

Neither one answered, they just backed away as Raider looked Deltron over more carefully.

Prizm over looked Deltron herself then turned to the two sparklings. “Why are you out here?” she demanded.

“It was the only place we could think of that wouldn’t be noticed if damage was done.” Augmentation finally answered.

“Do you know how much danger you could have been in out here? The city limits are in place for that reason.” Prizm attempted to keep her anger in check.

Everyone looked to the sky as a silver figured approached.

Augmentation shook her head, “Slaggit,” furry over Deltron convincing her to come out here combined with the fact that she would not only be in trouble from her own mother but now here came Megatron her anger got the best of her.

Syndication tried to make herself look smaller, though it wasn’t working. She knew the actually question of why had yet to be answered, and she knew exactly why.

Megatron landed hardly sending a small shockwave that disturbed some of the debris. “I want to know how he got his cannon and I want to know now.” He looked directly at Syndication.

Syn stuttered under the heavy glare of the Decepticon Emperor. “I teased him about not having control.”

Glancing down at Deltron then to Raider Megatron didn’t have to ask. He’d be fine with a little energon and some rest. He looked back at Syn, “How did you get out here?”

Not wanting to deal with the run around again Augmentation came clean. “Lenear kept you busy prolonging you in the simulator, Audioslave kept the grids clear Alero helped Del by sneaking in with his teleport getting the cannon.”

Syndication’s optics shot daggers at Aug, and then she turned he head away.

Deltron had made his mind up he was going to learn to control it and drug me out her to keep Mom and Dad from tracking us. Syndication… “She paused for dramatics. “Felt so guilt that if something happened to us she had to come racing out to try to stop him.”

Listening Megatron leaned down and disconnected the cannon from Deltron, he had to admire the determination of his youngest sparkling to get things done. Still it was obvious he was not ready for it. He subspaced the cannon and looked up at Raider, “Take them back to base, see they have proper punishments. I will deal with Deltron, and the others.” His voice was dark and raspy, laden with anger still. He then lifted the smaller mech into his arms and lifted off heading to the infirmary. Prizm nodded to Raider then took off catching up to Megatron.

Raider looked at her two female sparklings, one of which seemed to get into enough trouble on her own. “You know, I am not even going to punish you, I will let your father deal with you, now go.”

Both sparklings optics widened. Their mother normally dealt with them on this sort of thing, their father had usually been too busy or had taken the step back. They really didn’t want to know what he could think up for a punishment. They took off into the air and slowly headed back.

Megatron didn’t have any trouble holding Deltron on his hip, the size difference made it easy for his antigravity thrusters to transport them both. He flew the short distance his processor going through thoughts at a rapid pace. He had a slight smirk on his lip, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was proud of Deltron despite going against his wishes.

“I can’t believe he would try that. But I should have known better. He is so much like you.” Prizm told Megatron as they flew. There was another short silence as they began to near the hanger bay. Rather than transform into her jet mode Prizm had just flown in route mode. She could see that his face lacked the standard look of anger. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“He is ready to learn. I had not thought that he would be ready so soon.” The leader confessed to his mate.

“Are you going to help him then?” To Prizm it just seemed like the next step.

“Yes, I will take him out and teach him to control his power.” Megatron smiled again. “But for this he and the others will have a punishment too.” His feet touched down in the hanger.

Deltron’s optics brightened, he instantly looked around a bit of panic taking him over, and then up at his father. “Oh,” his optics darkened again as he slipped into recharge this time comfortable in his father’s arms.

Megatron shook his head; most wouldn’t have come out of stasis lock so easily either the young Decepticon really was impressive, just like he was at that age. He headed to the medbay knowing that it would be best to have him looked at, but knowing that the protective programs in the cannon should have shielded him.

“Raider’s femmes looked pretty roughed up,” She wondered out loud.

“The cannon programming forces it to produce a shield to keep it from damage, if something were to happen to it, it could open the antimatter black hole and we would all be in danger.” Megatron knew better than anyone the limitations and its abilities.

They entered the medbay a few moments later, “HOOK!” Megatron hadn’t bothered to knock on what was commonly referred to as Constructicon central.
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