Helping Prizm part 2
Helping Prizm 2

Lenear and Audioslave made their way back to Lenear’s quarters, in the common room they found Prizm sitting at the desk with Raider talking.

“I am not sure I want to know what happened.” Raider said shaking her head.

“Nothing.” Audioslave said evenly.

“Don’t worry you’re not in any trouble,” Prizm nodded, “Did you get it?”

“OH yeah we got it and Rumble and Frenzy are loaded.” Lenear smiled she’d go deal with them in a bit.

“Let me have it,” Prizm put her hand out. Audioslave came closer and held his hand over hers placing the power chip rectifier into her hand.

“What are you going to do with it?” Raider demanded knowing what type of chip it was.

“I want to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

“You can’t be serious?” Raider questioned.

“HA! That is rich, he SOOO deserves that,” Lenear approved.

“Yes I am, he popped right in on me, scared the crap out of me,” Prizm explained.

Silent communications between Raider and Soundwave made Raider slow to answer. “You could have told Juci, you know she’d be pissed and he’s scared of her.”

“I know but he won’t expect this.”

Finally with an all clear from Soundwave; Raider stopped arguing, the teleportation process wouldn’t bother the sparkling in the least. “Fine, alright I can’t stop you. Just be careful don’t let that thing pull too much power and make you low.”

“I won’t, this is going to be fun.” Prizm smiled.

Lenear laughed while Audioslave shook his head as the exited the room into the main hall. “Your mother is crazy.” Audio said.

“No, I don’t think so. I mean he pulls so much slag with his teleporting around that he pisses off my father.” Not that she needed to explain it both sparklings had seen on more than one occasion where Megatron had backhanded the purple seeker for one of his jokes.

“Even so why not get Aunt Juci to do it?” Audioslave had been told by his mother as well as Prizm and Juci that even though they had never been related they had become very close and regarded each other as a sibling would.

“It is true that while Aunt Juci is around to watch him Skywarp behaves, but she is busy just like Shockwave and can’t keep her optics on him constantly.” Lenear having been training with her mother had learned the scheduling and had a glimpse into what was going on.

“As usual you are right.” Audioslave conceded. They walked down to Audioslave’s quarters, and the door slid open.

They had told Rumble and Frenzy to come back to their rooms after having dealt with Skywarp, at the moment the twins were sitting in front of a monitor playing what looked like Mario kart. The two walked in and watched a few moments, apparently the twins were still feeling the effects of the Energon they crashed and hit walls on the race track. It took a few moments before the twins noticed they weren’t alone.

“Hey, so whatcha’ gonna’ do wit the chip?” Frenzy asked.

“I gave it to my mother.” Lenear answered.

“Waz she gonna do wit it?” Rumble looked up his racer coming to a stop.

“I am sure I don’t want to know, I don’t want dad yelling at me if she gets in trouble.”

Rumble and Frenzy both laughed. “At least it…

“Isn’t us.” One finished the others sentence.

“This time.” Audioslave said.

“Don’tcha worry about us little bro, we’ll be alright.”

“Computer, locate Skywarp,” Prizm commanded.

“Skywarp is located in his quarters.” The dull voice announced.

“You’re going to do this right now?” Raider asked.

“Sure why not?”

“He is probably still passed out.”

“Computer what is Skywarp’s condition?”

“Skywarp’s status is fully functional.”

“Sure show off your Air Commander status why don’t you?” Raider smiled.

Prizm tapped at the computer, and brought up a screen of Skywarp’s rooms. “Teleporting can’t be that hard,” She studied the schematic. “Here,” she handed the chip to Raider, “add it to my programs.”

“Alright but, if I were you I’d try it here first before I start popping all around the base.”

“Alright you’ve got a point.” Prizm looked through the door and into the next room and thought about wanting to be there. There was an instant where a purple flash of light covered her entire field of vision and then she found herself sitting on the couch in the next room. “Oh that was too simple.” She repeated the process and popped back into the chair at the desk with Raider. “No wonder Skywarp does it, it is so easy.” She smiled.

“I don’t think I would get used to it.” Raider shook her head.

“Oh stop, you are taking all the fun out of it.” Prizm huffed and began to study the schematic again.

The door opened, and Raider stepped into the medbay, she was as usual greeted by Hook. “What is it you want this time?” he asked with a half cocked smile.

“Here, in a few moments Skywarp is going to come in here, see that he gets this back.” She handed him the power chip.

For a few moments he looked at it puzzled then shook his head. “That is brave.”

“Don’t worry we got lots of use out of it.” She smiled then headed out.

As soon as the door closed two heads popped from around the corner, “I told you I have been working on my mind barriers.” Audioslave nodded to Lenear. “She didn’t even know we were here.”

“Fine,” Lenear gave him a nod back. “Hook, let us have the power chip.”

Hook stared at them for a few moments; they had only arrived moments before Star Raider and had not explained what was going on other than not to mention to her that they had come. He brought up the chip and inspected it; his finely tuned optics could see no damage. “I doubt that Skywarp would like that,” his snooty attitude coming out with ease.

“I am sure he won’t,” Lenear agreed, “but this isn’t really for him he’s have enough from my mother, this is about Rumble and Frenzy.”

Audioslave nodded at Hook. “I’ll make sure that nothing happens to it,” he said.

Hook thought about it, how much trouble would he get in if he didn’t have it and Skywarp wanted it? Lenear was currently the Heir to the Empire how much more would he get in trouble for not listening? He contemplated it a little longer then motioned for Lenear to sit on a table. “Do not be too long,” he warned opening her cockpit and inserting the chip.

“We won’t, and I promise I won’t do anything to make you have to repair the twins either,” she told the surgeon.

“Good,” Hook closed the cockpit, “come back here and I’ll take it out as well.”

Lenear got off the table and stood next to Audioslave, she had a good idea what she wanted to do although they hadn’t really planed it all out. She closed the distance between her and Audioslave then thought about her personal quarters, instantly both were gone leaving Hook standing there alone.
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