Chapter Two The Deal

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Chapter two The Deal.

The door opened with a hiss, and the much taller silver mech came in stopping just short of the table in only a few steps. Juci couldn't help but giggle at Prizm’s facial expression.

“What's that about talking about him that way? Look at you can't help but to drool all over him.” Juci chided.

Suddenly Prizm snapped out of her daydream. “Uh... Hey! I want to see you control yourself when you see Shockwave.”

“Shushhhh not so loud.” Juci pleaded. “I was only playing with you. We don't need to be in trouble with "The Man". She got up close to Prizm and whispered into her ear; “We all know how cranky he can be.”

“You know sometimes you're more compatible with them damn seekers than you think.” Prizm pointed over to the seekers whom seem oblivious to the female fleshies conversations thankfully.

“Hey! You take that back!”

“Nope... it's true. You’re a seeker at heart.” Prizm stood firm.

“No way! Seekers are icky like yesterdays trash.” Juci couldn’t handle it any more and attempted to make a mock fight out of it. Prizm was unwilling to let it go. Idol shook her head again and just broke them up. Something she had learned to do from the beginning of their friendship years ago.

“We're wasting our time with such retarded beings. I say we use them now and fast, later drown them in the ocean.” Starscream scoffed from his position on the wall. He looked at the mock fight and cracked a semi cocky smile.

Quickly Juci’s mood changed and her attention went directly to Starscream. “You got something to say about me fuck face?!? Her friends tried to remain in control of her, holding on to her arms and pulling her back.

“Total apologies...” Prizm said quickly.

“Yeah she didn't mean that.” Idol offered.

Megatron watched intently amused by Juci’s reaction to his Air Commander’s worthless chatter. He did notice that the one called Prizm kept looking his direction. He caught Soundwave’s attention and whispered to him. “That one...” He pointed to clarify. “She’s the one that has a thing for me?”

Soundwave nodded his head in response.

Still in a much silenced voice Megatron spoke again. “Fleshies are sure weird creatures. They fall in love over anything.”

The seeker made an odd face at Juci while she was being held down by Idol and Prizm. “Let me at him! Let me at him! I’ll pull his god damn eyes out with my bare hands!”

Trying to change her mood Prizm smiled, but said in a serious tone. “Oh come on now... knowing you... you'll probably wanna pull out something else that belongs to him.”

Nearly losing her lunch Idol couldn’t keep her comments to herself. “Ewww..... Girl enough of the sick jokes would you? I don't need a mental picture of Starscream naked.” There was a moment of awkward silence, then “Good god! Damn it. Thank you so much Prizm! That damn mental picture is stuck in my head.”

“Ehh Yeah really.” Juci stopped her struggling and laid there in disgust. “Then again I doubt he has anything worth to look at in the first place.” She knew that would get him and laughed.

Starscream growled and walked away but Megatron stopped him from leaving the room by placing his hand on Starscream’s shoulder. Megatron couldn't help but to look at Starscream and burst out a laugh which upset the seeker even further. The seeker turned to Juci who was now sitting up. “I hope you get teamed up with the damn roaches!”

She looked him over a second seriously. “Is that supposed to be your big come back? You’re kidding right?”

The entire room started laughing; Soundwave even chuckled a little, while others laughed so hard the slid down the wall clutching at their midsections. The so called Air Commander turned a shade of red on his face that matched his chest.

“Besides didn't I tell you earlier not to speak to me until you have proven worthy of speaking to me. Hmm it's a miracle your still "Second-in-command".” Juci wasn’t finished embarrassing him.

“Ok Juci that’s enough. I think Starscream gets the point.” Idol could sense the seekers feelings actually hurt. Though to some degree she didn’t care, she rather not upset him and have him gunning for them later.

“No he doesn't that shit head still thinks very condescending of himself. Unlike you guys I'm not going to allow myself be belittled by such an immature, low life like him without a fight. Besides it's about time someone whooped him into shape.”

Prizm whispered to Juci. “That is what Megatron is for.”

“Megatron? Megatron!? If I were Megatron I blow this sucker back to Cybertron without his dick attached to him, that’s what I'll do. I ain't got no time to be messing around with no shit-face traitor when I got damn Autobots running up my ass everyday.”

Another roll of laughter filled the room. Starscream came closer to Juci again. “Why I ought to...”

“You will what!?” Juci yelled at him.

The Air Commander took a step back intimidated by Juci’s posture and the glare in her eyes.

“I said... What the bloody fuck will you do? Step on me?”

The red jet stood there speechless.

“I thought so. No wonder you guys are losing the war. You got guys like this fighting on your side.” Juci scoffed and thumbed over toward Starscream’s direction.

Not wanting to leave he walked away quietly and near whispered. “I'm going to sit over there.”

“Good... and I hope you think about what you have done that made you feel so stupid in front of your friends.” Skywarp made a whooping sound as Starscream passed by him. Starscream went over to a clear stretch of wall and leaned up against it facing the woman and the now growing crowd around them he criss-crossed his arms across his cockpit and stared daggers at all of them.

Surprised that a human would act so bold to a robot their size Megatron began to whisper again to Soundwave. “Wow....Soundwave remind me to give you a bonus for finding these gals.”

Prizm took hold of Juci’s shoulder. “Are you ok girl?”

“Yeah... It's just that you can't let them walk all over you. If you give them that kind of power you'll never get respect. Got to remember their not like Autobots, with a Decepticon you got to earn your trust and respect; if not they'll just use and abuse you.”

Prizm started laughing mostly to herself. “I know that silly. I wrote books on it remember?”

“OH yeah. Sorry.” Juci scratched her head for a moment she had forgotten about that book.

Idol wondered over to Prizm’s other side and whispered very quietly. “Remind me not to get on Juci’s bad side. I'm afraid she can be quite destructive.”

Prizm didn’t say anything but nodded in agreement, on second thought she stepped over closer to Idol. “I think that’s why she was aloud to come along. They figured they need some crazy bitch like her on the team.” She looked over at Juci to see if she would respond and smiled.

Hearing the comment Juci turned around. “Hey!”

“I say that in a good way.”

Megatron chose that moment to step forward. "Alight. We are going to send you to the Autobot Volcano."

"What?? You're going to send us where?" Prizm was surprised.

"Figures, he wants us to do something he can't, men!" Juci answers Prizm sarcastically.

"The Autobots will think that you are just regular females. But Soundwave will monitor you using his telepathy." Megatron finished.

Idol stepped to Prizm but before Prizm could say anything Idol started. "I know the voice." she only nodded.

"So we go there what are we going to do?" Juci stepped up.

"It is quite simple, find their computer and insert a virus, gather the transfer information and extract their weaknesses." Megatron’s face had an evil grin on it. It seemed simple to him, since the idiot Autobots couldn’t possibly detect the telepathic signals the females could go in and out of the Volcano with ease.

Prizm and Juci both looked at Idol. "That is her job." They said at the same time while each one pointed at Idol.

Idol took a few steps back. "I don't know the Autobot system... I never tried... I...”

“I don't care who does it. See that it gets done." Megatron stood up straight.

“Or what?" Juci asked.

Idol quietly wondered ‘what is with her and the ‘or what’s?’’

"Or you shall not receive your reward." Megatron snickered.

Prizm raised an eye brow then finally asked. "What would that be?"


Soundwave stepped forward and displayed the lay out of a femseeker body on his chest window.

"What if we don't want that look?" Idol protested. She really didn’t like the idea of looking like one of the males if it were possible. Besides she had a jet in mind that had some different capabilities that would actually aid them instead of the speed that the males were used to. Prizm and Juci were in the same frame of mind they had all talked about which modes they would have choose it the need arise.

"Things can be arranged after your success." Megatron turned and left the room.

"Well sounds simple." Juci started.

"I don't know. This whole thing has me nervous." Idol said.

"Come on! How many times have we talked about being one of them? This is our chance." Prizm looked at Idol seriously.

"I can only try." Idol answered.

Soundwave came near and gave them a small data pad. "You will require this it contains the virus."

Idol looked it over and read it. "Interesting, I am going to add an erasing code to it. I don't want them knowing I did it." Soundwave nodded once.

"See you can do it." Prizm said.

"I said I will try. Decepticon code is different then Autobot. Though the Cons are usually more complicated, I think I can, but no promises."

"How are we going to get there? I am not riding in the retarded red seeker." Juci scoffed.

"Astrotrain will take you and land far enough away not to get caught. The Autobots will pick you up on their sensors in 10 minutes if you walk north." Soundwave explained.

"And if we don't" Prizm elbowed Juci for asking.

"Megatron will not be pleased and Shockwave will not come from Cybertron." Soundwave answered. He knew how to get this one no matter how wild she seemed.

"Oh alright then. Where is Astrotrain?" Prizm asked. She wanted this over and done with, if Idol failed then it was all over, but if they succeeded then they would have something that had never been given to any human a Decepticon body.

Smiling with excitement Juci added “I always wanted to ride Columbia.”

Both of her friends stopped and looked at her. Prizm spoke first. “Didn't Columbia crash a few years ago?”

Just as it came out Juci covered Prizm’s mouth with her hand. “No it didn't.” Her voice became a whisper. “Shush... You'll hurt Astrotrain’s feelings. You know he got a thing for that space shuttle.”

Letting out a sigh, Idol interrupted. “I think he already knows.” She pointed at the taller Transformer who was trying to hide his feelings over it.

“I didn't mean to open up old wounds.” Prizm apologized.

Astrotrain shook his head, “It wasn’t like it was sentient anyway.”

Soundwave motioned for them to get back into the car, and head back up to the tower. Astrotrain transformed, and opened up his door for them. They got out of the car and headed over to ‘Train.

“This looks really nice.” Idol said.

“You would say that.” Juci teased.

Idol shot back a look at Juci to keep quiet. They sat down and made sure to buckle up. They're soft behinds made Astrotrain feel a bit funny by the sensation. He shivered a little. The females thought it was just turbulence, but the Conehead seekers knew better. With a kick of thrusters Astrotrain took off.

Ramjet couldn’t keep quiet any more he opened a channel to the other seekers. “Heehee ... only a few minutes and he is already thinking about it.”

“Thinking about what?” Dirge had been in his own little world.

Ramjet gave him an evil grin. “You know...”

Still not understanding Dirge stayed a bit quiet.

Knowing how Dirge is Thrust private channeled Dirge. Finally understanding it came out “Ohhh.... Ohhhhhhhh ...” he swung at Ramjet in a mock bump. “You're a sicko you know that. They're fleshies for crying out loud.”

“Oh don't give me that crap about "Oh they're fleshies... we can't touch them... blah blah blah" crap. You think too much about what others think of you.” Bombshell spoke from behind the seekers.

“It's not on what others may think of me.. It's more like what Megatron thinks. Have you seen the way he treats and spies on Thundercracker all the time? He knows there is something wrong with that seeker.”

The other two Insecticons start to snicker, and just then Kickback pulled a pair of panties out. “Oh yeah we know all about his obsession with the inhabitants.”

Shrapnel had to add his two senses. “Let me explain on why we Insecticons are so mellow on this situation situation. We have been here longer than you have so we have already had our taste with female humans humans.”

Bombshell further explained. “Crash landing on this planet is probably the best thing we Insecticons have done for ages. It's a big buffet of sex and food.” His little clique laughed. The seekers stepped away from them.

Starscream walked into the room with a (typical) disgusted look on his face. “How disgusting... sex with humans... blah! Then again I could understand that nonsense coming out of pathetic primitives such as you roaches.”

The Insecticons hissed at him. Instantly Kickback smiled. “Aww... you're just jealous because Thundercracker gets more poontang than you do and you're the so-called Air-Commander.”

“Yeah aren’t you who should be getting the poontang ... second in command.” Bombshell laughed and then everyone else followed accept for the Air Commander.

“Shut up! At least I don't go around in desperation fucking with fleshies all day. At least for that I could respect Megatron. He is above us all and you don't see him going around banging all the chicks of this planet.” Starscream screeched.

“Not now... but soon his urge will kick in and he'll be one of us us.” Shrapnel chided.

Ramjet laughed again to himself. “I know what you mean.”

A resounding. “Eewww” came from Dirge.

The grey and white Conehead got defensive. “Shut up! You were there with me and Thrust banging that chick and tasting her other special formula.” He laughed with an evil grin.

“Uhhh sick! Now I will have that mental image in my circuits for ages.” Starscream answered.

“Oh come on now Starscream at least we weren't as desperate as you were when you had... Dr Archevil.” Thrust remembered.

“Dr. Archevil was a respectable scientist and a genius of his species, unlike what I can say about you guys.” The Air Commander fought back, to everyone’s surprise.

“So it's true... Megatron did catch you doing the nasty with that thing.” Thrust questioned.

“Now that’s just plain nasty and sick.” Dirge turned away and headed out of the room his trine following him. “I can’t believe he’d do that; it’s just disgusting.”

“Yeah well its Screamer,” Thrust shrugged.

“At least he didn’t try to get one of us to do it with him.” Ramjet added.

Dirge slapped Ramjet across the back of his coned head. “I don’t want to ever hear you say that again.”

Ramjet rubbed his head, “Yeah paints a really nasty picture in your processor doesn’t it?”

This time it was Thrust’s turn to whack Ramjet, “I was happier not trying to picture that thank you.”

The grey and white jet shrugged, while still rubbing his cone. “Sorry guys.”

The Insecticons try their best to scratch out the dirty image of Starscream and Dr. Archevil. Bombshell finally found his voice “Hey Kickback and Shrapnel! Remind me to never place a Cerebro-shell inside of Starscream. I don't need to see that.” The two others nod.

Chapter 2 The Deal 

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